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aaencrypt.zip6k09-02-16File is not ratedAencrypt
Aencrypt is a suite of programs for encryption and decryption using an advanced cipher based loosely on the Vigenere algorithm, but with several improvements. It is pretty fast, since it precomputes certain information that can be recalled later. See readme for more information.
advnotes.zip2k04-10-23File is not ratedAdvnotes 1.3
This is an updated form of ADVNOTES. ADVNOTES is an encryption program with quick and easy coding, decoding, entry and deletion. It now comes with a system clean-up.
aencrypt.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedPicture Encryption
This program simply "encrypts" the graphscreen to an indecipherable blob of pixels. Run again, and the picture is back to normal!
aes128.zip2k22-09-08File is not ratedAdvanced Encryption Standard 128-bit (AES128)
This program performs the forward and reverse encryption of the AES128 algorithm. It's not particularly useful for actual encryption since it takes a long time (5-10 minutes per 128 bits), but it demonstrates the ability of the TI-83/84+ family of being able to perform these complex algorithms using the TI-Basic language. I did my best to optimize for both speed and memory. This is the final update, which is another 5% faster. More information on the algorithm can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Encryption_Standard
aes.zip4k09-05-22File is not ratedAdvanced Encryption Standard
********If you are a person in a country that has been banned from using this algorithm or is simply banned from using cryptographic algorithms, please delete this file from your computer right now, and forget that this file even exists. I hold no responsibility for any local, federal, or international laws that are broken should this file be downloaded and/or used by an individual or organization that should not be using it. Should I need to tell the US government (BIS [bis.doc.gov] or NIST [nist.gov] or whoever else) that this file has been created, please warn me. I will change anything necessary to avoid prosecution. Otherwise, read on.******** This is the AES-128 algorithm (by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen), the best encryption there is for now. The inputs and outputs are in hex, so dont type in something in ASCII. The program will pad for inputs under 32 chars, but will not rerun to accommodate >128 bit data inputs. Both encryption and decryption work now. It will simply take too much time. I suggest using this program with TI-SDK, VTI or some other emulator, since it will take much computational power to run (approximately 10 min to encrypt and 20 to decrypt).
arcfour.zip1k09-11-09File is not ratedARCFOUR
This is supposedly the algorithm of Ron Rivest's RC4 encryption algorithm, written for the 83/84 calculators. The inputs and outputs are in hex, so don't type something in ASCII.
atbash.zip1k08-02-28File is not ratedAtbash Cipher
Its a simple substitution cipher
atxtcder.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedText Coder v1.2
Text Coder is a letter replacing program. You would type in text, and this coder with decode it for you, and later, you can uncode it if you want.
bencrypt.zip3k04-08-19File is not ratedAdvanced Encryption
Bencrypt is an advanced encryption program. It encrypts and text string not with algorithms, but rather based on the password you input. String length to encrypt is limited to the calculator's available memory. Encryption process is unbreakable. Features include: Encryption, Decryption, View, Repair, and Link Transfer. All Characters(uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters) are supported. File Size is 3495 on Calculator. Possible Compatibility with Mirage.
caesarbox.zip1k08-01-06File is not ratedCaesar Box Cipher
This is a very small program that does large encryptions/decrytions quickly.
caesar.zip1k06-02-07File is not ratedCaesar code
Code en Decode using the Caesar cipher.
calcrypt.zip2k05-11-10File is not ratedCalcrypt
Converts strings into hex, you can choose to encrypt it twice, ("Y" When prompted 2xCRYPTING), and you can choose to decrypt a string. Very handy and quite fast, the decrypted/encrypted string is stored in Str0. Progress is displayed at 8,1 and 8,5 on the calc screen, 8,1 shows percent and 8,5 shows the character number. Please try it out, the programming is quite efficient. Also works with MirageOS.
cipher1.0.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedCipher 1.0
Cipher is a program that will take any text and run it through a processor to convert it to pixel. Almost 100% foolproof.
cipherencrypt.zip1k06-05-30File is not ratedCipher Encryption
Encrypts text based on cipher substitution. You can do ROT-x encryption (ROT-13 is commonly used), case changing (useful for those who don't have MirageOS and can't use lowercase letters), symbol (replaces each letter with its key equivalent; A becomes !, B becomes N, C becomes prgm, D becomes ^-1, E becomes sin(, etc), or custom (enter original letters, then cipher letters; corresponding characters are replaced).
cipher.zip26k10-05-20File is not ratedRandom Stream Cipher
This is, as you can tell by the directory it's in, an encryption tool written in BASIC. There are numerous ways to encrypt data, but this program exhibits what I believe is the most efficient and secure encryption method for the TI-83/84 Plus family. It takes data in the form of a string, then encrypts it using a stream cipher based on the random number generator built into the calculator. Better yet, it first preprograms a seed for the random number generator by asking for an encryption key, which can be any positive integer you want. Decrypts perfectly, with no errors ever found. Just in case someone stole your calculator as you were encrypting some data, the program automatically deletes each variable it uses as soon as it's done with it. When you're done using the data, you can even run the built-in Destroy function, which, as you may guess, deletes both the encrypted and decrypted forms of the data. Instructions and screenshots are included.
code2.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedCode
A kind of pointless programm where you input a message and it encodes it and then you can decode it. You can also transfer encoded messages between two calculators.
codedword.zip10k04-10-07File is not ratedCoded Word Document V.2.01
This program allows you to write coded messages in full text! You can type anything you can see on your calc as there are four modes of typing, Caps on, Caps off, Numbers, Symbols and there are also some other characters that you can type! You can practically writes essays with this... Plus, its all encoded so no one but you can read it (unless they have this program)!!!!!
coder2.zip1k05-06-03File is not ratedText Coder
This program will help you make a secret code by asking you to input a message. Then in the Encrypt option, it will convert it to a code. Then if you get a message, you can decrypt it. I left it unlocked so you can edit it. The only punctuation allowed is a period. Have fun coding!
coder.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedCODER v1.0
Coder is a cool little program that lets you enconde a message into code format and then decods it into readible English when you use the decoder. There are two files - the Encode file allows you to type your message when you run it (you don't need to worry about the ALPHA key). When you have finished typing your message, you press ENTER. Message is saved in list one. When you want to read the encoded message, you run Decoder which will automatically decode the text in list 1 for you!
codetran1.0.zip21k07-12-06File is not ratedCodeTran 1.0
CodeTran is a basic program that can be used to code messages. It even codes numbers. The code then can be decoded just as easily.
code.zip1k03-07-28File is not ratedCode
Encodes whatever you've got to say
codycode.zip2k09-01-27File is not ratedCody, the coder
Two programs that can be used to encrypt text and other numbers with an algorithm I created myself.
combo.zip10k03-05-12File is not ratedWord Combination Generator
This set, for the TI-83 -- V200 generates word combinations of whatever you input.
controts.zip1k08-02-28File is not ratedContinuous Rotations
This encryption/decryption program works like how the Enigma works, but instead of rotating every so often the rotars turn after every letter. i dont know if it makes the cipher text harder to decode or not, but then again, i have never taken any statistics classes yet
convencrypter.zip7k04-11-04File is not ratedConversation encrypter 1.0
Want to say something to your friend Just encrypt the words you want from this program and give your friend only numbers. No one can understand unless they have the program to decrypt them. You can now send a note to you friend that involve only numbers. This program is also useful for assembly programming
cripter.zip1k14-04-09File is not ratedcripter
Cripter uses seed substitution to encrypt and decrypt strings. it is highly reliable!!! The seed is built into the encrypted string so you do not have to tell your body the seed for them to decript it!!! PS dont mix up ENCRIPT and DICRIPT!!! PPS an error may sometimes acour. if you get an errer, try to encript again. long strings are especially prone to this error. disclaimer: CRIPTER is not intended for gov. or business use.
cryptateur.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedCryptateur
cryptocode83plus.zip1k04-06-29File is not ratedCrypto Code 83 Plus
This program generates cryptograms! Just type in what you want to be a cryptogram and store it to Str1. After running the program, recall Str3 and you have a cryptogram!
cryptoni.zip8k00-05-24File is not ratedCrypton International v1.1
Crypton International has all the encryption power of the original Crypton, but with ALL characters available, including ALL lowercase-greek, and all those funny characters that come with the foreign language flash apps.
crypton.zip2k00-05-24File is not ratedCrypton v1.4
Encrypts and decrypts text using random numbers, and an encryption key. Features a new lowercase character set-exclusively for the TI-83 Plus.
delphilite.zip1k02-10-17File is not ratedDelphi Lite
A smaller more compact version of the Delphi Visual. Doesnt have the options for changing encryption code or retreiving messages. Is menu drivin so it maybe easier to use.
delphivisual.zip1k02-10-17File is not ratedDelphi Visual
An encryption/decryption program that lets you store/recall messages. Has 999 different encryption types. Not very easy to crack, stores all messages in a list. Lets you get messages from other calculators.
dencrypt.zip2k10-04-04File is not ratedDENCrypt v1.5 beta
A little encryption program I made loosely based on the one-time pad. Encrypts lists/strings up to 998 characters in length. This program is fast - encrypts 60 characters in as many seconds or less GUARANTEED! It won't stand up to the NSA, but it'll work for hiding formulas/notes/etc. from your teachers.
des64.zip2k22-09-08File is not ratedData Encryption Standard (DES64)
This program performs the forward and reverse encryption of the DES algorithm. It's not particularly useful for actual encryption since it takes a long time (~5 minutes per 64 bits), but it demonstrates the ability of the TI-83/84+ family of being able to perform these complex algorithms using the TI-Basic language. I did my best to optimize for both speed and memory. This is the final update which is now another 5% faster. More information on the algorithm can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Encryption_Standard
desdata.zip8k01-05-14File is not ratedDES Data
This file contains tabular data (such as the S-Boxes) needed for running DES (Data Encryption Standard). I did this because I was hoping someone would implement DES for the calculator, and I wanted to save him/her the trouble of typing in all the data by hand.
des.zip2k09-02-04File is not ratedData Encryption Standard
**** If you live/are in a place that is not supposed to be using this encryption, please do not download it. I hold no responsibility for any laws that are broken for downloading this despite that no one uses DES and that DES is freeware (I think).**** Right now, there are no problems with this program, other than its speed. Everything I have tested is correct, and I have supplied test vectors in the ReadMe file. This is just a small update. Thanks to Matt McCutchen for making the tables. Email me at bxsciencer@yahoo.com or leave comments at calccrypto.wikidot.com to tell me about any bugs/problems this program has.
encodedecode.zip7k02-07-22File is not ratedEncode/Decode v1.0
This is a program that encodes text messages with Caps only but spaces and numbers work. It then decodes it and displays it. The length of the message does not matter, it will just take a little bit longer You can also recieve a message from within the program.
encripti.zip1k10-03-04File is not ratedEncrypt Text
These simple program can encrypt any text and save it into a variable (MENUS IN PORTUGUESE) Este programa simples encripta texto e grava-o numa variavel
encrypic.zip1k04-06-18File is not ratedEncrypic 1.0
This program will encrypt a picture on your calc making it look like static on a television. You cannot even tell where objects were located, let alone what they are. Text on the pic also becomes unreadable. Two random keys are generated and are used to encrypt the picture. Then the keys are combined into one key and compressed to about 10% of their original size. This compression also encrypts the keys because this is a completely unique compression algorithm.
encrypt_11.zip4k10-06-25File is not ratedMatrix Encrypter
Quickly and efficiently encrypts strings using matrices. The interface was designed to be easy to use, and requires as little human input as possible, for those of you with easily crampable fingers.
encrypt3.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedEncrypt v3.2
Very godd encryption, an upgrade to that i usd in Secure Pass(soon to be added to it though).Read the readme
encrypt4.zip3k02-10-12File is not ratedMatrix encryptor
Very secure encryption usig matrices; try it out
encrypt_58.zip1k11-02-13File is not ratedshift encryption + decryption
these programs us a very simple algorithm to encrpyt a sentence into another series of characters that can be decyphered not too fancy, and the WORD program is used by both to translate letters into a list
encrypt83p.zip1k02-03-23File is not ratedEncryptor v1.0
This is an encrypted chat program for use with the IR Link, a RadioLinc, or the upcoming WombatLINK. You could also use it over a regular cable. It encrypts your message using the random seeding. It's interesting, so give it a try.
encryption.zip6k06-01-13File is not ratedEncryption
A Basic encryption program. useful for encrypting high score tables and copyright notices in Basic games.
encryptit83p.zip1k02-10-25File is not ratedSecure Encryption Engine v1.0
This incredible encryption engine for pictures can perform up to 64 bit encryption with a key of between 1 and 512. You must remember the bit level and key; even a single digit off will render the image unreadable. A great idea if you want to keep your files secure!
encrypto.zip1k04-06-16File is not ratedENCRYPTO
this is a very basic encryption program that stores a message to a list and encodes it
encryptzilla.zip6k08-04-14File is not ratedEncrypt Zilla
For those of you familiar with "Cap'N'Crunch" Encryption, I developed this method of encrypting data without knowing that it even existed. Also called the Mod 13 XOR method, this encryption pack will take a given string of text and simultaneously encrypt and decrypt it. Along with text, EncryptZilla comes with a Graph Encryptor/Decryptor, which will scramble any image into a seemingly random snow. Then decrypt it and the image will appear once more!
encrypt.zip1k99-09-28File is not ratedEncrypt
A set of encryption/decryption programs. Keep private information private.
enigma.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedENIGMA ENCODER 5.0
A fast, calculator version of the old WWII type coding device. It multiplies your text into a 2 x 2 matrix and gives out number values (with some added protection that I built in). It's easy to use, password protectable, and it has the capability to get messages from other calculators. BEAM OF LIGHT PRODUCTIONS at danbeam.tk
enkrypt.zip2k01-05-31File is not ratedEnkrypt
This program encrypts messages into a matrix. You can encrypt and decrypt a message using this program. Then store the encrypted message to a list and send your encrypted messages back and forth to a friend. Have fun!
ezcrypt.zip1k12-01-16File is not ratedEzcrypt
A simple, fast encryption scheme. Input:text, integer key Output:List of integers No known cryptanalysis attacks, but easy to bruteforce.
feistel.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedFeistel Network
This is a simple version of the Feistel Network, also known as the Feistel Cipher. It encrypts in binary, and decrypts into normal letters. The outputs are both stored in Str1, so just recall it when you want to decrypt. This program is quite fast for the calculator, so encrypt away!
hash2x.zip1k08-09-23File is not ratedHASH 2X
This is a pretty good hash function that i created. Its pretty fast, and can have outputs of any size greater than 8 (any less is ridiculously insecure). The input can also be of any size (not 0, obviously). However, due to the limitations of the 83/84, 256 is the max inputs and outputs for the moment. Please do not submit this to NIST as a SHA-3 candidate. I might do so, but then again, i might not. If you do steal this algorithm, the least you can do is put my name as the algorithm's inventor/creator/writer, but please dont. This is version 2 of the algorithm, which has totally different outputs than version 1
hash64.zip1k08-09-15File is not rated64 Bit Hash
This is a hashing program for the TI-83/84 calcs. You can generate very random hashes from this program, but i promise that the same inputs will always return the same results. The outputs are in hex, so you can use this hash for Krolypto or a personal signature or something. Please do not submit this for SHA-3. This program does not meet the requirements for SHA-3.
hash.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedHash
This is a very small and fast hash encryptor in BASIC
impass.zip2k03-09-08File is not ratedIMP -- Intelligent Matrix Protection with IMpass Encryptio
This program uses matrices scrambled with seeded rand filters to lock any protected program. See the readme below for more info.
jcrypt.zip1k06-05-26File is not ratedJazzCrypt
Jazz Crypt, The best encryption on the TI-83+
kkg11.zip12k09-05-24File is not ratedKrolypto Key Generator 1.1
A update of version 1.0, optimized for memory and displays the key faster.
krypt80.zip2k05-03-23File is not ratedKrypt Professional 8.0
Krypt Professional 8.0 It is an UNBREAKABLE encryption program using the one-time key. It is now broken into 3 separate programs to make it smaller and faster.
krypto.zip1k05-10-12File is not ratedKrypto 1.0
This prgm does the same thing as my Krypt Pro program, but it is smaller and can be hand-worked also...it's just wayyyy faster...utilizing the one-time key to make it completely unbreakable.
longcrypt.zip4k12-01-16File is not ratedLongcrypt 3.0
Longcrypt is a symmetric-key encryption system. With it maximum key size, brute-force(Especially on a calculator) is impractical, and due to its letter distribution, a character-frequency analysis is impractical. With 3.0, key generation is now faster. If anybody wants to collaborate, just email me.
lstring.zip2k06-02-26File is not ratedSecret List <-> string
This program is able to save a String or text so it is only readable on your TI.
maskyenc.zip4k02-06-19File is not ratedMaster Key Encryption 4th Edition
This software continues to be the best encryption programs of any of the ti calculators. Features include 11 passes through the text, padding and mixing operations. With all these features there is now way to decrypt unless you know the password. Password length can vary between 1 and 49 bytes making the encryption up to 392 bit. This is recommended for people who want to store locker combonation, credit card numbers ect.....................................
matext.zip10k10-02-10File is not ratedMaText v2.1.0
MaText uses row matrices to encrypt and decrypt data.
matrixencryption.zip2k06-11-14File is not ratedMatrix Encryption
This is a program that easily encrypts messages so that one cannot easily decrypt them without knowledge of the process.
md5.zip2k18-07-21File is not ratedMD5 hash calculator
This is a program that can be used to calculate the MD5 hash of any input string.
messagecoder.zip1k05-05-29File is not ratedMessage Coder
Codes a message into numbers, which you can then give to a friend to decode using the program and recieve the message. *Messages should be kept short*
monoalph.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedMonoalphabetic encoder
This is a small program similar to my Binary Translator, running off of a modification of the same code. Type in your 26 character key, then type your message (it needs to be fairly short) What you type and the result is displayed, and you can view it in string 6. This program makes temporary use of strings 3-6. There are no bugs that I'm aware of, but if you find any, email me at Torael_7@yahoo.com
mycrypt.zip1k05-06-23File is not ratedMyCrypt
This is an ignorant amateur's attempt to create an encryption program. I personally can't think of any ways to crack codes generated by this program, but I'm sure some crypto-enthusiast out there could probably dechiper it in under 2 minutes.
nihilst.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedNihilst Cipher
This was originally used by the Russian Nihilsts during the revolutions of the early 1900s.
onetimek.zip1k08-09-06File is not ratedOne Time Keypad
This is a faster version of the one time keypad on the 83/84s. Its totally correct, quick and very small, in only 1 file.
podz.zip2k00-10-20File is not ratedEncryption Podz v0.9
Encryption podz is a program thats encrypts a string and stores it into a list. You can transfer these lists from calculator to calculator where they can be decrypted. This program in turn acts as both chat software and encryption software.
quickcode.zip2k08-02-04File is not ratedQuickCode
A program that turns your words into code. Very speedy! Comes in a regular version and a micro version under 300 bytes! Translates full sentences in less then five seconds!
railfenc.zip1k08-01-24File is not ratedRailfence Cipher
Its a Railfence Cipher for the calc. i have no idea why i made it, but its fast
rot13.zip2k03-06-22File is not ratedRot13 Encryption
This is just a fun little program I wrote that encrypts and decrypts strings. It only handles letters though, numbers and symbols remain unaltered. Because of the nature of the encryption algorithm, only one program is needed to encrypt and decrypt. To use, simply run the program and type in your message, hit enter, voila!
rotate13_tool.zip1k08-02-28File is not ratedRotate-13 Encryption Tool
This program simply Encrypts/Decrypts a string inputted to the thirteenth digit. Upper and lower case letters do apply to this program. I also added the feature: RotX, which allows you to rotate to a certain digit (1-25). Ex. "TICALC" to the 13th digit translates to: "GVPNYP" The feature RotX can calculate a string to a variable digit, for example x=7 "TICALC" translates to "APJHSJ" etc. The full translation is stored to Str9 so if your input is more than 112 characters, you can refer to that. This program is pretty fast in general, and you can also see the progress on translation.
rotate13.zip58k07-03-01File is not ratedROTATE13 Tool
The ROTATE13 Tool will take a string from user input and apply ROT13 to it. Upper-case and lower-case letters are moved forward 13 places; for example, A would become N, and U would become H, and vice versa. ROTATE13 is symmetrical; re-applying ROT13 on an encoded string would return the original string. Needless to say, ROT13 has no effect on non-alphabetic characters. For more info on ROT13, such as its history, technical details, and applications, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROT13
rotbreak.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedROT-X Breaker
This is a Caesar Shift Cipher/ROT-X Cipher breaker (not Caesar box). This program not only does all 25 decrypts, but it also does a frequency analysis of the decrypt and can chose from the decrypts the best possible cleartext. Although not all of the best cleartexts will be correct, the majority of the time, the right one will be chosen. Of course, you can still see the rest of the cleartexts. By pressing yes at the menu and up and down, all of the cleartexts will be show.
sead.zip2k04-05-08File is not ratedString Encryption And Decryption
SEAD is a program that will encode/decode a string into a number and back. This will enable BASIC programmers to store a string into a list, so the program doesn't have to rely on Str1-Str0 for long-term string storage.
secret_m_s.zip1k04-10-04File is not ratedSecret Message System
I'm back here at Ticalc!!! So all my programms will get better now, and I'll beginn with Secret message System, a programm, with that you can code a Text (it is saved to Strg9) and resolute the complete Strg9 to a "normal" Text. Updated: 29.09.04
sldecode.zip1k08-05-27File is not ratedSlide Code
This program came out of nowhere. it encrypts and decrypts perfectly. although this encryption uses a strange 90 bit key (that has to be typed in, by you or the computer), there is a reason for it. the cipher/clear text are stored in str1 after en/decryption and the key is stored in str3 i dont know why i made this code. ps can someone do a stat analysis for this encryption?
solitare.zip1k08-12-20File is not ratedSolitaire Encryption
This is Bruce Schneier's Solitaire Encryption for the TI83/84 family. Now, those who do not have a TI89 can encrypt data using Solitaire. You have 3 choices of the initial deck and can key the deck if you wish. Then, all you have to do is wait. The output is stored in Str1. The decryption deck is stored in the list DDECK.
tdes.zip2k09-02-03File is not ratedTriple DES
**** If you live/are in a place that is not supposed to be using this encryption, please do not download it. I hold no responsibility for any laws that are broken for downloading this despite that TDES is slowly becoming replaced by AES.**** There are no problems with this program, other than its speed. Users can chose between 2 modes, EEE, and EDE to encrypt data. The same must be chosen to decrypt. Email me at bxsciencer@yahoo.com or leave comments at calccrypto.wikidot.com to tell me about any bugs/problems this program has.
tienigma.zip6k09-11-17File is not ratedTi-Enigma
This is a strong encryption and decryption program with editable ciphire. For use install both included programs. Detailed in Read Me.
vaultx.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedinfoprotect
simple program. You input the code you want and the data you want protected into the program, easy way to protect codes and info on your calculator. Almost foolproof.
vbreaker.zip8k06-12-24File is not ratedAlmost-fully autonomous VIGENERE CODEBREAKER
Just enter an encoded message encrypted by a Vigenere cipher, and this program will find the keyword with little input from you. It asks if you want to look for repeated pairs after it looks for repeated triples (unless there are no triples) and then asks if its suggested keyword is right. (When it says "your input=" after it finds the suggested keyword length, either type X to recalcuate or enter your keyword length.) After it finds the keyword, you can modify it and it tells you the error number when you change a letter (A low error number is good). It then saves the data for use with the Vigenere program (included) so you just have to run it and select "decrypt."
vigenere2.zip1k09-09-09File is not ratedVigenere Cipher 2
This is an update of my old Vigenere Cipher program. Now, it uses math rather than a large matrix to en/decrypt, so its a lot smaller, and doesn't take up much memory.
vigenere.zip1k08-01-13File is not ratedVigenere Cipher
Its a pretty small program, but it has a tendancy to use over 10k of memory. otherwise, its fine
viginere.zip1k06-02-07File is not ratedViginère Cipher
Code and Decode using the Caesar cipher.
xanthiantranslator.zip1k09-09-25File is not ratedXan-Tran: the Xanthian Translator
Translates xanthian to Mundanian and back - generates all five potential responses! Now enables all one-character tokens and you can switch translations without going back to the main list of them.
xor.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedXOR Cipher
This is a simple version of the xor cipher. i wasnt sure if the decryption key is in binary or letters, so type it in letters. this program only supports A-theta right now. i might add the other stuff to it or i might not.
zecrypt.zip1k11-04-15File is not ratedZeCrypt
ZeCrypt is a nice little encryption tool (285 bytes) that makes use of the rand seed to encrypt or decrypt text. With it, you can send encrypted text to other calculators and the only way you can decrypt it is if you have the key. Key=997 D([θ7IEYK

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