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Space Invaders v1.0


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Filename invaders.zip (Download)
Title Space Invaders v1.0
Description A classic space invaders game. Similar to Galaxian, but slower.
Author David Phillips (david@acz.org)
Category TI-86 Assembly Games
File Size 9,224 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jun 6 18:31:13 1998
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  JV
Reviewed on 2004-11-20
Attention span: 2/10 Unappealing, plays like a fast BASIC game.
Controls: 6/10 Although natural, movement is chunky.
Implementation: 4/10 Not original, some bugs.
Overall: 3/10 Avoid this game, there are better ones out there.

I will start this review by telling you the truth so you may save yourself from reading on. Space Invaders by David Phillips is a knock off of other Space Invaders type game's that have been done much much better. Now, if you still want to read on, go ahead. For starters, I must say that this game moves and behaves a bit faster than a game written in TI-BASIC. The only way that you could tell that this is an asm game is because the shit sprites would take some really fancy BASIC programing and would make the game too slow to play. But since Space Invaders is written in good ol' asm, it moves faster than BASIC, but only so much faster. The graphics in this game are really bad, and they do not compare to other versions of this game out there by other authors. This game also has some problems with erasing pixels from the firing of the ships laser, and this can lead to confusion as to what those stray pixels are doing on the screen. Space Invaders also suffers some problems with hit detection, and this leads to the player loosing a life when the actual enemy fire happens to land next to you and not on top of them. Another problem is that as more enemies are killed, the remaining enemies start moving faster and faster. I am unsure if this was meant to happen by design, or is just a side effect as the calculator has more time to draw enemies and is able to perform better. Another gripe about this game is that the game control is not smooth like other versions of this game.

In short, Space Invaders isn't the best game out there. It is not original by any means, and the other versions of this game are many many times better than this one. The game has some graphical glitches that do not exactly make the chunky graphics any better. The hit detection is not very good, and there may be more bugs that I have yet to uncover. As you know, the game is not original by any means. Other versions of Space Invaders are many times better, and the game Galaxian is also along the same principles and is just as good if not better than Space Invaders. Which one you will like better is up to personal taste. The controls of this game of use the same keys that most games use, but the movement of the ships in this game are not smooth by any means. Overall, this version of Space Invaders is a very bad game that is not worth trying.


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