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» Learn the Basics
If you need help downloading programs from our site and sending them to your calculator, see our Basics section.

» ticalc.org FAQ
If you are looking for answers specifically related to ticalc.org, try searching our site-specific FAQ. Please browse through this before using the Contact Us page or personal staff member email addresses.

» Search Mailing List Archives
If our Basics section didn't answer your question, chances are still good that it's been addressed on one of our Mailing Lists. You can use our search feature to look for archived messages that relate to your question.

» Ask in an IRC channel
You can join an Internet Relay Chat channel where other users may be able to help in real-time text chat.

» Post to a Mailing List
You can also get help with your calculator questions by subscribing to one of our email mailing lists and sending your questions to other subscribers.

» Contact Other Users Who Can Help
We also suggest consulting our directory of users with accounts on our site; you can locate other users who have your calculator or who are experienced programmers, for example, and then contact them using published contact information (email, ICQ, AIM, etc).

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