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Last updated Monday, 1 March 2021
Total downloads 3,220,900
Most popular file  ZTetris 86 v1.1 with 115,702 downloads.

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dodger.zip40k04-01-02File rated 8.69Dodger
You control the little-man and he is in some weird place that has all sorts of things tying to take him out. You dodge objects (which spawn at different speeds depending on your level) and collect power-ups/downs along the way.
jigsaw86.zip333k04-02-13File rated 8.69Jigsaw 86
A jigsaw program that will "chop up" a picture and then you put it back together. Includes many customizable features and documentation on creating your own puzzles. Also includes a PC and an on-calculator Puzzle Creator.
laser.zip4k99-11-14File rated 8.69Laser Mayhem v1.0
A puzzle game based on Laserstrike for Windows by Kevin Ng. You must fire and move lasers to manipulate the different on-screen objects in order to get a clear shot at the iris, which you must shoot twice. Recommended for puzzle-game lovers.
dquest.zip215k02-03-28File rated 8.54Dragon Quest 86
ANOTHER game from Biobytes. Be amazed by this games FF series like fight gfx, or perhaps the ISOMETRIC 3D gfx (kind of) Or just sit back and enjoy the (cough!) rich storyline and complex interface! Get creative with this RPG! Greyscale: 47k: Biobytes
ztetris.zip15k97-10-21File rated 8.54ZTetris 86 v1.1
The best tetris game for any calculator. Features linking play between a TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, TI-86, or TI-92, 21 levels, high scores, teacher key, 16 different background patterns, and pausing.
diamonds.zip14k00-02-26File rated 8.52Diamonds v2.0
An arkanoid game where you control the ball. Features grayscale graphics, external levels, and a level editor is available as well.
megacar.zip47k01-01-22File rated 8.51Megacar v1.1
A fast-paced birds-eye-view racing game. Features black and white graphics, fast scrolling, high scores with initials, eight external levels, and an external Windows level editor.
megaman.zip104k04-01-02File rated 8.51Mega Man 86
A clone of the Mega Man 2 game for the NES is now available for your TI-86!
mario.zip16k98-08-04File rated 8.47Super Mario 86 v0.91
Clone of the classic game for the Nintendo. Features grayscale, fast scrolling, sound, enemies, external levels, and an on-calc level editor.
ab4.zip16k12-07-04File rated 8.46Alien Breed IV: Final Assault v1.1.0
This is the 4th entry in the Alien Breed series, compatible with the TI-83/83+/86 calculators. An 8-way smooth scrolling shoot-'em-up game that comes with a complete levelset, and the ability to play other external levelsets. A levelset editor is available separately for Windows that allows you to build your own levelsets!
bubble.zip74k02-09-30File rated 8.46Bubble Bobble 86
The classic video game... Now for TI! Guide Bub, the magic bubble dragon, across 100 challenging levels. Shoot magic bubbles at the monsters, then pop the bubbles!
tesbwan86.zip29k02-09-09File rated 8.44TesBwan 0.3
An advanced grayscale breakout-like game. Features include scrolling, bonuses, high scores, and save game. It is written for ZShell so it can run on ZShell as well as other shells such as Usgard, Rigel, PhatOS, OShell, or CShell-NT.
bbtd.zip52k03-01-12File rated 8.39Blinded by the Dark
An action-RPG; fight monsters, solve puzzles and collect treasure as you explore a vast dungeon... Also features a very unique graphics engine. (v1.2)
crates3d.zip309k01-08-19File rated 8.34Crates 3D v1.0
An original puzzle game in which you must guide yourself through a three-dimensional world of moveable crates to the exit. You can view the world from four different angles. The game comes with 16 standard levels, and a level editor is included so that you can create your own.
dead86.zip52k00-05-01File rated 8.34Dying Eyes v1.0
A non-linear, excellent RPG for the 86.
joltima.zip13k01-02-10File rated 8.34Joltima v1.9
A classic RPG that resembles Dragon Warrior and Ultima Exodus.
vert86.zip74k98-09-12File rated 8.34Vertigo v0.94
A game of skill for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. Guide your ball to the gem stone on each of the 50 levels. The levels are displayed from an isometric 3D view, and are shown in grayscale on the TI-85 and TI-86. Also features an on-calc level editor.
arkanoid2.zip190k99-12-22File rated 8.19Arkanoid 2 v1.03
Written by James Rubingh. This is a 4-level grayscale game, just like the Atari 2600 classic! Arkanoid 2 uses a 256 directional ball movement engine and this makes directing it with the paddle interesting. If you hit the ball on the very edge of the paddle it will change the direction of the ball accordingly. If you hit the ball with the middle of the paddle the ball won't change angles other than going up when before it was coming down. The game features powerups, external levels and a Windows 95/98/NT level editor by corey taylor.
egypt.zip131k04-07-06File rated 8.19Egypt v1.0
Egypt is a puzzle game where you move a ball around a maze, and step on arrow tiles. Stepping on an arrow tile shifts the entire row or column in the direction of the arrow. You goal is to eliminate all the objects by getting at least 2 objects of the same type next to each other.
freecell.zip13k01-01-29File rated 8.19FreeCell v1.1
Based on the PC version that comes with Windows. Includes grayscale, statistics, and a teacher key.
sc2k.zip40k98-10-03File rated 8.18SIM Community v2.21
dragonw.zip97k02-03-23File rated 8.14Dragon Warrior 86 v1.1
Great CLONE of the original for the NES! Complete from beginning to end. Awesome grayscale graphics, quality gameplay just like the game, and hours of RPG fun stuffs!
bomberb.zip48k99-03-07File rated 8.12Bomberbloke v0.96
BomberBloke is a remake of the popular game, Bomberman, for the TI 86 calculator. This version of the game has quite a few differences to others though : As well as a single player mode, BomberBloke also includes support for games with up to four play
mario86.zip11k99-12-11File rated 8.06Super Mario 86 v0.95
Features include fireballs, going down pipes, bowser, smooth scrolling, fast grayscale gameplay, and more! An on-calc level editor is also available.
bdude.zip3k99-10-18File rated 7.96Block Dude v1.0
A puzzle/action game in which you move blocks to navigate to the end of the level.
ch3d.zip3k01-06-01File rated 7.953D Checkers
The best-looking checkers game you'll ever get out of a TI-86.
lotus.zip8k00-04-19File rated 7.95Lotus Turbo Challenge v1.1
A fast-paced racing game presented from a second-person 3D perspective. You must complete each course while racing against the clock and avoiding opponent cars. There are six courses, each with different scenery and climatic effects.
phx.zip86k21-03-01File rated 7.85Phoenix 4.4
Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. This game has very smooth gameplay (over 30 frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels. The game only takes about 9K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
balloon.zip65k01-05-29File rated 7.75Balloon v1.0
Welcome to the thrilling story of a balloon which flees from his 'master' and glides through a wonderful world of gravity, traps and enemies!
cmast86.zip29k02-05-21File rated 7.74Chessmaster 86
Chess game for the 86 with a decent AI, 3 piece types, piece description for those with bad eyes, 2 AI levels, 3 modes of play, greyscale graphics, 75 PUZZLES and MORE! The best (and only) Chess game with AI for the TI-86! Fun, FAST, and addictive!
zelda.zip28k00-11-06File rated 7.70Zelda 86
Just when you thought that the TI calculator gaming market was choked with too many Zelda-type games... here is another one! Featuring grayscale, lots of far-too-crazy graphics, and, um, other stuff, this program is made by the ACZ.
cstrike.zip16k03-01-06File rated 7.62CStrike v 1.0
This is a side scrolling shooting game...this is probably one of my last releases...it includes varied baddies...2 of them shoot/drop stuff...interactive tiles...and moving tiles in which u can stand on...this new update includes NEW GRAPHICS...like clouds and bushes and other stuff...includes a on calc level editor...and a level compressor (takes out about 33%)...ENJOY...OMg almost forgot it has 4 guns...pistol...shotty(my fav)...machine gun...and the bad boy of them all rocket launcher...(hope this stops school shooting by releaving stress on the calc ;-) lol...e-mail me ne bug and if u want the source code...
dstar.zip5k97-10-12File rated 7.62DStar v1.0
A puzzle game where you must collect all the clear balls by running over them. You control either the dark ball or the dark box (you can switch between them). The dark ball can be used to collect the clear balls, while the dark block can only be used as a movable wall of sorts, it will stop at clear balls. Both objects continue moving in the direction chosen by you until they hit something else, except when the dark ball hits a clear ball. There are 25 levels in this version, 20 from the HP48 version and 5 from the TI-83 version of this game.
wormy.zip102k02-03-06File rated 7.62Wormy
The ultimate singleplayer/multiplayer game. Call it a free movement Nibbles, featuring levels (and editor), smooth scrolling, multiplayer upto four players on one calc or over link, several different configurable game types (like deathmatch, foodmatch, racing, CTF), and much more =)
fd2.zip21k02-11-30File rated 7.46FallDown Forever v2.11
A vastly improved version of FallDown, a game in which you must guide a ball as it falls ever downwards. Features grayscale graphics, link play, and a lot more.
znood.zip3k01-05-25File rated 7.46Znood v0.9
You may also know it as Snood, Bust-a-move, or Puzzle Bobble, but the concept is the same -- match znoods of the same type and use strategy to make other znoods detach.
insane86.zip8k98-01-31File rated 7.39Insane Game v2.71 Beta 2
An addictive puzzle game where the object is to get rid of all the tiles. Three different mods: puzzle, action, and versus (link play).
sqrxz.zip100k98-07-04File rated 7.22Sqrxz v1.0 and Level Editor
Sqrxz is similar to Mario Bros. and a clone of the PC game. The goal is to control an ugly bug (a Sqrxz) through a dangerous world filled with traps and enemies such as Blobs, Hedgehogs, Bats and more. Features a virtual screen, three different speeds, external levels, and a DOS level editor.
ballistc.zip6k99-12-25File rated 6.97Ballistic v1.0
Matt Johnson released Ballistic for the TI-86 calculator. Ballistic is a 2-player (1 calculator) game for the TI-86 calculator which features tank-war style gameplay.
wallpipe.zip15k01-05-28File rated 6.97Wallpipe
An original fast & fun puzzle game featuring grayscale graphics
mmdemo.zip15k00-05-22File rated 5.98Mega Man 86
A clone of the Mega Man 2 game for the NES is now available for your TI-86!!!
rage.zip41k05-02-11File rated 1.95Super Saiya-jin Rage
Several parts have been recoded for dual compilation on more than 1 platform. You can choose from Goku, SSJ Goku 3, Vegeta, SSJ Goku (GT), SSJ Adult Gohan, Frieza (hiddden), Majin Buu (hidden), Trunks, Eric Cartman (hidden), Raditz and finally, Gotenks. This has many updates for the ports. None of them crash when trying a difficulty level other than 1. Also, plz email me if you have feedback.
3inrow.zip1k00-01-29File is not rated3 In a Row Beta
This is a Tic Tac Toe game that you play against the TI-86 Calculator. Keeps score.
86tictac.zip3k00-07-18File is not rated86 Tic Tac Toe
This is a simple Tic Tac Toe game for the TI-86.
aceshigh.zip2k99-01-05File is not ratedAces High! Video Poker v1.4
Jacks or Better Video Poker with variable betting, score saved on exit, and more
aforce.zip15k01-08-26File is not ratedAlien Force 1.0
Action game. Grayscale graphics.
aim.zip1k98-08-25File is not ratedAim!
A game where you try and aim for the center of a brick. Features a high score.
alienb.zip8k01-06-21File is not ratedAlien Breed IV: Final Assault v0.9 (Demo)
This is the fantastic finale to the Alien Breed series that all TI-83/TI-83+/TI-86 owners should have a copy. An outstanding 8-way smooth scrolling shoot-'em-up game - this demo shows the brilliance of what's to come :)
all86.zip65k01-05-10File is not ratedAllecto v1.3006
Special version of Phoenix for the ticalc.org CD
antz.zip5k01-04-25File is not ratedAntz!
Watch a lone ant wander around the scree; user can adjust speed and whether or not it leaves a trail.
arcade.zip15k01-01-29File is not ratedArcade
Basic Asm shell with mario86, galaxian, zkart, ztetris, Turbo breakout.
archery.zip5k97-12-25File is not ratedArchery 86z v1.0
A simple archery game where you must hit a moving target. Keeps track of your hits and misses.
arkanoid.zip12k99-02-01File is not ratedArkanoid v1.0
arkprev.zip2k03-07-08File is not ratedCosmic Ark Preview v0.05c Beta
PSW's preview of the upcoming remake of the Atari 2600 classic.
attack86.zip5k99-06-11File is not ratedTetris Attack v1.1
Tetris attack like on the gameboy. This was ported from the 83 by aaron curtis. this has nothing to do with tetris.
avalanch.zip5k97-11-10File is not ratedAvalanch 86 v0.9 Beta
Ported from the TI-83 by Ahmed El-Helw. A game where you must dodge the icicles. Three levels of difficulty.
av.zip3k98-09-15File is not ratedArcade Volleyball v1.0
Arcade Volleyball game against the calculator.
banchor.zip129k09-05-20File is not ratedBanchor: The Hellspawn v1.10
Banchor is a huge Zelda-type RPG for the TI-86! You take control of the heroic Rex, as he ventures on a mammoth quest to rescue the kidnapped Princess Sapphira and destroy the evil demon from Hell, Banchor. Upgrade your weapons and defenses, increase your life level and meet many people along that way that will help you in your quest! If you are a lover of RPG games, this game will keep you entertained for hours!
base.zip18k99-12-23File is not ratedBaseball '99 v0.7
A 2-D baseball game based on a Tiger Handheld game
bd.zip20k97-08-22File is not ratedBoulderDash v1.0
Clone of the classic game for the Atari, Amiga, PC, Nintendo, and Gameboy. Objective is to search each cave and collect as many jewels as possible, while dodging falling boulders and other enemies, in a short time peroid.
bg.zip2k98-02-08File is not ratedBored Generation 86
A skateboarding game where you must jump over moving trash cans.
binland.zip17k00-06-27File is not ratedBIN LAND v1.6
A puzzle game with grayscale graphics. 20 levels.
blackjack86.zip2k06-07-15File is not ratedBlack Jack 86
The only assembly black jack game for the ti-86 (as far as I know). Features saving, card graphics, stats, and a menu interface. No insurance or splitting. This is the final release.
blair.zip3k99-12-05File is not ratedThe Blair Witch Project
This is a game where you must get out of the woods, or the Blair Witch will get you.
blink.zip10k00-09-08File is not ratedBlink v1.1
A fun, challenging, graphical Lights Out game.
blkbustr.zip7k00-01-17File is not ratedBlockbuster v4.62
Break as many blocks as you can.
blocked.zip33k00-05-20File is not ratedBlocked In v1.3
This is a puzzle game in which you are a small man who has to move one block at a time to get to the goal in each level. Sounds simple enough, but it can get quite diffucult, especially with a time limit.
bolldin.zip13k00-02-27File is not ratedBolldin v1.0
A very simple game. Take the coins and aviod being hit by the arrows.
bombpan.zip3k99-07-08File is not ratedBomb Panic v0.9 Beta
A game similar to Bomb Sweeper where you have to get to the bomb before it explodes.
boom.zip9k98-08-12File is not ratedBoom! v1.0
A crazy game where you must catch bombs thrown over a wall by some crazy man. You have three buckets to use. And everytime you miss you lose a bucket.
bots2.zip16k04-09-11File is not ratedBots II
An addictive strategy game where you must outmanouver computer controlled bots.
bounce.zip11k00-09-14File is not ratedAFROSoft BounceBalls
BounceBall is an *oldsk00* pong clone. In the author's oppinion, it is very fun (obviously). The game is only 898bytes, and has extensive documentation in the source code. Good to learn by.
bowling.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedBowling-86
This program was completed a while ago. So maybe now you can take a look at it. Enjoy!
boxworld.zip3k97-12-21File is not ratedBoxWorld v1.0
A puzzle game in which the object is to get rid of all the boxes. This is similar to the game Sokoban. Right now there are four levels.
brainst.zip13k02-02-16File is not ratedBrainstorm v1.0
Brainstorm is a game where you try to capture a ball inside the point-giving areas using three lines.
brix86.zip6k98-12-14File is not ratedBrix 86 v0.1 Beta
burger86.zip6k01-04-28File is not ratedBurger86 v0.9
Clone of the classic Burgertime
cars.zip14k03-07-25File is not ratedCars
A racecar game with several difficulty settings. Try not to crash!
catch2.zip4k99-05-21File is not ratedCatch v1.0 Alpha
Try to catch as many blocks as you can in about a minute.
catch.zip1k98-08-25File is not ratedCatch!
A game where you must move your paddle and try to catch the falling blocks. If you hold down the gas while moving, your paddle moves faster. Features a high score.
cave.zip2k98-07-22File is not ratedCave In
A small game where you must move left or right to dodge the falling boulders. Three difficulty levels.
cdoom3.zip8k98-12-23File is not ratedCDOOM3 v0.25 Alpha
centipde86.zip4k12-10-10File is not ratedCentipede v1.2.1
Remake of the old Atari 2600 game of the same name. Take control of your little ship as you strive to destroy all the Centipedes whilst saving yourself from other assorted creatures!
chase.zip4k98-02-23File is not ratedThe Chase v1.0
A game where you must either chase a dot controlled by the calculator, or you must try to outrun the calculator by controlling your dot.
cheater.zip2k01-02-08File is not ratedCheater's Toolbox v2.0
Utility which allows you to cheat in ztetris and Insane Game. Ideally suited for multiplayer! Port of Usgard version by Patrick Davidson.
checkers2.zip10k99-12-05File is not ratedCheckers 8X v1.1
It's Checkers! This version allows for 2 players to play against each other using the calc-to-calc link or with just one calculator. Small size at ~2K.
checkers.zip3k97-11-22File is not ratedCheckers 86 v0.1
A human vs. human checkers game. Features resume game, pausing, board flipping, and resigning.
chopdrop.zip8k02-11-01File is not ratedChopDrop
Version 1.0 of the helicopter drop game. 4-level grayscale graphics. Entire game logic written in C with the SDCC compiler.
chopper.zip74k01-01-04File is not ratedChopper v0.6
Sidescrolling helicopter action game.
clickers.zip24k01-07-15File is not ratedClickers v2.1
A puzzle game where you have to reconstitute a picture divided in 16 squares. The pictures are stored in your calculator as external files (strings), so you can keep only the ones you prefer. Three difficult modes relative to the lenght of blending. Include explanations to make pictures yourself if you know a little bit asm. There is no level editor yet. Source code included commented in french. CODE SOURCE INCLUS COMMENTE EN FRANCAIS.
cockfght.zip17k00-10-13File is not ratedCustom CockFighter v1.2
An interesting concept: I made the engine, you supply the fighters. Comes with some pretty-well documented source and a seperate .inc file to customize your fighter's names and statistics in this text-based cock-fight simulator.
colony.zip13k00-01-16File is not ratedColony v1.0
A simple yet challenging puzzle game where you try to build up a colony of block-like 'cells'.
connect4.zip5k99-12-12File is not ratedConnect 4
The Classic Game of Connect 4. Has a two-player mode and a one-player mode vs. a strong AI.
control.zip2k01-03-03File is not ratedControl
small (only 0,36 kB) but addictive skill-based game.
crapong.zip6k99-02-01File is not ratedCrapong v1.4
cylidash86.zip5k04-01-20File is not ratedCylidash
Travel down a cylindrical tunnel avoiding barriers as you go.
darkcave.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedDark Cave Trick Program
A cool looking program that when finished will crash unless the correct button is pressed. Read the enclosed text file for more information.
darkforest.zip19k03-11-19File is not ratedDark Forest 0.9
You have to find your way out of the Dark Forest before nightfall. The more you move, the darker it gets.
darkness.zip3k98-03-22File is not ratedCrown of Darkness v0.4 Beta
A beta version of the once called "UnNamed RPG". A RPG game that isn't completed yet.
dasher86.zip1k97-12-25File is not ratedDasher v1.0
A game similar to BoulderDash or Pac-Man. The object of the game is to collect all the gems before your time runs out. Only five levels.
ddc.zip7k01-03-08File is not ratedDDC v0.35
DDR for TI-86! Fixed left-down bug, and now you can't hold down buttons. Also, score can be increased by 50, 100, or 200 depending on your timing. :)
defender.zip18k99-06-12File is not ratedDefender v1.1
a side scrolling shoot-em-up
demine.zip15k00-12-10File is not ratedDemineur v2.0
The classic Minesweeper in GrayScale with empty space detection,time,highscore,5 levels...
dots.zip6k00-11-09File is not ratedDots v1.0
Compete against your calculator or against a friend in this classic game of intelligence and smartness!
drop.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedDrop!
The newest and smallest tunnel game for the TI-86 yet! It even has a scorekeeping feature. Very addictive and GREAT for class.
duckhunt86.zip8k05-04-25File is not ratedDuck Hunt 86
The classic Duckhunt game from the NES, now on the TI-86. I rewrote this game after getting the grfx from Ahmed El-Helw. The grfx were later remodified, and additional grfx were added by me. All of the code is re-written, and no old code is used. Gameplay was enhanced and a lot of features were added. Features: - 4-bit Grayscale grfx. (compressed grfx, title screen, ending screen, etc.) - 10 rounds w/10 ducks per round. - Ability to restart round, if you didn't complete objective of hitting x number of ducks . - 3 bullets per duck, if duck was missed, it flies away. - Duck a.i. - High Score and Initials. - Save game feature (via turning off TI-86) - Bonus scoring (added automatically) - Dog/duck animation sequences.(i.e. Dog laughing at you when you miss a duck.)
duckhunt.zip12k98-04-27File is not ratedDuckHunt v1.5
Ported from the TI-83 by Ahmed El-Helw. Clone of the NES game where you must shoot down the flying ducks.
eams.zip12k04-08-17File is not ratedEscape From The Alien Moon Slime
You can't escape this awesome 2D shooter! Explore the vast underground base and lunar landscape! Run from the multiple, fully animated greyscale enemies, such as the Humo-Bots, Lunar Tanks, and who can forget the Moon Slime themselves! Piece together the puzzles, find the keys, conserve your ammo, and escape to the lunar surface, only to find yourself miles from the nearest spaceport, surrounded by your enemies! For an extra challenge once you finish the standard game, try the included bonus pack with revamped graphics, and even more difficult puzzles and tricky situations! Addictive as heck!
elements.zip15k00-07-06File is not ratedElements v1.0
A puzzle game in which you must guide yourself to the exit before you run out of energy. There are 7 boards with a total of 46 screens, containing one-way arrows, keys, bonuses, traps and various switches.
fastgamestart.zip5k03-06-21File is not ratedFast Sprite Shooter
This is a program for anyone making a game. It is a very fast routine that moves a ship which can shoot bullets. All it needs is enemies and a storyline. This routine is fast enough to be used with some type of scrolling background and multiple enemies. A great start for any programer especially the beginer to intermediate that doesn't want to bother with their sprite shooting routines.
fd.zip6k99-01-23File is not ratedFallDown v1.4
ffx4.zip43k00-06-25File is not ratedFinal Fantasy X4 v1.0
This is a great and long RPG.
fifteen.zip15k98-10-12File is not ratedFifteen Game
firange.zip4k01-07-03File is not ratedFiring range
Simple target shooting game with highscore function
fish.zip4k98-03-15File is not ratedNorCal Fishing v1.4
A fishing simulation game. Three levels of difficulty and six kinds of fish.
fly.zip2k02-04-02File is not ratedFly 86
SUPER SMALL AND FAST side scrolling action game! Features speed, funness, and a high score! All in 384 BYTES!!!!
four.zip2k01-06-05File is not ratedFour
four-in-a-row two-player
frogger.zip9k97-12-29File is not ratedFrogger v1.0
Clone of the classic game for the PC. Guide your frog across busy streets and water without getting hit. You must do this five times for each level. Levels get harder as you go on.
frogguts.zip15k99-06-15File is not ratedFrAWgGuts v1.3
A frogger game originally made for the 82.
frogkill.zip7k99-02-24File is not ratedFrog Killer v1.0
Kill Frogger
frog.zip25k01-08-05File is not ratedFrogger 86
New version of the classic pc-game. Grayscale graphics, 21 levels and four game modes including Adventure and Survival. Version 1.0.
galactix.zip14k02-04-02File is not ratedGalactix
AWESOME clone of the original DOS game! Features almost everything from the original, an almost perfect likeness! Beautifully smooth and nonflickery scrolling fight gfx, which can show up to 88 things happening on the screen at once, including bullets, weapon upgrades, and explosions! 40 waves of action, with a 5 layer high score. Not only that, but its all in a SUPER SMALL 4k!
galaxian.zip20k00-09-10File is not ratedGalaxian 3.0 for TI-86
Fast, highly intense shoot em up game with many levels and enemy types
gameno1.zip7k99-05-10File is not ratedGame NO1
The object of the game is to collect as many of the money stuff as you can in 60 seconds.
gardens.zip14k01-08-05File is not ratedGardens v1.1
This game can be considerated as a pac-man style game. You have to mow the green in ten differents gardens. Your fuel is limited and the grass grows again when you mow it. Levels are harder when the green area increases. You have only one try but you can restart a new game in the higher garden you've reached. This version coutains highscore and code reduction.
george.zip15k01-06-12File is not ratedGeorge Shakes His Junk
A game in which you must find George's Guitar. It's similar to the Indiana Jones (TM) desktop adventure games but in text.
gg.zip4k99-12-05File is not ratedGame Genie v1.1.07
Game Genie is a program that allows you to "cheat" your favorite TI-86 games. There are currently 7 Game Genies included.
ghost86.zip6k00-01-16File is not ratedBoo-Bash v1.8
A Wac-A-Mole type game featuring 5 speeds, contrast changing, teacher key, and a 3 name hi-score saver. Bug fixed.
golf.zip9k01-03-14File is not ratedGolf! v1.00
Try it ! U'll love it.L'essayer ,c'est l'adopter !
golvlius.zip28k02-01-01File is not ratedGolvellius: Valley Of Doom! v0.2
Take control of Kelesis as he journeys into the Valley Of Doom to rescue Princess Rena. This demo takes place over 10 maps with 4 different enemies, items to purchase and a boss to battle.
gphx5_86.zip6k05-01-15File is not ratedGold Phoenix v5.0
I just ported this over to the 85, something I should have done a long time ago with version 1.0. Enjoy
hangman2.zip5k00-06-15File is not ratedHangman
Single and two player hangman.
hangman.zip58k12-04-19File is not ratedHangman v1.0.1
It's... Hangman! Featuring external puzzle libraries, a high score system and an abundance of puzzles to solve!
hanoi.zip6k98-11-10File is not ratedTower of Hanoi v0.1
Reflexion game
happyphoenix86.zip20k06-08-20File is not ratedHappy Phoenix 86
This is a port of my 83+/84+ version--It is an easier version of phoenix. A friend asked me to make it for him, and I am sharing it!
hexagon.zip8k00-05-24File is not ratedHexagon 86 v1.1
A board game using AI. A port from the ZShell game.
highway.zip4k00-09-05File is not ratedHIGHWAY
A fast paced driving game where you try to dodge other cars on highway.
hoverbug.zip12k99-06-25File is not ratedHover Bug
A sidescrolling game where you play as a bug that can hover.
hwdx.zip6k00-09-14File is not ratedHIGHWAY DX
Updated (DeluXe) version of Highway, a fast paced driving game where you try to dodge other cars on highway.
impuzzle.zip3k98-05-30File is not ratedImpuzzible
A puzzle game taken from the Palm Pilot, but instead of moving they are rotating. The goal is to turn every box upside down.
invaders.zip9k98-06-06File is not ratedSpace Invaders v1.0
A classic space invaders game. Similar to Galaxian, but slower.
invade.zip11k99-05-08File is not ratedInvade v2.0
Shoot 'em, space invaders type game. Six levels plus a mother ship.
jaws.zip4k02-06-13File is not ratedJaws of the Ocean v1.1
You are a surfer on the famous wave "Jaws" and you have to make the longer run you can by avoiding obstacles. Features grayscale, highscores.
jezzball.zip13k99-05-03File is not ratedJezzball 86
A port from the ZShell game with the same name.
journey.zip13k98-10-19File is not ratedJourney v1.2
New and improved Journey v1.2
jsnake.zip2k05-09-10File is not ratedSnake!
Graphical Snake game with four different maps and three levels of difficulty. Stores the highest score for each level separately.
js.zip4k00-01-29File is not ratedJsnake
This is a game made solely to help people LEARN how to code in 86 assembly. The included source code is VERY commented, and it's a very straightforward and simple game.
jump.zip5k06-01-15File is not ratedJump!
Jump the rope as many times as you can
kollums.zip15k97-08-31File is not ratedKollums v2.0
A columns clone. A game similar to tetris where sets of three blocks drop and you have to line them up. You can switch the order of the blocks as they fall, so you can line them up. When you get three in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they disappear. Features different levels of difficulty, high scores, and resume game.
kotf2.zip64k02-08-26File is not ratedKing of the Fighters! v2.86 : Special Nintendo Edition
** BUG FIX ** Same great fighting game, now the tournament mode works properly, just make sure the options are at normal difficulty. 17 CHARS! Greyscale GFX! <28k! Outnumbered mode, LINKPLAY, SPECIAL MOVES, and more!
lander.zip6k97-11-10File is not ratedLunar Lander II v0.98 Beta
The classic game Lunar Lander. Guide your space ship to land on the landing pad without running out of fuel.
leetphoenix86.zip6k03-11-12File is not ratedLeet Phoenix fot TI-86
A version of phoenix with different graphics and stuff.
lemmingz.zip47k00-08-02File is not ratedLemmingZ v0.99b
It's Lemmings on the TI! This game is very much like the PC/Amiga version with great 4greyscale graphics and (2player mode under heavy beta). See if you can solve the puzzles to save the tribes.
life.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedGame of Life
Don't tell me you haven't seen it before. Full screen, ~5 updates/sec.
lightout.zip37k05-04-18File is not ratedLight' Out! v0.7 ASM
This is a Lights Out game for your TI-86! It has 90 levels, fast gameplay, and the ultimate hand-eye coordination setup. Now includes SOUND! All the keys are mapped to a 5x5 box. This program was also written all on-calc, using Clem Vasseur's Z80 compiler. This program is very small (2.1Kb) and is great because it packs 90 levels all into one program. Read the readme and enjoy!
linex.zip128k04-07-11File is not ratedLine-x semitunnel game
Umm...this is not really a tunnel game but it follows the 'dont crash into the wall' type genre, and it has wrapping, meaning when you go off one side you end up on the other, which is sorta cool. If you are interested, the assembly source is really fast and small. And the program is less than 200 bytes. So memory shouldn't be a problem. Have fun.
link.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedController 86
This is the controller program compatible with all my two player assembly games. Check them out at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/49/4907.html Although the 83plus still needs to be the main calculator you can now play against your friends on the 86!!!
lite3.zip1k99-09-26File is not ratedLite 3
Tic Tac Toe with a twist.
lotuscheat.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedLotus Cheat v1.0
Allows you to reach any level in Lotus Turbo Challenge
lovecalc.zip6k00-01-08File is not ratedLove Calculator 86
Love Calculator 86: ASM Version.
lunoid86.zip9k97-09-04File is not ratedLunoid 86 v1.3
A breakout clone. Features five different speeds and different universes or levels.
mack2.zip7k99-07-13File is not ratedHard Hat Mack 2 v1.0
A game that takes the phrase "vertical shooter" to a new dimension.
mack.zip6k99-01-25File is not ratedHard Hat Mack Gets a Big Gun v1.0
mario-se.zip69k02-11-08File is not ratedSuper Mario 86 v0.91 Special Edition
The newest and greatest version of Super Mario is out. It features grayscale, fast scrolling, sound, enemies, external levels, and now the option to choose the number of lives you wish to start with. There is a maximum of 236 lives. Special thanks to Bill Nagel, and Ricky Wallace.
marspatrol.zip12k00-02-02File is not ratedMars Patrol 2.0
Guide your buggy to its destination by shooting aliens and UFO's, dodging their bombs, jumping over craters and mines, and blasting boulders away to clear the path.
mastmind.zip5k00-12-04File is not ratedMastermind v1.1
The classic puzzle game of mastermind brought to the TI-86. You have 7 chances to correctly predict 4 hidden balls.
matrix.zip2k05-07-31File is not ratedThe Matrix
There is only one way out of those 64 bytes!
mattpong.zip2k98-11-29File is not ratedMattPong v2.1
Play against the computer or another player. You can also adjust the speeds in the setup screen.
maze3d.zip148k99-10-27File is not ratedMaze-3D v0.5 Beta
Raycasting engine, with texture mapped walls.
mdseeds.zip4k02-04-02File is not ratedMagic Dollar Seeds
SUPER SMALL strategy game! ONLY 748 bytes. Features an all time high score function, complete instructions, and manual entry info for the cableless unfortuneates! Great game!
mech.zip19k02-10-23File is not ratedMechwarrior 2.00
A non-completed version of Mechwarrior in ASM. It's been a long time since i last worked on the program. I need some help finishing it. If you would be interested please get in contact with me.
meme.zip5k02-02-16File is not ratedMemorize e
Try to memorize hundreds of digits of e!
mempi.zip6k01-09-30File is not ratedMemorize Pi v1.2
A neat game in which you try to memorize digits of pi!
mike.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedThe Almighty Mike v1.0
Have a question? The Almighty Mike knows everything! He will give you an answer.
minefld.zip21k99-01-03File is not ratedMinefields v1.0
Tile based game for the Ti86
mines86.zip9k00-04-29File is not ratedMines86 v1.03
This is a clone of the classic 'Minesweeper' game.
missle.zip6k05-11-29File is not ratedMissle Command V1.0
no game updates... source code released
mk86alpha.zip16k01-05-31File is not ratedMortal Kombat 86 alpha
an alpha version of a premier fighting game for the TI-86 in asm.
mnemonic.zip1k98-05-10File is not ratedMnemonic
A puzzle game against a friend of the calculator. Your choice of four different boards.
monopoly.zip14k00-12-10File is not ratedMonopoly v0.75 Beta
The popular board game for your calculator. This version includes some minor updates that make the game basically playable for two players, including auctions and trading between players 1 and 2.
moonlander.zip10k08-08-24File is not ratedMoonLander
Just another lander type game. Anyone interested in making 86 asm games email me at briandm03@yahoo.com
movement.zip1k97-12-21File is not ratedMovement Madness v0.5
A very easy puzzle game where you must move your guy through a maze. Only five levels.
nc.zip4k98-11-29File is not ratedNoughts and Crosses v0.88
This is a TI 86 version of the classic game where the goal is to get five X or O in a row.
nemesis.zip9k99-10-12File is not ratedNemesis v0.94 Beta
A cool shoot-em-up game.
nibbles0.zip5k97-09-04File is not ratedNibbles 0
Compact nibbles game with five different speeds.
nibbles86.zip3k01-05-31File is not ratedNibbles 86
A port of Nibbles 85 (by Oskar Liljeblad)
nibbles.zip2k97-06-29File is not ratedNibbles 86 v1.6
Classic nibbles game with five different speeds, nine levels, and a high score.
nibblez.zip18k02-05-12File is not ratedNibblez V3.6
This is an update of the previous version. I took out the mouse, and made a speed equalizer that makes shure that the speed stays the same no matter how long your tail is and like before this is in gray scale and has external lvl support. You have to download it to see how it is because i can go on and on. ooh yea in this version now the snake wont "jump" after it get an apple
nibs2.zip16k02-02-25File is not ratedNibs 2 Beta
Nibs 2 is an advanced Nibbles game similar to Peaworm, but Nibs 2 has grayscale, 5 different highscores, 5 speeds, and I am going to add levels in the next release.
nibs.zip6k02-02-25File is not ratedNibs v1.0b
Nibs is my first released assembly program. It is a very simple Nibbles game that is fun to play when you get bored. Please, check it out!
noughts.zip1k06-09-17File is not ratedNoughts and Crosses v1.0
The best TI-86 version of Noughts and Crosses, where you have to get five X or O in a row. The board size is 32*16 squares and game size less than 2kB!
obsidemo.zip2k99-02-24File is not ratedObsidian Demo
A demo RPG for a game I ve been working on for a long time. It s just the map system, no battle system, but its got good graphics.
ondemo.zip95k05-06-11File is not ratedOperation Neptune demo
A demo of a grayscale game where you pilot a sub through underwater mazes, avoiding fish, picking up objects, etc. Almost finished, just needs a little more code and the remaining levels.
orbix.zip2k97-09-02File is not ratedOrbix v1.0
A game similar to Othello. The board is 12x6 instead of 8x8 and you go on to the next level if you win.
orzunoid.zip14k97-09-21File is not ratedOrzunoid v1.3
A breakout clone. Features five different speeds, high scores, bonuses, and external levels.
pacman99.zip15k00-09-10File is not ratedPac-Man 99 v4.0 for TI-86
Pac-Man game with 8 scrolling levels, save, high scores
pak0.76.zip22k04-02-06File is not ratedCube's 86 BĂȘta Version 0.76
Cube's 86 is a clone of Zelda, with a map editor on-calc!!! This bĂȘta version include: Map editor, hearts, ennemys (basics), sword, interrupts, money, etc...
pede86.zip33k98-02-19File is not ratedPede v1.0
Clone of the classic Centepede game for the Atari.
pegged.zip2k98-11-29File is not ratedPegged 86 v1.1
Peg Jumping Puzzle Game With 38 Levels and LowScore Saving
pegs.zip4k00-09-08File is not ratedPegs v1.0
A game of object elimination...
penguins.zip6k98-06-30File is not ratedPenguins v1.1
A platform game featuring a variety of characters, smooth scrolling, and external levels.
penny.zip5k99-07-28File is not ratedPenny's Problem 0.8b
This is a tile-based adventure game
petals.zip5k07-07-26File is not ratedPetals Around the Rose
The classic game, Petals Around the Rose
phoenixz_risingti86.zip85k06-12-10File is not ratedRogue Squadron :: Phoenix Rising
In this Star Wars oriented Phoenix mod, you pilot an XWing starfighter down the canyons of the death star facing off against many different enemies.
phx3.zip47k02-05-09File is not ratedPhoenix III 0.30
This is the early version of a high-performance shoot-em-up game, featuring grayscale graphics and a scrolling background. It is the sequel to Phoenix.
picross.zip12k01-05-16File is not ratedPicross v1.1
Picross is a puzzler game originally found on the Nintendo Gameboy. Your goal is to draw an image according to numbers. This may sound simple, but with images getting harder and time getting shorter, you'll soon see that this game isn't easy at all...
pinball.zip3k99-06-28File is not ratedPinball 86
Simple Pinball Game for the TI-86.
piore.zip6k04-03-29File is not ratedMemorize Pi or e
With this addicting game you get to try and memorize pi or e. You must memorize 2000 digits after the decimal. You must also put in the whole number and decimal. It'll tell you which digit you miss when you miss (and you will, repeatedly). Nobody should win the 1st time, nor the 1st 1000 times, without cheating :-)
pj.zip11k97-10-21File is not ratedPlain Jump v1.1
A game where you steer your ball over a three dimensional plane with lots of holes. Features fast 3D graphics, high scores, and external levels.
poker.zip14k98-11-29File is not ratedPoker-86 v2.00
The First and only Assembly Poker game for the TI 86
poke.zip10k98-02-02File is not ratedPoke v1.0
A game that is a combination between Breakout and Frogger. You must try to hit the moving target at the top of the screen without hitting any enemies. You lose points if you miss!
pong86.zip3k98-08-12File is not ratedPing-Pong
Pong game that features gaming against another friend, against the calculator, or the calculator against itself. Also features a practice mode where you play against a wall. There are five speeds, five levels of difficulty, and five life settings.
pongtrek.zip5k05-07-31File is not ratedPong & Startrek
Two games for the uchip8 emulator. The first is a very nice pong game, the second is a startrek sidescrolling game.
pong.zip2k99-11-14File is not ratedPong v1.0
My first assembly program. Has a few bugs that I need help fixing.
proskater.zip4k99-12-05File is not ratedProSkater86 Alpha
Cool skateboarding game.
punchout.zip3k99-02-26File is not ratedPunchout v0.4 Alpha
putz.zip16k99-10-10File is not ratedPutz! v0.91
Putz! is my first assembly game, you move around the screen and avoid touching enemys. No graphics except on the title screen.
quest3.zip19k00-09-07File is not ratedThe Quest III - Chapter 1 - v1.1b
An RPG with a good storyline. Better movement should be more playable. This is a modified port of the 85 version.
racerx86.zip10k05-11-29File is not ratedRacerX v1.0
This is an unfinished racing game that I wrote during high school. I never finished it and thought I should release the source... so here it is.
racer.zip6k99-03-10File is not ratedBig, Bad Racer
rblade.zip69k02-06-01File is not ratedRBlade v4.1
A half-pipe rollerblading game in Grayscale ! Skate the half-pipe in two different modes : free skate and contest. The possible tricks are rotations from 0 to 1080 degrees, combined 2 grabs, flips (simple, double and triple), inverts and a two grinds (royale and top makio). In contest mode the time is limited, and there is a large highscore table. In free skate mode, you are free to try and do tricks. Clever scoring system : the trick's score decreases if you repeat the same trick. You have to diversify your tricks. Great animations ! In this version there is a (new) special trick.
repeat.zip15k00-08-28File is not ratedRepeat After Me v1.1
Similar to simon says, only with 9 numbers instead of 4 colors. Includes cool graphics/effects and highscores.
repton86.zip41k97-10-22File is not ratedRepton v0.9 Beta
Clone of the classic Repton 3 game for the Acorn BBC Micro. Contains the original Repton screens. You must collect all the diamonds, the golden crown, and kill all the monsters before you can defuse the time-bomb in each screen. Beware of falling boulders and other enemies.
robotwar.zip6k99-02-12File is not ratedRobot Wars
roulette.zip1k00-09-03File is not ratedRoulette
The roulette game expansion for Caesar's Palace 86
rpg.zip15k03-07-25File is not ratedRPG v1.1
A long, difficult Role Playing Game.
rps.zip2k00-09-17File is not ratedRock, Paper, Scissors v1.2
Updated again. Now only 363 bytes!
safebuster.zip8k01-07-16File is not ratedSafebuster 1.3
Ti86 version of an old Game&Watch handheld
savantf.zip17k01-08-05File is not ratedSavant F
Savant F is a fast, rigid sidescrolling space piloting game. Guaranteed for quality and no bugs from Biobytes. :)
sbomb86.zip2k03-11-01File is not ratedSuper Bomberman 86 v0.89
This is only a demonstration for the new 2d engine of the game: Globoeil 2D Cyrix Logic 5426, who can make faster, with no bugs, a lot of graphics, and very few space. The game have no bug but is not finished yet.
sbomber860.710.zip10k03-09-05File is not ratedSuper Bomberman 86 preview 0.71
last preview version of super bomberman 86. it is recommanded to run it on an emulator. The game is full and you can finish the game, but there is only 1 enemy type actually, and the enemies bugs.
scopter.zip5k00-01-05File is not ratedStuntCopter 86 y2k
StuntCopter 86 is a port of the program of the same name run on the old 68k macs.
ship.zip7k03-03-14File is not ratedSink the ships 1.0
This is a variant of the classical sink the ships games.
simon2.zip1k99-11-15File is not ratedSimon 86
A port of simon 85 to the 86
skydive.zip3k02-04-02File is not ratedSkydive 86
SUPER SMALL AND ADDICTIVE. The ULTIMATE tunnel game! Ultimate in size: 384 bytes!! Ultimate in speed: Super fast scrolling gfx. Ultimate in replayability: Random, shrinking track. VERY ADDICITIVE GAME. Includes high score function!
slippy2.zip13k98-08-13File is not ratedSlippy II RC4 Release 5 and Level Editor
A puzzle game where you must collect all the gems in each level. Features external levels, a level creator, and a level editor.
smack.zip1k98-08-25File is not ratedSmack!
A game where you must center your 3x3 block over dots and smack them. You must smack all of the 50 randomly placed dots on the screen. Features a high score.
snake.1.3.zip10k16-09-22File is not ratedSnake
Snake v1.4 - Programming: PA This is the famous ever-growing snake-game! The last few levels are extremely difficult! Features a high-score, and a cheat-code to warp levels! Compiles for the ti86/z80-machine! Extensive comments in Dutch!
snake.zip9k03-03-14File is not ratedSnake 1.0
This is a remake of the classical snake game in some older Nokia mobile phones.
sokoban.zip4k97-10-05File is not ratedSokoban v1.0
A puzzle game where you must move all the boxes into their proper places. You can only move one box at a time and you can only push not pull blocks. There are 50 levels in this version.
solytare.zip14k97-11-11File is not ratedSolytare v2.1
Clone of the classic card game Solitaire. Features one or three card draw and a fast moving arrow which acts as your mouse.
sortinghatceremony.zip20k04-03-03File is not ratedHarry Potter - Sorting Hat Ceremony
This is a simple quiz game, made for the 73,82,83,83+,86 asm,89,92,92+, and v200. It features expert routines, but eventually isn't fun to play. Th 86 asm version is smaller now.
space2.zip6k00-03-15File is not ratedSpacewar 2183
This is spacewar for two players on the same calculator. Sorry but no AI or link mode included.
space.zip4k99-04-05File is not ratedSpace Game Demo
Space Game Demo (discontinued)
spar.zip16k01-07-15File is not ratedSparring 86
A one-player fighting game for the TI-86. Includes 3 characters and 5 difficulty levels.
spdracr.zip16k00-04-11File is not ratedSpeed Racer
A fast, smooth scrolling racecar game featuring perfect crash-detection, and three full length levels stored as strings.
sqfill.zip2k98-09-15File is not ratedSquare Fill v1.0
A game similar to Knight Moves. You must try to fill the entire grid by making only knight moves. Features four different gird sizes and a timer.
squarez.zip5k97-09-26File is not ratedSquarez
A simple puzzle game where you move aroudn different pieces on a board. The goal is to create 3x3 blocks, which will cause them to disappear. There is a time limit. Includes a dorp key, pause feature, and high score.
squeeze.zip2k02-05-11File is not ratedSqueeze!
Squeeze is a very small, fast paced, tunnel-like game. It is only 162 bytes. Take a look at the full source included.
squest86.zip118k03-05-23File is not ratedSimon's Quest 86
This is my TI-86 port of the classic Tiger handheld game called "Castelvania II : Simon's Quest" . You play as Simon, a vampire hunter, whose mission is to get rid of Dracula, the king of vampires, and his minions.
stal.zip8k99-12-28File is not ratedStalactites
This is a paddle ball game where you try to avoid the balls and shrink the growing stalactites that are growing from the ceiling.
starchaser.zip4k98-09-07File is not ratedStar Chaser 86 ASM v1.0 Release 3
Maneuver your ship through the asteroid field. Collect stars on the way for extra points.
stardust86.zip1k02-03-24File is not ratedStardust 86! v1.0
A side-scrolling space flyer. Fly through an asteroid field, and as you get deeper, they get larger!
stock.zip2k98-09-27File is not ratedStockMarket 86 v0.9 Beta
stranded.zip13k07-01-07File is not ratedStranded version 1.0
Stranded is a game for two players. Both players are placed in an 8 x 8 board. The players take turns. During a turn, a player moves his piece to an empty square in one of eight directions. Then the player blocks out another empty square, making it unenterable. The first player who is unable to move loses the game.
subhunt.zip23k99-09-15File is not ratedSubHunt v1.3
A classic Palm-Pilot shooter remade for your TI.
sudoku.zip7k07-11-08File is not ratedSudoku v2.2
Update for the Sudoku-game: Now smaller size and some optimizations! Features also VERY FAST board generation (1-2 seconds), "highlight given numbers" - option, a timer, best times, skill levels, game saving, helpful hint button and restart command. Provides challenge for everyone! A hex version is included, so you don't have to have link cables to get this game!
superbomberman.zip3k03-08-10File is not ratedsbomber86PREVIEW
The preview of the clone of superbomberman. Full version features 16 ennemy types, adventure mode, multiplayer mode, boss, etc... and may income in september or august 2003. CAUTION: THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW VERSION! PLEASE READ THE NOTES BEFORE LAUCHING THE GAME!!!!
tbout2.zip2k97-06-29File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 2 v1.5
A breakout game featuring high score, five speeds, and 22 levels.
tc.zip50k00-12-23File is not ratedTotal Conquest v0.3
Total Conquest is (currently) a 2-player TBS, featuring 20 different types of units: 13 mobile units and 7 buildings. All the action takes place on a 12 by 12 field, each tile having a land height (units on different heights have advantages over lower units). Some units, like the Minelayer and Missile Silo, even have special abilities. Manage your units and destroy the enemy capital to achieve Total Conquest!
tempomal.zip5k00-04-30File is not ratedTempomalsxparilo v1.
A Dot Game.
tennis.zip4k98-03-18File is not ratedTennis Beta
A simple tennis game with five different speeds.
tetris.zip371k02-08-18File is not ratedTetris v1.0
Tetris is finally made in grayscale and has very good key input. Due to the many e-mails I receved about makeing the keys better, i have finally decided to do so. Now there is an option menu in which you can select the input options. I also took out the graphics that looked "DIRTY" and i have mostly brand new graphics. Also the know up can be used to rotate. ALL THE FEATURES OFF THE GAME: Grayscale, continue, good key control, 8 name high score table, game boy scoring(depending on the hight of lines destroyed and the amout of lines),and a whole bunch of other stuff I cant remember right now.(screen shots r a close replica of the game)
thegames.zip65k02-05-28File is not ratedArcade To The School (Better Than Arcade!)
I Made this myself, i am a tottally different peson than the person that made Arcade. This is the best (In my opinion) lineup of games for your calc (At school). Have Fun!
threepnt.zip7k98-07-10File is not ratedThree Point Shootout v1.0
An all out war of shooting behind the arc. Featuring Barney, Mario, Santa Clause, and Rohlin.
thx1138.zip4k98-05-17File is not ratedTHX 1138 v2.0
A one player tron game where you must steer the line around the playing field for as long as possible without hitting the walls or yourself. Features five different speeds.
tictac.zip4k98-06-07File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe v1.0
A simple two player tic-tac-toe game. Doesn't tell if you if won.
tie.zip2k97-11-22File is not ratedTie Fighter v0.2 Beta
A 2D game where you must shoot down the ships without dying.
timigot.zip30k00-10-05File is not ratedTimigotchi86(ion)
Take care of your TI pet !!
toh.zip7k00-08-20File is not ratedThe Tower of Hanoi
The classic puzzle with a new twist
tower.zip17k02-05-12File is not ratedThe Infinite Tower v1.0
This is a platform game in which you can only jump, i.e. you cannot stop the guy in its horizontal movement. You jump by filling a power bar, which determines the height of your jump. The screen can only go up, and if you fall at the bottom of the screen, you lose. The game is endless (the tower is topless) but there are highscores (5 slots) so the goal is to make the higher score as possible.
trainjumper.zip26k04-09-04File is not ratedTrain Jumper
A clone of a flash game from www.orisinal.com. Run along the top of a train, jumping between cars, without falling or being hit by a sign.
trimount.zip8k98-11-19File is not ratedTriMounts 86 v0.1
This game is based on the TriPeaks game for Windows. Port from the TI 85 version by Josh Pieper
tripeaks.zip14k06-07-15File is not ratedTriPeaks
TriPeaks is a solitaire card game based on TriPeaks from Windows Entertainment Pack 3. Features nice graphics, ease of use, and small size. Documentation and source included.
tristar.zip15k02-07-03File is not ratedTristar: The Adventure of Cain v0.5 (Demo)
A demo of the upcoming RPG, which will feature over 200 maps, heaps of enemies to battle, bosses to fight, items to purchase and more! Check out this demo.
tron86.zip4k97-10-14File is not ratedTron86 v1.5
Ported from the TI-85 by Alan Bailey. A two player game where you must try to run the other person into the wall.
ttt12.zip9k02-02-16File is not ratedTic Tac Toe v 1.2
A Tic Tac Toe Game for the 86. Good for learning ASM, commented source, demonstrates AI in a board game.
ttt3d.zip11k00-01-29File is not ratedTicTacToe 3D v2.0
This game is a Tic Tac Toe on 3 planes. So you can make lines in all the way and it's more difficult. It features 4 level grayscale and an artificial intelligence. Who will be the best the human or the TI86.
ttt86.zip15k03-07-12File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe with improved AI
Play a semi-challenging game of Tic-Tac-Toe against your calculator! Now has improved graphics and AI!
tunnel.zip3k98-11-10File is not ratedTunnel v0.1
A tunnel like game
txr.zip15k02-03-03File is not ratedTxR
A Racing Game. Full Source Code Included.
vexed.zip7k97-10-05File is not ratedVexed v1.3
Clone of the Gameboy mind game originally called Puzznic. The object is to clear the board of the patterned blocks. When two or more of the same type of block are touching, they disappear. There are 59 levels in this version.
vlander.zip12k02-02-22File is not ratedVenus Lander v1.2
A Clone of the classic Lunar Lander : but the game plays on planet Venus ; The screen represents a 2D view of the planet surface, and you have to land with a LEM as slow as you can on a flat area. You can command the ship with 4 directionnal reactors. Includes : gravity effect simulation, possibility to command the ship out of the screen, random ground generator, 2 different background, 3 difficult modes, and now highscores.
wakagmba.zip7k98-10-27File is not ratedWak-A-Goomba v2.1
A Wak A Mole style game where you try to whack as many Goombas as you can in 60 seconds. High score and initials saved.
war86.zip5k98-11-19File is not ratedWar86
wcs.zip2k99-09-24File is not ratedWorld Class Soccer v1.0
Pong type game with a soccer theme.
whiplash.zip5k99-06-03File is not ratedWhiplash Racing v1.2
Racing game with multiple tracks, textures, and high scores.
whowants.zip101k00-05-21File is not ratedWho Wants to be a Millionaire? v0.1
Based on the TV show, including 48 sets of questions directly from that show.
wild.zip12k01-08-26File is not ratedWild West v0.9
A shooting game similiar to Wild Gunman and VirtuaCop.
worms.zip18k00-11-06File is not ratedWorms86 v1.4.5
It is a copy of the well known game on PC : Worms (I,II,Armageddon). The levels of the new version have been corrected (WLink 86)
wormylite.zip21k02-03-06File is not ratedWormy (lite)
The uebergame Wormy, but without the additional stuff like editor and sources. Still great though ;)
worm.zip3k99-01-02File is not ratedPeaworm v0.9
yahtzee.zip9k01-07-30File is not ratedYahtzee
Simple Yahtzee game only 3509 bytes
yoshi86.zip3k99-02-08File is not ratedYoshi v0.9
zblitz.zip19k98-09-27File is not ratedZ-Blitz v0.72
zcasino.zip14k99-11-14File is not ratedZCasino 86 v1.0
Casino game including Blackjack, Poker, and a slot machine. Port from the TI-85 version by Doug Melton.
zelda86.zip7k99-02-01File is not ratedLegend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6
zkart3d.zip8k00-10-10File is not ratedZ-Kart 3D v9.1 for TI-86
A very small game where you try to stay inside a track
zmercuryti86.zip52k11-08-03File is not ratedZMercury 0.70
ZMercury is an fast-paced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators with parallax scrolling background. This game has very smooth gameplay with many objects onscreen. It features several power-ups you can collect including enhanced weapons as well as high scores and saving the game. The game only takes about 5K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
ztris.zip11k02-03-11File is not ratedZTris v1.3
Simply the best 1 and 2 player Tetris game for your calculator. Features link play between different types of calculators (both players get the same pieces!), 21 levels, high scores, teacher key, 16 different background patterns, and pausing. (successor of the famous ZTetris)

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