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Maze-3D v0.5 Beta


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Filename maze3d.zip (Download)
Title Maze-3D v0.5 Beta
Description Raycasting engine, with texture mapped walls.
Author Clément Vasseur (darkclem@free.fr)
Category TI-86 Assembly Games
File Size 152,001 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Oct 27 01:51:47 1999
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Ryan Sheppard
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 5/10 No real objective...
Controls: 10/10 Simple, easy controls.
Implementation: 6/10 Needs objective. Editing kept up!
Overall: 8/10 Those graphics just are amazing!

This game's main feature is its wonderful 3D graphics. It uses the ultimate ray-casting engine to make a 3D invironment similar to that found in Wolfenstien 3D or Doom/DoomII. This new version has improved graphics and speed in game. For programers it now includes source so you can see how to make a similar game. It also allows for editing of textures and maps using GB(Game Boy) editors.

The game has no exit, and while v.48 had an exit this version is mainly for graphics. Many small bugs have been fixed, such as some extra curving of wall while looking at angles and at corners there is a MUCH smaller see through area. The way doors are opened has been improved in two ways, now you dont have to reach the F1 key, it is now 2nd, and he has many different looks for the doors.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Maze3D.86p   4325
source/Build_Maze3D.bat   83
source/Build_MazeTEX.bat   86
source/Gray.asm   1204
source/LITE86.COM   20128
source/Mapping.inc   7696
source/Maze3D.asm   3540
source/Maze3D.bat   75
source/Maze3D.c   5180
source/Maze3D.exe   115778
source/Maze3D.inc   727
source/Maze3D.txt   550
source/MazeDraw.asm   1292
source/MazeDraw_tex.asm   1754
source/MazeLib.asm   8257
source/MAZELIB.BIN   2315
source/MazeLib.obj   5793
source/MazeLVL.asm   454
source/MazeLVL.bin   1024
source/MazeLVL.gbm   12092
source/MAZEPIC.BIN   1289
source/Mazepic.bmp   9272
source/Mazepic.inc   21323
source/MazeRay.asm   8671
source/MazeTEX.asm   20602
source/MazeTEX.c   4529
source/MazeTEX.exe   114423
source/Textures.bin   4416
source/Textures.gbr   60104
source/Trigo.asm   1070
source/Trigo.inc   3611
MazeLVL.86s   1101
MazeTEX.86s   4493
Maze3D.txt   2499

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