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1peter.zip7k04-07-03File is not ratedFirst Peter KJV
King James Version of First Peter.
2cor318.zip5k04-05-27File is not rated2 Corinthians 3:18
This program displays 2 Corinthians 3:18 from the Niv translation of the new testament at the startup of your calculator. IMPORTANT: You need the startup app for this to work at the startup of your calculator.
bible.zip6k05-03-19File is not ratedBible v2.0
This is for the Ti-83 plus. These are just sections from the Bible. Some sections are from 1 Corinthians, James, Luke, Matthew, and Proverbs. Some are in old English text.
bscprgmg.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedBasic Programming for Dummies
This is the first of a series of informational programs that I am creating. This is a great program that will help anyone to make a program/game, even if you have no programming experience.
cartman.8xp1k02-02-22File is not ratedCartman
a text i created
doors_xp_intro_83p.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedIntroduction to Doors XPasm v4.0
This is a file complete with graphics and logos that explains all about Doors XP v4.0 (the first asm release). It contains some invaluable information about supported file formats, interface, etc. Check it out!
enneagra.zip1k18-03-20File is not ratedEnneagram
German only. Informationen und eine Graphik.
ephesians.zip12k03-05-05File is not ratedEphesians
The book of Ephesians (New International Version).
fmsfirst.zip1k06-07-06File is not ratedFamous Firsts
This gives all of the famous firsts from Washington to Lucille Ball.
grandma.8xp1k02-02-22File is not ratedGreat Grandma Florence
Eric Cartmans Great Grandmother's prayer
indyinfo.zip1k03-05-31File is not ratedWCG Indy 500 Info
Indy info with all indy winners from 1911 to 2002.
intro_tici_83p.zip2k03-03-07File is not ratedIntroduction to TICI 1.0
This program explains all about TICI 1.0, including its use, hardware devices it can connect to and will be able to interface in the near future. It explains the different icons used for TICI 1.0 and provides a website link to learn more. Check it out!
james519.zip5k04-05-26File is not ratedthetaJAMES519
This program displays James 5:19 from the Message tranlation of the Bible at the startup of your calculator. IMPORTANT: You need the startup app for this to work
lcars_ship.zip17k04-04-18File is not ratedLCARS - Ship Database
Library Computer Access and Retrieval System. The system that is used to control the star ships and give information on Star Trek is now on your 83+! This "Module" gives you a listing of 156 Federation Starships with registry numbers and classes. Check out the screen shots that are included in the readme and zip file. Also, please make sure you rate this program!!!!
ldssmnt1.zip5k05-05-20File is not ratedLDS Scripture Mastery NT-part 1
This file contains the first 12 LDS Scripture Mastery New Testament verses - useful for memorizing in math class.
ldssmnt2.zip7k05-05-20File is not ratedLDS Scripture Mastery NT-part 2
This file contains the final 13 LDS Scripture Mastery New Testament verses - useful for memorizing in math class.
ltu.zip1k03-04-30File rated 1.07Learn to Use Your TI-83+
This is the TI-83+ version of the program that explains basic uses of the calculator to beginner users. Contains excellent graphics, an easy-to-understand format, and key definitions for many functions, including programs and apps. Check it out!
luke923.zip5k04-05-25File is not ratedthetaLUKE923
This program displays Luke 9:23 from the NIV translation ofthe Bible at the startup of your calculator. IMPORTANT: You need the startup app for this to work.
mozilla.zip1k11-05-27File is not ratedAbout:Mozilla (The Book of Mozilla, 11:9)
Just a simple replica of Mozilla Firefox's about:mozilla page. See http://www.mozilla.org/book/ for the Firefox version.
philemon.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedPhilemon
The book of Philemon, from the Bible. I copied it word for word from the New International Version so read it now on your calculator!
plane.zip3k04-01-03File is not ratedPaper Airplane Tutorial v1.0
This program will teach you how to make a very easy-to-build paper airplane that is excellent for both gliding and distance. This is NOT your normal airplane... it is well worth learning. The program contains graphics of each step, as well as very easy instructions. Enjoy your plane!
program1.zip4k10-04-17File is not ratedHow to Program TI-BASIC Part I
Are you, or have you ever been, eager to learn TI-BASIC? Seeing as you're browsing this particular category, I'd say yes. If you've ever wanted a convenient resource for TI-BASIC, you've (finally) found it. This program is the first in a series of programs designed as the ultimate resource for people learning TI-BASIC — right on the calculator itself. No internet connection needed, no tutorials to print out — just one convenient program that you can readily access whenever you have that question "How do you use that function again?" Better yet, the program itself is coded in BASIC, which means you can press ON at any time to see the actual code used.
psalm23.zip4k05-04-18File is not ratedPsalm 23
The title is pretty self explanatory. Screenshots included.
rev.zip45k04-07-03File is not ratedKJV Revelation for TI83+
The King James Version of the book of Revelation for the TI83+. Broken up by chapters, each file is about 6k.
scripturemastery.zip69k02-10-14File is not ratedScripture Mastery v. 1.2a
Scripture Mastery for the Standard Works. Fixed some spelling errors. Check the readme for more info.
startrekthegreatwarp1.zip2k03-10-13File is not ratedStar Trek - The Great War -Part 1
This is essentially Part 1 of a Star Trek fanfic story. Combining many different parts and times of the ST universe. Currently, it is just text. In the finished version, there will be graphics.
uatf.zip2k04-10-04File is not ratedUnited Anti-Terrorists Info
Updated: 1/8/04 Changes include: updated info on its members and a cool new pic of the SA80 (small arms for the 80's) or L98A1 (this weapon is used by the British S.A.S.) - good download if you're into/interested in Ghost Recon.

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