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Number of files 159
Last updated Tuesday, 26 December 2017
Total downloads 1,973,628
Most popular file  Super Mario Quest v1.1.0 with 137,620 downloads.

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cfbeta189fr.zip381k17-12-26File is not ratedChrono Fantasy Beta 1 - FR - V3.37
Demos of a RPG based on different games. There is no real story but some quests and a lot of challenge! It needs a lot memory (both RAM & FLASH). FRENCH/TI-89/PATCHED version.
cfbeta189en.zip382k17-12-26File is not ratedChrono Fantasy Beta 1 - EN - V3.37
Demos of a RPG based on different games. There is no real story but some quests and a lot of challenge! It needs a lot memory (both RAM & FLASH). ENGLISH/TI-89/PATCHED version.
tetris_140.zip30k05-02-11File is not ratedTetris 1.40 (Ti89 HW1,HW2,HW3 - Ti92+ HW1,HW2)
The classical TETRIS with 1 or 2 players mode and B mode. Compatible Ti89 HW1 to HW3, Ti92+ HW1 and HW2 and maybe V200 ...
slotsk.zip2k04-08-22File is not ratedTiny Slots v.95
This small slots program takes up less than 1k on your calc, and has now been adapted for Kernal use.
sammaxalpha0.0.2.zip86k04-04-15File is not ratedSam&Max hit the road
c'est un debut de clone du celebre jeu Sam&Max hit the road. Le jeu n'est qu'en francais (sorry for english people), et ce n'est qu'une version alpha. Je la distribu car je ne pense pas continuer le jeu, mais je rique d'envoyer surement la prochaine beta sous peu (2,3 truc a regler) avec les musiques du jeu
spaceso.zip28k04-01-04File is not ratedSpace Shoot Out
Get ready, for in my opinion the best space shooter for Ti-89! This game features 6 levels with new enemies and obstacles for each. There is also a story and a shop for each level. Enemies don't just drop from the screen and stay there until you kill them all - they follow patterns specific to their type and fire differently. There is also a boss for each level with a different pattern for you to learn. It's most advanced space shooter ever!
fer3c050.zip785k03-12-24File is not ratedFer3c v0.50
An extremely fast plat-form game inspired by Mario, Sonic, Cool Spot, Earthrow Jim, Duke Nukem, Charly, Donkey. It is compatible with Ti-89, Ti-92, Ti-92 II, Ti-92+ and all ROMS & HARDWARE (If you use an extended Os of the 3rd generation). One/two/four players by link or on the same calc. You can create your own levels on calc, or using a PC editor to discover all the features of Fer3c (Such as enormous levels). Many more features.
sma041.zip240k03-12-24File is not ratedSMA v0.41
Maybe the best action game for the calculator.
kirbystiland.zip223k03-12-08File rated 8.55kirby's tiland
The copy of kirby's dreamland 1 and 2 Included an editor on calc to make level
jumpjet.zip31k03-03-04File is not ratedJumpjet v0.39D
In this game you fly a harrier around and blow stuff. Check out this 3-level preview!
halflife.zip131k02-05-27File is not ratedHalf Life rom v3.7 HW2
A TI-89 version of the Famous PC game! Sorry only in French. (Also Includes Osama Bin Laden Mod!!)
zelda89designerpak1.zip173k02-03-03File is not ratedZelda 89 Designer Pak 1
This designer pak includes a map editor and sprite editor for the popular game Zelda89. Now you can make your own worlds and levels. Enjoy. (Some Assembly Required)
tetris2.zip26k02-01-15File is not ratedTetris v1.30 [HW1 and HW2]
This is a release of Tetris 89, which works correctly on both HW1 and HW2 calculators, at the same speed, and with any AMS version (assuming that the proper kernel is installed). It is unbelievable that nobody have done such port before, but now it is done.
yoshi_hw2.zip4k02-01-01File is not rated[AMS 2.0x] Yoshi v1.0 for HW2
Yoshi v1.0 for HW2 calculators. Now grayscale works well !
pipeline_ams_2.0x.zip6k02-01-01File is not rated[AMS 2.0x] Pipeline v1.0
Pipeline v1.0 for AMS 2.0x
lander_ams_2.0x.zip11k02-01-01File is not rated[AMS 2.0x] Lander v1.0
Lander v1.0 for AMS 2.0x
diamonds_ams_2.0x.zip9k02-01-01File is not rated[AMS 2.0x] Diamonds
Diamonds for AMS 2.0x
megacar89.zip50k01-12-16File is not ratedMegaCar v2.5 [HW1 and HW2]
This release of MegaCar runs on all the calcs, at the same speed on HW1 and HW2.
falldown89.zip18k01-12-16File is not ratedFallDown v3.0 [HW1 and HW2]
This release of FallDown runs on all the calcs, at the same speed on HW1 and HW2.
bdash89.zip49k01-12-16File is not ratedBoulderDash v1.1ß7 [HW1 and HW2]
This new release of Boulder Dash now supports the both HardWares (HW1 + HW2) and all the AMS from 1.00 to 2.05 ! It also runs at the same speed on HW1 and HW2.
etch100.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedExtreme Etch-a-Sketch v1.00
A version of Etch-a-Sketch that allows you to change the size of the block that "colors" the screen. Many features to be added soon!
zeldax.zip8k01-09-30File is not ratedZelda X
A clone of the original Zelda for NES using similar graphics, maps, enemies, and gameplay.
zshw2.zip84k01-07-17File is not ratedZenith Saga HW2 Demo Release v2.2
Zenith Saga, Destination Software's first ASM RPG, makes its first appearance on the TI-89 in this fully playable demo! Being in production for over 3 years, Zenith Saga finally looks like its nearing completetion. This new demo release fixed a host of bugs...including the now infamous AMS 2.0x contrast bug.
zshw1.zip84k01-07-17File is not ratedZenith Saga HW1 Demo Release v2.2
Zenith Saga, Destination Software's first ASM RPG, makes its first appearance on the TI-89 in this fully playable demo! Being in production for over 3 years, Zenith Saga finally looks like its nearing completetion. This new demo release fixed a host of bugs...including the now infamous AMS 2.0x contrast bug.
tetris89.zip31k01-06-27File is not ratedTetris 89 v0.77c (June 23, 2001)
Tetris 89 v0.77c (June 23, 2001) [new : remade HW2, link, score]
tronf.zip8k01-06-01File is not ratedTronF version 0.10
you begin in the middle of the screen and you have to hold out the most long time you can, and then, you will change of level.
sma89.zip440k01-06-01File is not ratedSMA v0.38
The latest version of the famous Sonic Game
mev.zip20k01-03-26File is not ratedME v2.0
me is a shootem down game. Where you have to destroy the houses and ubduct the people! This game is very fun and you should download it. New features: Pause button. This game is very responsive. Game Can Now also be downloaded for DoorsOS wich is much smaller than the nostub
baballe.zip140k01-03-25File is not ratedBaballe
The same version as on ti89 but for ti92+!!!
aerox.zip20k01-03-23File is not ratedAerox Beta I Test
New Beta test of the popular Aerox game! Test and send feedback.
winux.zip172k01-02-12File is not ratedWinux Beta v0.93
n addictive game with a simple goal, don't let windows logo crash you computer, intercept them with the trash or destrcut them with bullet.
jezzball.zip12k01-02-02File is not ratedJezzBall v1.8
JezzBall for any ROM version =)
falldown.zip10k01-02-02File is not ratedFallDown v2.8
FallDown ! A great game by Thomas Fernique.
samegame.zip10k01-02-02File is not ratedSameGame v1.2
A clone of SameGame for the PC and Insane Game for the TI-85. The goal of the game is to eliminate as many tiles on the screen as possible and to do that, you have to use your brain ! Now runs with all kernels and all hardwares.
megacar.zip36k01-02-02File is not ratedMegaCar v2.0
MegaCar now runs on TI-89 and TI-92+ with any ROM version.
bigdyna.zip535k01-01-29File is not ratedBigdyna v2.2 Beta
This incredible adaptation of Bomberman features 8 worlds of 5 levels each, 17 differents ennemis, and 8 boss ! Bigdyna is running at more than 70 fps with a multidirectionnel scrolling. Bigdyna now works on HW2 calcs.
bmaze89.zip65k01-01-15File is not ratedBomberMaze68k v0.95
This is a new BomberMan-Like for the TI-68k calculators, with a lot of bonuses, a lot of levels and GFXs... Try it !
dhunt.zip20k01-01-04File is not ratedDuck Hunt
just like the original, only on a calculator
manpac.zip14k00-12-26File is not ratedManPac
This game is a pacman clone : it works on all calculators, now, (HW1, HW2, 1.xx, 2.XX ...). Manpac needs only an OS.
planejmp.zip192k00-11-26File is not ratedPlain Jump
This is the first public release, Plain Jump didn't exist on, ti-89, now it is done. There are extern level and a level documentation to build your own level. This is the first public release, so there are many things to change, but the game himself is finished
tbo.zip188k00-11-23File is not ratedTurboBreakOut68k v2.10 Final
A powerfull breakout for the TI-68k calculators (TI-89/TI-92/TI-92II/TI-92+). Now includes 3 game modes, better code, a lot of bonuses... Try it ! (For all HardWares, all ROMs version -->v2.05) (final release). It now supports TeOS, and it is smaller because I removed the menu's picture, I also no use the same font as CrockMan.
fjnpui4.zip151k00-11-18File is not ratedFjnpui4
A connect 4 with IA (english, french, german, spanish, italian)
descont.zip8k00-11-06File is not ratedDestin-Control Preview
a preview of an RTS with hands on combat. This game is uncomplete
tet_hw2.zip13k00-10-24File is not ratedTetris 89 (HW2 compatible)
This is a release of Tetris 89, which works correctly on both HW1 and HW2 calculators, and with any AMS version (assuming that the proper kernel is installed). It is unbelievable that nobody have done such port before, but now it is done.
supercar2.zip162k00-09-28File is not ratedSupercarII v0.98
For TI92/TI92II under FargoII and TI92+/TI89 under DoorsOS...
tibbles.zip20k00-09-17File is not ratedTibbles
Yet another nibbles game most people might think, but this is not just another nibbles clone. This is Tibbles, the so far best nibbles game, featuring nice graphics, many levels, 5 different speeds with a top ten for each, many settings and ofcourse included C sourcecode. for this final relese I have fixed all found bugs.
crock.zip198k00-09-17File is not ratedCrockMan v1.15 for TI-89/TI-92/TI-92II/TI-92+
A very good PacMan like for all the TI-68k calcs by Flavien Racine. It includes 16*16 sprites, 30*30 levels, a scrolling...
lem.zip102k00-09-05File is not ratedLemmings
The popular Lemmings game for the 92, 92+ and 89. This file is meant to replace the preview release for the 92.
saucers.zip5k00-09-05File is not ratedSaucers
I game with multiple saucers in 4 grey, greyscale
rtjp.zip13k00-08-28File is not ratedReturn To Jurassic Park
This game was originally made in QBasic by a friend of mine. I thought it would make a good calculator game, so I ported it using C. I did have to change a few things due to size and programmability. Other than that, it's still the same great text adventure it was five years ago.
dwarrior.zip27k00-08-23File is not ratedDragon Warrior 89 v0.5b
A Dragon Warrior-esqe RPG written in C. This version has all grayscale graphics and three external save files
pacman89.zip163k00-08-20File is not ratedPacMan v2.00 Final
The last release of PacMan68k for TI-89 and TI-92+ by Flavien Racine. The new one is cold CrockMan and you can download it at http://www.expertti.cjb.net. It includes a scrolling, 16*16 sprites and 30*30 levels.
ultraplane.zip7k00-08-15File is not ratedUltraplane v1.0
Move your plane through the walls comming if front of you to avoid collision.
painter.zip13k00-07-28File is not ratedPainter v2.0
New version of painter, with file saving, compression.
moonbugs.zip8k00-06-27File is not ratedMoonBugs v1.0 Beta
Space shooter with a twist.
expc4.zip7k00-06-27File is not ratedExploding Connect 4
Everyone know the classic game Connect 4... This one also has 3 types of explosives, 2 AI's, and a 30-sec turn timer!
quest.zip65k00-06-27File is not ratedQuest v1.0
This is a (very) cool mod of Phoenix that you should definitely see! ALL NEW SHIPS, GUNS, LEVELS, AND BOSSES! *A New "IMPOSSIBLE" Difficulty that is extremely tough!* It runs fine on all new shells. Just give it a try - you'll probably like it better than Phoenix...
solarstr.zip248k00-06-26File is not ratedSolarStriker v1.00 Final
This is a shoot'em up like Tyrian or Xenon. It features grayscales graphics, triple parallax scrolling, huges sprites with complexes animations, all of this running at a high frame rate (27 fps min.). Includes support for externals levels and a complete documentation.
monkey.zip95k00-06-17File is not ratedMonkey Island v0.1 Beta 1
It's like the original on amiga, atari, pc...
connect4.zip5k00-06-12File is not ratedConnect 4
Everyone knows Connect 4! This version has been optimized and reduced to about a third the size!
polux.zip76k00-06-12File is not ratedPOLUX 89
It's a Phoenix modification ...
starwars.zip57k00-05-24File is not ratedStar War 89 TC
The long awaited 5.2 MOD of PHX
phxhappy.zip64k00-05-15File is not ratedHappy Face
Modification of Phoenix 5.2 to 'Happy Face' themed sprites.
punchout89.zip3k00-05-12File is not ratedPunchout 89 Demo
Punchout Demo for ti-89. No enemy or background yet....
beehunt.zip1k00-05-12File is not ratedBeeHunt
Use your Oozie or Sniper Rifle to shoot the bee!
etch.zip1k00-05-09File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch
A slightly improved version of Etch-A-Sketch
minehunt_s.zip9k00-05-03File is not ratedMineHunt_S v1.2
A minehunt with options (size and number of mines) in grayscale
game.zip4k00-04-28File is not ratedGame!
ok, no biggy. there is one enemy that moves, you have to shoot him. you can move. yea, i know. loads of fun. this "game" was made for me, to help me catch on to the basics of assembly. i in no way think you should actually try to get one ounce of fun out of this "game" because youll just end up hurting yourself. source is included, and should help some beginners at assembly.
bomb89.zip119k00-04-28File is not ratedBomberman 89
This is a clone of the gameboy version of bomberman. It has many levels, many badies, and power ups. Now works on all rom versions of the 89 and 92+ with the newest doors! Paul Boswell coded game. Flavien Racine fixed contrast bug. Elliot Olney distributed game.
tibox.zip1k00-04-21File is not ratedTI-Boxing Demo
Boxing demo about 5 hours into the making. Just a few moves and graphics. Thanks to David Bowland for showing me how to use the 2nd button! (i forgot to include that in the readme)
nibelz.zip12k00-04-05File is not ratedNiblez v1.1
It's a NIBBLES-LIKE programmed by STF for the TI89 compiled for DOORSOS. At the end of some levels, you will have some cheat codes.
jezzbl.zip68k00-04-04File is not ratedJezzball v2.2
Jezzball, automatically converted from ZShell version by Source Guru
lunoid.zip52k00-04-04File is not ratedLunoid v7.2
Arkanoid-likee game, automatically converted from ZShell version by Source Guru
galaxian.zip84k00-04-04File is not ratedGalaxian v3.0
Shoot-em-up game, automatically converted from Usgard version by Source Guru
pacman.zip168k00-04-04File is not ratedPacman v1.8
Now external sprites, stored in the level string so build your own levels, with your own GFXs looks at free RAM, and see if there is enough (~20 Kb) it doesn't crash anymore if there isn't enough, there is just an error message. Keyboard's routines improvement : this must now be perfect ! :) A loading level big bug fixed French version, so if you wanna learn french... Changed some gfx
bomber.zip147k00-04-04File is not ratedBomberBoy v1.2
Bomber 89 v1.2
smq.zip36k00-04-02File rated 8.64Super Mario Quest v1.1.0
The begin-all and end-all Mario clone for TI-89 and TI-92 Plus (DoorsOS and PlusShell)
rpg89.zip1k00-03-28File is not ratedRPG Maker 89 v0.01 Alpha
An RPG creation system for the ti89 calc
topskater.zip5k00-03-28File is not ratedTopskater v2.1
You are a skateboarder and have to do tricks to get the maximum of points. New : high score :
tatou.zip1k00-03-28File is not ratedTatou v0.1
This is a beta version of the game. You are a small ball and you have to pick things before exit of the maze...
diamonds.zip5k00-03-23File is not ratedDiamonds v0.5
The blocks with a cross in them kill you. The blocks that are half black with a pattern change the type of diamond you can get to that pattern. The diamonds with the thin border you must get first or lose a life to get. The diamonds with the thick border you must get last. The mostly black blocks with a few dots do nothing except stop the ball from going in that direction. The blocks with the two arrows switches the direction that the arrow keys move the ball. Lastly, there are lock and key blocks; you must get the key before you can get the lock (you can only have one key at a time).
arkademo_20x.zip8k00-03-19File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Arkademo
Arkademo for AMS 2.0x
frogger_20x.zip12k00-03-19File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Frogger
Frogger for AMS 2.0x
yoshi_20x.zip4k00-03-18File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Yoshi89
Yoshi89 for AMS 2.0x
fer3c_20x.zip61k00-03-18File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Fer3c
Fer3c for AMS 2.0x
tunnel89.zip6k00-03-18File is not ratedTunnel v1.6
Tunnel for the TI-89. features 3 difficulty levels, and a high score table for each.
le_yahtzee.zip11k00-03-15File is not ratedYahtzee
a dice game
timebomb89.zip8k00-03-12File is not ratedTimebomb v1.0
a timebomb game
kairirpg.zip43k00-03-04File is not ratedKairi's Quest Demo v.002
Second demo of a new ti-89 RPG in the works by Lazy Bum Software
mrbd.zip12k00-03-02File is not ratedMarienbad v1.1
A puzzle game with artificial intelligence
slot.zip6k00-03-01File is not ratedSlot v1.2
This little slot game a sort of ASM learning program ( like "Hello" ) : I don't think the game is that fun , but the code is worth seeing !
trapped.zip9k00-02-02File is not ratedTrapped
An original game in which you are the main character. You are locked inside an abandoned mansion and must find your way out or perish.
duckhunt2.zip20k00-01-29File is not ratedPrEsTon's Duck Hunt
The best duckhunt game of all time (excluding the original)
duckhunt.zip4k00-01-29File is not ratedDuckHunt v1.10
A Major Improvement Since The Last Version. Background, Cooler Aiming Sight, Better Looking Duck, Random Duck Movement, Spead Tweak, Random Clouds...
pong.zip26k00-01-16File is not ratedPong v0.3 Beta
The original game of Pong.
explod3t.zip14k00-01-15File is not ratedExploding Tic Tac Toe v1.0
TicTacToe with Explosives! There are three games: Normal, Mutating Explosive, and Bombs Away. Mutating Explosive is when there is a bomb that turns into X or O and Bombs Away is when computer randomly blows pieces off the board.
boom.zip2k00-01-15File is not ratedBoom
A 'Port' Of The TI-86 Game, Boom By Bruce Herr 2. Same Graphics, Only Greyscale And Faster...
avalanche.zip9k00-01-15File is not ratedAvalanche
A 'Port' Of The Ti-82 Version, Where You Dodge The Falling Ice. In My Version, The Ice Gets Bigger And Faster...
tetris.zip13k99-12-31File is not rated[DoorsOS II] Tetris v0.73
Tetris ported to DoorsOS II
snoboard.zip20k99-12-31File is not ratedSnoboard 2000
First snowboarding game for the TI-89. Written in C, this program is a fun way to experience virtual snowboarding.
kwirk_20x.zip26k99-12-30File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Kwirk v1.01
Kwirk for AMS2.0X (also works for 1.0x)
ti-gun.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedTIGun v2.0
Game that takes the screen before the program was run and allows you to shoot holes in it.
bg.zip3k99-12-25File is not ratedBored Generation
A 'Port' Of the Ti-86 Version. Includes Both An Asm And BASIC Version. This Way, To Can Compare The Two Languages. Jump The Trash Cans. You Have Three Moves Which You Can Execute.
falldown_20x.zip2k99-12-12File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Falldown v0.1
bd_20x.zip7k99-12-12File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] BoulderDash v1.1b5
tnd.zip100k99-12-12File is not ratedThe Next Dimension v1.5
Grayscale Action, Sidescroller where you are a lost astronaut that needs to defeat aliens. Along your journeys you will encounter many enemies and will find a gun and grenades. Fight off the evil aliens and try to save mankind.
tetris89_20x.zip5k99-12-12File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Tetris 89 v0.71 w/libraries
AMS v2.0x compatible tetris with kernel libraries.
dstar_20x.zip6k99-12-12File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] DStar89 v1.1
Dstar89 is a puzzle game. Its goal is very simple: you have
drm_20x.zip14k99-12-12File is not rated[AMS v2.0x] Dr Mario v1.0
Dr Mario is a puzzle game similar to Tetris. Dr Mario exists for the Nintendo as well.
jonmine.zip21k99-12-07File is not ratedJon Mine v0.8
A menu based minesweeper clone. Easy to learn. Includes well documented source code.
as.zip7k99-11-02File is not ratedAsteroids! v2.1
Asteroids! v2.1 new version with "hyperspace" feature, works for final doors os also.
whiplash.zip3k99-10-15File is not ratedWhiplash Racing v1.0
Fast action racing with 7 tracks.
crapong.zip6k99-10-14File is not ratedCraPong! v2.21
A one-player combat pong game with 5 speed settings.
ski89.zip16k99-10-13File is not ratedSki 89
battle.zip3k99-10-10File is not ratedBattle Alpha
Demo/alpha of a 3d vector game I'm working on. Graphics are wireframe.
yoshi.zip4k99-09-28File is not ratedYoshi v1.0
A fun, fast paced, greyscale puzzle game.
supcar.zip16k99-09-20File is not ratedSuperCar v1.0
A greatly changed version of MegaCar.
stron89m.zip18k99-09-20File is not ratedSuper TRON 89 v1.1 (Modified)
Modified version of Super TRON 89 with added 360-degree control mode.
spong.zip9k99-09-06File is not ratedSuper Pong v1.1
A game which uses the concept of one of the first video games.
naval.zip15k99-09-01File is not ratedNaval v1.0 Beta
A naval battle clone.
swoth.zip37k99-08-26File is not ratedStar Wars Othello 89 v1.0
An Othello game in which you can play against eight Star Wars characters or against a 'neutral' opponent or another human player.
sf2t.zip1098k99-08-26File rated 7.13Street Fighter II v1.0 Beta
An advanced fighting game for 68k calculators.
othello.zip6k99-08-20File is not ratedOthello v1.0
labyr.zip6k99-08-20File is not ratedLabyr v1.0
A puzzle game like sokoban except with the addition of gravity.
dmaster.zip5k99-08-17File is not ratedDiamond Master! v1.0
A fun puzzle game that requires strategy, skill, and a little luck. Make the diamonds disappear before the board fills up!
pokemon.zip23k99-06-27File is not ratedPokemon 89
Based on the popular Nintendo Gameboy game
killbill.zip10k99-06-26File is not ratedKill Bill!
A shooting game
pui4.zip4k99-05-18File is not ratedPuissance 4
Connect 4 with link support.
movem.zip5k99-05-08File is not ratedTI-Movem89
fi.zip6k99-04-22File is not ratedFInvaders89 v1.0
Space Invaders clone for the TI-89.
crossword.zip4k99-04-20File is not ratedCrossword Puzzle
Crossword puzzle program.
breakout.zip3k99-03-25File is not ratedBreakout v0.1
pipeline.zip6k99-03-15File is not ratedPipeLine
Guess ...
nibble89.zip12k99-03-15File is not ratedNibble89 v1.1
New version of Nibble89
slippy.zip10k99-02-24File is not ratedSlippy v1.1
reflexion game : push box for eat fish...
tictacto.zip7k99-02-03File is not ratedTic Tac Toe
cyberbox.zip68k99-02-03File is not ratedCyberbox v1.0 and Level Editor v1.0
A puzzle game
kwirk.zip22k99-02-03File is not ratedKwirk v1.01
fer3c.zip369k99-02-03File is not ratedFernando 3-C and Level Editor v0.29
Fernando 3-C and Level Editor Release v0.29
frogger.zip12k99-01-08File is not ratedFrogger v1.0
A frogger game
apuzzle.zip18k99-01-08File is not ratedA Puzzle v1.0 and Level Editor v1.0
A game with action and reflexion
button.zip2k99-01-01File is not ratedMogsoft's Secret Button v1.0
A simple trick to try on your friends at school This program contains well documented source code, and is designed to help people new at 68k asm learn the ropes.
columns.zip16k99-01-01File is not ratedColumns v1.0
A columns game
drmario.zip14k99-01-01File is not ratedDr Mario v1.0
Dr Mario is a clone of the popular GB game. It s almost like Tetris, but the object is to destroy all viruses displayed on screen.
dstar.zip6k99-01-01File is not ratedDStar89 v1.1
New version of DStar with save
lander.zip7k99-01-01File is not ratedLander v1.0
A lander game
loyd.zip14k99-01-01File is not ratedLoyd v1.1
New version with new pictures
sokoban.zip244k99-01-01File is not ratedSokoban v1.2 and Level Editor
New version of sokoban
tunnel.zip5k99-01-01File is not ratedTunnel v1.0
Tunnel for the 89
tunnl.zip1k99-01-01File is not ratedTunnl v0.1 Alpha
vexed.zip38k99-01-01File is not ratedVexed v1.0 and Level Editor
light.zip4k98-12-01File is not ratedLight v1.0
A puzzle game with sound
hanoi.zip7k98-12-01File is not ratedTower of Hanoi v1.1
The new version of the Tower of Hanoi
demine.zip20k98-12-01File is not ratedDemine v1.0
A mine seeker game
stron89.zip16k98-11-21File is not ratedSuper TRON 89 v1.1
morpion.zip3k98-11-16File is not ratedMorpion v1.0
A morpion like game
bd.zip26k98-11-16File is not ratedBoulderDash v1.1 Beta 5
Jimmy Mardell s BoulderDash for TI92 ported to TI89
mario.zip33k98-10-18File is not ratedMario89 v2.0
A mario clone game that features game saving/loading, external levels, and a map editor. Required libraries: hexlib, util.
tron89.zip9k98-10-18File is not ratedTron89 v1.1
A two-player tron game. Features five different speed levels. Required libraries: util.

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