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Last updated Monday, 30 August 2021
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doorscsfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (Doors CS)
ionfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (Ion)
mirageosfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (MirageOS)
tsefolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (TSE)
unsigned.zip6k11-09-25File rated 9.92Unsigned - Downgrade from OS 2.55
This program allows you to downgrade your calculator from OS 2.55. If you bought your calculator after August 2011, most likely your boot code (1.03) will not allow you to downgrade. This program applies a patch that will let you install any operating system you like, including 2.43. This program also allows you to put you name on the about screen.
xtravar.zip1k06-09-26File rated 8.68Xtravar Beta 1
Xtravar Beta 1 is a no-shell assembly program that lets you use up to 256 different strings, matrices, pics, etc. It also lets you use special characters. The best part is that you can send your program to other calcs and they won't need this program to run it!
codex.zip3k03-12-07File rated 8.50CODEX The ultimate asm utility for basic programmers
This is an awesome asm utility for basic programmers. It includes 32 assembly functions that basic programmers can use. It is centered mostly upon graphical functions. Yet there are some other miscellaneous functions. I believe it is one of the most complete utilities for basic programmers.
alcdfix.zip2k05-03-20File rated 8.48LCD Fix
This is a LCD driver fix for the 83+SE, 84+, and the 84+SE. This correct display problems that have been occuring in new model calculators. You see these problems in games like Fall Down, Desolate, Doom, and others. This fix is not for 83+, Sorry.
copyprog.zip164k11-02-04File rated 8.15CopyProg
At only 143 bytes, CopyProg is a small little program that gives BASIC users some amazing power. It would be cool to be able to copy a program to another program, right? Now how about copying an archived program to a program? Now scratch all of that and imagine the power to copy other variables, from RAM or archive to completely different variables. You can copy pictures to appvars to programs from groups to strings... And all from RAM or archive! In this updated version, you can now delete variables making it even easier to clean up after your program is done! As always, opcode included. Enjoy ^-^
tasm_on_calc.zip6k06-05-11File rated 7.76Tasm_on_Calc
This program allows you to write and compile assembly programs directly on your Ti! It uses the normal TI-OS Editor to write asm-programs. This a new version of my program which is faster and smaller. It contains every comandstyle of asm except relative adressing.
sentry.zip16k03-05-11File rated 7.66Sentry - the ultimate NON BASIC password protecting tool!
Use Sentry to block the MEM, PRGM and APPS menus on your calculator with a 4-digit code on each! Since it is written in ASM there are no [ON] key bypasses! You can set it to lock any (or many) of the three by selecting manually which you'd like to block. Simple to set up and use.
mt3.zip13k10-11-11File rated 7.62mobileTunes v3.2
The latest release of mobileTunes takes advantage of Ben Ryves' QuadPlay routines combined with the GUI power of Doors CS 7 for a superior media experience. Play up to 4-channel MOD music and audio on your calculator through the I/O port while taking advantage of Doors CS's ability to open songs in the associated player simply by clicking on the song. Four sample songs are included plus documentation on how to make your own manually or using the Cemetech MIDI-to-mt3 converter (see readme). This version fixes Nspire compatibility.
archive_undelete.zip7k08-09-06File rated 7.25Archive Undelete 1.1
Ever lost a program due to a RAM reset? a careless accidental deletion? Archive Undelete can revive your lost program(s), provided it has been archived at least once since the last Garbage Collect. It's also smaller and easier to use than Archive Utility. Update: Fixed scrolling bug when running from MirageOS.
tidoc_en.zip889k04-09-02File rated 6.97TiDoc v1.0
TiDoc is the follow-up of TiWord v1.0, my first text editing program for the calculator. This time, one cannot edit the documents directly from the calculator but only on the PC. However, new functionalities were added: text centering, colors inversion, and especially: insertion of pictures! Thus, TiDoc allows you to make real documents for your calculator that can be quickly viewed at any moment.
options.zip4k05-10-30File rated 6.83Program Options
Always wanted an asm program that can do all specific asm stuff. Now this is one! It includes 41 functions as: lock, hide, invert screen, ON break off,... And many more. This is currently the best asm program a basic programmer can use. If you use it in your progs, you must add me in credits.
onblock.zip1k04-03-07File rated 6.60ONBLOCK
A simple program that installs an interrupt that blocks the use of the On Break in basic programs.
2dca.zip51k12-02-16File is not rated2D Cellular Automata
A two-dimensional cellular automata program. It runs "Conway's Game of Life" and is configurable to operate under other rule sets. Supports pic files and additional options. Please view the enclosed ReadME.txt file.
83keys2.zip1k04-01-31File is not ratedGETKEY2
GetKey2 is an on-calc utility that returns the getkey codes for bcall(_getkey). This includes 2nd, ALPHA, and alpha (lowercase) codes for each key. Very useful for quick and easy access to a key's _getkey equate. UPDATE: Lowercase now works!!! [2nd]+[ON] bug now fixed!!!
83keys.zip3k04-01-09File is not ratedKeyCodes v1.1
KeyCodes v1.1 is an on-calc scan code utility that returns the code of the button you pressed in z80 or TI-BASIC. Very useful for quick and easy access to scan codes of each key.
83lwrcase.zip4k08-01-01File is not ratedLowercase Switcher
This program checks whether lowercase is enabled or disabled on the calculator. If it's disabled, this program will enable it and if it's enabled, this program will disable it. The size of Lowercase Switcher is only 114 bytes and it's executed with Asm(prgmLWRCASE. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
aahexprgms.zip5k04-11-04File is not ratedaA Hex Programs
Includes several Hex programs which you can type straight into your calculator to perform functions such as turning off your calculator, making lowercase font, finding your ram, etc.
abcfasto.zip2k04-07-07File is not ratedfaster circles
what can i say, another great program from hook programming. makes circles go 4 times faster by making them in 4 quarters. run once and it will keep your circles fast. by jeff burge of hook programing
ablock.zip2k03-12-15File is not ratedHVP Calclock with better grapgics
The graphics of this version is much much better than the Calclock
addasm.zip6k04-08-26File is not ratedAddAsm
AddAsm is both a program and FLASH application for the TI-83 Plus that allows you to run assembly programs (that do not require a shell such as MirageOS) to be run from the homescreen without using 'Asm('. You just run the program as you would a BASIC program. The TI-OS will automatically insert 'Asm(' for you when you press ENTER.
advcontrols.zip7k02-05-28File is not ratedAdvanced Controls
Take control of your TI-83 Plus with this little program. Invert text, scroll screen, fast circles, lowercase, direct byte-output to hardware ports... Have a look, even just for the source code.
altmenu.zip141k17-05-17File is not ratedAltMenu
The TI-Keyboard is a nice accessory, but it's impossible to navigate around all the calculator's menus with it. Menus like the program menu and the memory menu do not have a key on the keyboard that you can use to access it. AltMenu is a solution to this. With AltMenu, you can access many more of the calculator's menus from the TI-Keyboard itself. Simply launch the app menu with the [♦]+[`] key combo, select AltMenu, then pick the menu you wish to open. This is especially useful if you are using your calculator on a monitor like I do (via the TI-Presenter). Often I forget the calculator is even there and the light is off so I can't see the buttons anyways, so trying to fidget around for them to open certain menus is aggravating. Which is why I made this.
aniksecx.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedANIKSECX
This is an extremly small program that password protects your calc. Under 750 bytes. ON key does not screw up program. Ability to change password.
ant.zip8k04-02-13File is not ratedLangton's Ant
A selection of Langton's Ant programs.
apd.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedAPD
This program uses the built-in APD feature to turn off the ti83+.
api.zip2k07-05-16File is not ratedLafferjm's API
This is an API to assist basic programmers. Functions the api includes are: Pausing, clearing the screen, turning off done at the end of the program, inverting the graph screen, turning off the calculator, inversing text and turning the run indicator on/off.
appvar.zip3k06-08-20File is not ratedAppVar 1.0
AppVar 1.0 is an assembly program which can be used to store data in appvars and later recalling it. this version only has 4 functions, future versions will be able to do more.
archiveuncorruptor.zip7k11-11-13File is not ratedArchive Uncorruptor
This program essentially performs a manual garbage collection that eliminates errors from your archive that can stop your calculator from turning on. Also, if some of your flash pages have enough errors that TI-OS stops using them, this will fix that and give them back to you.
archive_utility.zip58k08-08-24File is not ratedArchive Utility 1.0
Archive Utility lets you extract programs and appvars from the archive without unarchiving them; a copy of the program is placed in RAM. Namely, Archive Utility provides undelete functionality for programs that have been archived at least once since the last garbage collect. The usage of Archive Utility isn't entirely straightforward; please read the usage section of the readme before running the program.
arkunark.zip1k06-09-17File is not ratedArk_Unark
Use this program to archive/unarchive programs from within a BASIC program, or to get the ROM page it is stored on by running it twice, or to check wether a program is archived or not (run twice ofcourse)
asciireader1.0.zip1k10-10-15File is not ratedAscii reader 'DE
Ascii reader is a simple program built from an unstable,unrealeased, yet promising on-calc compiler 'DE, a revolutionary OOP language from the ti8x family of calcs. The program is a simple example of some early commands and the MAIN object.
ashell.zip6k19-12-19File is not ratedAshell
[AXE] based on the work of Cooliojazz. Lists prgs and appvs. For viewing, deletion, archiving and protecting.
asmcall.zip17k11-01-17File is not ratedASMCall
ASMCall lets you execute an assembly opcode inside your BASIC programs without needing to make a bunch of assembly programs.
asmcomp.zip339k11-12-29File is not ratedASMComp
ASMComp brings a bunch of tools to oncalc hex programmers. It provides the use of labels (of variable size), relative jumping calculation, equate files, string conversion, error detection and a few other things. At a little over 1000 bytes, this is pretty useful for assembly experimenters and programmers who don't have regular access to a computer. Oh, source and equate files can be in Archive, too :) Have fun!
asmlock.zip1k06-04-24File is not ratedAsm Lock
AsmLock is a password protection program that can be easily implimented into a shell, or used on it's own. Source code is included.
asmmenu.zip133k07-09-08File is not ratedASM Menu
This is a fully functional three tile menu that is in ASM, so it is FAST. The tiles at the top and the choices can be changed to fit the preferences for your BASIC program.
asmpass.zip2k00-06-16File is not ratedAsm Pass v1.0
Asm Pass is a password utility with optional ION protection and an SDK available. Asm Pass provides high security for your calculator by storing passwords in an AppVar file. Asm Pass has been tested thouroughly and found to be free of errors. Required for programs such as CryptoCalc and ION Lock which use the ASM Pass SDK. This program is worth a download if you want to keep your calculator secure! Less than 1K on your calc once installed. Password is stored in under 30 bytes.
asmtools.zip270k07-06-09File is not ratedASM Tools
This is my first ASM program, and I think it came out pretty well! From the ans variable, this program will allow you to add so many tools into BASIC programming.
assembly.zip3k05-02-11File is not ratedAssembly
Assembly gives TI-BASIC programmers shutdown, alphaloch, create an Gui, invert a part of screen, invert screen, black boarder, runindicator off and on, invert symbols on and off, shift srceen, give contrast and set contrast
assemmbly.zip1k05-01-28File is not ratedAssembly Programs
Use my asmprogram and create a basic shell. If you use any program in your shell you must set me as the Author and you.
axecatalog.zip1k10-08-15File is not ratedAxe - Catalog Viewer
A simple Axe program that lets you view every single program in the catalog with the left and right buttons. It's useful to have, but it's also useful for learning basic Axe commands (I included the source code, you see.)
axediagnostictool.zip3k12-11-17File is not ratedAxe Diagnostic Tool
The Axe Program Diagnostics Tool is an Axe utility that allows you to run diagnostics on the runtime speed of your program, analyzing relative and absolute speeds of various subroutines. The utility works by setting up an interrupt that periodically samples your program to see in which routines it is spending the most amount of time. It also traverses the stack during each call to give you even more information.
axesynth.zip4k11-06-05File is not ratedAxeSynth
AxeSynth is a sound synthesizer for your calculator, written in Axe. It has a unique guitar-style keymapping that gives you access to over 7 octaves. Additionally, there are 6 modes of sound, various chord options and texture options to give you many many different types of sound. For a video/sound example, you can watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnhp6BYenEM
baseconv.zip15k05-11-29File is not ratedBase Converter v1.2
A powerful base conversion utility. This converter supports any base from 2 to 36, and can handle numbers nearly 6-bytes (0 to 281474976710655) in size! Best of all, it's undoubtedly the FASTEST base converter for the 83 Plus.
basicascii.zip3k02-10-14File is not ratedBASIC ASCII
BASIC ASCII is a asm program for basic programmers. It lets you out put ascii code. For ex. if you put 64 into y it would output an @ (which basic programs couldn't do be for). Read the readme file for more info on the program.
basikeys.zip1k03-05-31File is not ratedBasikeys
Basikeys is a simple assembly program that draws the softkey grid you see in apps. Use in basic programs.
batterychk.zip2k09-01-12File is not ratedbatterycheck2.0
BATTERYCHECK 2.0 FOR TI83PLUS(SE) OR TI84PLUS(SE) this program shows your battery level. it displays 0 to 4, 0=poor and 4=new. run prgmBATTERY with the Asm( command found in Catalog [2nd]+[0]. update 2.0: now shows a range of 0 to 4 instead of only showing "state ok" or "state low".
batterystatus2.zip28k11-01-17File is not ratedBattery Status
Choose from any of the six programs here based on whether you want read how your batteries are doing or you want a number value. The codes have been optimised about as well as they are going to get.
battery.zip1k04-12-02File is not ratedBattery
This is a little program i made that when added with the start-up it acts just like the actual program that says the batteries are low.
bfcr1.zip14k09-01-19File is not ratedBFC R1
Release 1 of my on-calc compiler for TI-83+, which compiles Brainf**k code into TI-83+ machine code.
bike.zip3k01-04-04File is not ratedCyclocomputer
A cyclocomputer that can do more than displaying speed and time. Optimized for usage with the TI-83 PlusTI
bmp180.zip5k20-03-23File is not ratedBMP180 Pressure sensor
[AXE] Shows a graph and uses I2C routines.
box.zip95k12-03-10File is not ratedBox (educational)
I wrote Box in order to learn things about direct input and output on the ti83+, then I realized that others might learn something from it too so I posted it here. The program is draws a box, which you can move with the arrow keys, to the LCD screen. The interactions with the keys and the LCD screen are all done directly through ports. within the box folder is a box.old folder which contains the original version of the app which had some issues that I did not foresee (run both of the programs and you will see what I mean). I used spasm as the assembler (assemble with command 'spasm -Li. main.asm box.8xp') but the mnemonics are common and so it would be easy to switch to other assemblers. One day I plan on writing a longer tutorial/writeup, but for now the code is heavily commented and hopefully understandable. And if anyone wants to take this program and add onto it in anyway or actually make something out of it feel free to do so, but remember that when I coded it I was not worrying about efficiency too much and so the program is quite inefficient.
braille.zip6k10-04-17File is not ratedBraille
In case you are in need of a braille translator (just for fun, playing Pokémon, et cetera) this assembly program gives a nice, user friendly means of doing that. This program recognizes the 26 standard letters, punctuation, and a few miscellaneous characters. ☺
btools.zip3k00-04-26File is not ratedBASIC Tools v2.1
BASIC Tools is a really neat set of assembly programs which can be used to allow BASIC programs to have really neat featues. BASIC Tools allows BASIC programs to inverse text, power off the calculator mid-program, change the contrast level, shift the screen up, determine the current contrast level, enable alphalock, determine the amount of free RAM, and check the batteries! Any BASIC programmer should download this!
calclock.zip26k06-11-11File is not ratedCalc Lock
New and improved, version 1.2!!! This program will allow you to protect you calc by password protection.
calcoff.zip1k10-02-28File is not ratedCalc-Off 83+
A simple routine to turn your calculator off. If you edit prgmOFF, you can change the startup message. Run by typing prgmOFF at the homescreen.
calcpass.zip1k03-12-15File is not ratedHVP CALCPASS
This is a calculator locking program for ti83 plus this program is not breakable by on key run lock first set a new password and run lock your calc turns off when you turn back on a password is asked
cal.zip1k99-08-24File is not ratedCalendar Beta
Saving of where you left off doesn't work.
catelem.zip2k15-08-14File is not ratedCatelem
Lets you read entries from the OS catalog. Meant to interact with TI-BASIC.
ca.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedCellular Automata
This program draws all 256 1d cellular automata. The draw time is less than a second and the program is under 200 bytes!
ccalc.zip1k00-06-16File is not ratedCryptoCalc v1.0
This is a simple encryption program. Requires ASM Pass 1.0. (higher versions may not work properly.) Compiled with the ASM Pass SDK.
chars3.zip39k06-10-08File is not ratedChars3
Newer version of Chars although not an update since it now stores token in Ans, as a string, you can use the -> and " tokens in strings now, sub( inString( and + all work on them.
chars.zip1k06-08-20File is not ratedCharz2
Charz2 is the updated version of CHARS, you can now specify the row/col at which to display the char instead of having to fill the screen with spaces.
clip.zip2k03-10-31File is not ratedCommand Line Interface Program
Lets you perform various low-level operations on your calculator through a simple command line interface. Use this program at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages or loss of data.
clocktheta.zip1k07-03-01File is not ratedDigital clock for TI-84
This is a digital clock for the TI-84. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH THE TI-83.
clocktst.zip3k19-11-21File is not ratedClocktest
[AXE]Clock, based on the work of jacobly. A workaround for the AXEbug in *^ in version 1.22a is included. Help built in.
clock.zip4k20-05-31File is not ratedCPU Clock Speed Test
This program uses the quartz crystals on the TI-83+SE and TI-84s to compute the effective CPU clock speed of the calculator. It does not work on a TI-83+. For the TI-84 Plus C SE version, see http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/452/45250.html. Updated 31 May 2020 to support MathPrint.
coderedtoolsv1.zip1k03-07-21File is not ratedCodered Tools - Version 1
The following tools are useful for basic programmers in a 133 Byte file. They allow you to do things that wouldn't normally be achieveable in basic! Such as toggling lowercase, inverted commands, toggling the run indicator, and checking the amount of ram avaiable!
collatzconjectureforti84f.zip1k16-11-05File is not ratedCollatz conjecture
A fairly simple program that applies the Collatz conjecture to any number, just load the program and set the desired number to X when prompted. My first program and written very basically, so you can observe the source code and see what is going on.
compaxe.zip1k13-09-10File is not ratedCompAxe
This is a basic tool made in assembly, designed for BASIC programmers. It can be used to compile Axe source files making it primarily useful for BASIC shells, and BASIC programs utilising other apps/programs that allow them to create Axe programs from BASIC.
contrast.zip1k07-01-27File is not ratedContrast
A simple contrast changer, I made it with my new compiler :)
copyprog2.zip8k13-07-04File is not ratedCopyProg 2.13
At a size smaller than a picture file on your calcualtor, this successor of the original CopyProg has even more functionality. It can quickly copy any variable from RAM or Archive to any other variable, but it also lets you do line reading and deleting from programs, deleting variables from RAM or Archive of any type. You can also archive/unarchive and read lines from BASIC programs. On top of that, this has full support of GetName with bugs fixed, making this program amazingly useful for large programs and BASIC shells. [update for 2.13 are fixes for a few issues with the line commands and even smaller size]
crypto.zip13k06-12-24File is not ratedSuper Cryptology Pack
This is a collection of five programs that can encrypt/ decrypt messages quickly. It includes a program for Caesar Shift with a function that checks each setting, a program for the ADFGVX cipher, the Playfair Cipher, the Vigenere Cipher, and the Enigma Machine. Each program has fully changeable settings. Each program saves its settings on a program-created list. Included is a "defualt" group of settings for each program. Programs will not be able to encrypt/ decrypt if there is not a saved list for every setting. If you have any questions, just email me, but you should probably figure out how these codes work before asking me, it will make running the program a lot easier.
crystaltimer.zip1k07-04-26File is not ratedCrystal Timer Program
This is an Assembly program written on calculator (in hex. opcodes) with an explanation of the program in the form of a read me. This program shows one how to use the crystal timers of a Ti-84 to delay EXACT periods of time; the included prgmWAIT2 waits 2 seconds (+ a few calcutor cycles to execute the program) and can easily be modified to suit any ammount of time.
dansequations.zip2k03-03-12File is not ratedDan Equations
a math and science and other stuff math related
datastring.zip3k10-03-31File is not ratedDataString
This is a pretty nice program for converting Lists and Strings. In BASIC, lists are easy to manipulate, but are huge in size. In Assembly, lists are a hassle and strings are easy. This program will convert a string to a list and visa versa. Effectively, a list will use only a ninth of the size. Full source and opcode is included. This updated version is much easier to use.
datatype.zip3k11-01-28File is not ratedData Type
This small program is designed to let you change variable types. If you want to change a program to an appvar, a picture to a string, or remove a string from the memory menu, you can do that with this little program. Hex opcode included :P
dcscursormod.zip1k05-06-27File is not rated[Doors CS] Custom Cursor Mod v1.1
Tired of the same old default cursor in Doors CS? Then this easy-to-use, tiny and fast program is for you! Just draw an 8x8 sprite in the upper left of the screen, save it as Pic7, then run CURSOR from Doors CS! Voila, a custom cursor. This program actually modifies Doors CS itself, so the cursor will stay even when you delete prgmCURSOR and if you send the shell to other calculators. At only 120 bytes, you can't not have this!
delall.zip1k02-05-30File is not ratedDelete all
When run, this program deletes all programs from your calc, including itself.
delsym.zip1k07-04-26File is not ratedDelete Variable
This program takes inputs to delete a variable with the name stored in the answer variable and of type "A." By this, it is meant that the variable type is stored in A and the variable types can be seen in the readme file.
delvarsasm.zip64k10-05-09File is not ratedASM DelVars
An assembly version of the TI-BASIC clean up variables. Small and fast.
dgk.zip2k02-10-21File is not ratedDirect Get Key v1.2
Direct Get Key is an asm program that basic programs can use to tell if multiple keys are being pressed. Look that the README.TXT to find more about this program.
dht11axe.zip1k20-03-31File is not ratedDHT11 sensor
[AXE] humidity and temperature sensor at the linkport.
dislink.zip1k05-02-11File is not ratedDislink
Dislink is a program that will disable the silent linking ability of your TI-83 Plus. This means that your calculator will no longer be able to connect to a computer and sometimes other calculators. The silent link ability can easily be re-enabled by running the program again.
ds18b20.zip2k20-02-22File is not ratedDS18B20 Temperature Sensor
[AXE] Shows temperature, ROM-Id and infos of a DS18B20.
dtflags.zip.zip43k10-07-13File is not ratedFlag Saver and Restorer
This program adds a function to restore your system flags (a bunch of information regarding the current state of your calculator starting at address $89F0) to a "restore point". This is useful if you ever accidentally run a buggy program that causes a minor glitch in your calculator (for example, the screen doesn't scroll, normally small text is big, there seems to be a "shadow character" as you type, etc.) or if you're playing with the system flags in Calcsys and want to get them back to normal quickly without clearing your RAM. A general restore point is included, but you can choose to instead save your own. Takes up hardly any space; the program itself is less than 400 bytes, and the restore point is just 77. Screenshots included.
elock83.zip3k03-04-10File is not ratedeLock v1.1
eLock is a good calculator locking program that uses Automatic Power Down. Works with ION and Mirage.
enablelowercase.zip1k05-08-13File is not ratedLowercase Enabler/Disabler
This program enables or disables the lowercase on the ti-83 plus (might work on ti-84 plus too).
encrypt2.zip1k06-08-25File is not ratedEncrypt v1.1
Encrypt v1.1 is a program that encrypts strings with the option of different keys.
encrypt.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedThe Encyptor 1.1
Encrypts/decrypts Str1. Small (43 bytes), fast & reliable. The encryption is impossible to decrypt by hand. To those who noticed that version 1.0 didn't work; sorry for the mistake, I was not so experienced in asm when I wrote it
errorlib.zip5k07-12-16File is not ratedERRORS!!!
ErrorLib works by outputting a certain error that corresponds with a number inputted into Ans. Valid inputs are 1-51, but nothing should ever cause a crash of any kind. An invalid input yields "Invalid" or "Invalid "Dim". The error values are obtainable from most copies of ti83plus.inc, but are printed here for convenience. Something to note is that there is absolutely NO program execution from either ErrorLib or the program that calls it once an error has formed. This makes for a handy alternative to Stop, but leaves annoying variables behind if you haven't DelVar'd everything to pieces. 1 :Overflow 2 :Divide By 0 3 :Singular Mat 4 :Domain 5 :Increment 6 :Break 7 :Nonreal Ans 8 :Syntax 9 :Data Type 10:Argument 11:Dim Mismatch 12:Invalid Dim 13:Undefined 14:Memory 15:Invalid 16:Illegal Nest 17:Bound 18:Window Range 19:Zoom 20:Label 21:Stat 22:Solver 23:Singularity 24:No Sign Chng 25:Iterations 26:Bad Guess 27:Stat Plot 28:Tol Not Met 29:Reserved 30:Mode 31:Link 32:Link 33:Link 34:Link 35:Link 36:? 37:Scale 38:ID Not Found 39:No Mode 40:Validation 41:Length 42:Application 43: 44: 45:Expired 46:Bad Address 47:Archived 48:Version 49:Archive Full (It's fancy!) 50:Variable 51:Duplicate Complete and total disclaimer? Yes.
errors.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedERRORS 1.0
With this program you can call all error messages. The list of all error messages is included in ti83plus.inc.
flagedit.zip9k10-03-31File is not ratedFlagEditor
This time, I decided to make this program user friendly. Changing system flags will be a breeze for BASIC programmers. The full (tiny) source and opcode is included.
flagmaster.zip41k08-11-30File is not ratedFlagmaster
A toolkit including an "ERR:BREAK" thrower and a flag manager
flashed.zip16k11-03-17File is not ratedFlash Editor
The Flash Editor is a general-purpose hex editor for flash memory on the TI-83+, TI-83+SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+SE. It can be used to make arbitrary changes to the archive, operating system (EOS), or certificate in-system. This program is not targeted toward casual users. Substantial technical expertise is needed to use the program correctly.
flashinf.zip3k19-12-02File is not ratedFlashinfo
[AXE] Shows every file in the flash in use or deleted. Helps to know, if the GarbageCollect is close.
format.zip1k02-04-22File is not ratedWasabiFormat
Clear's Your RAM
free83p.zip7k09-07-25File is not ratedFree83P v1.2
Free83P is a small RAM program to update your certificate to include the community-created "0005" key which anyone can use to sign their own third-party OS. If you want to install an OS signed with the 0005 key, you just need to run this program once, and its changes will persist after all memory resets and OS transfers. Programs to backup and restore copies of your existing certificate are also included.
freemem.zip2k00-05-15File is not ratedFreeMem Counter Utility
Stores number of free memory bytes in 'A'.
ftester.zip9k03-12-28File is not ratedOmnicalc Font Tester for VTI
This program can apply Omnicalc's font on VTI. It will be useful when testing a font or taking a screenshot. Please run this program on VTI because this program has bugs...
funwithputs.zip1k06-04-12File is not ratedFun with PutS
Displays the ASCII equivalent of every byte in memory, in a downward scrolling manner. This version is optimized for speed.
generateerror.zip2k07-05-05File is not ratedGenerate Cutom Error Messages
This is an assembly program that, as the name implies, generates custom error messages, in the standard TI-OS format. See picture for an example.
getkey.zip2k00-05-15File is not ratedZGetKey
Gets keypress with standard TI-manual codes and stores it in 'A'. NO BUSY INDICATOR!
getname.zip3k11-02-13File is not ratedGetName v1.20
GetName is a program designed mostly for use with CopyProg. It simply returns some useful information about variables. For example, if you want to know the name, size, and archive status of the first program in the program menu, just send a list {0,0} through Ans. Opcode is included. 210 bytes.
grammer1.05.07.11.zip185k11-10-21File is not ratedGrammer v1.20.10.11
Grammer is an interpreted programming language with support for sprites, drawing, math, particle effects, OS variable interaction, and much more. Heck, even gray scale can be done! If a program doesn't work for you, try the App version about to be released!
graphinstantinvert.zip6k05-11-05File is not ratedGraph Instant Invert Program
Inverts graph to run Asm(prgmGRPHINVR) [ENTER] it will bring you to the graph screen
grpread.zip5k13-01-02File is not ratedGroupRead
This program provides BASIC programmers with functions for working with groups. You can read lines of programs that are in groups, you can extract variables, and you can recall pictures directly from groups, among other things.
hexdump.zip41k10-03-07File is not ratedMemory Hex Dumper
My first assembly program for the ti83 plus. Displays memory in hex and ascii chars.
hexprgms2.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedHEX PRGMS 2
different hex programs like calcoff, lowercase, amount of ram...
hexprgms.zip1k01-05-19File is not ratedHEX PRGMS
different hex programs like calcoff, lowercase, amount of ram...
hextoken.zip3k10-04-29File is not ratedHexToken
At only 67 bytes HexToken is a program designed to easily and efficiently convert a string of hex to tokens. This is very similar to det(17 from Celtic 3. Full source and opcode included.
hideall.zip1k07-02-18File is not ratedHide All
This program is a quick run to Hide all programs, assembly or basic, from the PRGM menu and the MEM menu. This does the same thing as other programs, such as the Mirage OS or other Program Managers, but this will quickly hide all of your programs without being prompted. It is compatible with ION, MirageOS, or plain Asm(). WARNING: THERE IS NO TOOL CONTAINED TO UN-HIDE YOUR PROGRAMS. This is meant to be used in conjunction with another program manager, and only to be used when you want to quickly hide anything, if your RAM get's cleared or if you need to get everything hid and don't have time to do it all manually. Being an assembly program, I cannot guarentee that it is error-free. However I have run multiple tests, and due to the low variation of program code it seems to be. However I highly recommend first archiving all important programs before your first run in case of a memory clear.
homescreenpictures.zip76k07-11-08File is not ratedHomescreenPictures
HomescreenPictures, in short, is a unique but simple program that allows you to take and recall pictures of the text on the homescreen. That's about it. Just note that the size of the program increases with the number of pictures you want. The most recent version allows you to store the pictures into lists, which you can archive and unarchive with Basic. It is much smaller and faster.
hvposdemo.zip4k04-10-23File is not ratedTIXPLUS DEMO
Just a demo of a program I made. The full version will be online soon. Of course it is free
hypnotize.zip2k02-02-20File is not ratedHypnotize
Put your friends to sleep with this hypnotic program!
i2c_thermal_sensor_fm75.zip266k12-08-12File is not ratedI2CThermoLib
It's a little ASM program that gets the temperature from a FM75 I2C thermal sensor through the linkport and saves it in Ans ! (Source and schematics are included)
infrared.zip279k08-11-30File is not ratedInfrared - Universal remote control program
You can use this program to turn your calculator into a universal IR remote, with multiple profiles for each of the devices you wish to control. It has decent device support, working on 9 out of the 12 devices I have tested it with. A small handful of components (an IR LED, 38kHz IR demodulator, three resistors and a capacitor) are required to build the IR adapter. Ion and MirageOS binaries are supplied For more information, see http://www.benryves.com/products/infrared
jade.zip20k18-05-21File is not ratedJade
Jade simulates a hypothetical machine, directly on your TI-83+/84+, and includes a simple Pong example. If you want a safe introduction to the world of assembly language, this is a great choice-- you can always press [ON] if you mess up!
keyboardlockdownprank.zip3k02-05-11File is not ratedKeyboard Lockdown Prank
Keyboard Lockdown is a clever little program that simply displays the blinking cursor in the upper left corner of the display (just as if you were looking at a cleared screen). However, while running, none of the keys work! It's perfect for a little prank to fool your friends. Press ON once to exit the program and return functionality to the calculator.
keychar.zip14k10-02-10File is not ratedKeyChar
KeyChar is actually three programs designed for BASIC programmers to take advantage of the calcs ASCII characters. Because ASCII uses only one byte and it contains every character, lowercase, and other symbols use only 1 byte.
keyhookpack.zip1k04-11-25File is not ratedkey hook pack version 0.1
this is a small pack of two keyhook programs, one makes it so that you cant do didly squat untill you drain your calc,one just inverts the screen. slowly.
keyref83_2.1.zip11k03-10-23File is not ratedMusic Reference 83+ 2.1
This is a port of Music Reference 2.0 for the '86 with some small changes in the UI-it shows the circle of fifths, key signatures, relative keys, and NOW MUSIC THEORY INFORMATION!!!
keysim.zip1k10-01-15File is not ratedKey Simulator
This is a fun little program that actually simulates a key press depending on the number in Ans. It is tiny and the full opcode/source is included.
l2r.zip2k10-10-25File is not ratedList To Real
Have you ever wanted a fast method to change multiple real variables at a time? Here you go! This program uses a list to modify consecutive real variables, making it easier to manipulate game data, for example.
languagecheck.zip8k07-09-08File is not ratedLanguage Check
This program checks the language of your calculator and returns it.
lblrw.zip4k18-05-15File is not ratedLblRW
This allows a BASIC programmer to read or modify a line of code, given a label offset. This means you can store user info after, say, 'Lbl UD', or game data like monster names and stats after 'Lbl MD'. You pass LblRW the label name and the line offset, as well as the new data (if overwriting the contents).
lcd2.zip3k04-08-24File is not ratedLCD Driver Delay
This program reports the minimum required delay for the LCD driver on your 83+/83+ SE/84+/84+ SE. It will auto-detect in the range of 25 to 65400 t-states.
listsort.zip3k20-03-29File is not ratedListSort (very fast)
Psst, hey kid: You wanna sort a list very quickly? Well, that's what this program does! On my 84+ it sorts a 999 element list in 1.1 seconds. TI-OS takes over 55 seconds. **Great improvements over the original! Now it is only 200 bytes, fixes a bug with negative numbers, it is slightly faster, takes advantage of 15MHz mode, and no longer needs additional free RAM.
lockunlock83p.zip30k06-12-24File is not ratedProgram unlocker and program locker
These are two assembly programs. One is designed to protect programs (hide on edit menu), and the other does the opposite (show on edit menu), requires no shell, and all you have to do is enter the name.
lowcase.zip1k00-09-10File is not ratedLowercase in HEX
Read the txt file in here for more info.Basiclly it is a program to enable lowercase on your 83plus.Do not use it on any othe calc.It can be programmed directly on the calc too.For more of these check out Greg Shenzels programs.
lowercase.zip1k00-08-22File is not ratedLowerCase v1.0
A program to enable you to type in lowercase. This program has a user interface in which you can enable and disable lowercase.
lower.zip1k03-06-18File is not ratedLowercase Activation
Activates lowercase writing on your ti-83+ (only). Open, run with the Asm( command, and then you can uninstall it and still have lowercase. Lowercase typing can be removed by running the program again. Back to BASIC
lwrcase2.zip1k00-05-27File is not ratedLwrcase v1.0
Allows you to type lowercase letters on the TI-83 Plus.
lzimg.zip5k18-07-06File is not ratedLZD Image Compression
This includes a program to compress TI Images on your computer and decompress and draw them to the graph screen on your calculator.
melt.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedMelt Effect
Melt is the ultimate addition to your basic program. The effect 'Melt' can be seen in the latest release of bust a move. It adds a cool affect to any basic program. Try it today!
memerase.zip1k00-03-13File is not ratedMemory Erase
Quite simply, most of the time it erases your RAM, sometimes it messes up part of archive and occasionally, it just turns the calc off.
memsync.zip1k05-06-01File is not ratedMemSync v0.1a
MemSync is a small utility to help work around a problem with OmniCalc's VirtualCalc function. Visit http://www.detachedsolutions.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2426 for more information on its internals.
mem.zip1k99-08-22File is not ratedMem v1.0
A memory viewer.
mtg3.zip11k04-11-04File is not ratedMagic the Gatering Life Counter 3
This is a life counter for the famous Card game magic the gathering It supports up to 3 players and saving mode. The best you can ever have. Just try it, you wont be dissapointed if you play are a mtg player
multikeys2.zip2k14-01-23File is not ratedMultiKeys
Great for BASIC programmers that want to test for up to two simultaneous key presses. It also has no key delay like the OS getKey command making it fast and smooth.
multikeys.zip15k10-02-03File is not ratedMultiKeys
MultiKeys is a useful little program that can check for up to 8 keypresses at one time. That's almost impractical... Have fun! Oh, this new version has a special feature to test all of the keys, not just eight at a time.
nifty.zip16k01-04-04File is not ratedNifty v0.5 - Reader for On-Calc editable text files
Nifty is a reader program for On-Calc editable/creatable text files, stored in basic-programs. Specifications are in the docs
nlc0.0001.zip9k10-01-18File is not ratedNLC Random Numbar generator
Generates exciting random numbers! C source code included.
noexec.zip3k06-05-26File is not ratedNoExec v1.1
NoExec is a TI-83/84 Plus assembly program that prevents execution of all other programs/applications by way of a RawKey and parser hook. Its purpose is to make sure the calculator is secure and cannot run games or other troublesome programs.
oncalcrlecompressor.zip4k11-10-22File is not ratedOn Calc RLE Compressor
It's a whole-byte on calc RLE compressor for Axe developers You can choose nearly any file on your calc (appvars, programs or protected programs) to compress. The compressed data is then sent to Str1, easily recallable into some program you want to compile for use in Axe. You can choose the offset from the beginning of the file as well as how many bytes to compress. For protected programs, adjustment of the offset for the 3 byte header of asm() programs is included.
overflow.zip5k09-07-24File is not ratedOverflow
This is a buffer overflow exploit for the 83+/84+ series boot code to allow transferring a program remotely to a bricked, OS-less calculator and execute it. This is extremely useful if you have corrupted the certificate beyond repair and have no ability to install an OS; you can use this program on a second I/O-connected 83+/84+ series calculator and transfer executable code to it which can be used to unbrick it. It includes a simple code file which you can modify yourself and assemble with TASM or similar with any code you like, so it's very flexible.
paintpot.zip6k05-09-07File is not ratedPaint Pot
PaintPot is a tool which let change the color of any form. Usable in TiBasic Programmes. An exemple of TiBasic Programme is include.
password.zip13k03-05-25File is not ratedPassword v1.0
This program allows you to protect your calc when turning it on. Guaranted impossible to skirt the program except if you remove batteries
pics.zip118k05-12-21File is not ratedSave Unlimited Pictures
Are you sick of having only 10 pictures?? Then this program is for you: save an recall an unlimited amount of picture files.
plet.zip29k12-02-16File is not ratedPLET: Photographic Long Exposure & Time-Lapse Timer
Photographic Long Exposure & Time-Lapse Timer (PLET) is a program that allows one to control many cameras from the calculator. Additionally, PLET has timing features which facilitate performing long exposures and time-lapse photography. This is possible because the serial port on the TI-83+/SE and the TI-84+/SE is similar to the remote port on some Canon most Pentax dSLR models.
pmover.zip2k05-07-10File is not ratedP-Mover
What's more exciting that moving a lowercase 'p' around the screen and controlling its speed? Lots. But this program is an ok example if you're trying to figure out assembly.
portedit.zip2k10-03-31File is not ratedPortEditor
This version of PortEditor is more user friendly and a little more memory friendly. Reading or writing to a port can cause some neat effects, but care should be taken. The full source and opcode is included.
prgmappv.zip6k17-07-17File is not ratedPRGMAPPV
PRGMAPPV is a tool which lets you make appvars copies of programs and conversely, as well as (un)locking programs against edition and (un)archiving any program or appvar on your calculator. It's easy to use and weights 567 bytes.
prgmhide.zip5k20-04-13File is not ratedPRGMHIDE
PRGMHIDE is a tool to hide programs from the OS menus (PRGM, EDIT, MEMORY). It's useful if you have plenty of programs: you can use it to hide programs you don't use often, and make them visible again only when you need them. This tool can also (un)lock programs against edition. It's easy to use and weights 488 bytes.
prog2hex.zip1k12-08-10File is not ratedProg2hex on-calc unsquisher
This program is an on-calc unsquisher which allows you to unsquish compiled ASM programs into their hex source. Useful if you want to learn z80 hex or if you have lost your ASM source and have only your executable.
proghex.zip3k10-02-22File is not ratedProgHex
This is the version 1.00 of TokenHex. It is still mightly useful to programmers as it converts programs and appvars to hex instead of a string. Want to dissa-, err, convert an assembly program to hex? Here you go.
programtoappvar.zip2k03-04-22File is not ratedProgram to Appvar
This program takes advantage of the fact that program objects and application variable objects have the exact same data structure. This make them completely interchangable. By a simple manipulation of it's vat entry it can be turned into an application variable. Great for hiding programs for the prog menu.
programtoolkit.zip1k08-12-03File is not ratedProgram toolkit
Some little programs to hide/unhide and lock/unlock your calc programs. It features a program-to-appvar converter too. Any optimizations welcome, should not contain bugs.
ptoolsxtra.zip1k05-04-08File is not ratedProgram Tool Extras v1.1
These programs are meant to be used with Program Tools v1.2 by David Lindstrom. However, they can be used by themself. The first program stores the size of the program(whose name is in Str0) into theta, the archive state of the program into X, and the locked state of the program into Y. The second program stores if the program is ASM or BASIC into T. These programs will check the state of archived or unarchived programs. Read the readme for more information. Update v1.1: Fixed 2 bugs (x was always equal to one and the type didn't work for archived programs). Also, these programs have been optimized for size and speed.
ptools.zip4k02-06-16File is not ratedProgram Tools 1.2
Every BASIC programmer's dream is here! Now even more flexible and stable. This set of assembler programs allows you to run archived programs, (un)archive, (un)lock, delete and list other programs from TI-BASIC program. It is now split in three modules: ZRUN, PTOOLS, ZLIST. I also have size optimized these programs.
ptterase_os253.zip2k10-02-10File is not ratedPTT Patch adapted for the new OS 2.53
The third version of my ptt patch. It erases the evil part of the Push-to-Test code from the TI-84 Plus OS. Afterwards it only displays an option screen and a fake "reset complete". Hooks are preserved, groups and pics too, and programs remain undisabled. OS version 2.53 only.
ptterase.zip3k09-04-18File is not ratedUltimate PTT Patch
The second version of my ptt patch. It erases the evil part of the Push-to-Test code from the TI-84 Plus OS. Afterwards it only displays an option screen and a fake "reset complete". Hooks are preserved, groups and pics too, and programs remain undisabled. OS version 2.43 only. Changelog: - FlashDrv is not needed anymore - Version check for fool-proofness
puzzpass.zip6k03-12-28File is not ratedPUZZPASS
Complete password library for PuzzPack v2.0! Contains passwords for every level of the popular games BlockDude and PuzzleFrenzy. A must for PuzzPack lovers!
pwdse.zip5k05-05-01File is not rated[Doors CS 4.9+] Password Protection v1.2
This program, for Doors CS v4.8 and higher, will install a Shell Expansion (SE) that protects your programs from unauthorized users. Once installed, takes up a mere 100 bytes of memory; now completely debugged and optimized! Check it out. Now compatible with all TI-83(+) and TI-84+ type calculators.
pw.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedPW
This is another security program for your calculator. The special thing about this one is it has a (limited) take-out-battery-to-reset-ram-and-delete-security-proofidity. It turns off you calc between key inputs, so the oppressor has virtually no time to pull out the batteries. Yes, this method of reseting the ram works on most security programs, including MirageOS. So mine is better. Ha. Also comes in a fake Ion prgmA and prgm(theta)Ion. If you use another shell, and someone grabs your calc when you have it on they may try to run prgmA to get to your games, but it'll shut you calc off, so Ha! And if you use Ion then I have a prgmPW instead. Enjoy!
quickkey.zip1k10-01-15File is not ratedQuickKey
This program is an amazingly simple, small, and fast alternative to BASIC's getKey command. There is no delay between keypresses and each key will repeat like the arrows or del key. The tiny opcode is included. For real this time. I had not realised it wasn't part of the folder I uploaded.
remotecontrol.zip10k03-03-09File is not ratedRemote Control
Control other calculators with this really quite useless program. It installs as a keyhook, so that any key you press is automatically passed onto the remote calculator. The truly funky thing is that no extra code is required on the remote calculator! It will serve no useful purpose, but it quite cool nonetheless.
remote.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedRemote
This program is really cool; it allows you to remote control another ti83+ over the link port!
resource.zip5k06-02-17File is not ratedResource v1.01 - Run programs in Archive
This routine is very useful for everyone. You can save a lot of free RAM memory when using Resource. It copies programs (TI-Basic and Asm) to RAM from Archive; so they only need free RAM when they are running! The routine could be used within TI-Basic programs or stand-alone at home screen! (Bug fixed)
rlib.zip2k02-07-15File is not ratedRectangle Library
RLIB gives TI-BASIC programmers access to the built-in rectangle drawing routines on the calculator. This program could be used for creating incredible effects, which is good for games in particular. RLIB can draw filled, cleared and inverted rectangles, as well as drawing and clearing rectangular borders.
rndxnumgen.zip42k21-08-30File is not ratedRNDX - Random Number Generator
A 4 Digit Random Number Generator For The Ti-84 Plus
runbasic.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedRun Basic v1.0
This program runs a basic program whose name is in Ans. Supports archived programs. Now you can create custom program menus in Basic!
runcounter16.zip40k09-07-08File is not ratedRun Counter 16-bit edition
This is a run counter that demonstrates Self Modifying Code (SMC) and Binary Coded Decimal (BCD.) This run counter also returns a number, in Ans, that can be used in a BASIC program. This is an update to my 8-bit Run Counter. If you only need to count to count to 99, use the 8-bit one, it is smaller and faster. This one will count to 9999.
runcounter.zip33k08-09-23File is not ratedRun Counter
This is a run counter that demonstrates Self Modifying Code (SMC) and Binary Coded Decimal (BCD.) This run counter also returns a number that can be used in a BASIC program.
runindic.zip1k00-06-08File is not ratedRunIndic v1.0
Turn run indicator on and off from BASIC programs
safekey.zip3k01-08-04File is not ratedSafe Key Getter
Finally, an assembly key getter that is completely protected from [ON] breaks! A useful tool for BASIC password protection programs, as well as anywhere you want a robust key routine.
satvocab.zip175k11-01-17File is not ratedSAT Vocabulary
This file contains 9000+ definitions for common SAT vocabulary terms. It has one driver program and 61 data files, all of which must be sent to the calculator to run. This is for educational purposes only, please do not use for cheating.
saveedit.zip2k13-07-01File is not ratedSAVEEDIT
SAVEEDIT is an assembly program whith which you can edit and study calculators RAM pretty easily. It allows you to give in a certain appvar, a normal variable, a program or just a location in RAM, and the program will search where it is located in RAM. You can scroll through the RAM and see the value of every byte at every location in both decimal and character form. And above all of that, it allows you to change it! It also shows you where the "safe area" is, which part belongs to the variable/program you asked for. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not responsible for any possible damage that editing RAM will cause to your calculator, use at own risk!
screendump.zip2k10-04-10File is not ratedScreenDump
ScreenDump is meant specifically for people who do on the calc assembly. It will convert all the data at plotSScreen and convert it to a hex string. This can then be inserted into a program allowing your ASM programs to hold detailed splah screens.
screenshot.zip10k10-04-10File is not ratedScreenShot
ScreenShot lets you take a shot of any screen and puts it on the graph screen. Want to save the image of your program code to play with later? Have at it. This really only provides a little fun (and maybe you can mess with people, too). Have fun.
scrollingmenuplus.zip68k20-08-24File is not ratedScrolling Menu Plus
Scrolling Menu Plus is a mimic of the menus built into the TI-83/84 plus meant for use with TI-BASIC programs. It uses a string stored in Ans to make a menu and outputs the ASCII code of the selected option. You can also now use the left and right arrows to switch between menus. If you do end up using this as part of a TI-BASIC program, please acknowledge me and this program. v1.1.1
scroll.zip1k09-08-04File is not ratedScreen Scroll
Screen scroll allows you to permanently scroll your display. It can be undone by a RAM reset or running it and undoing it.
setupvar.zip1k12-05-05File is not ratedSetUpVars
SetUpEditor is one of the most useful commands to BASIC programmers and I have always griped that I could not use it for other variable types like strings and matrices. Guess what I did? Now you can avoid those errors with matrices or strings not existing or being archived just like you can with lists!
showmode.zip104k03-12-03File is not ratedMode Show-er
This program is a TSR (terminate and stays resident) that displays the current angle (degree/radian) and decimal (float/fix) modes on the screen at all times. It is a bit temperamental, so it may be deactivated for no apparant reason. It should not severally crash the calculator however.
shuffle.zip2k19-07-30File is not ratedShuffle
This program very quickly sorts a list (real or complex). It uses the Fisher-Yates algorithm to shuffle in-place, so it uses no extra RAM
shutdown.zip7k00-02-19File is not ratedShutDown Pro v1.0
Turns off a TI-83 Plus. Now it is non-ION; It was written in Native Machine Level HEX.
smartedit.zip8k04-12-26File is not ratedSmart-Edit
Smart Edit Is a text Viewer/Editor for Ti83+/84+ it lets you write small or big, capital or not, normal or reversed video, and let you access to all char of Ti83+.
sonyir.zip224k08-11-30File is not ratedSonyIR (SIRCS Remote Control)
This software allows you to turn your calculator into an IR remote control for devices using Sony's infrared remote control protocol, SIRCS. You can easily create your own layouts on the calculator. Hardware requirements are basic - all you need is an IR LED to transmit, and an optional demodulator module can be used to receive. Ion and MirageOS binaries are supplied, as well as layout files for a conventional TV, VCR and the PlayStation 2's DVD remote control. For more information, visit http://www.benryves.com/products/sonyir
sort.zip1k04-01-27File is not ratedSort
Program to sort your files very very fast, handy for people with a lot of programs on their se.
speedkey.zip2k10-05-20File is not ratedSpeedy Keys
Speedy Keys gives you control over how fast keys repeat. If you don't want a delay between keypresses, then remove it. If you want keys to repeat very fast, then have at it. Enjoy this and have fun.
speedset1.1.zip1k03-06-05File is not ratedSpeed Set 1.1
This is a better version of Speed Set 1.0
speedup.zip1k03-06-04File is not ratedCalc Speeder Upper
This Nifty little program will speed up your calc to the speed of an SE in the future. In this demo, it will do half of that.
sprcount2.zip1k04-01-17File is not ratedSuper Count 2
This program is much like the one above except it is extremely compact and uses self modifying code. Counts from 0-36000 something and the source code is very easy to understand. Better than any previous counting programs!
sprcount.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedCounting Program
This is a program that counts. It either goes up from 0, or down from 65535. I made it to show how fast assembly is, but it is still pretty cool! If you make a program like it in BASIC, you will notice that it isn't anywhere near as fast. Hope you like it!
spritetilemakeren.zip2k11-03-17File is not ratedSprite & Tile Maker v1.0 (English)
Sprite & Tile Maker is a program that allows you to create your own sprites directly on your calculator. It is compiled with Axe Parser language.
spritetilemakerfr.zip3k11-03-17File is not ratedSprite & Tile Maker v1.0 (Français)
Sprite & Tile Maker est un programme qui vous permet de créer vos propres sprites directement sur votre calculatrice. Il est compilée grâce au langage de programmation Axe Parser.
srcsort.zip1k13-10-26File is not ratedAlphabetical Shell Sorter for Axe Parser
Will easily alphabetically sort programs and make creating a shell much easier! See readme for more info. Is meant to be used with axe parser.
stopwatch.zip26k10-05-10File is not ratedStopwatch (October 1, 2009)
This program uses quartz crystal timers on the TI-83+SE and TI-84s to make a highly accurate stopwatch, useful for scientific purposes in the classroom. The program can automatically save data to a list. It can also be configured to monitor the link port so external parts of an experiment can trigger data points to be recorded. The hardware interface is very simple.
strlen.zip1k11-04-09File is not ratedString Length
This program is a handy tool that returns how many chars are in a string. For example, instead of returning the length of "sin(" as 1, it returns 4. Based on a BatLib command.
strwid.zip1k11-04-09File is not ratedString Width
This program will return how wide a string is in pixels (in small font). This is useful to help center text and whatnot.
subroutine3.zip3k07-12-17File is not ratedSubroutine v3.0
This program lets you run internal subrouitnes from within BASIC programs. Now compatible with all OS versions (up to 1.19 and 2.42).
sucker.zip7k02-05-30File is not ratedSucker's Password Protection Program v4.3+
A program that protects your Ti-83+ with a password!
symbols.zip19k08-11-30File is not ratedSymbols
Finally a symbol-program which uses a handy overview to select the symbols you want! No fuss no muss, select the symbols you want, +ENTER stores it in Str0. Symbols also got an option to (re)set lowercase. Press +ALPHA! You can open this program with Asm( or a shell (like MirageOS).
sysinfo.zip4k02-05-22File is not ratedSystem Info
This program displays useful things about your calculator: Battery state, Contast level, Free RAM and your OS version. You can also toggle lowercase on and off with it.
textcent.zip24k05-11-29File is not ratedText Centerer - v1.2
This program takes away that annoying process of having to center text in your programs. Just type in the text and the exact X coordinate of the centered text is returned. Special features include being able to specify the width of the window within which to center the text.
textcompressor.zip3k12-01-19File is not ratedTextCompressor
BASIC programmers: If you are ever in need of a program to quickly compress or decompress text, this is your program. Worst case scenario is no bytes saved or lost, best case scenario is the data is cut in half (average is <60%).
ti83password.zip10k04-03-29File is not ratedTI-83+ Password Protection
This is a password pretection program for TI-83+ that is almost imposible to get by unless you have the password. You can set your own password of 6 buttons. You should have the TI Startup app if you plan to make any use of this.
tiband.zip2k13-06-10File is not ratedTI-Band
This is a continuation of TI-Guitar and contains a Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar. Made with Axe. Drums will be added soon. TI-Band has a forum topic! Just go here: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9233.
tiguitar.zip2k13-06-08File is not ratedTI-Guitar
This is a first! A guitar(or ukelele) for your TI-83/84+! Made with Axe. Source will be released once the program is perfected.
timer.zip1k01-08-03File is not ratedTopnotch Stopwatch v1.0
For the 83+ Silver Edition only, this program uses the timers available in the SE to make an extremely accurate countup stopwatch. This has been tested to 0.67 second accuracy after 24 hours of running.
tiosver.zip1k01-07-11File is not ratedTI-OS version finder
Finds out the version of the TI-OS and stores it variable X
tokenascii.zip2k10-02-18File is not ratedTokenASCII
Well this is one of my more specific programs (meant to be used in conjunction with KeyChar) that will convert a token to its individual ASCII characters.
tokenhex.zip8k10-02-22File is not ratedTokenHex
This is the sister of the program HexToken. It does the exact opposite and converts tokens into their hexadecimal equivalents.
tokenlength.zip1k10-01-08File is not ratedTokenLength
This program will actually output the length of a token. So "sin(" would be 4 which is a little useful for BASIC programmers. For some reason, the newer tokens don't seem to work...
tokenreader1.0.zip1k10-10-15File is not ratedToken reader 'DE
Token reader is a simple program built from an unstable,unrealeased, yet promising on-calc compiler 'DE, a revolutionary OOP language from the ti8x family of calcs. The program is a simple example of some early commands and the MAIN object.
tools.zip1k03-06-04File is not ratedBasic Tools 1.0
Turn on and off that pesky run indicator and hide the done message at the end of your program. Must download if you program in basic.
tprog.zip1k12-05-05File is not ratedThe TempProger
This program lets you copy your programs-- archived or not-- to a temp program. Temp programs are automatically deleted by the OS at the end of your program, so these are great for massive game packs or programs with lots of subprograms that don't all need to be in RAM. Because it copies your programs from Flash to RAM, it saves your flash chip a little and because it is assembly, it is fast.
txtinput.zip22k07-06-09File is not ratedTXTINPUT
This program is meant to have a sweet GUI, that's really the reason I made it, so you can just see for yourselves what it uses the GUI for....
unlock.zip1k07-03-31File is not rated(un)lock
This program can be used to lock/unlock programs. You should not do this to change a compiled assembly program but it's great to lock your own basic programs so other people won't mess with it. Unless they have this program too, then they could unlock it.
vartest.zip3k05-11-05File is not ratedCheck your variables (v2.00)
This is collection of to useful programs for checking variables/Ans. VarTest for see if a variable exist, is in RAM or is archived and if it holds any data. AnsType to get out the type of Ans (without affecting Ans) Created by Johan Rydh (jrydh@hotmail.com) These programs are based on an idea from dragonscale.matt@gmail.com
verben.zip2k10-03-23File is not ratedFrench verbs conjugator
This program conjugates the french verbs être (to be), avoir (to have), aller (to go), commencer (to begin), suivre (to follow) and it shows the prefixes of the regular verbs with ...er in présent, passé composé, imparfait, futur simple and conditional présent It's in ASM with inverse headlines and faster than basic conjugate progs.
viewer2.zip5k03-07-16File is not ratedACD-SEE for TI-83+ : Viewer v2.0
This is a viewer for TI-83+. It permits you to watch your pictures (PIC1 to PIC8) even if they are archived ! With this viewer, you can also archive/unarchive and even delete the picture you're watching ! It is a good and light program (about 500 bytes when compiled) which you can include if you're making an OS for TI-83+ ! (source is included). Notice that there isn't any advertising in it (contrary to what I'm used to do ;)
viewregs.zip5k09-11-17File is not ratedView Registers
This program allows the user to view the calc's registers on the fly by using interrupt mode 2. It gives the user an approximate idea to what the calc is doing at the time. Run this program using the "asm(" option found under the catalog key
waycool.zip1k05-05-14File is not ratedWay Cool
two prgrams. displays each byte of your memory from $0000 to $FFFF until you press clear. the other is the same except it has no clear to exit, and after a while it messes up and does something random and WAYCOOL!!!!!!! YAY!!!!111!!11!11111oneone If you're not into crashing your calculator, run the non-crashing program and watch the pretty patterns!!!!!!!!111!!11!!1!!1!11111 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!111111111!1!!11111ONEONEONEoneoneone one11!!!!!11!!!one
xmas.zip1k07-10-27File is not ratedChristmas day counter
This program counts the months until December and then in December it counts the days until christmas. It resets in January the next year.
xtra2.zip2k11-02-04File is not ratedXtra
Are you out of pictures? Matrices? Strings? Do you want Greek letters? Accented letters? Then this program is what you will want. At only 75 bytes, Xtra provides an easy way access hacked vars and letters.
xxedit2.zip8k19-12-21File is not ratedXXedit2
[AXE] Hexeditor. User friendly, responsive, shows memory also as pixels and ascii.
xxedit.zip6k11-02-04File is not ratedXXEdit 1.1
XXEdit (aXe heX Editor) is the evolution of my old Axe Memory Mapper. It is a comprehensive memory mapper and editor for the z80 series, designed to be a superfunctional form of Calcsys' hex editor. It is highly useful for helping debug Axe and assembly programs on calc. Features: Memory bank switching Display of addresses in hex, decimal, and in the form of pointer+offest Quick access to L1 (saveSScreen), L2 (StatVars), L3 (appBackUpScreen), L4 (tempSwapArea), L5 (textShadow), L6 (plotSScreen), $4000 (the start of Flash), and $8000 (the start of RAM and appData); Display of byte in hex, binary, decimal, ascii, the two byte number at that point, and the 8x8 sprite of the 8 bytes at the cursor position; Jumping to the currently highlighted two byte address; Jumping to any user defined hex address Search for any 8 byte string. Accepts input in both hex and ascii; Search for any program/protected program/appvar in RAM or archive. Edit up to 8 bytes at a time of current cursor position, input accepted as hex or ASCII; Edit via sprite editing of the 8 bytes at the current cursor position; and probably something else I forgot...
z80asmdecompiler.zip22k19-07-22File is not ratedz80 Assembly Decompiler
z80 Decompiler is a tool to do the complete opposite of the AsmComp() command. It simply undos a compilation of a z80 program. No, this does not turn it back from "C9" to "ret" or "sinh⁻ֿ¹(" to "ret", it actually does "sinh⁻ֿ¹(" to "C9". This isn't as fast as AsmComp() because it compiles the whole program at once. This does it line-by-line, becase some of the routine is in TI-BASIC.
zbasic_83p.zip2k04-04-27File is not ratedZBASIC for the 83 Plus
This is another assembly that BASIC programmers can use. It includes the standard functions (disable run-indicator, check free RAM, etc) and something new: determine whether or not your calculator is Silver Edition or not! Examples of this use is within BASIC games that need smooth graphics for both 83p versions because of the faster hardware in the Silver Edition. Note: If you only want the function that determines whether or not your calculator is Silver Edition or not, download ZCALCVER by finding it in my author page.
zbasic.zip1k00-08-20File is not ratedZBASIC Library v1.0
ZBASIC is a set of 10 ASM routines which BASIC programs can access and use. These include inverting the screen, getting free RAM amount, setting/checking contrast level, getting battery status, shifting the screen up, etc.
zcalcver.zip3k04-11-20File is not ratedZCALCVER v1.2
This program, in 29 bytes, will determine the hardware version of your calculator, whether it be 83+/SE or 84+/SE! Useful in, for example, games that require smooth graphics (BASIC RPGs comes into mind) between the 4 calculators because the 83+SE and 84+/SE has a faster CPU than the 83+.
zclr.zip1k00-07-18File is not ratedZClear
An assembly program that turns off your TI 83 Plus. When you turn it back on again it clears your calculator's ram.
zcomv2.00.zip107k04-10-04File is not ratedZCom v 2.00 - Fast Communication Routine for Basic
ZCom is a communication routine for Basic programs. It can transfer real/complex variables, real/complex lists, matrixes and strings between TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus calculators, at a speed around 1.22 kB/s trough the I/O port! (The USB port does not work.) This routine is 100% compatible with: the TI-83 Plus, the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, the TI-84 Plus and the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition This routine is made to replace the communication routine built-in in Basic, that often doesn't work. This routine should always work!
zcom.zip121k06-02-02File is not ratedZCom v2.11 - Fast USB and I/O Communication for Basic Games
ZCom is a communication routine for Basic programs and games. It can transfer real/complex variables and lists, matrixes, strings and pictures (new from v2.10) between TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus calculators. This version supports now the USB port! The USB port speed is around 2-3 kB/s; the I/O port speed is around 1.2 kB/s. ZCom v2.11 is compatible with the syntax of v2.10 and v2.00; you should replace the earlier version with this version.
zcopy.zip4k05-03-13File is not ratedZCopy v0.1
This program will copy any program, BASIC or assembly, archived or unarchived, into a temporary program for ease of execution. Useful if you have several archived programs that need to be conditionally ran at the fastest speed possible.
zdos.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedz-dos 1.1
DOS for the ti83plus. Contains several interesting functions like: lock/unlock programs, archive/unarchive, check the condition of the batteries, run programs and more. I've fixed all bugs now.
zflash.zip1k01-06-19File is not ratedzflash
ZFlash is a simple program that many BASIC programmers have been requesting for a long time. This program allows basic programmers to archive and unarchive programs from within their programs. A must for large games! Bug fix, updated README.
zgetcalc.zip2k04-05-14File is not ratedZGETCALC v1.0
This is simply a program that mimics the GetCalc() function in BASIC. You may be wondering why you would want an assembly program to do this. Well, have you programmers who use the linkport notice that sometimes the GetCalc() doesn't work and if it did, how the heck will you (not to mention the program) know that it did or didn't? You don't know (you could guess with For() loops), but if you want to be absolutely sure, then this is for you! Note that it is limited in that it can only GetCalc() the Ans variable, but I plan on removing the limitation, once I know how, so expect an update soon.
zhide.zip2k12-07-05File is not ratedzHide
zHide is a tool that allows you to hide a program which has the name in Str0. A hidden program won't appear in any menu of the calculator, EXEC, EDIT, SEND, MEM ... until you unhide it using the second program, zUnhide. Works on all z80, readme included.
zkeys.zip1k01-02-17File is not ratedZKeys v1.0
Allows diagonal movement in BASIC [multiple keypresses.]
zlength.zip7k02-11-01File is not ratedLength of number (Zlength)
Thats right store the number whose length you want to find to variable W and send the asm routine the length is then put into W. Then length returned is the number of "spaces" a number would take up in decimal format including decimal points and negative signs. Extremely easy to use just check out the screenshots. They also give you an idea of what is possible with this routine.
zlock.zip1k01-02-05File is not ratedAnother Calc Locker
This program sets the calculator into interrupt mode 2 and makes it so every time you press the LN key the calculator will turn off and the only way to turn it back on is by pressing LOG.
zsprite01.zip56k03-12-01File is not ratedZSprite
A BASIC utitlity to display sprites quickly, and without omnicalc. It is signifigantly smaller, but sprites must be made on the PC.
zstartup.zip3k00-07-18File is not ratedZ - Startup v0.9.3
Z - Startup is an operating system that is best run from the startup application. The run indicator does not appear when the program is running.
zsthkifo.zip1k19-12-02File is not ratedZstart Hotkey Infos
[AXE] Shows the Hotkeys for Zstart. There is also a bug in Zstart with 'theta' in filenames, they dont work in hotkeys.
ztoolpack.zip430k11-02-04File is not ratedZToolPack
ZToolPack is a small collection of useful and small assembly programs that I have made. In this collection you will find: ASMCall-Allows you to use asm hex codes in a BASIC program BSprt-Draw 8x8 sprites using X,Y and a hex string CopyProg-Copies variables from RAM or Archive to another var DataString-Converts a list to a string or visa versa DataType-Change variables to another type. Ex.: Pic to Str ListToReal-Copies list elements to real vars MultiGraphs-Manipulate 16 graphs/pics without using user RAM MultiPics-Manipulate any of 256 pictures with 6 functions Xtra-Get hacked vars and tokens (like Greek alphabet)

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