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doggame.zip10k22-02-17File is not ratedThe Dog Game
Your dog starts out fine, but as time goes on, many terrible things will stop you from being able to properly take care of your dog. Find the strategy that will keep them alive and happy!
run.zip18k19-07-30File is not ratedRun!
Want a challenge? Bored in math class? Want something fun? Then play Run! Run is a graphical game where you have to navigate through a tunnel without touching any walls or bumping into any obstacles. Run features 30 playable levels to the user. After you complete level 30, you are given a choice whether to play Harder Mode. Harder Mode features 30 levels, which are harder than the first 30 (obviously). Engaging in harder overwrites the original levels, and restarts save data so you can start over. More info is in the Read_Me.txt file.
newflythecopter.zip434k19-04-18File is not ratedNEW Fly the Copter
NEW Fly the copter is a re-make of the original game made by Weregoose. This is a Celtic 3 program, so it is needed to enjoy the game. This game encrypts the save data to an appvar, so it is just a hexadecimal mess when you use File Manager to download the source. There is user data, so you can keep track of XP and your level. The higher the level you are, the better you are a pro at the game. There are high scores too, so you can at least try to accomplish something while you play. Also, I added an inverted mode, so everything looks different. More info is in the Read Me text file, so you can learn more about the game. This game is also compatible with the TI-83 Plus Family, but not the Premium CE. It is slower on the 83, so using the 83+ isn't all that recommended.
candywars.zip7k14-01-30File is not ratedCandy Wars by Josiah W
Candy Wars is a Drug-Wars type game in which you have to buy and sell candy in order to be able to afford a new bike. This game is really fun and addicting. UPDATE: Added day tracking in main menu, added loss check, lowered starting money amount, reworked sales, now DCS compatible
maginot.zip2k11-04-02File is not ratedMaginot
Maginot is a traditional cannon game with two cannons, two players and seven weapons.
tibia.zip4k11-01-23File is not ratedTibia
Tibia for TI 83/84-Plus Calculators. Not real Tibia but a simple game with Tibia in mind.
game.zip3k11-01-14File is not ratedNot Another 1990s War Game
Not Another 1990s War Game is a war simulation game in which you try to conquer all the regions and take over the world. But your enemy defiantly stands in the way of your immortality in the textbooks of future simulated children. Your mission is to conquer your enemy, take the cities, and take over the world. Instructions: The grid is composed of four major regions, one in each quadrant, and each major region is divided into 4 minor regions. The regions are numbered left to right starting from the top left corner (e.g. top left is 1, top right is 2, bottom left is 3, bottom right is 4). Each region has dots in the corner. Two dots means that you control the region, and one dot mean that your enemy controls the region. When prompted for the major region, you must enter the number of a major region that contains a minor region that you control. Then you must enter the number of a minor region that you control inside of the major region you selected. Do the same for the region to bombard, except choose a region that you don't control. The program uses Pic1 and some variables and is called prgmGAME. Changelog for v2.0: Bug fixes, improved game engine to include strategic directional attacks.
zombie4ti84plus.8xo.zip2k10-12-23File is not ratedZombie Survival 4
Zombie Survival Four now introduces upgrades for weapons which increases ranges or upgrades barricade's health. Weapons include Python (Pistol), Ranger (Shotgun), Flamethrower, H-Bomb, and Psg-1 (Sniper). Most weapons comes from COD: MW2 and Black Ops.
zombi3ti84plus.8xo.zip2k10-11-23File is not ratedZombie Survival 3
The sequel to Zombie Survival 2, Zombie survival features six weapons, two Zombies types, repairable barricades, and a pause feature. 2nd is to shoot, 8=pause, mode=shop, link=factory, up & down arrow keys=cycle through weapons, and left & right arrow keys= move your character.
zombie2ti84plus.8xo.zip1k10-10-25File is not ratedZombie Survival 2
This is the sequel to Zombie Survival (Zombie). You defend your base from the zombies with a greater selection of weapons including the H-Bomb. Press Mode for the shop and Delete to go back to the main screen. ***Flamethrower has bad accuracy***
zombieti84plus.8xo.zip1k10-10-25File is not ratedZombie
You defend your side from the zombies. Shoot to kill them and gain money. Press Mode to open up the shop.
zeldrinti84plus.8xo.zip1k10-10-25File is not ratedZeldrin
During your turn make yourself stronger by selecting one of the options in the menu. Your goal is to kill your friend or other player.
tanxv2.0.zip8k10-07-11File is not ratedMGOS TanX v2.0
The second version of my strategy two-player game "TANX" with cool graphics and explosion animation. You have to move your tank around in a random or edited map including teleporters and shot your opposite tank. Quite fast for TI-BASIC. Requires xLib and 1.5kb RAM while running
aoc.zip6k10-06-28File is not ratedAge of Calc v1.0
Imagine a world where you skip turnbased games and only play a real time strategy game. This game is that kind of game. It have 8 civilizations, over 5 researches, villagers, armies with infantry, cavalry and sieges, autosave, 4 ages and 7 hotkeys to manage everything. And best of all, it is smaller than 20kb.
ai_apocalypse.zip640k10-06-14File is not ratedAPOCALYPSE: THE BEST Scorched Earth clone
Apocalypse is a Scorched Earth clone for the TI 83+ series. It has very good graphics, an advanced artificial intelligence engine, 5 weapons, 1 player mode, 2 player mode, a weapon store, and an adjustable terrain generator. Simply run prgmTANKS. Requires no additional subprograms or libraries! (Updated!). Fixed a MAJOR bug.
morale.zip4k10-04-29File is not ratedMorale
Morale (n.) the mental and emotional condition (as of enthusiasm, confidence, or loyalty) of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand. In this war game, it is not chance, or unit types, or unit prowess, but the morale of the country you back up that matters. For 2 players on 1 calc. This game uses xLib, and thus requries xLib to run (search up xLib and you're there.) I hope you have fun!
towerdefense.zip2k10-02-05File is not ratedTower Defense
A great strategy game based on various online Tower Defense games. Some features include building, selling, and upgrading basic towers. You can also upgrade the cash income rate and your base's health. Press 2ND to access the Stats Menu, and ENTER to get to the Shop. If anyone can get a score of at least 25000, please email me a how to at rhettlangseth@hotmail.com! (may be impossible) Some variables may need to be created or un-archived in order to run this program.
crystaldefenders.zip4k10-02-03File is not ratedCrystal Defenders
v0.2 alpha - An upcoming port of the iPod Crystal Defenders game. xLIB or Celtic III required to run the program. Press [Mode] to exit.
cannonshooter.zip4k09-11-14File is not ratedCannon
A 2D shooter for the TI-83 plus.
epidemic.zip3k09-09-23File is not ratedEpidemic
Take control the world's deadliest virus and attempt to wipe out 1 million humans in 100 days. Extensive upgrades and records systems included. Comes with a save and load feature. Can be run through the programs menu or with Mirage-OS.
mycastle.zip6k09-08-19File is not ratedCastle Version 4.2
My first game, now in version 4.2. Manage a fort by hiring units and workers, as well as building Farms for better production, buildings to train units, and better fortification. When you are ready, attack, but beware, you can be attacked while passing time, and you'll lose some units in a battle. Win by winning three more battles than you have lost, and lose by the opposite situation. As this game is rather complex, it's best to read the readme. As of this version, the memory error is finally gone!
rock.zip1k09-05-07File is not ratedThe Rock Game
This is a simple but entertaining game where you try to outsmart the computer into taking the last rock. Open source code. Feel free to expirement with the code if you like.
arcshot3.zip1k09-03-22File is not ratedArcshot v1.5
A must get classic! This takes more than just thinking, it takes skill and instinct. So for all you game lovers, you must get this game!
worms_on_ti.zip10k09-01-27File is not ratedWorms on ti
Worms ever was a really popular pc game. A game where you play as a worm and have to shoot the enemy's worm. The game I created is inspirated by that game. However, I created it on my calculator your objective is to hit and kill the enemy worm before he kills you!
arcshot2.zip1k09-01-23File is not ratedArcshot
This is a VERY Simple game, my first, but you have to hit the target using Shot Power be careful how much power you use! Sorry... this is my first upload so I don't know how to get in the BASIC Code If I could I would but I can't. A very simple but very addicting game.
defension.zip13k09-01-02File is not ratedDefension v1.8
Defension is a superior quality game written in TI-BASIC. It is a strategy/action game in which you must defend your city from stick invaders by training a wide variety of soldiers and generally running your city. While you're so busy doing that, you are also responsible for the creation of a Super Hydrogen Bomb, which you can use to defeat those annoying barbarians... permanently. Features streamlined graphics (for a Basic game, anyway), custom menus, and a cool title screen
battle.zip3k08-11-30File is not ratedTurn Based Battle System!!!
A generic turn based battle system in which you can fight a generic monster, using generic attacks and generic healing moves. You should be able to get a bit of generic excitement out of this.
portal.zip13k08-09-16File rated 8.50Portal
In Portal, you as a test subject at The Aperture Science Enrichment Program are testing the recent invention of the Portal Gun! Teleport through 8 challenging levels using you ingenuity and puzzle solving skills. But when the tests are over... Watch Out! the game isn't over yet... TI-83 version is OUT!!!
wwiii.zip13k08-08-24File is not ratedWorld War III
The year is 2020, the human race is beggining to crumble. The last of the oil is being drilled and the last of the natural resources are being used. Six countries stand, two sides (Allies and Axis). The two sides are: USA, England, Canada versus Middle East, China, Russia. The special units are: USA: Marine England: Counter Terrorist Officers Canada: Ice Tank Middle East: Terrorist Russia: Nuclear Bomb China: Cheap (Inexpensive) Soldier Each country also has bonus against other countries. The bonus's are: USA: Russia, China England: A lot of bonus against Middle East Canada: Russia, China Middle East: A lot of bonus against the USA Russia: England, China China: England The program uses the getkey function and the graph screen. The graphics are beautiful and the game is very realistic and fun for hours of play!
tankwarsmirage3.0.zip4k08-08-11File is not ratedTANKWARS 2.0
I took my last game, made it smaller, faster, better, smoother, etc. Once again, any comments, please email me or talk to me at my aim sn: speedf1demon Stuff I Changed: Smaller Tanks Faster Map Generation Option to generate Map even faster than above, but with a one time (per full match start) rendering delay I removed unneeded menu items Severely compressed the size of the files by various TiBasic size minimizing tricks. Now the Main file is 4,897 bytes as opposed to the previous version's 9,353. I also made the weapons blow up less to make the game a little harder. Also, the game works on mirage, so, you may archive the file TANKWARS to save space if needed.
atankwars_104b.zip10k08-08-11File is not ratedATank Wars 1.04b
A Worms type game for the 83+/84+. VS Mode only, a large array of weapons and equipment to use. This program also incorporates my graphic menu system which can be reused in any other program. No parts of the programs are protected, but give credit where credit is due!
superstartrek84.zip9k08-06-12File is not ratedSuper Star Trek 84
In this game (based on the classic DOS game Super Star Trek) you must battle enemies to save the Federation from defeat. You can do it with the USS Enterprise and a starbase where you can refuel and reload. Good luck!
catapult.zip1k08-05-27File is not ratedCatapult
A game where you must aim a catapult to keep invaders from reaching your castle. Nice graphics for a BASIC game.
vortex.zip3k08-05-27File is not ratedVortex
Vortex is a turn based multilayer game where the object is to kill your opponent. The game play is made more interesting with the 8 unique items and weapons. A very original multilayer game
bloons.zip6k08-04-14File is not ratedBloons
Bloons is a physics game where you try to hit "the stars" with a projectile bullet. Try and find the right angle and magnitude needed to hit the target! Score increases relative to the number of stars on the screen, which means at around 400 points scoring will be negative...
fantasybattle.zip25k08-02-28File is not ratedFantasy Battle
Choose between 3 teams and try to kill your opponent in a strategy-style game. See readme for full overview.
rpss.zip17k08-02-28File is not ratedRPSS
This is a very basic strategy game. Two to four armies face off to control the map or else wipe out the opposing army. There are three units: Rock, paper, and scissors. Rock, paper, scissors rules apply. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock. Choose which units you use and position them carefully on the map, trying to hold the enemy spawn points and wipe out their remaining units or defeat their entire army of twenty.
allince2.zip2k08-02-12File is not ratedAlliance
This is a multi-player war game. You can play with three or four players, passing the calculator around. On each turn you are given a random amount of points, which you can use adding to different parts of your empire. 1 point = money, 2 points = village, and 4 = power. At the end of your turn you are allowed to attack anyone who has villages and send two messages to anyone you want to. You can also send items to other players. The game ends after all rounds (times around) have been played. Number of rounds is set up at the beginning of the game. Whoever has the most points, which are made up of how much stuff you have, wins. Have fun! This is now version 3.2.0. I've slightly tweaked the code so it shouldn't slow down and crash when you don't press any buttons. The sequel to this game being a clone with one stupid gameplay change tacked on I'm not going to be updating that one.
survive.zip1k08-02-08File is not ratedSurvival v0.25
Survival is a stragety game where you must walk around your screen without running into the enemies. This is only part of the game, and the full version coming soon. By getting a score of 50, you will win the game. "clear" to quit early. The full version will have highscores, levels, and other ways for u to be killed and receive points.
tank.zip9k07-12-14File is not ratedTANK
This is the ultimate version of TANK with 7 different guns to choose from, great physics, awesome animations, and user friendly menus. This will be the standard for tank for years to come.
endofempirefinalversion.zip57k07-07-01File rated 7.46End of Empire
This is a strategy game: you manage Rome, and you must defend yourself against the barbaric invasion. There is 7 units, 14 buildings, and a lot of enemy's army.
pockettanks.zip141k07-06-09File is not ratedPocket Tanks Deluxe v1.0
This is an attempted copy of Pocket Tanks Deluxe for the computer. It uses Xlib by Triplea Productions to manage the pictures and do extra things such as create a grayscale picture. Your tank can shoot 18 different weapons that are the same as the ones on the PC game. Use the trajectory to change the power and angle. A wind factor is added so you can't just use the same power and angle every time. The program is compatible with MirageOS and others. Feel free to expand on it because it is not yet finished, but don't forget to mention my name.
warconquest.zip4k07-05-16File is not ratedWar Conquest
This game is somewhat similar to Age of Empires, but without graphics. It is Mirage OS compatable, but can be run without it. The file is approximately 7980 bites. Enjoy.
medalofhonorrising.zip2k07-03-06File is not ratedMedal of Honor: Rising Sun
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is the first mission. It doesn't do much, but its my first attempt at BASIC for TI
worldwar_ii.zip4k06-11-14File is not ratedWorld War 2: Demo
Choose between the Axis and Allies (6 different countries). Build an army to prepare for war. Right now its only a demo version, soon there will be an AI and maybe 2 player/2 calculator games. Keep looking for updates, i plan to make them quick.
dmnattk.zip2k06-11-13File is not ratedDemon Attack 1.1
Based on the iMagic game for the Atari 2600. Duplicates most of the function of the original game, with room for improvement. You control a ground-based turret and have to shoot down waves of attacking demons. Programmed almost entirely during Algebra II back in high school. A warning: while this runs on my out-of-the-box 83+, for game-quality performance you'll want an 84 or equivalent.
battlefld_dcs.zip21k06-10-28File is not ratedBattleField 83+ (DCS6 Version)
An intense 2 player straegy game. It features fast board rendering times, and the ability to save/load games. This program scored an 89.5 in the UTI 2005/2006 Basic programming contest. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6
incoming.zip1k06-10-10File is not ratedIncoming
A game that is slightly similar to paratroopers. Four difficulty levels.
wow2.zip17k06-08-25File is not ratedWar of the World: II
War of the World: II is a turn-based strategy game based on WWII. Two players fight for dominence against each other. Each player can choose between 7 Nations, each with their own unique bonus, create 8 different units, and build 9 different buildings, and research a multitude of items. Currently no AI
tanks2.zip5k06-07-17File is not ratedTANKS 2
BETA: Added an "AI player 2" option to my game TANKS. It needs testing. E-mail me if you find a glitch with it.
tanksvp.zip1k06-07-07File is not ratedTanks
Two tanks on a field, select weapon, take aim, and fire!
starcraftxlib.zip22k06-05-20File is not ratedStarCraft xLib terran version
The best and complete version of Starcraft there is. Build a GRAPHICAL empire to destroy your opponent. This is version 1.3. Make sure you use the NEW xlib0.601b. Many glitches have been fixed. everything is included in the file.
scarth.zip3k06-05-17File is not ratedScarth v1.0
Scarth v1.0 is a full-featured, graphical Scorched Earth clone. You and the calculator face off in tanks on randomly-generated terrain, taking turns firing missiles at one another. I made this game after several community members lamented the lack of an adequate scorched earth game for the z80 calculator series. Under 3K; includes scoring, beautiful graphics, and more! Optimized for Doors CS 5 and higher.
targets.zip1k06-05-14File is not ratedTargets Cannon
A game where you aim and shoot your cannon at a randomly placed target and the closer you get the more points you will earn.
worldwar3.zip1k06-05-14File is not ratedWorld War 3
An awesome game where you have an army and you train it and gain strength and levels then hook up your calculators and battle other people loser gets their army destroyed also dont try to cheat or your army will be destroyed
waroftheworld.zip160k06-03-26File is not ratedWar of the World
My entry to the United-TI basic contest. War of the World is a strategy game taking place during WWI. Lead your nation to victory over the enemy.
theta_theta_worms.zip2k06-03-26File is not ratedWorms
Worms is a good game where you must destroy your enemy. One or two players possible. In french.
wadestanks.zip1k06-03-18File is not ratedWADE Tanks
This is a tanks game that makes a random landscape, and the tanks are always in the same distance apart.
warofall.zip3k06-03-06File is not ratedWar of All
Neat "little" strategy game. Indirectly command an army in this textbased game. Train soldiers and mages, gather runes, cast magic and attack opposing armies. No Editing.
battlebots.zip2k06-01-13File is not ratedBattle Bots Unleashed
A new battle bots game were you create your own robot and enter it in a tournament.
cannons2.zip5k05-10-29File is not ratedCannons 2.0
An update of cannon battle. Blow the other cannon up. Changes: no instructions (they take up too much space) read the readme if you want to learn how to play, changed from matrices to lists to save space, added wind and gravity modifier. I think it is bug free, but I may release another version that is faster and/or has more features.
cannonbattle.zip3k05-10-23File is not ratedCannons
A 2 player game where you try to blow up the other player's cannon by adjusting the angle and power of your shot. Random wind is included, as are randomly generated levels, vs. computer play, 7 different cannonballs to choose from, and a custom cannonball creator. I am pretty sure it is bug free, but email me if you find any problems with it or ideas to make it better.
cannongme.zip1k05-09-28File is not ratedCannon Game
It gives you a target. You input the velocity and angle and it tells you how close it came to hitting the target, then it GRAPHS how close you were. Great scoring system built in, high score table. Uses real math. Sean C.
tankcoup2003a.zip4k05-09-25File is not ratedTank Coup 2003
Battle against one or more friends over a wide variety of customizable terrains that will react realistically to your weapons. Select from different weapons and powerup and then take turns blowing the crap out of your friends! The absolute best TI-Basic Tank game of its type! Awesome graphics and multiplayer gameplay, just take a look at the screenshots. -- By Fisch2
missilecommand.zip4k05-09-09File is not ratedMissile Command v5.7
Missile command is a turn based turret shooting game where the objective is to under mine your foes. this game is packed with extra features and cheats with optional wind and up to three players, a level editor and loading and saving of terrain. now adds MirageOS compatibility
bombshot.zip1k05-07-26File is not ratedBombShot
One of my first games. an archery type of game, actually fun ;)
tanxz.zip67k05-05-18File is not ratedTanXz! Update
A crucial update to TanXz! It fixes a previously undected problem that will cause TanXz! to generate an error.
battlebotsdx.zip24k05-05-16File is not ratedBattleBotsDX v1.5
The cool robot-fighting game returns but now not only is it fast and cool looing with brilliant graphics, it is optimized into a single program to avoid program menu clutter!!! A must download...fun for all ages. requires Omnicalc v1.23 or later
battlebotsdxv1p0.zip67k05-04-18File is not ratedBattleBotsDX v1.0
The new, fully stable version of BattleBotsDX. A MUST download. featuring incredible graphics, move selection, and a defense option. Requires OmniCalc
scorch.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedScorch
Remake of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth. Basically set the power and the angle and shoot.
bomber3.zip7k05-01-16File is not ratedBomber 3
Bomber 3 is a free-for-all type of strategy game in which up to 4 players can play. Any combination of humans and computer players will work as long as there is at least 1 human player. Your goal is to be the last player standing. You can eliminate another player two ways: find his artifact and return it to a base, or kill him with bombs by reducing his toughness to zero. Before the game, each player hides an artifact and chooses a start location in the arena. Every player will also be able to customize their game options such as their toughness, how often they avoid bombs, how many bombs they start with, how far they can bomb, and how big the explosion will be. This type of customization allows for everyone to have their own unique strategy. The computer AI is programmed well and makes for a tough opponent. Changes in Bomber 3 include: controls are more intuitive and responsive; a player can potentially move twice each turn, making gameplay much faster; some AI logic has been improved and some bugs were fixed; a "wait icon" tells a player when the calculator is thinking; you can choose to watch the computers to play after all humans have been eliminated. Give this new Bomber a try, it's fun and challenging for 1-4 players.
wd1.zip100k05-01-15File is not ratedWorld Domination I
World Domination I is a real-time strategy game for the TI-8x series of graphing calculators. It is based on games such as Risk; you battle the calculator AI for control of the world. Each player starts with several units to place around the map of the world, then take turns moving, attacking, and redeploying. If you or the calculator gains control of a continent, you get a number of bonus units. Defeat all enenmy troops to win the game. This game is fully graphical yet with a surprisingly small size, under 10KB. Doors CS v5.0 certified.
preproggrammedfight.zip1k05-01-15File is not ratedpreprogrammed fighters
You programme your fighter with instructions for the fight and so does you opponent. Then you fight them to see who wins, each win is one score.
rushon.zip12k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Rushon2 (Enhanced Dragon)
This contains only the most current version of Dragon. Dragon (Rushon2) is a simple graphical strategy game like Age of Empires. There are four units and three resources. You can save games and maps, and create scenarios with the editor. This new version has improved gameplay, the enemy moves even when you are not moving and your move is not cancelled if the enemy moves. The AI and user interface are both slightly better and it now supports multiple-scenario campaigns, although it is incompatible with earlier versions of Dragon. I have included a full five-level campaign also.
dragon.zip31k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Dragon (Rushon2)
This contains all previous and current versions of Dragon. Dragon (Rushon2) is a simple graphical strategy game like Age of Empires. There are four units and three resources. You can save games and maps, and create scenarios with the editor. This new version has improved gameplay, the enemy moves even when you are not moving and your move is not cancelled if the enemy moves. The AI and user interface are both slightly better and it now supports multiple-scenario campaigns, although it is incompatible with earlier versions of Dragon. I have included a full five-level campaign also.
tankwars_mirageosedition.zip12k04-12-14File is not rated TankWarS
Like my last game. Its a very good (in the opinion of many people) tank shooting game. Very smooth, besides being a little slower, this game is better than any other tank game u would find. The graphics are superb. Check it out. And please don't be lazy to write a review or rate the file. This is a revised version of the last file, this one runs off of mirageOS, so, in doing so, i archived the main file, (9k) giving u alot of extra space. so it won't crash i'm going to remake it soon completely in ASM, its going to be awesome. Any ideas, just want to talk about this game. Email me at carrotstien@yahoo.com or talk to my AIM screen name: speedf1demon ---fixed a small bug where the fire works would crash sometimes (in the end of the game)
heroesaa.zip8k04-12-01File is not ratedHeroesX
This is actually HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC for CaLc! I wanted it, but since no-one else had made it i decided to make it myself. This is my first real large Ti-83+ program (actually 7 programs)
aoe2gold.zip15k04-11-20File rated 5.98AOE2: 2 player GOLD edition
Finally! The first and BEST REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME in BASIC, AOE2:The Age Of Calcs 2 PLAYER GOLD EDITION has been uploaded to its [hopefully] full potential! You can now play aoe2 against your friends via link cable! There are a few NEW FEATURES added to the game also. First of all, the GRAPHICS are WAY better, there are 6 NEW RESEARCHES, you can now build a FORTIFIED WALL, a BLACKSMITH is now available to build so that you can upgrade your military units' attack, 4 new CIVILIZATIONS, and a CHATTING SESSION with your opponent at the end of the game. All of these new features add up with the older ones to make 9 different CIVILIZATIONS each with their own unique BONUSES, 7 BUILDINGS, 14 different RESEARCHES TOTAL including the ones in the blacksmith, GOLD and FOOD resources, 3 different MILITARY UNITS (infantry, cavalry, seige), VILLAGERS, and 4 different ages (dark, feudal, castle, imperial)! Srry people about what had happened to the old file, it was missing 2 programs. OOPS!
tankbusters.zip6k04-11-11File is not ratedTank Busters
Tank Busters is a turn based tank firing game. It will work as a normal Basic program or under MirageOS. The game is for 2-5 players, and players can be human or computer controlled. Made by Team 77 Software (Team77.ipfox.com) Note: This new version fixes a fatal bug and now includes more extensive documentation
ancientempires.zip5k04-10-07File is not ratedAncient Empires
This is a demo battle game similar but completely different then other games made for PC (especially that one made by Microsoft and Ensemble Studios). It will be completed in ASM with the help Will White and Tal Oz. (maker of AOE:Age of Calcs) If you're interested in the preview, please download this and look out for the complete game in ASM on many different platforms.
pirates83p.zip2k04-09-12File is not ratedPirates!
Pirates is a strategy game where you avoid the enemy ships and at the same time, try to destroy them. Very addictive.
gtactics.zip10k04-09-06File is not ratedGTactics v1.1
Welcome to GTactics v1.1, the new update to the premier medieval strategy game for your TI-83 plus. Some changes include: (1) Two new units: Cavalry Archer and Gate (2) Another scenario battle: The Battle of Chalons (3) GTroy has been updated (4) Target selection is now faster. (5) Damage calculation has been changed to increase the strategy of battles. Enjoy the playing and creating, now better than ever!
cannons.zip2k04-08-24File is not ratedCannons
A fun, small-sized game where you get to shoot a cannon at your enemy. And it's for two players, too! Similar to games such as Gunbound, but simpler. So download me!
army.zip6k04-08-24File is not ratedArmy
When you start the game you will have profiles of nine different soldiers randomly generated. You then choose one of them to go into one of the five levels with and the aim is to keep as many soldiers as possible to the end. The graphics increase a great deal through out the levels and the levels range from collecting things(the first),to driving and army tank, to having to make your way to the end of a 2d level filled with enemies,to a sniper level then to fighting against an enemy soldier.(cheats in Read Me)
alliance3.zip2k04-08-10File is not ratedAlliance2: DICTATOR v1.0.1
Alliance2: Dictator is a multi-player game of war. You are a dictator ruling your country, and hopfully everyone elses, with an iron fist. Three to four players pass the calculator around, each turn getting a random amount of points. Points can be used to get more stuff. It costs one point to get money, two to gain a city, and four to get power. You can also get power by buying army units and killing off civilians. You get more civilains at the end of your turn, depending on how many cities you have. At the end of your turn you can attack any player, send messages, and send items. Player at the end of the game, which is when all rounds have been played, with the most points wins. Amount of rounds is set up at the begining of the game. Have fun! Why didn't anyone say it didn't work before? Someone finally e-mailed me and pointed out the problem... probbobly because everyone else knew how to fix it, but still... there's a new file and it's the one that you need to play that was missing.
pirates.zip9k04-08-03File is not ratedPirates!
Use strategy or brute force to blast through increasingly larger fleets of pirates in turn-by-turn based action. Inspired by The Seven Seas, it has more features! Includes complex scoring and a high-score system that doesn't use a permanent string. Program not protected.
gtacticsv1.0.zip19k04-07-15File is not ratedGTactics suite v1.0
Welcome to GTactics, the premier medieval strategy game for 2-4 players. Battles include four units, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Cavalry, Archers, and stone walls (for castle warfare). Use your tactical prowess and superior strategy to win over your opponent. Battles are turn-based, so only one calculator is required for up to four players! Battles can be saved, so you can stop at any time, then pick it back up later. Gameplay is similar to that of the popular GameBoy Advance series, Advance Wars. Package includes four programs for infinite replay value: (1) GTactics-play the battles with this program (2) GCustom-create your own custom battles with this program. Customize every aspect of the battle-position and number of walls and units, players, and even unit health! (3) GSetup-quickly and easily make your calculator ready for GTactics play (4) GTroy-a bonus scenario battle. Play as the Greeks or the Trojans! All game code is built into the four programs, so there are no annoying extension programs to clog up your program menu. A full manual is included for reference. Enjoy!
kingdoms.zip15k04-06-15File is not ratedKINGDOMS
Kingdoms is a game where you gather armies and try to take over all the cities on the map. You start with 3 cities and your aim is to conqueor the enemy capitol! Each time you capture a city, it becomes your color and will supply you with troops next turn. You get to choose 3 difficulty levels at the start and the map looks pretty good. You use your arrow keys to move along the paths and press ENTER to open the menu. You can save the game too!
castle.zip31k04-06-15File rated 7.70Defend The Castle
Defend The Castle V1.01 This is the famous flash game - Defend Your Castle from XGenStudios - but on the Graphics Calculator TI-83 Plus. It is almost exactly the same with very good graphics! You get to train all the same units like archers, mages, craftsmen etc. Anyone who has played the flash game will instantly recognise this. The only difference is that where before you threw the attackers up into the air, now you squash them! A bit slow but otherwise great gameplay!
bomber2.zip12k04-06-11File is not ratedBomber 2
Bomber 2 is a strategy game in which you try to eliminate all your opponents and be the last one standing. Up to 4 players can play, any combination of humans and computer players up to 4 works, as long as there is 1 human player. There are two arenas to play in, the small one is for a two player game only, and the large arena is always an option. Before the game, each player hides an artifact and chooses where they want to start. When playing on the large arena, each player will also be allowed to customize their options before the game, allowing for unique strategies. Your goal is to eliminate all your opponents. You can eliminate a player two ways: find his artifact and return it to a base, or kill him with bombs by reducing his toughness to zero. The last player standing will win. The computer AI is programmed well and makes for a tough opponent. Give this game a try, it's fun and challenging for 1-4 players.
canons.zip7k04-06-05File is not ratedCanons
Canons is a basic multiplayer game based on the same game on www.jippii.com. You only need one TI-83 to play it. The purpase is to shoot your enemy tank with a variety of guns till his health is 0 It shows the score, has the same wapens (6) as on www.jippii.com. There is also wind.
persia01.zip2k04-06-04File is not ratedPersian Empire
An Age of Empires style game. Battle ten different empires on your way to greatness. Build villagers and armies, and look for resources to build cities. Includes multiplayer.
tankwars.zip6k04-05-14File is not ratedTankWarS
an artillery game. I tryed to make it similar to Scorched Earth. Has a wide array of weapons and has shields. Also has AI and multiplayer mode. Saving a loading works. This might be the only program on your calc...it is very big. Send me your opinion about it to carrotstien@yahoo.com...TANKWARS is the file you run.
armies.zip5k04-05-09File rated 5.2609 Armies: The Ultimate Return
Updated 5/5/04. This is the Ultimate Strategy Game. You are given 1000 gold to create the perfect army. You are in charge of alloting Unit (Infantry, Archers, Calvary) amounts as well as Stat (Health, Attack, Defence) amounts. In addition, you are able to train your units into more fearce warriors through and exciting Mini-Game. Once you have created your army, you can link up with a friend and battle to the death. The winner of the battle is awarded gold to further expand their army and play with the big boys. The loser's army will be permenently deleted. See the Readme for a full explanation. Enjoy the War!
shooter83p.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedShoter
your basic tank game. simple graphics, text input system. HAVE FUN!!
armies3.zip6k04-03-08File is not ratedArmies Advanced
Includes a remake of 09 Armies 3, my own blackjack00, and my own Orb Quest. C-Games
konquest.zip3k04-03-07File is not ratedKonquest
It's similar too the Linux-KDE-Game, which is also named Konquest: It's a two player game on one calculator and everyone tries too conquer as many planets as possible (because they produce shuttles). If one player loses alle planets he control, he had lost the game. Additional information: Sometimes it's a little bit slow, because it's only a basic programme. And there is an error, which I can't locate in the source. My friends call him the Eaten By Error (EBE)-error, because sometimes you lose shuttle without any reason.
sieze2.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedSieze 2
The sequel to the first sieze game. In this you have to hold up your defences.
sieze.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedSieze
SIEZE is one of my first games using the horizontal function. You can choose your options while observing your map at the same time. The aim of the game is to sieze enemy base. Also another sieze version coming soon for the TI-83. Not plus.
zerohour83.zip3k04-01-31File is not ratedZero Hour 83
A text-based and turn-based strategy game with elements of the CNC Generals game
commander1283p.zip6k04-01-12File is not ratedCommander v1.2
The long awaited next version of commander has many improvements. Now the AI is complete, and the game now is turn based. We're approaching the goal of modeling Panzer General II. This game is one of very few graphical war games. There are 4 different units, a 9x15 screen, and a built in scenario builder. There are lots of plans for this game to expand its realistic combat. In the future I plan to make this game hex-based and possibly in ASM. Please notify me of any bugs or suggestions. Please visit my website at www.mrspyonline.com for more of my great games.
aoe2score.zip14k03-12-28File rated 6.47AOE 2: The Age of Calcs (Score and High score tables)
Your sitting in your math class bored as heck! Your teacher is blabbing ON and ON! What do you do!? You pull out your 83+ and play this amazing (and revolutionary) GAME! This game is by far the best basic game EVER made for the 83+ out there. As before there are VILLAGERS, MILLITARY UNITS, including INFANTRY, CALVALRY, and SEIGE, 8 RESEARCHES,4 AGES (dark, feudal, castle, imperial), 5 different CIVILIZATIONS, 6 BUILDINGS, GOLD and FOOD resources, 3 SAVE GAME SLOTS, 5 HOTKEYS, and an AI with THREE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS!!! Along with all that there is also a score feature and 3 High score tables (1 for each of the difficulty settings.) After class you might think that school is not so BORING after all. (Look out for the next version of AOE2: The Age of Calcs GOLD edition, 2 player expansion with far better graphics :)
marssim2se.zip13k03-12-28File is not ratedMars Sim 2 Special Edition v2.5.7
A great turn-based strategy game! One of th e few of its genre for the calculator out there, and one of the best as far as I know. You are in charge of a futuristic nation on Mars, and you must lead your people to victory through war, diplomacy, trickery, and leadership. Defeat your mighty rivals and rule the planet of Mars! Note: This is an update to a previous version of Mars Sim 2 SE; bugs have been removed and a save/load feature has been added.
seawars2.zip8k03-12-24File is not ratedSeaWars II
Will Stokes' SeaWars II, originally written for TI-85, now ported for TI-83(+). This program was the basis for the TI-AI project Will created, and I'm now seeking to make it available to everyone, not just those with TI-85s.
aoe2.zip12k03-12-10File rated 5.22AOE 2: The Age of CALCS
This game is simply AMAZING! Because it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of calcs. There are VILLAGERS, MILLITARY UNITS, including INFANTRY, CALVALRY, and SEIGE, 8 RESEARCHES,4 AGES (dark, feudal, castle, imperial), 5 different CIVILIZATIONS, 6 BUILDINGS, GOLD and FOOD resources, 3 SAVE GAME SLOTS, 5 HOTKEYS, and an AI with THREE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS!!! You will not be disappointed at all with this ultimate game. It is not a turn-based game like all the other ones! This is an actual REAL-TIME GAME STRATEGY GAME!
hyper.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedHyper War
Interesting game where you set ops and commands to defeat the enemy!
endermovie1.zip327k03-11-08File is not ratedEnder's Game: The Bugger Wars Movie Trailer 1
This is the first trailer to my highly anticipated game, Ender's Game: The Bugger Wars, based on the Hugo- and Nova Award-winning saga by Orson Scott Card. The game is turn-based strategy: the player commands the ships of his fleet against the alien Buggers. The game centers around humanity's third encounter with the aliens: this trailer depicts the second. The trailer is five-ten minutes long, animated, with greyscale courtesy of Rigview.
arcshot.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedArcshot
Shoot at a target with eight levels each time getting smaller. Also includes a wind factore
tankwarz.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedTank Warz: Super Sniper
This is a great tank game that is harder than usual.
krieg.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedKRIEG
Another "Qbasic Gorillas" clone for two players. Each player has a cannon turret and shall hit the other by inputting an angle and a velocity number. Thoroughly tested and works fine.
hegemony.zip22k03-09-01File is not ratedHegemony: The Battle to Unite the Hundred Worlds
A 1-4 player strategy game based on the Ender's Game Quartet by Orson Scott Card. A millenium after the First Xenocide, humanity is in chaos. The only hope lies in unifying the Hundred Worlds. Includes an external AI that can be modified or replaced, external readme and story in txt and NoteFolio format, and the AI Developer's Guide.
medalofhonor3.zip15k03-09-01File is not ratedMedal of Honor 3 (Eye of the Storm)
Another older game that was on here once but it was taken off. Now it's back. Old in quality compared to the features of my newer games (Rough Landing) but it still is a good way to knock off time in those boring study halls! Questions? Comments? Contact me.
medalofhonor2.zip13k03-09-01File is not ratedMedal of Honor 2 D-Day / Seaside Stowaway
This is an older gome of mine that i have put back on this website. It contains the 2 levels (D-Day and Seaside Stowaway). You have too beat Dday before you can start the 2nd level. Let me know what you think of my games, have fun
dw2calc.zip35k03-07-19File is not ratedDark Woods 2: The Calculator Remake
A remake of the game Dark Woods 2 by Jocke the Beast. A very fun and simple adventure and strategy game.
ww1.zip4k03-07-05File is not ratedWorld War I v0.9
This is a 2 player games that looks a bit like the board game 'Risk'. Your goal is to conquer Europe in 1913 before your opponent does. For now, it's completely text driven, but the final version will have graphics. Even though this is only version 0.9, it doesn't have any known bugs.
tanksincoming11.zip85k03-07-01File is not ratedTanks Incoming 1.1 - The Tankwars rebirth
+++TANKS_INCOMING_1.1+++ FEATURES: .....Destroyeable Landscape.....5 Levels..... Random Maps.....7 Weapons.....Highspeed-Engine.....Laser.....Wind.....Buy-Menu.....Save-game.....InGame-Screenshot.....Buying and shooting AI.....CHECK OUT THE SCREENSHOTS
ti10.zip29k03-06-24File is not ratedTanks Incoming 1.0 - The Tankwars rebirth
You might know the Game Tankwars... yeah, THAT tankwars. About 100 Programmers made it, both for BASIC and ION. I didnĀ“t like any of them. The AI was dumb, the game short, the weapons boring. Thats why I wanted to show: IT IN POSSIBLE TO MAKE TANKWARS AS GOOD AS ON PC! *********** Now I made Tanks Incoming (TI), with excelent Ai wich chooses and buys weapons, selects best fitting Fire method and even uses the advanteges of different Weapons like 2 CRIs and 2 Nukes! ******* You play on a DESTROYABLE LANDSCAPE (!!!), generated randomly uppon custom settings. Savegame etc. buildt in. Teacher-Key ----------------- 6 SCREENSHOTS INCLUDED
warzone2100.zip3k03-06-21File is not ratedWarzone 2100 BETA
This is going to be a clone of the strategy game for the computer. This version is quite basic- only thing you can do is select the Factory with 2nd and make a truck with mode and a tank with 2nd while it's selected. The cursor is really slow, and the game should not be run thru MirageOS. Expect an update in 2 wks or so. You can move units by pressing Y= over the unit and then Y= where you want to move it to.
worms.zip6k03-06-19File is not ratedWORMS 83 PLUS
WORMS HAVE TAKEN OVER YOUR CALCULATOR AND THEY'RE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT A FIGHT!!! Battle your friends, enemies, and siblings with this turn-based strategy game!
starcrafttestofskill0.7be.zip6k03-06-16File is not ratedStar Craft: Test of Skill v0.7 Beta
I have upgraded the starcraft game since its last upload. It's almost done, so be patient. Thanks to all of my friends who gave me the idea in the first place and because they helped me fix alot.
starcrafttestofskill.zip6k03-06-07File is not ratedStarCraft: Test of Skill v0.2
This is my latest version of my StarCraft game. Other than it being a RTS like the computer version, this one is a TBS (Turn Based Strategy). It is highly graphical, and I'm very proud of it. Feel free to use the source code in your own programs.
warbatle.zip6k03-05-20File is not ratedWar Game/War Battles
War Game: Fight your friends in a two on two battle. War Battles: Battle CPU opponents to gain better weapons and Armor Data in both Games are capable for better battles. Also here's an extra picture
mohcargo.zip12k03-05-05File is not ratedMedal of Honor (Special Cargo)
This is a more advanced version of the level that I had released awhile ago. It has all of the features that are in Medal of Honor 4 (Rough Landing) such as ammunition for all 6 guns, the ability to switch guns when times get tough, and even the high score system. The one level is Special Cargo. Included readme and a must have game for the TI-83+.
medalofhonor.zip16k03-05-01File is not ratedMedal of Honor 4 (Rough Landing)
This is THE best Medal of Honor level yet. This has all the features I mentioned before (except the level, The Golden Lion, because of memory problems) and even more. It has an animated title screen more realistic to the actual PS2 title screen, 6 guns w/ ammunition, the abiltity to switch guns when you run out of ammo, allied help and assistance in your missions, and the best feature yet, a high score system! Play with your friends and see who's the best. I warn you though, this is a harder level than its older brothers. The level is Rough landing and it is JUST like the PS2 game. I took out the Maps feature b/c it was wasted space. I did include the completed maps in a separate folder for viewing. A must have for the TI-83+.
gorillasbas.zip1k03-03-27File is not ratedGorillas ported from QBasic
Simple game but with pretty graphics, enjoy!!
batlebot.zip2k03-03-24File is not ratedBattleBots DTM Early Demo
Here is an early preview of BattleBots DTM. The graphics engine in this game doesn't hold a candle to the one under development, nor does the leveled gameplay, but it is sufficient for the time being. Enjoy
atbsun.zip6k03-03-22File is not ratedTiberian Sun
This game is almost a remake of the computer game Tiberian Sun. It also has couple of Firestorm (expansion for Tiberian Sun) units.
worms0.zip5k03-03-19File is not ratedWORMS0
This game is a two player game based on Worms, Worms2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. There are two versions one to play it on one calc and the other for two calc's with link cable. The version for two calc has to be run on both calc's and almost on the same time. The purpose is to kill all the worms of your opponent using 4 different weapons: Bazooka, Lasergun, Kamikaze and Blowtorch. You move the worms with the arrow keys and when your worm is on the right position us ENTER to get the weapon MENU. Use the arrow keys to aim and ENTER to fire. When use use the bazooka you can set the speed by pressing ENTER a second time ans blowtorch only works when your on the ground. The rectangulars in the right bottom corner are the health of the worms. Left for the white team and right for the black. Pleas visit www.maartenderickx.tk for more recent versions.
medalofh.zip6k03-03-10File is not ratedMedal of Honor Frontline
This is the game for all those people out there who love the PS2 game. There's only 1 level though, but i might come out with more. The one leval is D-Day.
battlebot.zip2k03-03-08File is not ratedBATTLE BOTS
One robot to defeat them all. You the programmer must program your robot to defeat them all. See the readme for more detail.
kingdom2.zip13k02-11-20File is not ratedKingdom II: Utopia
A strategy game involving territory, armies, populations, and resources
bomber.zip5k02-10-15File is not ratedBomber
A completely original strategy type game. For one or two players (AI computer for single player).
al5.zip4k02-10-02File is not ratedAL 5: Being Al
Unlike previous versions of the game, in Al 5, you manage Al's Treetop Tavern, buying and selling liquor. It's essentially a more basic Drugwar where you can't be killed. Includes program to generate needed picture.
wlddomin.zip62k02-09-30File is not ratedWorld Domination v1.0
It's like the board game Risk. Basicly you are trying to take over the world. It's a fun game. The AIs are totaly random, but don't distress the next version they will at least have half a brain!
martillry.zip21k02-04-02File is not ratedMaster Artillery v2.3
A great scorched-earth type artillery game. You and up to five other players battle in the mountains with tanks. Each player can start out with money to buy different powerful weapons. There are a total of SEVEN different weapons, including nukes, MIRVs, lasers, and cruise missles. You can play in one of two modes, Free for all or Team play. No one around to challenge? No Problem. You can have up to six tanks controlled by the calculator. You can also have teams of Human controllers and Robots combined! If you download one artillery game for you ti-83 plus, This one is a must!!!
artillery.zip7k02-03-25File is not ratedBasic Artillery v1.3-24/02
Artillery game, up to six players, three different weapons, option for a number of computer controlled tanks, randomly generated terrain. Team play is also available
howitzer83p.zip5k02-02-26File is not ratedHowitzer v1.0
This game is a simple artillary game where the objective is to hit the flag. It has power and angle adjustments along with explosion affects. This is the first verison of the game and is open for suggestions. Please visit my website at www.mrspyonline.com for more of my great games.
tacwar.zip16k02-02-10File is not ratedTacwar
A TI-83+ multiplayer only tactical warfare game (think along the line of StarCraft).
tibasicgorillas.zip3k02-02-10File is not ratedTI-BASIC Gorillas
A very graphical port to the 83/83+
godzilla_plus.83g2k02-02-10File is not ratedGodzilla
After Godzilla the movie, Godzilla the game ! 2 players aim & shoot game
killerbots.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedKillerbots
The best robot constuction game ever made!!! Download it now!! You get to build your own killer robot and train, upgrade, practice, and battle against other calcs who have this program via link cable.
battank.zip4k01-05-31File is not ratedBattle Tanks v1.1
This is a battle tank game with 2 tanks. There are 5 weapons, and single player and two player mode.Now mirage os compatible
tanx.zip3k01-03-14File is not ratedTANX v1.14
Fire 5 types of weapons over 2D terrain to blast your opponent.
midwar.zip2k01-02-25File is not ratedMedieval War v2.0
the mother of all basic war games. in this game you have to make a castle, farms, chop trees, dig for gold, make men , and destrioy the enemy. Are you game?
surfactn.zip4k00-12-26File is not ratedSurface Action
This is one of the best strategy games ever made. You control a US SAG, and battle at sea against the computer complete with AI and Animation. If you love strategy games this is the game for you. Please be sure to visit my web site.
btanks.zip1k00-12-17File is not ratedBattle Tanks
In this game, you are the tank on the hill and you have to shoot at the enemy tank below you. You also have to factor in the wind. The enemy tanks shoots back at you. Very nice graphics and fun to play. A must have!
boom.zip3k00-12-10File is not ratedBoom
This is an EXCELLENT Gorilla Clone!!! Please Give it a try I promise you will not be sorry!!!
ralert.zip8k00-11-24File is not ratedAdvanced Red Alert v1.9
Advanced Red Alert plus version 1.9 is a game based on the game Command&Conquer: Red Alert. Objective is to obtain as much ore as you can and defeat the enemy forces. 4 Buildings and 2 Units can be build: Headquarters, Barracks, Warfactory, Orerefinery, Infantry and Tanks. To build a tank, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than a Warfactory. To train infantry, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than Barracks. The Orefactory adds 100 to your money every turn. The game has 3 difficulties: easy, midi and hard. The highscore will be saved all the time. Watch the screenshots at the file information page!!
sandrock.zip2k00-08-22File is not ratedGundam Wing:Sandrock
An action based game where the gundam Sandrock must attack Leos one by one. Two other programs allow the WingZERO to fight 100 Leos and WingZERO to fight 10 Smart Leos, especially programmed to destroy the opponent quickly. This game relies on speed, intelligence, and strategy, but also kicking OZie butt.
tankduel.zip3k00-07-17File is not ratedTank Duel
Battle your calculator in this explosive, tank fighting, action game! Items like larger blast radius, more damage, and extra life, will help you defeat your enemy.
scorch6.zip4k00-05-02File is not ratedScorched Earth v6.3
Update of SE 6.1 This version has a better terrain editor, and i fixed the var problem with custom mode.
with.zip3k00-01-16File is not ratedWar in the Hills v1.0
A two player graphical artillery game. You take turns using an angle and speed trying to blast your opponent. Includes optional AI computer opponent if you can't find a friend.
cannon.zip2k99-12-08File is not ratedCannon
A two-player game where you fire cannons at your opponent.

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