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DuckHunt v1.10


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Filename duckhunt.zip (Download)
Title DuckHunt v1.10
Description A Major Improvement Since The Last Version. Background, Cooler Aiming Sight, Better Looking Duck, Random Duck Movement, Spead Tweak, Random Clouds...
Author David Bowland (god-mail@juno.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Kernel)
File Size 4,191 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jan 29 17:06:19 2000
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Doug Kay
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 5/10 You master the game fairly quickly.
Controls: 7/10 Can't move the target diagonally :(
Implementation: 5/10 I liked the 83 version better.
Overall: 5/10 DH games are not good for calc's.

Remember Duck Hunt for the TI-83? Well prepare for a blast from the past; actually, maybe something a little weaker than a blast. How about a soft punch from the past? Anyway, this game is different in some ways and the same in some ways (from the 83 version). Honestly though, I liked the 83 version better. I know it's shocking, but let me explain...

Let us all remember that this game is for the 89. After reading the description (read it if you have not done so) and knowing the glorious capabilities of the 89, one would think that he/she (apparently a lot more "he's" according to the latest ticalc.org survey) is in for some intense duck destroying action. This is not the case. I am going to analyze the description up top subject by subject.

When the author says that there is a background, there is no real shock; of course there should be a background. But when you SEE the background for the first time, there is a shock; a shock of disappointment. There is only ONE shade of gray scale on the entire screen. Everything else is black and white. The backgound graphics include some "true-to-the-original" trees, a sad looking bush, and some even sadder looking clouds. No extreme eye-candy in this game.

A cooler aiming sight (I am guessing he means crosshair)?! What's so special about a circle with a cross in it? And this makes you wonder how bad the original crosshair had to be in order for the new one to be 'cooler'.

Granted, the duck MAY look good, but you will never know because the duck is so blurry as it moves across the screen. The duck could be a blob and nobody would be able to tell the difference.

The random duck movement is a somewhat interesting feature. Instead of the normal mode you can play, in which the duck moves with geometrically predictable right angles to the walls, the random duck moves...you guessed it...randomly! It adds a little more difficulty and enjoyment to the game, but it's nothing groundbreaking.

A speed tweak? I guess he means that you can change the speed of the duck. So what?

Two poorly drawn clouds appear in random places in the sky after each new level. Again...so what?

OK, I am done analyzing the description. Let me add some things of my own. I noticed that one of the major differences between this game and the 83 version was the movement of the crosshair. In this version, the crosshair moves slower than the duck, which adds some difficulty because it adds the element of timing. In the 83 version, the crosshair moves as fast as the duck, so you really had to be a degenerate in order to lose. The other difference with the crosshair is that it can't move diagonally. In the 83 version (I'm pretty sure) you could press two of the arrows, such as the up and right ones, and the crosshair would move in a northeasterly direction.

To conclude here, I personally think that Duck Hunt type games for the calculator are a dead end road. After all, the only joy extracted from the Nintendo version was the fact that you had a real gun* in which you needed to aim (Well, that and the dog popping up after you shot a duck). If you were forced to use the direction pad, the game would have never been as big a hit as it was. So, until Texas Instruments comes out with a TI-Blaster, you Duck Hunt programmers need to find a different genre.


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