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ace.zip1k24-05-28File is not ratedAce the Lightning Dog Math by Harper C
Calculates the speed of Ace the Lightning Dog or any dog given the length of a race course in feet and the time in seconds it takes to run! (in Miles Per Hour and Kilometers Per Hour)
moth.zip1k24-05-08File is not ratedFuzzy Moth Math by Payson
Calculates how many moths you will have in a certain number of weeks given how many moths you have now.
code.zip1k23-10-19File is not ratedRandom Code Maker by Buzzy Bee
Simple program that generates 26 random numbers for each letter of the alphabet to make codes!
galaxy.zip1k23-10-19File is not ratedGalaxy Math by Reese Turra
Simple program that calculates the time in seconds it takes light to travel a certain distance in feet.
vgm.zip1k23-09-13File is not ratedVideo Game Math by Logan Thimm
Enter the number of hours of video game play. Program calculates the number of math problems the video game performs per second!
turbo.zip1k23-09-13File is not ratedTurbo Math by Katherine D
Calculates how much money you will have if you save a certain amount each day and how long you want to save. You enter the expected interest rate.
mermaid.zip1k23-09-13File is not ratedMermaid Math by Nina O
Converts a Mermaid's speed in miles per hour to meters per seconds, inches per second, kilometers per hour, feet per second, and knots. Fun conversion program.
hwheels.zip1k23-08-24File is not ratedHot Wheels Math by Buzzy Bee
Calculates the speed of your Hot Wheel and number of wheel rotations for a given course. Also calculates the real life speed of your Hot Wheel!
axolotl.zip1k23-08-24File is not ratedAxolotl Math by Barrett Delaney
Calculates how many Axolotls you will have after entering a beginning amount and rate of growth. (compound growth!)
unicorn.zip1k23-08-20File is not ratedUnicorn Math by Margaret H
Calculates how many Unicorns it would take to reach the Moon and the time it takes for the Unicorn to fly there given the Unicorn's height in feet and speed in miles per hour.
orca.zip1k23-08-20File is not ratedOrca Math by Reese Turra
Calculates the time it takes for an Orca whale to reach a certain distance and depth using Pythagorean Theorem and Distance = Speed x Time.
rabbitt1.zip1k23-08-10File is not ratedBunny Bounce by Luke D
Calculates how many hops and time it takes for a rabbit to travel a given distance!
skate.zip1k22-06-09File is not ratedLily Gill's Skateboard Calculator
Input a skateboard's wheel diameter, speed, and distance and the program calculates number of wheel revolutions and revolutions per second at top speed.
lego.zip1k22-03-06File is not ratedWyatt O's Lego Program
Calculates the number of standard Lego bricks that would fit in any room, box, etc after entering the length, width, and height of the room or box.
e.zip1k22-03-06File is not ratedColin W's Program for Euler's Number e
Estimates Euler's famous number e for any value of n (number of compounding periods).
pumpkin2.zip1k21-11-19File is not ratedKatharine D Pumpkin Math
Calculates surface area and weight in pounds of a pumpkin.
pumpkin.zip1k21-10-11File is not ratedKatherine D's Pumpkin Math
Calculates a Pumpkin's Weight, Surface Area, and Volume. You only have to enter the Pumpkin's radius!
apportionment.zip1k21-05-17File is not ratedApportionment Systems
A program to apportion an arbitrary number of votes among an arbitrary number of districts. Supports Hamilton's method, Jefferson's method, Adams' method, Webster's method, and the Huntington-Hill method.
abacus.zip1k21-02-10File is not ratedAbacus
This is an abacus program crammed in under 400 bytes, to both demonstrate the power of an old counting aid and to garner cheap laughs with the irony of emulating an ancient math tool on a modern math tool. This version uses ~150 fewer bytes than the previous one. (RoccoLox Programs gave me useful pointers to figure that out!) Uses variables: A, B, C, H, L1, GDB1
calcaire.zip1k20-05-04File is not ratedCALCAIRE
CALCAIRE (pronounced "calc err") is a TI-Basic program that seems to print a random number and exit. But then each time you type a calculation you get a result that seems correct but that is wrong. This program is in fact still running and is cleverly messing with the results; it will truly exit when you input the value 0. See the screenshots below where no computation result is correct.
lists.zip2k20-04-20File is not ratedLists
Lists is a simple basic program that uses the calculator's pictures to store text that the program has you enter. You can have up to five lists stored at one time and each list has a title and can have up to 9 items entered into it. When creating a list the program will ask you enter a title and at least one item. Items can be added and removed from any list you create and you can delete a list just by hitting DEL. A pretty neat and easy to use program to try out.
typetest84.zip8k18-08-03File is not ratedTyping Speed Test
This is a typing test to measure how quickly you can type on the TI-84 keyboard. It includes 9 different passages, each over 100 words.
qr.zip3k18-07-23File is not ratedTiQR-B, a QR code encoder written in TI-BASIC
This is a program for encoding QR codes (only Version 1 as of now, up to 17 characters of text). Tested to work on TI-84+SE in an emulator and a real TI-84+CE.
angle2.zip6k17-09-27File is not ratedAngle of View
ANGLE2: Do you have a camera and want to know its angle of view? Or do you just want to know what a specific angle looks like. Then this is a program for you. First you choose whether to enter values for the formula: 2*arctan(sensor size /(2*focal length))= angle of view, or if you want to enter the angle right away. By sensor size is ment the horizontal size of the sensor in mm, if you want to know the horizontal angle. If you want to know the diagonal angle you enter square root of the horizontal side to the power of two, plus the diagonal side to the power of two. ( sqr( s1^2 + s2^2) Pythagoras formula ). Then you enter the focal length in mm. The program then draws a circle sector with that angle. ANGLE3: This program can take several sets of values. It uses a list to host them. After you’ve entered them the program draws up the data one by one on the screen. OPTICS: This program lets you choose an unknown from focal length: F, size of sensor: S, or angle: A. There are three formulas in it, one for each constant.
flagmaker.zip9k17-08-11File is not ratedFlagMaker
This program provides the necessary measurements for anyone wishing to create an American flag from scratch. Using the same formula as government contractors, FlagMaker supplies proportional dimensions that can be used with any unit of measure.
linsysde.zip1k17-07-09File is not ratedLINSYSDE
This program will generate a phase plot for a linear constant coefficient 2 x 2 system of differential equations. Please read the accompanying documentation for further information. Enjoy!
abba84p.zip5k17-07-09File is not rated[Minecraft] Abba Caving Calculator
Abba caving is an event done in Minecraft where the event handler finds a cave that looks like it will span down to level 15 or lower, and has users join them on a caving quest for a limited amount of time. The goal is to gather ores for various types (like diamonds, emeralds, lapis, gold, etc) and when the time limit hits, return back to the start point and the items get dumped into a chest for that player, where it gets counted and points awarded. After several such events that has been held on the Cemetech MC server, and having difficulties getting values sorted, this project was devised to speed getting scores for each player in the event, and to provide an accurate value of such. This program also comes with a timer that you can adjust from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, so you don't have to track time yourself. Happy caving!
inter85.zip1k16-11-05File is not ratedinter85
A simple and quick LINEAR interpolation program for TI83/84 based on the TI85 "INTER" program. Enter X1,Y1,X2,Y2,X and out comes the result for Y. This is easier than using the STAT button and going through the different menus. Good for looking up in-between values for thermodynamics tables etc.
youareawesome.zip1k16-07-05File is not ratedYOU ARE AWESOME :D
You need more awesome in your life! Gives you the awesome face and a compliment. Details in the readme. Based off the Google Chrome extension which can be found here (you have to be in Chrome): https://goo.gl/6Vuzy
gen649.zip1k16-01-18File is not rated6/49 Generator
This is the 6/49 generator. If you're to lazy or don't want to create your own lottery numbers, this program will do it for you. Programme aussi disponible en français
bordavoting.zip1k14-12-21File is not ratedBorda Voting
This program will compute scores for candidates based on a standard ranking using the Borda Voting method. Enjoy!
lovecalculator.zip1k14-03-16File is not ratedLove Calculator by Josiah W
Finally, see who your soul mate is! This program calculates the chance of love between any two people. Recommended for ammunition for gossip and rumors.
sinclairweightlifting.zip1k13-11-16File is not ratedSinclair Weightlifting
This program will produce the Sinclair coefficient and the Sinclair total used in professional weightlifting and Olympic weightlifting competitions for ranking purposes. Enjoy!
midelast.zip1k13-09-20File is not ratedMidpoint Elasticity
A is Q1 B is P1 C is Q2 D is P2 Instructions are provided in the program.
listelementremoval.zip1k13-08-08File is not ratedList Element Removal
This program will remove elements from a list. Users may remove a specific value, specific elements based on location in the list or separate a list of integers into even and odd values. Enjoy!
latheassisstant.zip5k13-07-07File is not ratedLathe Assistant
This program guides a metal lathe operator in turning to a specific diameter. Details of the program can be found at http://rick DOT sparber DOT org/LAT DOT pdf My programming style is to keep things as simple as possible. I use no programming tricks that save memory or real time. The code is heavily commented. A large, but not exhaustive, list of regression tests are included in the article. Although this program is rather large, it runs much faster than necessary. I continue to tinker with the program as I find new special cases.
pelidisi.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedPelidisi
This program will compute the pelidisi (using an older formula) of a person. Great for people interested in health sciences. Enjoy!
maxrep.zip1k13-06-18File is not ratedMax Rep
This program will output the theoretical 1 rep maximum weight for weight lifters and power lifters. The user inputs the weight lifted (W) and the number of reps (R). The program will output the results from 7 different formulas. Enjoy!
apdoptions.zip2k13-05-12File is not ratedTurn APD On or Off
This BASIC/Asm combo program allows you to turn on or off the Automatic Power Down function. Long Desc: (The readme file) Project: APD Options Date: 5/11/2013-5/11/2013 Authors: [Cemetech.net Usernames] willwac, parrotgeek1 [TICalc.org Usernames] calc.bugs, ??? Files: APDOFF.8xp (Asm) APDON.8xp (ASM) APDTOGLE.8xp (BASIC) APDTOGLE_Group.8xg (Group file) NOTICE.txt (This readme file) Long Desc. This will turn on or off the APD (Automatic Power Down) function on the TI-84+ Calculators. How to use: 1)Send APDTOGLE_Group to your calc, you don't have to send the programs themselves, thats just there is you loose the group file. 2)Ungroup APDTOGLE 3) For general users: run prgmAPDTOGLE, for BASIC prgrammers: :Asm(prgmAPDON) This will turn APD on. OR :Asm(prgmAPDOFF) This will turn APD off. Bugs? Send me an email at newcoolpc.org@gmail.com Suggestions? Send me an email at newcoolpc.org@gmail.com, or visit: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=204683#204683 Comments? Visit: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=204683#204683
phrase.zip2k13-03-19File is not ratedPhrase
This program generates a random phrase for your calc. based on the idea of the Nikky Simulator for 68K calcs.
lean.zip1k12-12-21File is not ratedLean
This program will compute a male's or female's BMI and lean body weight. Great for health sciences and intro math modeling classes. Enjoy!
cameraint.zip1k12-11-16File is not ratedTI-83/84 Camera Intervalometer
A simple program to use your calculator as an intervalometer for your camera with a 2.5mm remote plug. Tested on the Canon EOS 300D, T2i and T3i and with the TI-83, TI-83+, TI-84 and TI-84+ SE.
ocarrol.zip1k12-04-25File is not ratedO'Carrol's Formula
This program computes a weightlifter's handicap. The program asks for the weight lifted (w) and the person's weight (b) in pounds. The program outputs the handicap. Enjoy!
wincalc.zip1k12-01-15File is not ratedbinary converter
it is similar to windows programmer view on windows 7, it is in its beta testing phase, so expect many updates
pack.zip8k12-01-02File is not ratedTech's BASIC pack
A pack of my favorite programs. Extensive details are included inside.
2persongames.zip1k11-10-21File is not rated2 Person Mixed Strategy
This program will compute the optimal strategies for a 2 x 2 matrix game. It will also compute the value of the game. It does NOT handle strictly determined games, only mixed strategies and only 2 x 2 scenarios. Enjoy!
randtest83plus.zip1k11-10-11File is not ratedrandTest 83 Plus
This program is used to find a bias in the calculator's random number generator. Handles up to 999 samples in v1.0. Also displays deviation from 0.5.
wilsonlotsizeformula.zip1k11-07-08File is not ratedWilson's Lot Size Formula
This is a program for Wilson's Lot Size Formula.
contrastversion1.0.zip1k11-06-27File is not ratedContrast Version 1.0
This is a simple program that allows you to change the Contrast. It was made manly to test the DCS GUI Basic Lib. DoorsCS is required!
quickcount.zip1k11-01-24File is not ratedQuick Count
This is a counting program which counts really fast and displays the number in the middle of the screen. Press [Enter] to pause it or [Clear] to stop it.
matrixqs.zip3k10-12-25File is not ratedMATRIX quotes
A program that displays a random Matrix quote. Features 30 memorable matrix quotes, as well as a few animations to complement the program.
confucis.zip9k10-12-23File is not ratedConfucius Say...
Confucius Say: The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Hold the wit and wisdom of one of the greatest philosophers of all time in the palm of your hand! This program features over 50 randomly chosen Confucius quotes with a simple and attractive background.
alltibasicprograms.zip18k10-11-17File is not ratedAll TI-BASIC Programs
This .zip file contains the latest update of all of my TI-BASIC programs
bookofti.zip5k10-11-09File is not ratedBook of TI
Like on this website. (use search bar.)
electora.zip3k10-11-09File is not ratedElectoral Vote Program With 2010 Election Results
This is the updated Electoral Vote Program with the November 2010 Election results included in this program
electoracompact.zip2k10-08-29File is not ratedElectoral Vote Program 2010 Compact
This program is a more compact program than the Electoral Vote 2010 program. It tells you the electoral votes each state has according to the 2000 census (the most recent census as of 8/28/10), the party that won the 2008 presidential election in each state and the the percentage of votes the winning party got in each state in 2008. The candidates in this election were President Barak H. Obama (Democrat) and John S. McCain (Republican). President Obama won the 2008 election.
look.zip1k10-07-01File is not ratedLook Around You
This is the program used in the British show "Look Around You," a spoof of early educational programs. Also compatible with TI-82 and TI-83.
wm_table.zip2k10-06-27File is not ratedWorld Cup fixtures
A must-have for the Worldcup 2010 in South Africa! It shows you the quaterfinal, semifinal and final match. The teams are saved into the prog, you must only select them and input the match results. NEW: Lists with the actual matches are included. Please transfer only them to your calc if you have already this prog.
randomprogram.zip1k10-05-02File is not ratedRandomPrograms
Contains: an angle converter (deg to/from rad), distance formula, quadratic function, and a cool screen saver. This is the first program I have shared thus far and I would really appreciate some feedback.
nettrafficcalc_83_83_84.zip35k10-05-02File is not ratedNetTrafficCalc
Network Traffic Calculator. The programm can calculate how long a transmission will last, how much data can be transmitted in a certain time and what the bandwidth of a certain transmission is.
somecoolprograms.zip4k10-04-29File is not ratedSome Cool Programs
This includes some cool programs I have made in the past few months. They are pretty basic but they have potential to be better with editing of the code. All files are editable. It includes a quadratic solver, a command prompt program and others. There is also an application that includes all the files in it.
balsa.zip1k10-03-31File is not ratedBalsa computer
This program takes basic measurements and calculates the mass of the finished balsa structure.
coolprgm.zip1k10-03-29File is not ratedScreensavers/Animations
2 animations, 1 screensaver, 1 stopwatch
let2bin.zip1k10-03-14File is not ratedWord to binary converter
Takes a word (up to nine letters) and converts it to binary code. Only problem is you have to type it in one letter at time.
infinity.zip1k10-02-28File is not ratedInfinity
An excellent way to pass time. Displays increasing numbers on the screen, which, theoretically, should go to infinity.
tada.zip24k10-02-02File is not ratedEverything
See the included README. Has games, math programs, science programs, a tax calculator, and 2 pranks.
tutorial.zip2k10-01-01File is not ratedaTutrl
This is a small tutorial with more to come. I wrote this in my spare time when I was bored.
lostswancomputer.zip1k09-12-10File is not ratedLOST Swan Computer
The LOST Swan Computer is a must have for all LOST fans! Now you can have the computer from the Dharma Initiative's Swan station (the hatch) on your TI calculator. Type in the numbers, press Execute (Enter), and "save the world"!!!!!
ipv4calc_83_83_84.zip91k09-11-06File is not ratedIPv4Calc
IPv4 address calculator. With an IPv4 address and netmask or suffix the program calculates the network address, broadcast address, netmask, suffix (CIDR), network class, first host address, last host address, number hosts and number of networks.
elasticity.zip1k09-10-27File is not ratedElasticity Calculation
In ecomonics, elasticity is used to measure the % change of quantity divided by the % change in price. Enter p1,q1,p2,q2, and solve for the elasticity using the midpoint formula, in which going from point 1 to 2 gives the same results as going from point 2 to 1.
steveosuselessvendingmach.zip12k09-10-19File is not ratedSteve-O's Useless Vending Machine Data
This is a BASIC program that displays a lot of acquired vending machine data in the form of various graphs. Useless information, I know. I was bored.
symbolusageassisters.zip1k09-08-26File is not ratedSymbols
YUKI's program to use symbols crashing your calc? Here's two BASIC versions - one with added progress bars for show - that won't
ronnybundle3.zip10k09-08-24File is not ratedRonny's program pack 3
The 3rd most awesome program pack. It contains 3 puzzle games including minesweeper with auto reveal and Mancala with an AI that beats its creator!!! many other cool programs included.
ronnybundle2.zip9k09-08-23File is not ratedRonny's Program pack 2
Part 2 of my program packs. Once again, it contains many programs of all types.
ronnybundle1.zip8k09-08-21File is not ratedRonny's Program Pack 1
Part 1 of my program packs. It contains 4 finished games and many other programs of all types.
sven.zip346k09-06-12File is not ratedSvens Stuff
This is a bundle of all of the random stuff I have made throughout the year.Take it,use it,do whatever.Some stuff appears multiple times and most of the programs use a library.All of the neccessary libraries are included.Have fun with the mini games.
ti83avtools.zip3k09-06-05File is not ratedTI-83 Aviation Suite
A set of programs to assist in preflight planning. Included is an E6-B wind calculator, distance/time calculator, fuel endurance, fuel used, crosswind calculator, and reciprocal angle calculator. Please read the included readme file for more information.
test.zip2k09-04-28File is not ratedAptitude Test
well to put it simply its jsut a fun little ten question test, you think you can get them all right on the first try? pretty sure not :P its a simple test, try and try to score more than 60% on the first try. And is there any math? 1 question lol and its really easy
hdtvcalc.zip1k09-03-27File is not ratedHDTV Screen Resolution Calculator
Cool program that asks for the diagonal length (assuming Widescreen format)and lines of resolution (1080,etc) and outputs the area of the screen, the number of pixels on the screen, and pixels per square inch.
cmfychar.zip1k08-12-13File is not ratedComfy Chair
It's just a representation of the Comfy Chair sketch by Monty Python.
mood.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedMood Control
Tired, happy or sad? Mood Control will try to change your emotions to suit your needs!
elect08.zip3k08-11-30File is not ratedElection 2008
Fun program with a quiz and info on the 2008 candidates. It'll be obsolete in a week, but the source is pretty good for you BASIC amateurs...
reapexshelperprogram.zip3k08-09-16File is not ratedReapex's Helper Program V1.0
Well, this has it all. Programs, time, password protection. Unfortunately, it is almost 6.5 KB. If someone could bother to help me with optimization of the code, contact me and help away!
amaze.zip7k08-09-15File is not ratedAMaze!
A basic Maze generator/solver program. Program is self explainatory, you can either generate a random maze, or create your own. Watch the AI solve it! Note for now, just a basic AI solving engine, with a few optimizations only. Future versions may include an algorithm selector.
opashyti83plus.8xo.zip5k08-08-24File is not ratedOpashy 8-3
Go to opashy.ning.com to see information.
androidbeta.zip13k08-08-11File is not ratedGoogle Andriod Beta
**84 Version*** Google Andriod comes with: barcode generator, a chat program, dos, internet explorer, ipconfig, ipod emulator, notepad, password with password changer, scandick utilty and tetris game. P.S. Comes loaded by default My Chemical Romance Wallpaper. p.p.s iexplore is not finished yet so i will be realsing one later.
almostrandom.zip1k07-12-27File is not ratedSeemingly Patterned - Falsely Patterned
Well this program makes a quite interesting pattern of numbers, that changes right when you are about to figure out how it works. These numbers that are generated tend to stay in the 90s, but will jump out of tendency, when it seems easy to understand. Try to figure it out, without looking at the program code, them look at the code, but many people will still be fuddled on the numbers mysterious tendencies and false patterns. Dry yourself mad, if you think you can solve this, write a review. Oww, my dog is chewing my shoe (Yes the one I am wearing on my feet)
identify_bb.zip3k07-11-08File is not ratedIdentify: Identity Protection
Identify is a program for ensuring the safety of your calculator. If you lost your calc, someone should be able to run this program and find out how to contact you in order to return it to you. To change the information displayed on this program, press [APPS] while the program is running.
tiarchitecte.zip1k07-07-01File is not ratedTI-Architecte
TI-Architecte vous permet de calculer des surfaces (totales, habitables) de maisons, pièce par pièce (différentes formes possibles) avec ajout de terrasse (si vous voulez). Un txt est inclus. TI-Architecte can calculate houses surfaces (total, livable), room after room (differents shapes possible), with an extra-option: terrace (if you want). Text included!
opensource.zip270k07-07-01File is not ratedOpen Source
This is a collection of random programs I've written. There are fifteen in total, including a program that randomizes lists, programs for making maps (including of the scrolling variety), a program for graphscreen numerical input, a program that finds the angle between clock hands, and a program containing hidden characters that can't normally be accessed on your calculator. The .zip file contains not only the programs themselves, but also screenshots and the sourcecode to each program, which you may use in your own programs.
boxports.zip1k07-03-30File is not ratedSubwoofer Box Port Calculator
This program will give you the length needed of a round, square, or slot port so you can tune your sub box to the frequency you want.
electoralvote.zip5k07-03-01File is not ratedElectoral Vote Program
This Program tells you how many electoral votes each state has according to the 2000 census. This Program also tells you which party won each states Electoral Vote in the 04 elections.
htmlhelp.zip2k07-03-01File is not ratedHTML Helper v1.0
This is a basic HTML helper for those of you who want to learn HTML quickly. It even gives some examples on how to use the syntax commands and HTML tags.
decisn84.zip1k07-01-13File is not ratedDecision Maker
The The TI-OSCOC Decision Maker for the TI-84 Plus. It helps you with important decisions in your life. Enjoy! For The TI-83 Plus version check the TI-83 Archives.
calculatorchatroom.zip3k06-12-26File is not ratedSingle Calculator Chatroom V1.6
Chat with your friends on just one calculator! Saves logs of what was said.
upccode.zip2k06-12-10File is not ratedUPC Label Maker
This Program will make you the UPC label that you would find on most products, this is my best program ever made so have fun. Don't ask why I made this program, find ways to use this program in your daily life.
election.zip2k06-11-11File is not ratedMini Election
A simple, powerful, and highly graphical on-calc polling program. Ask a question and provide up to 8 choices with built-in results. Also comes with "tamper-proof" on/quick-block to prevent tampering. Pass-key protection included.
binhexst.zip1k06-04-24File is not ratedBin/Hex Quiz
This prog will help you learn your bin/hex conversions by quizzing you.
costcomp.zip1k06-03-18File is not ratedCost Comparison
This program can be used to compare to appliances to one another by comparing how much they cost to run for however many hours during a year. Simply input the rated wattage on the first appliance and how many hours it is used for one day, and likewise for the second item. Handy for comparing more efficient items with your older one (The first appliance must be the less efficient one). Enjoy.
space.zip1k06-02-02File is not ratedSpace Odysey
Well...you type in your weight and pick a planet to find out what it would be there. It can be pretty helpful sometimes.
jrndname.zip1k05-11-06File is not ratedJRandom Name
Enter your name in Caps and receive a random response.
countcalc.zip1k05-10-30File is not ratedCount
Input a starting number, the rate in which the number is added or multiplied, and see the calculator count.
nova.zip3k05-10-07File is not ratedv1.2 NOVA
NOVA is a highly functional program with TI-Office with it. This program contains a multitude of functions, such as calculating geometric equations, temp conversions, and much much more! PSST... *contains a few games!
tizip.zip1k05-08-20File is not ratedUseful Files
This folder contains a program that gives you the area of various shapes, A program that gives you the Area of a circle, a funny program that generates wrong answers, and a few more.
legoa1.zip1k05-08-18File is not ratedLego Builder Alpha 1
The beginnings of a lego-type CAD program. For now utillizes a command line interface
string_ops.zip1k05-07-29File is not ratedString Operations
This is a group of three programs that: (a) put you string in random places on the screen *forever*, or until you tell it to stop, (b) display your string vertically (in columns), and (c) create a 'letter slide-show', to slowly reveal your string on the screen.
9b9maze.zip4k05-06-01File is not rated9x9 Random Maze Generator
This program generates random 9x9 mazes. It includes pretty good documentation and information on how you can have your program create random mazes. Please run it even if you dislike the instructions. I'm sure youll like it.
codexfeatures.zip2k05-06-01File is not ratedCodex 3 Feature Menu
This Menu which has 3 of my favorite Codex functions. Codex.8xp was made by Justin Wales. I take credit for the menu program only. The screenshot may appeal to you. Check out codex for yourself.
pezzinosgrabbag.zip11k05-05-20File is not ratedUltimate Grab Bag
This is a series of 18 previously unreleased programs that I had deemed worthy of release on ticalc.org but never had gotten around to uploading for one reason or another. Included in this stupendous package are a 3D Graphics/Model Engine, a benchmarking program (for 84+ only), 4 math programs you will not be able to live without once you try them, a time-managing program (also for the 84+ only), a demonstration of Objects in BASIC, a graphical animation demonstration, two graphical sorting algorithm demonstrations, an awesome minesweeper game, 3 cellular automata programs, 2 String manipulation utilities, and a couple of Easter eggs. Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity to download this irreplacable collection of programs in one fell swoop!
crazy8.zip1k05-05-12File is not ratedCrazy Eights!!
These Eights are CRAZY!! Try it out!
oracles.zip4k05-05-01File is not ratedOracles v1.0
Divination program for the TI-83/84. Three occult-systems/programs in one. Includes the 16 figures of geomancy, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, as well as the 24 rune Futhark.
gpsfor84.zip1k05-04-27File is not ratedGPS for 84+/SE v1.0
This REQUIRES an 84+, not an 83 because of the unique clock function. It's a nifty little tool (MirageOS compatible) that allows you to plot a path and then follow it at a later time. Documentation is included, and the file is not locked, so that you can see how it works, etc. Please read the disclaimer, and credit me if you use any excerpts of the source code.
textwalk.zip1k05-04-19File is not ratedTextWalk
Lets you make text walk around the screen. Very fun if you are bored out of your mind at school.
calcutils.zip3k05-04-09File is not ratedHandy Utilities
Some handy calculator math utilities. see the readme.
onecalcchat.zip246k05-03-19File is not ratedONE CALC CHAT (O.C.C)
A chat program that allows you to chat with another person with out having to use paper and to save the trees. One Calc Chat (aka OCC).
randomocity.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedRandomocity
A simple program which calculates how random someone is(randomocity)in percentage. This program is edit proof(protected).Sell or copy as much as you like
matrixlock.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedMatrix Lock
This is a fun little program that will simulate the little blinking rectangle that occurs when your calculator turns on. When you press any of the buttons on your calculator ( except ON ) it will continue to blink as if nothing had happened. This program will only work at the correct speed on the TI-83+ Silver Edition. However you can adjust it to match the speed of your slower TI-83 calculator, or you can adjust it to match the speed of your faster TI-84 calculator. If you want to know how to customize the speed, please read the text file included.
8384familyprograms.zip16k05-03-02File is not ratedSuper Formula Pack
Compilation of all programs I have written. Documentation in the Read this First file.
boxcalc.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedPort Calculator
For all you car audio enthusiasts. This program calculates frequency, port length, necessary box volume, slot displacement, and round port displacement.
textscroller.zip1k05-01-28File is not ratedText Scroller
This program uses the sub( function to let you type in Str2 and the letters will appear across the screen one by one!
navigatedutchti84.zip104k05-01-28File is not ratedNavigate! '05.30 Dutch for Ti-84
*** Ti-84 +/se only version*** Navigate! the celestial and coastal navigation program for yachts. Includes a Dutch user guide. The program became even better then the 04.26 version due to the feedback by Ticalc users. You'll find a big program that uses nearly all your memory with a real user guide. On request of profesional users (from all over the world!) there are some additions / changes compared to 04.26. Also available in English on this site. *** Ti-84 +/se only version***
navigatedutchti83p.zip103k05-01-28File is not ratedNavigate! '05.30 Dutch
Navigate! the celestial and coastal navigation program for yachts. Includes a Dutch user guide. The program became even better then the 04.26 version due to the feedback by Ticalc users. You'll find a big program that uses nearly all your memory with a real user guide. On request of profesional users (from all over the world!) there are some additions / changes compared to 04.26. Also available in English on this site. *** Ti-83 +/Se version ***
navigateenglishti84.zip311k05-01-04File is not ratedNavigate! for ti 84 English version
*** TI-84 plus/se only version *** Navigate! the celestial and coastal navigation program for yachts. Includes an English user guide (32 pages). The program became even better then the 04.26 version due to the feedback by Ticalc users. You'll find a big program that uses nearly all your memory with a real user guide. On request of profesional users (from all over the world!) there are some additions / changes compared to 04.26 *** TI-84 plus/se only version ***
navigateenglishti83p.zip310k05-01-04File is not ratedNavigate! '05.30 English version
Navigate! the celestial and coastal navigation program for yachts. Includes an English user guide (32 pages). The program became even better then the 04.26 version due to the feedback by Ticalc users. You'll find a big program that uses nearly all your memory with a real user guide. On request of profesional users (from all over the world!) there are some additions / changes compared to 04.26 **** ti-83 plus/se version ****
spokelength.zip6k04-12-18File is not ratedSPOKE2
T.I. 83+/84+ bicycle wheel spoke length program.
peterspick.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedPeter's Pick - A Few of his Best "Stupid" Programs!
It's just a few programs. 2 are movies and the other is a word processor. Enjoy.
mix.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedMix 1.0
Ahhhhhh!!! What happened to my TI!!!!! Try to do math problems in this program and see what happens!
igscale.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedInter-Galactic Weight Scale
Looking for a quick thrill? Enter your weight on Earth, and the program outputs your weight on the other 8 planets, the Moon, and the Sun!
cynarea.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedCyntutor
This is just a number of a cylinder gussing game, it's ok if you have nothing at all to do, but hey, this is only my first program after all
minimumclockperiod.zip2k04-11-04File is not ratedMinimum Clock Period
Quickly find the minimum clock period of a computer architecture design. Great for CE students in computer architecture design! Input the time in nanoseconds for Instructions, ALU, Adders, and Register then choose from the 4 types of commands, Add, LW (load word), SW (store word), and BEQ (branch if equal). It will output the minimum clock period for your choice.
findtime.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedCPU Architecture Time
This program has many a few inputs that will output many values that will tell you the time of the architecture of a CPU. It will first ask for the percent of instructions of the following; Loads, Stores, R-Format, Branches, and Jumps. Then it will ask for the time to complete each of the following instructions in nanoseconds; Memory, Alu/Adders, and Read/Write. Based on the information inputted the details of each instruction memory, register read, alu operation, data memory, register write, and the total time for each instruction. Finally it will also output the fixed length and variable length of time for the current setup. In conclusion the ratio of how fast the variable length is to the fixed length will also be calculated. Great for any students in a computer engineering course based on CPU architecture.
cpicalculation.zip2k04-11-04File is not ratedCPI Calculation
This program was created for computer architecture design. It will ask for the CPI and the frequency of each use for the following program types: Loads, Stores, R-Format, Branches, and Jumps. It will then output the overall CPI and the worst case CPI possible for that type of architecture.
colcalc.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedColor-Calculator
You enter either the decimal or the hexadecimal or the procentual RGB color and you'll get the missing types. The program is in German and you will need OmniCalc to run it.
fastcount.zip1k04-09-27File is not ratedfast count
This is the fastest counting program on the ti,almost as fast as an asm program, it is also the smallest and uses NO variables. truely revolutionary.check it out for yourself.
bartcalc.zip1k04-08-03File is not ratedBART/Subway Calculator
Does some miscellaneous things for subway tickets. Download and see for yourself.
climategraphgenerator.zip1k04-07-11File is not ratedClimate Graph Generator
Generates a climate graph with temperature and precipitation
tidepred.zip10k04-07-03File is not ratedTidal prediction, beta version
This program shows a possible new feature of Navigate! The coastal and celestial navigation program for yachts (Ti-84 version only). It uses nearly all time functions. This version runs as a stand alone.
loop83.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedLoopFile 83
A program that goes on forever adding a number by the increment number you typed in when you started the program. It will only quit if the limit number is unequal to zero or if you press a key on the calculator.
katsoft.zip1k04-05-27File is not ratedKatsoft (Update)
This is the final update to KatSoft. It is now compatable with mirageOS 1.2.
upcgenerator.zip14k04-05-21File rated 8.12UPC Generator
Generates a 12-Digit UPC based on input. Calculates and checks the check digit. UPCs can even be saved, printed, and scanned via TI's free ScreenCapture Software and a UPC scanner.
tifiles.zip1k04-05-16File is not ratedTi-files v2.0(Update)
This is the last update to Ti-Files!
navigatetimepatch83p.zip6k04-05-10File is not ratedNavigate! time patch for Stars
Patch file for Navigate! '04.26. The coastal and celestial navigation program for yachts. These files make celestial Star options usable in other years. This patch file is language independent, so it can be used in the English and Dutch version of Navigate! '04.26.
stockmarket.zip1k04-04-15File is not rated111stckmrkt
Stock market program. Run setup when you first start!
loopfile.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedLoopFile v1.00
A program that starts at zero and increases by L until L=Z. If Z=0, then the program will still increase by L, only it will never stop. Press [Clear] to return to the main screen.
toolsv1_0.zip3k04-04-09File is not ratedTOOLS! V. 1.0
TOOLS! is a set of random tools that I created: GetKey (obvious, my first endevour) GetCoords (Gets Graph Coordinates) LuckTest (Guess a Number: 1-12!) Formulas (quite a few Math Formulas, useful for those aweful tests) ----------------------- BTW, can someone possibly help port this to MirageOS and/or ION
displaymessages.zip1k04-04-06File is not rated1337 Message Displayer
Write messages onto your calculator and see it display it randomly on the screen!
bigletters.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedBig Letters
Just another fun little program.. Press a letter and it will be displayed in a huge version that spans the screen. Accepts the 26 letters of the alphabet only. Program is a bit on the large side (for what it's worth, that is), so it may be a good idea to keep it archived. E-mail Me at ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
crackit.zip1k04-02-19File is not ratedCrackit v1.0
Are you a programmer? Do you think you have some "leeto skillz"? If so then test them with this program. The object is to crack the randomly generated numeric password that is created for you. This program provides quite a challenge and is excellent for learning a few things in BASIC. So give it a try and test your wits.
birthday.zip1k04-02-03File is not ratedWhat were you born on?
This program calculates what Chinese New Year Animal, Birthstone, and Horoscope you were bron on. Something for fun.
oserror.zip12k04-01-29File is not ratedLOCKDOWN!!!!
A trick which displays the waiting... screen. Press any button on the calc, and you'll receive an error message!
crusified.zip11k04-01-17File is not ratedcrusify
Just a little token from a retreat i went on a little while ago.
squirrel.zip1k04-01-17File is not rated"Squirrel"
contains 3 programs where a o followeds by a number of x's (inspired by the little squarrels in pet stores that randomly roll around)(hint: can use the arrows in 04)
osxversion2.zip15k04-01-17File is not rated83OSX
This is a great utillity for your calculator!!! It does many things, including clearing the junk taking up memory, calculating the areas of objects, editing pics inside memory, and so much more. With it is included five mini games. The code is sooooo money, too. You can sell this to your pals for more then you think!
randompe.zip1k04-01-11File is not ratedRANDOMPE
Added more people then the first one, and made then end more clear (or clearer, whicher word is correct)
phonspel.zip1k04-01-03File is not ratedPhone Spell v1.0
This program will input any phone number up to 16 digits in length and tells you the alphabetical values for each digit. That way, you could figure out what your phone number spells.
gliderdesigner.zip15k03-12-28File is not ratedGlider Design Studio
Design your own custom balsa wood glider with this comprehensive, easy-to-use studio which can be used by both beginners and advanced users alike! Design your glider using an intuitive program with built-in defaults and other features, look at the program's analyzation of the specifications, view your glider, save it, and build it! See the readme or download the studio to learn about its other features. The portability of a graphing calculator means that you can reference specifications and statistics while building your glider or in the field, rather than guessing and making time-consuming mistakes. A Godsend for anyone who has needed to or wanted to build a glider (coming from an experienced hobbyist, you can rest assured that that means what it says).
christmas.zip2k03-12-28File is not ratedMerry Christmas
That's a "Thank You"-Christmas program by fm-Soft. For more Information see the nice readme. fm-Soft
funutilities.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedFun Utilities TI83 Plus
Many knick Knacks for the calculator.
allmyprograms.zip17k03-11-24File is not ratedAll of my programs
these are all of the programs that i have ever made and thought that were pretty good. i think they are all mirageos compatible so you can unlock them and edit them. if you distribute them, give me some credit and send me a copy by e-mail so i can see what you did and be a better programmer. thanks for downloading all of my programs!
erg83.zip1k03-11-12File is not ratedErg Score Calculator
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ever-popular program any and every rower should have has finally been written for the 83+. I wrote this program for the 86 long ago, but now it can be yours for the 83+ absolutely free! It is the magnificent Ergonometer calculator. The program is pretty self-explanatory, so I did not include any documentation. If you have any requests or comments, just e-mail me.
for.zip1k03-10-30File is not ratedCount
This is a very lame file that took me half a millisecond to write. You input a number, and it counts up to it.
count_03.zip1k03-10-27File is not ratedCount
I made this when I was bored but it is fun to watch. It asks you for a number to count by and then counts by it. The numbers keep going really fast on the right side of the screen. I have gotten this to count over 10,000 by 1 with no problem. Enjoy!
fishtool.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedFishing tool
Its for all you fisherman!
files.zip3k03-10-06File is not ratedMisc. Files
This is a collection of most of the first files I ever created. Only 1 has a real use though. Enjoy!
ppkndsgn.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedPumpkin Designer
This program actually alows you to create your own Jack-O-Lantern (carved Pumpkin)!
tools.zip4k03-09-21File is not ratedTools
Tools is a basic program. You can choose between 5 tools:Easypic, Negative, Screensaver, Body Mass Index, *day
workings.zip8k03-09-19File is not ratedMy calc from the end of school to new begining
some useful programs ranging from math to games to a counter tool that will later be broken up. i just want everything to be here for anybody and so i can get some feedback
counter.zip4k03-09-14File is not ratedCounter
This is an advanced counter for, right, count things. In the normal mode you just press + to increase number and - to decrease. In the advanced mode you can increase the number by 1-5 and 10, and decrease by 1 and 5. In both modes you can store the variable for later use by pressing sto> and then press recycle from the start menu. Enjoy!
allfile82103.zip16k03-08-26File is not ratedAll files
This is a program with all my files in it how ever if you would like to have games in the os then you need to download the zip file called xosgames.zip
nothing.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedNothing
This is the program that can stop most teachers. This program does nothing but flash that dot on the screen. Some of my teachers dont know how to press on!!
petrol.zip1k03-07-17File is not rated1:50 Petrol to Oil 2-stroke Outboard Calculator
This program tells you how much 2 stroke oil to put is a fuel tank connected to a 50:1 Petrol to Oil Outboard
propane.zip1k03-07-09File is not ratedpropane
program i wrote to figure out how much propane to put in a tank to get 80%
nset.zip1k03-07-05File is not ratedNSET
Not exactly useful for most people, as it's an included file for almost all NGRAMS. Download this file if you're getting the "undefined" error.
nall1.zip4k03-07-05File is not ratedNGRAMS1 - (No RPG's - smaller)
The updated list of the NGRAMS (NALL) group. All programs seem to be bug-free, and some new toys are included, such as unit converters (radians/degrees, cel/fer, etc), with all your old favorites still there, like CalcTalk (instant messaging), ClearAll (clean your ram, but keep your programs), and even a screensaver. This version (NALL1), does NOT include the RPG demos, saving a LOT on memory space. Also includes useful tools for chemistry (pHometer - calculate pH for water, and MassMass - stoichemtry).
nall.zip8k03-07-05File is not ratedNGRAMS
The updated list of the NGRAMS (NALL) group. All programs seem to be bug-free, and some new toys are included, such as unit converters (radians/degrees, cel/fer, etc), with all your old favorites still there, like CalcTalk (instant messaging), ClearAll (clean your ram, but keep your programs), and even a screensaver. Also includes useful tools for chemistry (pHometer - calculate pH for water, and MassMass - stoichemtry).
pb13.zip1k03-05-11File is not ratedPolar Basics Engine v1.3
This set of programs is required for all new Polar programs from Nathan Crank, and soon from the rest of the team. If you would like to join polar computer, please email Nathan @ polar@spymac.com Polar Computer
engine.zip1k03-04-20File is not ratedEngine Equations
This is a program to help you find a certain measurement of an engine. It helps you find the displacement(cc), bore(mm), stroke(mm), or number of cylinders. You enter the measurements you know, and the program finds the measurement you want to find.
count.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedcount
It asks for a value for "x". Then it starts counting by 1's until you break(press on) it
gasmileage.zip1k03-04-14File is not ratedGas Mileage
V1.0 This is a little program I made up to figure out gas mileage. It works for liters and km. You can figure out how many km you will get on so many liters and vise versa. It also has to figure out pricing and such for gas.
riptool.zip1k03-04-05File is not ratedRip Tool
Description: Rip Tool is a program which helps you to rip your movies (DivX and so). It has a simple Format Converter, that allows you to choose between 4:3, 16:9 and 24:10 resolutions. It also contains some pre-defined bitrates (bitrate#time#size) and an example of a good rip.
whale.zip1k03-03-14File is not ratedMirageOS Whale
If you know about the MirageOS Save the Whales option download this file! Very entertaining!!!
bc83p.zip4k03-03-12File is not ratedBiorhythm Calculator XP (v20.0)
This is the first, the best and the most accurate biorhythm program made for TI-83 Plus calculators. (Doesn't use dbd() function). It calculates your biorhythm on an entered date and your biorhythmic compatibility with another person. It's also compatible with MirageOS and extremely small in size when compared with its functions.
subnetcalculator83.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedSubnetting is brought to the 83+
This has been long overdue, and it is with great pride I introduce my network calculator. Please do not make changes to this program without my permission. I'm always open to suggestions, however.
glodnumber.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedGold Number
biol.zip3k03-03-07File is not ratedBiorhythmic Love (Compatibility) Calculator v1.0
This is the first and the only biorhythmic compatibility calculator made for TI-83 Plus calculators. It calculates your biorhythmic compatibility with another person. It's also compatible with MirageOS and extremely small in size when compared with its functions.
isbn.zip1k02-12-07File is not ratedISBN Check (Updated and MirageOS compatible)
This is the only ISBN checker for TI calculators. This program checks the syntax of the ISBN of a book and the origin of the book is also detected.
mile.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedLease Car Mileage
Finds car lease mileage
namegen2.zip2k02-11-20File is not ratedRandom Fantasy Name Generator
A program that actually randomly puts together vowels and consonants to create a fantasy name.
memtest.zip1k02-10-25File is not ratedMemory Test
Test Your Memory Power With This Programme
poll.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedPoll
This enables you to create real, working polls. Just edit it to what you'd like. You're limit-less. E-mail me at XeroEntity@hotmail.com or instant message me at XeroEntity
qvg.zip1k02-09-07File is not ratedQVG v0.5
namegen.zip2k02-09-05File is not ratedNameGen
A random male/female first and last name generator. This program has 20 boys, girls, and last names that have been programmed into it.
someuselessstuff.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedsome other stuff i made
it has a timer and one other thing in it
lucy.zip1k02-08-02File is not rated"Shrink" Lucy
A psychologist that you talk directly to - just say, "Bye" to exit!
subnetit.zip1k02-07-11File is not ratedSubnet-It
Subnetting program, very useful if you are in a networking class
iqtest.zip1k02-06-19File is not ratedTi 83 Plus Iq Test
A new program that can accurately calculate your iq withing 15 points. Try this program to see if your a genius or just plain stupid.
ruler.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedRuler
Displays an accurate ruler on your calc's screen with cm and inches.
calcx.zip45k02-05-14File is not ratedCalc X
Calc X adds some extra functions to your TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-83+ SE
ramform.zip2k02-04-27File is not ratedRAM Formula
This program allows you to enter numbers found on most RAM chips and it will tell you the size of the RAM chip. Please view the Read Me BEFORE use.
install.8xp2k02-03-03File is not ratedInstall (A Realistic fake Install =p)
It fakes an Installation so well you'd believe you're on a PC! =D
donkey.zip1k02-02-27File is not ratedeDonkey2000 Tools
Do you use the peer-to-peer filesharing software "eDonkey2000"? If so, this program may be of some use to you. It allows you to turn an eDonkey2000 user ID into an IP address or vice-versa.
bioref.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedBiorhythm
Ti-83+ biorhythm chart calculator. Enter in your birthday and find out how your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitional cycles are faring.
psychp.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedCalculator Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis for your calculator. Tell it about all your problems, and you'll feel better.
ciscodvmapper.zip3k01-12-16File is not ratedCisco Device Mapper
This program allows you to create a topology for a network and save your progress. This is a good program for those people who do networking because you can also insert your ip address and subnet address for that LAN. You can also enter the number of hosts and subnets.
esteem.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedSelf Esteem Raiser
This program simply scrolls up positive (or negative) messages. It's message is customizable. Not much......but thanks for the download.
popmail.zip32k01-08-04File is not ratedPop-Mail (Old)
Beat release for Pop-Mail 2K. Please give us ideas, comments, and anyhtign you think needs to be done with ths program! If you have little ideas that you think would be a valid idea for this. Send them to us! If you have any concerns about the program or any of it's contents. Please e-mail us! The size is going down in the new version. Our e-mail is Vale2002@aol.com... Please e-mail us!
fuelstatistics.zip1k01-06-15File is not ratedFuel Stats
This is a program that tells you gas price statistics such as how many gallons you get for a certain amount of money. See the ReadMe file for more information.
subnet.zip1k01-06-15File is not ratedSubnetting v2.1
A subnet calculator
crash.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedCrash v1.0
This program is a very short coded calculator crasher programmed in basic(that I've seen). This code is very custumizable.
inst.zip2k01-03-25File is not ratedInstallShield v1.00b
This program is really a time waster that makes your programs have a cool installer. Instructions are included in the readme file.
mmaker.zip3k01-03-11File is not ratedMovie Making Contest
This group contains Movie Maker and a program that gives you info. on the movie making contest. More info. will be posted on our website, www.olympia.vze.com
eurocalculator.zip1k01-02-23File is not ratedEurocalculator
It's a ......
bior.zip2k01-02-07File is not ratedBiorhythm Calculator
A fun program to calculate your biorhythms with. Includes the days between dates subroutine.
fsb_tool.zip1k01-01-14File is not ratedFSB InfoTool
This is a neat little tool that allows you to find you AGP and PCI bus speeds by entering you FSB speed and AGP and PCI dividers. It then displays the information is a easy to read "table". Great for overclockers.
sooners.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedSooners v1.1
This is an update of the sooners i just put out, this one sets itself back to standard after it is shut off and it keeps it on integer when it is on so the pic can be shown again.!!!!!Download now!!!!
notejc.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedNote
Type in something, hand your calculator to someone else and start a conversation! Easier than paper becuase nothing is left behind for someone else to read. 2nd game I made. Check out Insults! Got suggestions? E-mail me below.
barcode.zip1k00-10-13File is not ratedUPC-A Barcode Drawer
This nifty program will draw a UPC-A barcode when you enter the eleven digit number to store in the barcode. You just can't live without this program.
jmarket.zip2k00-06-27File is not ratedJMarket v1.5
JMarket v1.5 includes a small table. Now you can watch the stock via this table instead of the graph.
vcrtape.zip1k00-06-21File is not ratedVCR Counter/Time Converter
Converts those useless VCR counter numbers to the actual time and back the other way too
audio.zip1k00-06-21File is not ratedAudio Tape/Time Converter
Converts those useless casette player counter numbers to the actual time and back the other way too
shllswtch2.zip1k00-06-08File is not ratedShell Switcher v1.0
Make you life easier so you don't have to keep on looking for the program to run for ION and TSE. This program allows you to switch between the ION and TSE shells when you run prgmA. It is simple and to the point and takes up almost no memory
compatible2k.zip4k00-04-21File is not ratedCompatibility Test 2000
This program will tell you how compatible you are with someone else. All new with a compatibility meter, detailed result, and more information. A must download if you wanna know how compatible you are with that special someone!! You gotta have it!!
toolbox.zip3k00-04-11File is not ratedToolbox v1.02
At last! An update to toolbox! in version 1.02, there is also Shape Tools, Wordpad and Cube Draw.
drlove.zip1k99-10-25File is not ratedDr. Love
DR. LOVE is a revolutionary program that calculates the odds for any two people finding true love together.

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