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Kollums v2.0


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Filename kollums.zip (Download)
Title Kollums v2.0
Description A columns clone. A game similar to tetris where sets of three blocks drop and you have to line them up. You can switch the order of the blocks as they fall, so you can line them up. When you get three in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they disappear. Features different levels of difficulty, high scores, and resume game.
Author Alan Bailey (ticalc@awbmail.net)
Category TI-86 Assembly Games
File Size 15,379 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Aug 31 21:07:35 1997
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  JV
Reviewed on 2004-11-20
Attention span: 9/10 Very addictive.
Controls: 9/10 Natural controls.
Implementation: 9/10 Somewhat original, no bugs encountered.
Overall: 9/10 A very good game that most will enjoy.

Kollums 2.0 is an extremely addictive game where the player must line up blocks that look the same either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. There are 8 levels of difficulty (although the easiest level starts at 3), and these difficulty settings are accomplished by increasing the number of blocks that are able to appear during a session. For example, if the level of difficulty was set at "5", there would always be 3 blocks falling down, but these group of blocks would be composed of 3 random blocks from a possible pool of 5 blocks. For the highest difficulty, one is given the task of aligning three blocks that look the same from a block pool of 8 possible blocks. Since these blocks are picked randomly, some players will have a "fun" time trying to align the blocks with so many possible blocks on the screen. As many of you have noticed already, this game sounds like it has a similar concept to Tetris. Well, in a way it is a little like tetris, since you must make things disappear by making a line (or three blocks, in this case), and since the blocks fall down from the top of the screen (which is actually the right side of the screen, since this game looks better if you hold the calc sideways), but most of the differences stop right there. The graphics in this game are not anything to shout about, but it should be noted that none of the blocks that are different are easily confused with another block. This means that one cannot easily say "I lost because that block looked like the other one" because unless you suffer from some case of black and non black pixel color blindness, it is not easy to confuse the shapes of the blocks.

The key arrangement in this game is pretty straightforward, and seems natural enough (if you hold the calc sideways like one should while playing this game) and the only key I didn't pick up on while playing before I read the instructions is the save game key, which is F1. Yes, this game will allow you to save your game so you may resume playing it the next time you play. A very nice feature for those of you who do not have enough time to play at any given moment. The game also keeps track of the person with the highest score, so one may have some ambition as to beat the highest score before they delete this game. As much fun as this game is, I personally did not keep it in my calc the rest of the time after I started playing. As fun and great as this game is, it isn't exactly my favorite kind of game to play. Now, don't get me wrong, this game is really fun if you like this style of gameplay, but its not my favorite kind of game. The replay value in this game is good. With multiple difficulty levels, increasing speed levels, and a high score keeper, this game may be the kind of game that will stay on some players calc's for a long time, or even forever.

In short, Kollums 2.0 is a great game that is very fun to play. The graphics are kept simple, but not so as to make one think that one block looks like another. The replay value is very high, and the save game feature that some games that should have it lack. The layout of the keys is very natural, and should not be awkward for those who read the instructions. While this game does not seen very original, it is a new twist on the old "stack up the blocks to get rid of them" concept. Kollums 2.0 is a great game that I am sure many of you will enjoy.


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