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agen.zip1k00-12-17File is not ratedAGEN v1.1
Same as V1.0 , but intellegnce factored in, check out my site at www.angelfire.com/nc2/mc2
aiprogs.zip2k03-07-01File is not ratedAI Programs
Three programs that might be conscidered AI.
artificialintelligence.zip1k10-04-12File is not ratedAI
Simulates Artificial Intelligence. Ask it any question that starts with who, why, how, or where. Also see it's binary code.
bouncegv.zip1k09-03-13File is not ratedBouncGV
This program simulates a bouncing ball with NO friction in the x (so the ball will keep sliding on the floor). You can edit gravity and velocity in the x and y, but I would not increase x more than 20 because it looks UGLY. 3-12 looks nice.
c8salt.zip18k22-12-22File is not ratedC8SALT V1.2
C8SALT is the first ever TI-BASIC CHIP-8 emulator. Play all your favorite CHIP-8 games (as well as select SCHIP games) at a blistering 0.2 FPS! 9 programs are included with C8SALT, along with a ROM converter written in Python 3 allowing you to use your own CHIP-8 games with C8SALT. You can even import your own custom fonts! V1.2 fixes VIP style shifts and makes optimizations.
cellauto2.zip7k10-12-04File is not ratedElementary Cellular Automaton
It may sound like a complex program, but it's actually very simple to use. Just input an integer between 0 and 255, and the program will generate an entire image based on the rule you entered. Some of the pictures are pretty fascinating, and it can be interesting to watch the program render the image.
cellauto.zip3k05-07-29File is not ratedCellular Automata Pack
This pack includes 4 programs: the game of life, a forest fire simulation, and 2 1D cellular automata engines. The first is an "elementary" cellular automata engine, with an r value of 1, k value of 1, variable N value, and variable 8 bit rules. The second is a "totalistic" engine with variable 6 bit rules and variable r, k, & N values. (the screenshot was taken from the totalistic engine). See the readme for more information.
chip8.zip7k22-09-14File is not ratedCHIP-8 Emulator in TI-Basic
This is a CHIP-8 emulator programmed entirely in TI-Basic that allows you to program and execute CHIP-8 code directly one your TI-83/84+ calculator. It's slow, but can be sped up with any TI emulator (such as Virtual TI). Let me know if you find any issues or bugs so I can squash them. Update v1.1: many bugs squashed.
fakedos.zip2k02-02-22File is not ratedFake Dos v6.44
A stupid program that is similar to MS-DOS.
fission.zip1k10-03-29File is not ratedFissioning Reaction
a simulation of nuclear decay. It shows how the process slows down eventually
freebsd.zip4k03-03-08File is not ratedFreeBSD 2000 version 5
An idiotic (dutch) program that simulates an operating system.
gameoflife.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedConway's Game of Life
This is a shortened replica of John Conway's Game of life which is a program that simulates the lives of cells.
grasssimulator.zip2k06-04-22File is not ratedGrass Simulator
Who doesn't want a grass simulator? This is one of the best grass simulators out there. Have complete control over your louscious lawn! Mow it! Fertilize it! And many more! For all of you who think I'm crazy, keep thinking that :)
imac.zip1k01-02-08File is not ratedMac OS
A Mock Mac Os for the ti-83 plus
immortalbacteria.zip1k06-04-22File is not ratedImmortal Bacteria Simulator
Simulates a colony of Immortal Bacteria in a 10*10 grid with up to 5 nutrient stations. A pretty fun simulation to watch.
life9000.zip7k09-02-18File is not ratedLife9000
Description Life9000 is a TI-BASIC implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Not to be confused with a board game, Life is not really a game in the traditional sense. It's something called a cellular automaton. So what the hell is a cellular automaton? In this case, imagine a grid. Each space in the grid is called a cell. Each cell can be either "alive" or "dead" at any given time. Living cells are often visualized as black whereas dead cells are white, although one can render cells however they choose. During each round of the game, every living cell that has 2 or 3 living adjacent or diagonal neighbours survives to the next round, otherwise it dies. Any dead cell with exactly 3 living neighbours comes to live. This repeats endlessly until the game is stopped. Sounds boring. Yes, but here's where the science comes in. Scientists have long been interested in the game of life because of complex patterns that emerge in it. They have observed "creatures" that can move themselves across the grid, and complex structures that endlessly produce more complex structures. The game of life has been compared to the Theory of Evolution, namely because it demonstrates that order and complexity can arise from randomness, given just a few simple rules. The game of life has caught the interest of nerdy types for decades. In fact, the hacker emblem is based on a structure from the game of life. (Wiki It) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life
life.zip1k09-09-25File is not ratedConways Game of Life
Only BASIC game of life that uses pixels. but it is slow
loldot.zip7k09-02-09File is not ratedLOLDOTv1.2
LOLDOTv1.2 Finally released! This program can be considered a very small version of sandbox simuations like dust or sand. This program (so far) allows you to use items such as thunder or plant, and they re-act or simulate very close to real objects. I'm still coming up with some more ideas for this program, so if you could e-mail me, I'll add new objects to the program. Hope you enjoy. Update Includes: -New easy in-game menu -Save Data -pause function
pathfindingai.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedPathfinding AI
This program demonstrates pathfind AI. it includes two mazes and features a graphical interface.
pathgraphfindingai.zip3k06-05-17File is not ratedPathfinding AI
This program takes a maze of your input (or loads a pic that you specify) and solves it ('it' is a pixel) includes a helpful feature or two (press a button to "ping" the current position).
petfish.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedFish AI
a pet fish that swims around randomly blowing bubbles and can be fed.
superiorgrasssimulator.zip4k05-05-11File is not ratedSuperior Grass Simulator
Early May 2005, a programmer released a program on ticalc.org entitled "Grass Simulator" in BASIC. I was dissapointed to find that this program did not meet my Grass Simulation needs, and so I set out to write a Superiour Grass Simulator This product is by far the best grass simulator EVER released for ANY TI graphing calculator and will continue to be because customers will love its versatility, functionality, coolness, and ability to simulate grass growing. See the readme for details on this must-have program.
sys3.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedSystem 3.0 Simulator
Simulates the Apple IIgs system 3.0.
tisgcsimv1.0.4.zip48k08-05-27File is not ratedTISGCSim v1.0.4 (Stargate Dialing Computer)
This is the first of a long line of Dialing simulators that I plan to release. It's meant to model the dialing computer at the SGC, but right now i know it really doesn't. Please visit the official TISGCSim website at http://tisgcsim.weebly.com/
wolframx.zip13k08-12-01File is not rated1D Cellular Automation Simulator
Emulates any of Wolfram's Rules for 1D cellular autonoma. Like Conway's Game of Life, but One-Dimensional instead of 2.
zhysics.zip4k08-01-10File is not ratedZhysics
Fling triangles! Topple rectangles! Squish strangely shaped things! Zhysics is a vector based physics simulator and object editor for the calculator, inspired by Soda Constructor. Using it, you can build things by creating points and attaching them with lines. Then you can simulate them so they behave like physical objects! The program is fairly small, taking up less than 2 kilobytes. Includes instructions and a picture.

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