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Contact Us

Please note:

  • We cannot honor requests for information, replacement manuals or calculators, sales or loans of equipment, etc. Please contact TI at 1-800-TI-CARES, or by email to ti-cares@ti.com, for such requests. ticalc.org is a non-profit group not affiliated with TI.
  • We cannot provide general calculator support. If you need help with your calculator, link cable, or downloading and using programs, please refer to our help page.
  • We cannot provide support for user-submitted programs. For help with a file in the file archives, please contact the author of the file in question. When available, this is listed on the file info page for the file.
  • We are not currently selling advertising. Please do not contact us with ad purchasing requests.

For questions, comments, and help regarding the ticalc.org site itself, for suggesting ideas for news articles and surveys, and for complaints of abuse by someone using ticalc.org services, please take a look at the FAQ. If your issue is not addressed here, send an email to contact@ticalc.org. We will try to respond to emails in a timely fashion; however, as the staff are generally very busy, please be patient if you do not receive a reply right away.

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