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4dummies.zip1k12-02-16File is not ratedProgramming for Dummies
This is a simple little program I made to write other programs. This is similar to my other great program, Your Form, but about a tenth of the size. To see how to operate this exciting program, check out the read me!
abcatext.zip5k04-07-07File is not ratedA Text centering program by hookPROgraming
ever tried to create a program with text? I have. "first you randomly guess numbers until you get it close then you try and put it exactly where you want it, and then it's there,the perfect placement, and it only took 1 hour,oh wait u made a spelling error start over." to prevent this from happening, download this must have program for ANY level basic programmer. it allows you to position text or outputs on the screen with the arrow keys and then gives you the code(it's got a few more cool features) please download and read readme file. this program is a MUST have for every programmer. By jeff burge of hookPROgraming
addons_01.zip8k01-01-22File is not ratedAddons To Spice up Programs!
Addons To Spice up Programs! Including Battery check, Shutdown, animation, mouse and more!
addons.zip9k04-04-11File is not ratedUseful add-ons: Pause and Game Over
These are two incredibly useful programs for your games: use z for score, c for pause, and w for high score. With these, you do not have to waste space on your program with space-wasting pause and game over files. Just link your program to prgmSCORE and prgmPAUSE.
adot.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedA Dot Physics Engine
This is a simple attempt at a physics engine done in BASIC. Move a dot around (easily replaced by a sprite) and jump. Gets stopped by other obstacles around the map. Check out the screen shots!
advancedbasics.zip31k07-09-08File is not ratedAdvanced BASICs
This program enables the average BASIC programmer to have different advanced features. There are 4 different functions in this program. Slow Text/Fast Text, allows you to use a Dialog Box, has an Advanced Menu Selector, and also Scrolling Credits. I'm using it in a game I am creating (based off the original Final Fantasy Legends II for the Gameboy Pocket), and it has been infinitely useful. Try it out! You might use it, if even only for a reference.
agetkey.zip1k04-06-22File is not ratedGetkey
This is a program you can use to learn the getkeys. Read the ReadMe for more info.
aicalc.zip1k04-01-24File is not ratedBasic AI
This is a simle programming that shows 1 character chasing another. Great for all you basic programmers who want to make cool games!!
ai.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedAI Template
This is a very simple artificial intelligence template if you want to make a BASIC game for your calculator. It is one character that you can move around that is chased by another character.
alearn.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedLearn to program TI-BASIC v.1.0
This program teaches you some basics of BASIC programming on a ti-83+. It is not meant to be a complete tutorial. You should also read the programming section in the calculator manual. Don't email me with questions about programs. Three examples are included for output, if/then, and getkey. Email me if you find any BUGS.
alibrary.zip2k07-09-08File is not ratedA Library
A Library is a library of five chunks of TI 83/84+ Basic code. These have been used in part to create Us Games TradEmpire, SpeedStrike, and BlackJack. This library was mainly built to explain some basic functions of TI 83/84+ basic for beginning programmers.
animation.zip1k04-06-28File is not ratedJust a helpful program :)
It's a program that has been updated that includes the source code in the readme file. It should help any other struggling programmers to get an idea about how to make objects that move (like in action games, granted basic isn't the best language, too slow!, :D)
antidoto__english_version.zip1k12-04-07File is not ratedANTIDOTO - English version
Imagine you're doing a school exam and suddenly disappears chart lines and the only solution is to reset and lose all data. The problem is very common and can happen to anyone. With ANTIDOTO solves all problems (not only the lines of the graph) calculating machine. It has three levels of operation, choice and integrated instruction that facilitate its use. (Versão Portuguesa - http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/446/44697.html)
antidoto.zip2k12-04-03File is not ratedANTIDOTO
(Português)-> Imagine que está a meio de um exame e de repente desaparece as linhas do gráfico e a única solução é fazer Reset e perder todos os dados. O problema é muito comum e pode acontecer a qualquer um. Com o ANTIDOTO resolve todos os problemas (não só o das linhas do gráfico) da máquina calcular. Tem 3 níveis de funcionamento, opções de escolha e instruções integradas que facilitam a sua utilização. (English)-> Imagine you're doing a school exam and suddenly disappears chart lines and the only solution is to reset and lose all data. The problem is very common and can happen to anyone. With ANTIDOTO solves all problems (not only the lines of the graph) calculating machine. It has three levels of operation, choice and integrated instruction that facilitate its use.
appvars.zip2k21-02-20File is not ratedAppVar Editor
The AppVar editor is a simple program that makes it easy for a programmer to create and edit AppVars. This program does require Doors CS 7 or Celtic III to run. All you need to do is enter the name of the AppVar and the program will allow you to add lines, replace lines, and delete lines, and store a line into a string from an AppVar. This program also allows you to archive and unarchive an AppVar, as well as convert an AppVar to a program with the same name (and vice versa).
aprogc.zip1k02-03-06File is not ratedAuto Program Creator
This is a program which automatically creates Basic commands. This is the first public release and still in beta phase.
arrowfin.zip1k04-04-17File is not ratedRotating cursor
This is my second program on ti-calc, i have been working on this program for months, it is a menu that has a special animated cursor that gives the impression it is rotating! ver hard to do i think, and it is very fast, if is is to slow, just lower the For( numbers! currently set up for a Silver edition. Thank You UNITED-TI
asci2.zip6k03-12-08File is not ratedASCII
Some programs that show ASCII characters and documentation on how to use them in BASIC progs. Uses prgmBACI by Josh Kasten.
asciieditor.zip9k07-12-06File is not ratedASCII editor
This program allows programmers to simply create single and dual layer maps, as well as get tokens that are normaly not available on the calculator and easily try different combo's of tokens. The programmer then can use the map for his/her RPG, sidescroller, puzzle or maze game, ect. The size of the single layer map can be anything from 1*1 to whatever memory allows; and the dual layer map can be from 1*1 to 8*16.
ashuffler.zip1k04-09-09File is not ratedA Shuffler v. 1.0
This is a technological breatkthrough in the world of TI-83+ card games! This program actually creates a deck of cards, shuffles it without duplicating any cards, and saves the deck into [A]! The top number is the number of the card, and the bottom number is the suit. Note: Developers, you may not change this program in any way, but you can create games that uses this shuffler. I am currently designing a card game that uses this shuffler.
asmdraw.zip2k14-01-09File is not ratedAsmDraw
This BASIC program can be used to generate an assembly hex opcode that draws a simple image built up by rectangles. Just supply a list of coordinates and rectangle types (white, black, inverted, and a few others), and it will output a string in Str1 and Ans with the opcode. It even optimises for certain cases.
asmedit.zip53k03-04-17File is not ratedASM Editor
Facilitates writing assembly programs directly on the calculator. You can create and edit a list of assembly instructions and associated literal data, then export the hexadecimal code to a string.
asmoncalceditor.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedASM Oncalc editor beta v0.02
This is a line by line ASM assembler that stores the hex output in Str3. It only supports Version 0.02 works.
asmtools.zip5k04-03-16File rated 3.03ASM Tools v1.0
ASM Tools is a multifunction utility for z80 programmers. There are four main sections of built-in dynamic tools, each meant to make programming easier. The Conversions section will convert to and from any of hexidecimal (base 16), binary (base 2), and decimal (base 10). The Calculate section will find program size and a variety of execution time stats. The Command Reference contains information on a variety of z80 commands and ROM calls. The Select Commands section contains complete size and clock information for a variety of 1 and 2 byte math instructions, indirection, ports, and often-used rom calls. Doors CS v4.0 and up optimized.
autodepchecker.zip25k06-12-30File is not ratedAuto Dep Checker
Auto Dep Check is a dependency checking subroutine. You can use it in your programs to check to make sure that all the subroutines your program uses are installed on a user's calc. It will work with and without the xLIB app, but if you have xLIB (included) installed, it will take advantage of that, allowing you to keep Auto Dep Check and the subroutines it uses in archive. If not, you must have prgmVARS and prgmSA in RAM.
automaticshuffler.zip1k05-11-26File is not ratedAutomatic Card Shuffler
Shuffles cards randomly, use lists 1 and 2, all 52 cards This program is used for basic programmers that have a card game but need a shuffling tool.
basicfig.zip8k03-10-25File is not ratedBasic Fighting Routines
This is for anyone who is having trouble making fighting sequences. Use my source code in any way that helps you. Includes Random subt. and standard -10 subt. Enjoy :)
basicgetkey.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedGetKey values
This simple program returns keypress values of the TI-83+ built-in keyboard for BASIC programmers.
basicgl.zip9k22-07-01File is not ratedAdvanced BASIC Graphics Library
Advanced BasicGL is a TI-BASIC library comprised of optimized graphics routines written in the TI-83+ basic language. Routines include 16-shade dithering, fast circles, rotated polygons, vertical and horizontal text sprites, and 3D object handling! Now you can create a 3D object and rotate it any way you like for any games you may be developing. Update contains a new pattern-filled triangle routine.
basichelp.zip1k04-05-11File is not ratedlittle prog
this two programs can help you to make another easily, put first at the beginning and clear at the end of your program
basic_mapmaker.zip81k07-03-11File is not ratedBASIC MapMaker
Now you can create completely scrollable maps... in BASIC! With this program, you can create, load, edit, view, and save scrollable maps of any size. Then you can use them in your own games and programs! In addition, this program includes all the hidden characters that can't normally be accessed through the TI-OS. A must download for any serious BASIC programmer. Compatible with MirageOS and other shells. To learn how to create programs capable of scrolling maps, download my tutorials.
basicmaster83.zip5k01-06-03File is not ratedBasic Master Program Set 83 Plus
This is a package of 21 programs made for use with the Basic Master tutorial on the ti 83 Plus.
basic_password.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedPassword Protection
The code in this program adds password protection to sections of BASIC programs that you don't want accessed by other users when they run the program. 100% stable, and tested by myself. I use it in all of my programs.
basicspr.zip103k13-05-08File is not ratedbasic sprite
this is an sprite editor for all basic users
basictools.zip39k09-12-01File is not ratedBasic Tools
This contains a few programs that will help in game developement (and a few random things). Includes thorough readme's and screen shots. Have fun ☺.
basictut.zip1k00-02-19File is not ratedLearn TI-83+ BASIC Programming Volume 1
This program is for beginners who wish to learn to program in BASIC. The program goes through several BASIC programming functions and the commands associated with them.
battl2.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedBattle
Battle engine for RPG's in progress
bfexec.zip1k06-05-30File is not ratedbrainf*** Compiler
brainf*** is a very simple, yet Turing-complete, programming language created by Urban Muller. There are only 8 commands, each 1 character long. There's no help option yet, but Wikipedia explains how to program in brainf***.
bibliothque.zip23k10-12-07File is not ratedBiblio
Biblio is short for Bibliothèque which is french for "Library" which is what this program deals with. This will compile a list of assembly opcodes into an assembly library like EnPro. This has three methods for creating libraries, each with its own advantages and each modeled after my own assembly-made libraries. Also, includes 3 examples and 21 opcodes.
bintest.zip1k13-05-30File is not ratedBinary
Brush up on your binary reading skills with this app.
bouncingball.zip1k06-01-02File is not ratedBouncing Ball
It's a bouncing ball that just bounces off the sides of your screen. You can use it for pong if you want but please include me as part maker for ball physics.
brainfint.zip1k06-12-30File is not ratedBrainf*** Interpreter 1.0
The name says it all. This DCS6-optimized program interprets the BF program stored in Str0, and includes two sample programs for your viewing pleasure. The real-time interpreter includes a debugging output.
brgsuite.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedBASIC Race Game Engine SUITE v1.1
Two engines for a basic race game. Great for beginners and experts!
bst.zip53k06-12-19File is not ratedBinary Search Tree Routine
This binary search tree implementation allows Basic programmers to finally access the power of a binary search tree.
builder.zip5k04-11-25File is not ratedGame Builder
Game builder
calc.zip1k10-03-07File is not ratedCALC TI-Language
This is a short language that i made from BASIC and it's only feature is displaying something. Just type in what you want to say and it stores it as a string and then displays it. You can use it and produce your own from this.
catharsis.zip1k02-07-11File is not ratedCatharsis 3D Engine *Update*
This is my great 3D engine that is optimized greatly, but still uses the 'connect the dot' method
ceport.zip15k21-10-25File is not ratedCEPORT 2.2
CEPORT is an on-calc utility for porting monochrome 83+/84+ TI-BASIC programs to the 84+CSE/CE. Just enter the name of the program you want to convert, and CEPORT will modify every Text( and Pxl-type command in that program to look and run correctly on the CE. Now runs twice as fast! Requires Celtic III Libs (Included).
chars2.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedChars
This is a simple program to unlock the % @ # & chars on your calc. The chars are stored in Str1 after instalation.
charset.zip1k00-10-15File is not ratedInternational Character Set v1.2
Allows you to type in greek and use other characters, with 5 new characters, available exclusively in this program!
charstr0.zip1k05-10-26File is not ratedChar String 0
Provides 75 characterss not normaly found in the catalog. It stores them in string0 so don't archive the string.
chars.zip2k01-05-31File is not ratedSecret Char/Tokens
This program lets you use all of the short tokens (i.e. A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, a, b, c, etc.) on the 83+. That may not sound exciting, but you can also use the hidden international characters such as ÄåîÒÑ and the upside down question/exclamation marks. You can also use the crazy ones like delta and beta and omega and some who's names I don't even know. Basic programmers, download this!
chartmap.8xp1k02-05-12File is not ratedCharacter Map for the TI-83 Plus!
Yep, a Character Map for TI-83 Plus. Who knew there were accents in the calc!
chartoans.zip2k05-11-02File is not ratedChar to any Str#
Provides 75 characterss not normaly found in the catalog. It stores them in "Ans" then hit the [sto] key the [vars]+[7]+[(str#)] Ans->Str#
char.zip1k05-10-16File is not ratedCharacters
64 characters only gotten through program editor. You don't have to include me in any of your programs you made using this, it isn't your fault you don't have program editor. Also tells you how to rename programs!
charz.zip2k14-06-07File is not ratedCharz v3.0
Charz is a program designed to help out programmers who keep their calculator with them at all times and do their programming on the calculator. This program gives you access to over 100 characters not capable of being typed in. You can store multiple to a string in one run of the program and exit to paste the string into your program.
checkboxes.zip1k10-12-04File is not ratedCheckboxes Form
Checkboxes is a program that you can use within your other programs as a utility. I dont care if you use it, that is why it is free. To (un)check a box, press the corresponding number, to finish entering the boxes press enter. The data is then stored into list format where the slot is the corresponding number. 1 means the person checked it, 0 means they didnt. That way you can use the user input to your advantage. the list is called CHBX. To make the screen come up with a choice of what to pick, you must assign strings in your program. You could do "Pizza"(STO)Str1 and it would show up with pizza as choice 1. Str0 is the title at the top of the screen.
cheetah.zip3k03-12-03File is not ratedCheetah
Ingenious design of GUI and menu() switching
cib.zip74k06-08-20File is not ratedCIB
Compression In Basic, which using RLE (Run Length Encoding) is a matrix compressor/decompresser. It has support for use of matrices with decimals and those without. This was created for use in xLIB games, such as a game I am working on called Tank but is expanded for use in all games. The compression ratio differs from matrix to matrix, I was able to compress a 16x24 Matrix by 87.2%. It also is a quick decompresser, which took 8 seconds to decompress the same matrix. (Includes four demos and the sample matrix).
circlemover.zip1k09-04-08File is not ratedCircle Mover
This program shows a circle. You move it with the directional pad and zoom in and out with + and -. This could be used in countless different programs. Don's worry about giving credit to me. I don't care about having my name in a program.
clear.zip1k03-05-29File is not ratedSolomon's Clear
a program intended to be used a subroutine in other programs (clears screen, variables, and clears "Done" at the end of your program)
cmtdmenu.zip18k02-11-08File is not ratedBasic Graph Menu (Commented)
Basic menu designed on the graph. Can detect invalid selections, and is easily customizeable. Includes seperate program containing the 'INVALID KEY' code. Is commented.
codem4.zip12k09-11-25File is not ratedCodem4
Are you a game developer? Have you ever wanted to make cheats or codes for your games? Well this is the program for you.
compiler.zip4k06-04-22File is not ratedBASIC Compiler
A great tool for all BASIC programmers! This compiler allows you to define variables, create functions, even use special Omnicalc functions with a new language! This will definately make creating programs a lot easier. Please see the manual for more info.
coolmenu.zip1k03-11-19File is not ratedCool Menu
Do you want a menu that isn't like the on-calc BASIC menu??? Well then, try this menu!! It's great for any type of program. It looks great!! If you want to put a cool menu in your programs then download this. It is unlocked so you are free to use it in any way that helps you. Enjoy :)
coordchk.zip6k04-02-08File is not ratedCoordinate Finder for Text
NEW: Hit graph to edit coord while running it. Also now automatically stops movement at edge of screen. Ever have trouble finding the right coordinates for text? This simple program lets you do that easily! Simply input your txt and move it around to where you want it, and read the coordinates! You may also edit this program to make your own (see coordchk.txt for info on reposting your program online)
cpanellib.zip2026k11-06-02File is not ratedCPanel Library V1.0
Note: The following program is ONLY for Ti-84(+)(SE), since it only has enough RAM for Control Panel Library. Moreover, TiOS 2.55MP or greater is needed on the calcultor! Control Panel Library (abbreviated as CPanel Lib) is a Ti-BASIC library that contains the best assembly opcodes and assembly programs from Ticalc.org. CPanel Lib basically acts as a frontend, in order to make parameters to the opcodes and assembly programs easier. Most of the time, the only input and output is in the wild variable ANS, making parameters so much easier. Moroever, this front-end contains debug code, which is an invaluable tool for developers to see what is being put into the function, and what is outputted from the function. Furthermore, unlike other libraries, this library uses hacked variables as much as is technically possible, so that normal variables currently in use are not altered. CPanel Lib contains about 28 functions, ranging from the ability to play sound, enable lowercase, change variable datatypes;, un/archive, un/lock, and delete programs during runtime; run assembly scripts in hex tokens, generate OS and custom errors, and much more! Furthermore, by setting up the CPanel LIb environment, the developer can create subprograms and subfunctions within BASIC programs. These subprograms/subfunctions are known as "macros", and are "included" into your program, similar to like in C++ programs. Using the included tool/app called "XCopy" these macros can be psuedo-copied and pasted into programs so that they can be "included". There are 17 macros that I have made for this release of CPanel, and their features range from converting numbers/fractions into strings (with/without a sign appended in front), splitting a fraction into a numerator and denominator variable, storing a string/Y variable into another String/Y Variable by an ID, and much more! Some of my current suites and many of my future programs that I will make will depend upon this Library, so download it today! See the Technical documents inside for more information on how to use CPanel Lib
cprot.zip2k04-09-21File is not ratedProgram Copyright Protection
For selling your programs. It's a very easy-to-use protection system that you apply to programs to keep clients from sending others your hard work. Just add some code to the top of all your best sellers and make sure each client has a reset tool (in event of RAM resets)... there's really no more to do than that. Fully integrated protection with no ugly password prompts; nigh unbreakable.
crap911_1.zip1k03-06-24File is not ratedCrap911_graphic_engine
well it's my first published program, it's a RPG graphic engine modified from upbeat engine, but 2 times smaller and faster! try out! and let me know if u made any game from it!
crapinterpretter.zip14k04-11-20File is not ratedthe Crap Interpretter
name implies nothing other than that it is sort of a crappy idea/program..but, here it is: It is like another programming language. It runs "programs" stored in L1 (List-1), which are all numeric based. There are 39 instructions. There are 16 numeric variables and 4 string varaibles that can be manipulated, and also the suppost of subroutines; just have a look to see what I mean...just that I was able to make programming language in BASIC is kinda cool. It is slow and limited, but still an accomplishment I guess :-D
creatr3d.zip1k03-10-06File is not rated3D Shooter Creater
This program allows anyone to create their own 3D shooter. It's only a demo right now but it runs on a full 3D engine!
credits.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedCredits
Program that helps you create scrolling text.
customstrings.zip2k03-06-27File is not ratedcustom strings
This program allows you to create an infinite (untill your ram's full) amount of strings with custom names in stead of Str0-9. It changes no variables but Str0 (all strings are in here) and Str1. Very useful as a sub-program
dcsicon83p.zip1k07-04-14File is not ratedHeader and Icon Creator v1.2 for Doors CS 4-6
This simple yet powerful program will create the hex code for the header to a BASIC program. Using the three generated lines, your program will not only be recognized by Doors CS but will also have an 8x8 icon. This latest version has been completely updated and recoded by TIFreak8x of the renowned TIFreakWare. Check it out!
dcsicon8xpv2.zip5k07-05-07File is not ratedIcon Generator v2.0 for Doors CS 4-6
This program can be used to make a icon for use in the header in a basic porogram. The icon will then appear on the program in Doors CS by Kerm Martian. Supports 16*16 icons, and a loading function. It are als able to toggle between 8*8 and 16*16 mode durning editing an icon.
dcsmouse83p.zip1k03-04-30File is not ratedMouse Kernal from Doors CS
This is the mouse kernal used in Doors CS, which you can now seamlessly integrate into your own programs. Simply call prgmDCSMOUSE from your program, and you can use a real graphical mouse cursor.
doorsicon7.zip1k21-02-20File is not ratedDoors CS 7 Icon Creator
Create a Doors CS icon for your program using this simple program! Simply draw an icon and this program inserts it directly into the program you want, no expertise needed! You can also convert the icon into hexadecimal code, stored in Str0. NEW FEATURE!!! Now you can create 16x16 icons as well as 8x8! Requires Doors CS 7.0 or higher.
dpb2.zip7k08-01-03File is not ratedDirectPlay Beta 2
A slightly different release that now allows you to store the variables in another program and then retrieve them to get them (a cross program data referencing thing).
drawcard.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedCard drawing library
This program can be used in your card games to draw a card. See readme.txt for more info on how to use it.
drifteng.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedGravity (Drift Engine)
This is the 'engine' from my game Gravity. You can input all of your own information to get a feel for how it works. It performs exactly the same as the game itself. This engine will allow you to explore how orbit works.
editor.zip2k05-02-11File is not ratedMap Editor
A nifty map editor. Feel free to edit code, use for your own game, or distribute it. I have also made a text-based game called Dragons.
end.zip1k09-10-24File is not ratedSkipping an END
This little program shows how many times you can skip its END-command, before it stops with an ERR: MEMORY. That number depends on how much free RAM you have, and how complicated the condition is that is related to the END-command. If you divide your free RAM with that number, you can see how much memory that is consumed for each time. It is important in programs that runs in a loop, or loops, not to skip END-commands, since you then risk to run out of memory. Skipping an END may consume more than a hundred bytes each time.
ezarrow.zip1k02-10-12File is not ratedArrow
this is a useless program intended to let beginning basic programer have some source code. The program works well.
ezprogrm.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedEZ program
version 0.002 Ever wanted to make a program, but sick of all those dang errors because you dont know what you are doing? Try this. It really works... NOTICE since this is a NEW project of mine only Variable commands work at the moment... Sorry. www.freewebs.com/kat-productions
fastestbasiccutommenu.zip6k02-11-13File is not ratedThe fastest custom menu in BASIC
This is a program to show you how to do the fastes custom menu in BASIC. It includes a sample program and a breakdown of the source. check out the screenshot
firstprgm.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedFirst Program
A on-calc tutorial for BASIC (1.0 Bèta)
fmouse.zip1k08-09-15File is not ratedFast Mouse
One of the FASTEST mouse drawing programs on ticalc.org! Program which draws and allows you to move a fast mouse WITHOUT using sprites. Uses pxl-change(), so it doesn't change any underlying pixels when moving the mouse. Ideal for GUIs and games. Use freely, but give credit if appropriate.
fog_engine.zip13k05-01-28File is not ratedFog Engine
This engine (actually two versions of it) allows BASIC programmers to generate a fog over the home screen that is revealed as a character walks around. Sort of like fog of war. Includes FULLY COMMENTED source code for calc reading, the two engines and a game made with the more complex engine. It's open source, so you can use it for your own needs. Download and enjoy!
forbiddenletters.zip1k07-02-17File is not ratedForbidden Letters
This program allows the user to use about 70 new characters in his program!
gamemakerv1.0.zip8k09-04-26File is not ratedGame Maker Calc v1.0
Well, actually, it's a tilemap creator. Very useful for creating xLib programs, instead of having to create the matrix by hand
game_maker_x.zip288k06-05-14File is not ratedGame Maker X
Are you lazy? Don't feel like learning to program, or don't just have the time? well here's Game Maker X. Make your own game quickly and easily, with NO programming needed!
gameshell.zip6k04-12-24File is not ratedMAKE YOUR OWN GAME
the first (that i know of) gameSHELL for the TI83+ calculator. it includes the basics of an rpg. for this shell i used the game i'm working on (Advinturir) for the shell, so it includes the same feel of gameplay. Advinturir, sadly, won't be out until i get my calculator back so you'll have to make your own game to cope. all necessary info should be in the readme
game_temp.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedGAME TEMPLATE
This is my extremely advanced AI Phoenix Clone Template, for those who want to make BASIC games. *OMNICALC REQUIRED* for the sprite() function (the only good sprite function on earth). You can change the pictures and speed of the vehicles.
gballeng.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedGraphical Pong Engine
This is a graphical pong engine that will help anybody start a pong program.
gb.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedGraphics Builder v1.01
You draw in the program and it dispays what what you need to type into a program to draw what you drew. Excellent for RPG animations.
gengine.zip1k04-10-14File is not ratedGENGINE (A BASIC rpg engine)
I took the Crapp911 engince (based on the upbeat engine) and improved it, the standard engine only had movement through a maze. I added a random encounter system. As well as added chests with random contents. I also added a menu feature, just hit 2nd Feel Free to modify the prgraming to fit your game or improve on the engine. remember to give due respect to the previous versions (Crap911, Upbeay Engine and GENGINE) I will be using the GENGINE in an upcoming game look out for Gladiator coming soon to TI-Calc.org
getkey01.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedGetKey01 v1.0
This program will let you press any of the keys (except for MODE) and would display the binary number of the key' number.
getkey1.0.zip2k09-03-15File is not ratedgetKey 1.0
A program that returns the getKey value for whichever key you press. [ON] breaks BASIC programs; therefore, no value is returned for this key. Good for use when you don't have a printout/manual showing the getKey values. It is not protected, so you may use the code in your own programs.
getkey2.zip2k02-07-23File is not ratedGetKey and GetKey Map
Basically this program has a table of all of the getkey codes for each button on the TI-83+. If you don't want to look at the table all you have to do is press a button and it will tell you the code or value for that button. Pretty simple, small, and useful. This time you don't have to press on the exit, just press enter.( i chose that because everyone knows 105 is enter and i can get rid of that one) good program
getkey.8xg1k03-04-17File is not ratedGetkey Professional
You will love this. It not only tells you the value of the keys pressed, it displays it beautifully also.
getkeycodefinder.zip19k09-04-14File is not ratedGETKEY Code Finder
This program is to help programmers find the getkey code for the keys (except {ON} due to the fact that if you press it the program will crash) on the ti-84 and ti-83 calculator. This is vey useful for advanced programming.
getkeycomcs.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedGetKey Commands
Getkey commands by the push of a button. Simple keystrokes converted into getkey codes, for easy access. Small and simple.
getkeyfinder.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedGetkey Finder
A good program for the people who don't know there getkey values. Nice GUI. to exit you just press [ENTER] twice in a row.
getkeyfv.zip2k04-01-14File is not ratedGetKey Fv **New**
This is one of the most user friendly getkey programs their are. Also you dont have to push on to quit. Check out the readme and screenshot.
getkeymap.zip2k02-07-23File is not ratedGetKey and GetKey Map
Basically this program has a table of all of the getkey codes for each button on the TI-83+. If you don't want to look at the table all you have to do is press a button and it will tell you the code or value for that button. Pretty simple, small, and useful.
getkeyprogram.zip1k10-12-04File is not ratedGetkey program
getkey is a program for novices learning the getkey command. What it does is wait for you to press a button, then it tells you the key# you pressed & how long it took you to press it.
getkeyrx.zip1k03-08-08File is not ratedGetkey Finder
This is a very helpful program that tells you the getkey number of the button you press. This is a must have for begginger proggramers :)
getkeys.zip1k03-11-29File is not ratedGetkey
This program tells you what button you press. You use this program for the getkey function. For example, if you press enter, you get 105 as your getkey. Great for programming with only your calculator when you don't want to get your TI-83Plus guide book out!
getkey.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedKey Value II
Key value is a very important program for programmers. The last version did not work that well so I hope this one will. If it doesn't email me
getkey_.zip1k03-08-04File is not ratedgetkey
this program (under 40 bytes) gives you the key value of the key when you press it
getterofkeys.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedGetKey Helper
This program is a getkey helper you start it and it will give you the value for the key you pressed
gonzo.zip1k02-01-01File is not rated"GONZO" rpg engine
basically a graphic man that will run left, right, and fall with no ground under him. This was made so you could make a nice rpg with half the work!
graphcachesubs.zip12k06-12-30File is not ratedGraphCache Sub
Pushes and pops graphscreen saves. Very useful for layering things like menus and dialogs dynamically on the screen without having to redraw everything once the user closes one. You'll need xLIB (included) to use these.
grey.fox_plus_v1.3.7.zip825k09-02-04File is not ratedGrey.Fox+ v1.3.7
This program will parse a program and replace certain commands with another command. ie: :^QUITR is replaced with :ClrHome:ClrDraw:Return the Lib can be edited and expanded to do anything you want, just edit the thetaLIB program using the basic editor. also you can include comments that will not be parsed so that your source will be easier to understand now you can change the LIB file that it accesses and include the contents of another file
grey.fox.zip74k09-01-18File is not ratedGrey.Fox v 1.1.5 beta
Grey.fox is a compiler program for writing basic programs. it includes "modules" that check the code for the right commands and fill in the compiled programs with the code need Grey.fox can be expanded to any size and have fully customized "modules". v 1.1.5 beta only includes 1-5 of the 8 modules. and they are not entirely complete, but they work.
grphmenu.zip18k02-11-08File is not ratedBasic Graph Menu
Basic menu desingned on the graph. Can detect invalid selections, and is easily customizeable. Includes seperate program containing the 'INVALID KEY' code.
grphtype.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedGraph Type
You may think this is stupid but you can now type on a graph inside a program, It is pretty cool, it even goes down line to line as you need it. You can modify this but you must give me Credit.
guimenurs.zip4k06-07-06File is not ratedGUI Menu
Included in the zip file are two programs that demonstrate how a purely graphical GUI menu with a cursor is implemented in BASIC. The menus run very quickly and with a few modifications can be used in any program. Enjoy!
helppro.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedTI Help pro
A program that helps you if you are into programming.
hex2sprite.zip1k06-07-06File is not ratedHex-2-Sprite
This program takes hexidecimal values, and converts them to sprites on the graphscreen. This Sprite displayer will display sprites in 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 sizes. This also adds a new feature; if your string length is off, it will display an 8x8 X icon.
hexgen.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedHEXGEN v1.0
generates the HEX source code for a few of my favorite asm programs and stores it to str1.the HEX can be programmed directly on the calc.menu interface.just pick the program then generate HEX code and there you go.version 1.0
hexlib.zip2k00-11-24File is not ratedHexLib
an upgrade to hexgen contains around 13 programs programmable on the calc, totally new interface
hextile.zip1k11-11-22File is not ratedHEXTILE - A Hexadecimal Tilemapper
This program lets you convert a tilemap created in Matrix [A] to a HEX string in Str1, which can then be exported to a computer or Rcl'd to an Axe program. Effectively, this lets you create HEX tilemaps using your favorite tilemapping program.
hiddentokenspicker.zip173k10-06-10File is not ratedHidden Tokens Picker
Complete TI-BASIC tokens picker (with gray) for games graphics (ASCII and dual layer) or math notes on programs.
hoodratprgmlang.zip2k08-09-23File is not ratedHoodRat Programming Langauge
A simple to use programming language based on a TIBASIC compiler. NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! you can draw, display text, have loops, backspace and pause. See documentation for more!
hq9plus.zip1k07-01-27File is not ratedHQ9+ Interpreter
This is an interpreter I made for the HQ9+ programming language. (This is a real language, not custom made by me)
idilonproversion.zip15k03-07-22File is not ratediDiLoN RPG Engine/Game PRO
A major update to the BETA I released a month ago. Now includes 2 different engines, and much less buggy. Read the ReadMe for details, and if you use this in your programs give me credit.
id.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedID Code SDK v1.1
A software development kit which allows you to access the serial number on a TI-83+. Use to create shareware and 'registered user only' type programs.
ie.zip5k09-11-25File is not ratedIcon Editor
Sorry last time; I didn't realize SourceCoder didn't translate all tokens. DoorsCS version now allows you to recall the default icons. DorrsCS version now comes in an 8x8 version.
initials.zip2k00-11-24File is not ratedInitials
This is a BASIC program that allows you to use a cursor to select your initials and saves them to string 1. Feel free to use this in your programs!!
initial.zip1k00-12-09File is not ratedInitial
A simple program that allows the user to type their initials onto the graph screen.
input2.zip13k09-07-22File is not ratedGraph Screen Input version 2
input strings directly on the graph screen version 2 cuts out around 300 bytes and changes the program name so that you can save one byte when calling it
input.zip2k03-12-03File is not ratedCustom Input
A custom input program meant to be used as a subroutine.
installshld.zip1k00-07-31File is not ratedInstall Shield v1.0
this prgm helps you install prgm on someelse's calc
instwiz2.zip2k00-09-24File is not ratedInstall Wizard v2.02
read the read me and look at the screen shots
intimp83p.zip1k03-07-12File is not ratedInteger Input v1.5
This simple program lets the user enter an integer between 0 and 9999999999999999 without using the Input command. This ensures that the user does not use symbols or characters that could cause errors in your programs. Simply call the program ZITIMP from your program and the user intput will be retrned as X.
key83p.zip1k03-04-10File is not ratedKey Processor v1.0
This is a fast yet powerful program that will take any keypress and return it as a value in Str1. Great for use in word processing programs and any other program that needs text input. Soon will be the base of Document DE v3.0.
keychart.zip3k05-03-02File is not ratedKey Chart: For the BASIC Programmer
A Key Chart for all BASIC programmers! Do you want to use the getKey function in your BASIC program, but you don't know the number (value) of a key? This tool can find out the number (value) of any key that you press! Great for getting quick key values!
keycheck.zip1k03-04-05File is not ratedKeyChecker
Detects key strokes, slightly slower than normal Getkey, however, it counts how many times each one was hit, features Sensitivity and Mem Saving flags. Uses Spoiled Stiff Key Detection
keyfindr.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedGet key value finder
Tired of looking on the chart in the manual, don't know all the Getkey values by heart? Well this is for you. You run the program, every button's value you push shows on the screen in a matrix-like display. (105 to end it)
keyfind.zip1k04-09-02File is not ratedKeyFind
Keyfind helps with getKey commands by displaying what the key you want is in numeric form. EXAMPLE: 2nd=21
keytester.zip1k14-03-16File is not ratedKey Tester
This is a simple program that outputs you the KEYNUMBER of the key you press. Useful for programs that use the getkey command.
listexist.zip2k04-11-05File is not ratedList Exist Check
[Updated Version] Finally a program that can tell you if a list exists!!! This extremely compact routine (183 bytes) checks if a list exists. If it doesn't, 1 is stored into A. If it exists, 2 is stored into A. This program is very easy to use and is great for games that have high score charts or grading programs that store grades in a list.
listpic.zip2k01-06-10File is not ratedList->Pic0
Programmers, have you made a program that had too many variables that simply took too much of your precious memory space? Tired of storing your vital information in Y-Vars and have it accidentally corrupt or erased? Let this program help you. New and innovated program, this program allows you to store up to 320 variables into one picture. Best thing about this is that it'll never take up more than 767 bytes(since all pictures takes 767 bytes everytime). This program is compatible with any of your basic program so use them as one of your subprogram. In this program, you can easily and safely retrieve variables from the picture and edit your variables without reformatting it to list.
littlecraigskeyinfopack.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedLittle Craigs Key toolkit
If you need the value for a key, then this is for you, these two programs are pretty much self explanatory, included are Dispkey, which displays the key's name as well as the Key ID# and Getkey, which simply displays the key ID #
loading2.zip1k08-02-28File is not ratedLOADING
This BASIC program is meant to be used as a start-up program with the start-up app. It can be adjusted, it is NOT locked. What it does is displays a clever loading bar that shows up when the calculator turns on and takes a few seconds to finish. Write a review if you want an updated
loadingbar.zip1k08-02-28File is not ratedLoading Bar
A loading bar that works great for the start of progrmas
loadingengine.zip1k09-06-12File is not ratedLoading add-on
This will make your program look very professional. Great loading sequence. That is all I have to say.
loading.zip7k03-07-17File is not ratedLoading Subroutine
This is a simple subroutine for your programs. It is cool for when you want that professional look in your basic programs. All it does is load (nothing, really) and says Done, like a splash screen. Use it and give credit where it belongs, thank you
load.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedLoad v1.0
If you want your programs to have that offcial look, then you should download this loading program. This is the most realistic load program I have seen. This is a must download for anyone who wants an offcial looking program. Check the screenshot.
loginfunction.zip1k09-06-01File is not ratedLogin Function
This Program Allows The User To Add A Login/Sign-In Function To Their Program.
ls.zip1k03-08-17File is not ratedLoading Sequence
This is a loading sequence that shows a loading bar and a progress meter.
lunaride.zip256k08-03-20File is not ratedLunar IDE
This is the first ever TI-Basic integrated development environment (editor) written in TI-Basic itself. This IDE provides a plethora of features to make programming easier on TI-83+ series calculators. You can create and open programs. A feature called Header Helper will help create the Header for your program easily, including a DCS icon generator. When editing, instead of going through menus to find the proper command, just type in the first couple letters and Lunar IDE will complete the rest using the powerful 'auto-complete' feature. Other features include 8 line scrolling, one line at a time editing, edit the last program at start of running the IDE, power off while editing and more. (New: .8xo error patch, now .8xg, more updates soon)
magnify.zip3k03-05-01File is not ratedMagnify 2.5
This program is made for rendering pictures on games. Has the ability to zoom in, zoom out, pan left , pan right, pan up, and pan down. Kinda like the adobe photoshop of ti 83+. Must have along with opengl 1.0 and 3.0
makeyourownmosgame.zip1k03-07-02File is not ratedBasic Mirage OS Games
This file contains a program and a readme that will tell you how to make your own Basic Mirage OS games. It also come with a readme that will tell you what the program doesn't. Load the program and execute it(not in MirageOS) and it will tell you what you need to do! Enjoy!
mapdesigner.zip11k02-08-27File is not ratedMap Designer v2.0
This program is an engine for use with or separate from other programs. It uses the values stored in matrix [A] to draw a 15x15 map on the graph screen. This is the first version of Map Designer. It has nine built in land designs and easily accommodates more. Also, it can display a blacked out area. As if not yet explored.) Email me your land designs and I will add them to my database. It is an engine and can be used with other programs.
map_editor.zip36k07-12-06File is not ratedMap Editor v1.7
A map editor for the 83+ series. Please read the readme.
mapmaker3.4.zip31k07-12-06File is not ratedMapmaker 3.4
Mapmaker 3.4 (successor of 2.0) now has support for maps greater than 8x12. This program lets you create xLIB tile maps and save them to matrices for use with xLIB. Some new functions were added, speed was increased, and user-friendliness was increased. Two example maps were added (one from the xLIB examples and a custom one) along with 2 tilesets (from xLIB and one I made).
map.zip19k06-09-17File is not ratedPure Basic Tilemapping routine
A fast, and flexible pure Basic tilemapper licensed under the GNU GPL. Implements screen caching. The screenshots speak for themselves.
matrix.zip10k18-10-17File is not ratedMatrix to Output Border Creator
Convert matrix to output, perfect for gamemakers and people who have borders or certain layouts that change a lot in their programs.
mazegenerator.zip3k03-07-28File is not ratedDFS Random Maze Generator
This program uses a Depth-First Search algorithm to generate a completely random, "perfect" maze rectangular. Also included are a program for drawing the maze on the graphing screen and information on utilizing a generated maze in your own programs.
mdetec.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedMdetec
This programme detec if you use MirageOS to run the basic programs
menu5.zip2k05-06-28File is not ratedMenu5
Menu5 is a 5*5 menu grid which allows you to select any square and then spits its coordinates back out at you. Read the documentation for further informaiton.
menumake.zip1k09-06-12File is not ratedReapex's Menu Maker
This program turns user input into a basic menu using Str2Prgm, by Brandon Wilson.
menuxy.zip1k09-08-27File is not ratedMenuXY
An extension of the idea behind MenuX. Enables menus of up to 32 items that work surprisingly like the menus built into the TI84-OS. You'll know what I mean when you try it.
menux.zip1k07-06-06File is not ratedMenuX
Creates a superfast, customizable menu that only uses STR1.
menu.zip1k08-12-10File is not ratedBasic Menu
A customizable menu to be used in BASIC programs.
mon83.zip10k04-05-03File is not ratedMon83 1.3
An oncalc z80 asm compiler that supports labels
mouse17.zip7k03-03-05File is not ratedfast BASIC mouse
This is a very simple program that you may be able to use or just play around with. Just enter the interval in which the mouse goes by, and use the number pad to move it. It CAN go diagnally which means 8 possible directions. Very good, fast, efficient, and small program. read the readme file for more
mousemenu_03.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedMouse and Menu
simple mouse program and editable example of menu using the mouse
mousemenu.zip171k08-12-22File is not ratedcustomizable mouse menu
basic mouse menu that you can customize in the on-calc program editor sorry no screenshots but... it makes a grid on the graph screen using draw and has a title at the top the trace cursor is the mouse, 12 menu items, 6 on the right, 6 on the left
mousepro.zip1k00-11-20File is not ratedMouse Pro
This is a mouse program that you can use in your programs. This mouse looks like a real computer mouse (just look at the pics) and it is bug free. the mouse will stop at the edge of the screen and it is also very fast. It is great for making operating systems. Of course you can use it in any program. This program is written entirly in BASIC. Be sure to read the readme file.
mouseroutine.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedMouseRoutine
Feel free to use this with your own programs.
mouse.zip6k00-03-23File is not ratedMouse
This is a mouse program written in basic and I include some extra programs with it that I like.
move2.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedMove
Ever wanted to make a game, but couldn't even figure out how to make somethin move on the screen. Well this simple program show a letter moving across the screen when you use the arrow keys. View the source to learn how to make games with movement.
move3.zip1k18-10-28File is not ratedMove
MOVE is a very basic program. Almost everyone has made a similar program at least once before. It is intended for educational purposes, and for people who don't have enough time to make it themselves, but need it for a larger program. It is a good program to have laying around somewhere, but it's not really worth keeping on your calculator all the time (only when you're using it).
movement_87.zip1k13-09-10File is not ratedHomescreen character movement
This is a very basic template that BASIC programmers can use to move a character around the homescreen, at ONLY 180 bytes!
movement.zip1k06-06-19File is not ratedMovement
Movement is a program made for people new to programming. Movement simulates a game with basic movements, a point system and an enemy. You can check the code so it's a very useful file if you want to create a simple game or animation.
movetempti83plus.zip1k08-01-21File is not ratedMovement templates
These are, after a few years of experience, the best movement routines I think to be possible in basic, one for the graphscreen and one for the homescreen. They do almost the exact same thing, yet notice how the graphscreen program is 70 bytes larger. That is almost always the case when switching between the two.
move.zip1k03-04-26File is not ratedMove v.1.0
A little program that shows how to move an object around the screen.
mymenu.zip150k03-08-26File is not ratedMy @ Menu - graphical Menu engine
That is a great graphical menu engine! If you ever want to know, how to program a graphical menu - here is a great and QUICK release! You can change all the Menu points! How to create your own menu, read the PDF-file! Enjoy it!
navigate.zip4k04-10-20File is not ratedNavigate Buttons v1.1
(This is an updated version of Navigate Buttons) This is a small subroutine (under 300 bytes) that can enables your program to use a great interface that uses the Y= WINDOW ZOOM TRACE and GRAPH buttons. Very easy to use.
newcalc.zip3k04-01-08File is not ratedPerfect! NewCalc
This is an innovative new calculator for your basic programs. I made this program because I was tired of using a program then exiting out of it to do a calculation then returning to it and so on. This can be easily implemented into your progs. to make your life a whole lot easier...This can also be run on its own if you want.
nodone.zip1k00-06-08File is not rated"Done" Ridder
DOWNLOAD!! This program gets rid of the annoying "Done" message after you run a program. Use this program as a subroutine at the end of all of your programs. The only program that I know that does this! BUG FREE!!
num2str.zip2k07-09-08File is not ratedNumber2String v2.1
Number2String is a great program for BASIC programmers. This all-encompassing program will take any number inputs: including INTEGERS, DECIMALS, IMAGINARY #S, and COMPLEX #S, and turn it into a string (Str0). NEW FEATURES: -Convert any number to ANY BASE between 2 and 125! -With prgmSTR2BASE you can convert an already made string of any number in a different base (2-125) back to base 10. What's next? - Scientific notation is coming soon...
numberselecter.zip1k10-12-04File is not ratedNumber selecter
The number selecter allows the user of the program to input a number by using the arrow keys. It is then stored to a list which is called NSEL(1). This way you can use it in writing your own programs. It iis a convinient way of letting the user pick a #.
numbertoastring.zip1k05-12-10File is not ratedNumber to a String
A background basic program that converts a number between 0-28 to a letter in Str1 (number 27 is theta and 28 is a space) and vice versa.
numgraph.zip1k04-05-03File is not ratedNumbers On Graph
This program will allow you to type in a number into the calulator, including negatives and decimals, while displaying each digit on the graph screen as you type it. press enter when done, and your typed number is converted to a normal variable which you can do calculations on!
numuti1.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedNumber Utility 1
Have you ever been making a math program and needed to know the length of a variable so that you could correctly space some other text? Well, now you can with Number Utility 1. The program does exactly what length( does with strings. It is basically for you to use in your programs. It includes the actual code that finds the length of the number inputted and an example of usage. This is a must have!!
numuti2.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedNumber Utility 2
Number Utility 2 acts just like sub( does with strings. It'll give display a digit or digits from a number that you input. Just enter the number, the starting digit, and the length you want, and it'll give you the digit(s).
omnihelp.zip1k04-05-08File is not ratedOmniHelp
This is the updated version of OmniHelp. It is a program that show you token values that can run Omnicalc commands in your program. It can open new doors for basic programers if you use them correctly. Read the readme for more info. This version is much smaller than the previous.
oncalcassembler.zip860k10-01-04File is not ratedOn-Calc Assembler
This does not yet assemble. It does, however, provide on-calc assembly help with B_Calls and Defined Addresses.
oncalcgetkey.zip1k04-07-13File is not ratedsmall getkey prog
small getkey ptogram
oncalc.zip2k00-09-17File is not ratedOn-Calc Compiler
This compiles Z80 (e.g. RET) to Hex (e.g. C9)-Written entirly in BASIC! Library not complete.
onglets.zip1k08-01-02File is not ratedTabs design Exceptionnal ! / Design par onglets ! Unique !
Ceci est un programme permettant de naviguer de façon graphique via un système d'onglets ! C'est exclusif et ceci n'a jamais été fait pour les z80 ! Vous pouvez modofier les textes, titres, labels ... This program let you navigate through a tab system, that is completely unbelievable for z80 calculators ! You can edit your titles, labels ...
otbpassemblerplusplus.zip130k07-09-08File rated 8.69OTBP Assembler ++
OTBP Assembler is an on-calc assembler that "supports all z80 commands, including relative addressing and index registers; supports any combination of decimal, binary, hex, ASCII, and equates; also supports Ion, Mirage, and DoorsCS, has error trapping, and more." This modified version of OTBP Assembler adds on a couple more useful features: - Uses xLIB so the program and all of it's subroutines can stay archived and you save RAM. - Offers archiving/unarchiving of the source file to be compiled so you don't have to run to the memory menu to back up your source code before testing out the compiled program. - Benjamin Moody's error handler used to trap errors if assembly fails instead of crashing back to TIOS. - Slightly faster assembling. - Equates have been rewritten so that they're smaller (and your source will use up less memory). - Menu-driven interface.
otbpassembler.zip60k07-01-07File rated 8.24OTBP Assembler 1
The ultimate oncalc assembler! Supports all z80 commands, including relative addressing and index registers; supports any combination of decimal, binary, hex, ASCII, and equates; also supports Ion, Mirage, and DoorsCS, has error trapping, and more! Download today!
output.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedOutput
This is a program that helps programers understand output.
pass01.zip1k05-05-26File is not ratedPassword Routine 1 - Alphabetical
This is a simple password (validation) routine I made up that stores alphabetical characters to a string when keys are pressed. It then requests that you retype the password and will verify whether it's Valid or Invalid in comparison to the first. Feel free to use it and/or alter it for your own basic programs.
pass2.zip1k05-05-26File is not ratedPassword Routine 2 - Randomized
This is a simple password (validation) routine I made up that stores pre-randomized characters to a string when keys are pressed. It then requests that you retype the password and will verify whether it's Valid or Invalid in comparison to the first. Feel free to use it and/or alter it for your own basic programs.
paulfileszipped.zip18k04-05-16File is not ratedPMbasic
This contains lessons teaching the BASIC programming language. It describes each command used and includes a sample program.
pictoprgmconverter.zip1k10-03-31File is not ratedPic to Prgm convertor
converts a pic to a program
picture.zip3k05-08-23File is not ratedAssembler's Pic Coverter
This program will turn the graph screen into a hexdecimal number that will make the process of picture making in assembler much easier. Read the readme for a full description and how to operate it. Assembler programmers everywhere...this will make your lives easier!
pimoves.zip1k03-09-19File is not ratedPi Move
This is 2 program 1 is a fast program wher you move pi press clear to clear...thge 2nd is the one where you can go through the coe and i will explain it line by line this is kinda a tutorial By: Michael Schwartz
powerbasic.zip3k05-09-20File is not ratedPowerBASIC
Have you ever wanted to store strings in lists? Scramble the screen? PowerBASIC does all this and more. It is written completely in BASIC and adds functionality in the same way as an asm library - just make a call to the program and it executes the funciton. Minor bug fixes in this version, this is pretty much final. Added a lot of functionality.
pqr.zip1k02-04-23File is not rated(NIBBLES-LIKE) routine
this is a little routine a wrote in BASIC. thats right, BASIC. it runs just as fast as an ASM prog but its not ASM. you have to see this. it is based on the game nibbles. it uses Plx-On( and small loops that move the line quickly and smoothly. controll the moviemnt using the arrows
prgming1.zip2k08-09-23File is not ratedProgramming 1
This Program tells you the basics of BASIC programs. It will work in MirageOS or just the program list.
prgming2.zip3k08-11-29File is not ratedProgramming 2
This is the second program in the set. With this segment, you can learn how to make menus, labels, and learn how to use draw.Like the first, it will work in MirageOS or just in the program list (it must be unarchived).
prgming3.zip3k08-11-30File is not ratedProgramming 3
This program is the third in the series. Featuring things from GETKEY to STRING INPUTS, it is quite useful. If you are a BASIC programmer, this program is a must-download.
prlist.zip3k09-01-10File is not ratedPrList v3.14
This is meant as a practice for beginners. You're supposed to study the programs and type the ones of interest to you onto the calculator, thus learning how to find your way on it. There are 27 programs in the textfile. For you that want to write your own programs in Basic.
probsolve.zip1k04-02-19File is not ratedProblem Solver
SPOILED STIFF NEWBIE TUTORIAL this program shows how to use menus... Slightly funny way of solving any problem, any problem. (re-released after bug reported)
program1.zip4k10-04-17File is not ratedHow to Program TI-BASIC Part I
Are you, or have you ever been, eager to learn TI-BASIC? Seeing as you're browsing this particular category, I'd say yes. If you've ever wanted a convenient resource for TI-BASIC, you've (finally) found it. This program is the first in a series of programs designed as the ultimate resource for people learning TI-BASIC — right on the calculator itself. No internet connection needed, no tutorials to print out — just one convenient program that you can readily access whenever you have that question "How do you use that function again?" Better yet, the program itself is coded in BASIC, which means you can press ON at any time to see the actual code used.
programbasicver.zip1k05-05-07File is not ratedProgram (prgm)
Same as Program the App but in basic. Please rate.
programminghelp2.zip4k12-07-01File is not ratedProgramming Help 2
The continuation of the original (finished 6 months and posted 2.5 years later...) Get your Blue Square programming degree. Has more advanced topics, for those who have passed Green Circle Programming.
programminghelp.zip4k10-10-12File is not ratedProgramming Help
This is a step by step guide for a beginner programmer. This includes sample program ideas, you can use them, I dont care. To use this you must first ungroup it, press 2nd; +; 8; right arrow;and select PROGHELP. This is V 1.3 contains 2 more lessons, completing Ch1, and the ability to earn your green circle programming degree. Also has minor bug fixes.
programtester.zip1k03-09-21File is not ratedProgram Tester
Changes settings to see if your program sets everything that it needs to in order to run on other peoples calcs. Perfect to test things before you upload them onto TICalc.org!
protect123.zip1k03-12-28File is not rated123 Protect v1.0
This program shows you how to make a cool password protect function with asterisks (not using the input function). It's pretty cool, try it out! Check the screenshot!
purebasicspritesdemo.zip6k06-08-05File is not ratedPure BASIC Sprites Demo
Included in the zip file are two demo programs demonstrating how pure BASIC sprites can be made using scatterplots and a tutorial on how to make stat sprites. The tutorial is written in HTML so you can view it in your favorite web broswer and bookmark it for later reference. This is a very easy tutorial to follow, even for beginners to BASIC. If you've ever wanted to use sprites in your BASIC programs and want to explore stat sprites, download this program. Enjoy!
pushpop.zip1k05-03-13File is not ratedPush and Pop for Basic progs
Contains 2 programs: push appends the number in Ans to a list, pop removes the newest number from the list and puts it in Ans
rancards.zip1k04-10-07File is not rated1.2 second Deck generator
Ever get tired of watching some program take 5 minutes to load a random deck that didn't repeat cards, or programs that are fast but are plagued with the same cards over and over? Well this program takes care of that. It is only 3 lines long so you know it is fast, and no, it doesnt use a for loop. It utilizes seq and sortA along with defining the cards to be in the list. It takes 1.2 seconds on an 84+SE and 3.7 on an 83+. I guarantee this program not only to be fast, but also that you will never see the same card twice in the deck.
rankey.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedRandom Key Generator
generates 36 Character keys (over 200 bit keys!) for use in encryption programs especially. completly random and very fast (also a very small program)
ranlist.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedRandom List Maker.
This program randomizes a lists elements. Great as a card shuffling program for card games.
redswift.zip5k03-10-19File is not ratedRedswift 0.9
Redswift is a powerful RPG engine for the TI-83 Plus. It uses matrix maps to draw the levels. It features: VERY fast movement loop, Buffered loading, Knapsack Store, Hit Detection, Doors, Inn features at store (save/load etc), Infinite room worlds, Customizable layout of world (all rooms don't have to be in a straight line or a square etc), Battles, Money, Multiple enemy types
regencompilers.zip3k06-04-22File is not ratedRegeneration Compilers
This is a group of compilers that compile for various screen settings on your TI calculator and they all work with Regeneration. These compilers all still include the sorting algorithm AS4 from my first compiler.
revlist.zip1k11-05-28File is not ratedReverse a List
REVLIST is a small and fast program that reverses the numbers in a list, without using any other list than the one that is reversed.
revolution.zip10k06-03-11File is not ratedRevolution
Have you ever wanted to draw a picture for a program and not have to use the [recallpic] function. I know I have, but you have drawn the picture and you don't feel like translating all the lines into code. Well I have solved that problem because in this program you can draw the picture and it will store it into a complex list that can be later on compiled into code and stored into string1 so you can recall that string in the program of your choice. This creates a method so all you people can make grahpical RPG's in a breeze hence the name Revolution.
rpgdamagedisplay.zip1k03-07-29File is not ratedRpg Damage Display
Displays number on picture kinda like RPG
rpgsk2.zip4k07-09-17File is not ratedRPGSK 2
This is a new type of RPGSK, as it helps programmers learn how to use scrolling ASCII maps, instead of just using 8x16 map segments.
rpgstartkit.zip6k07-09-08File is not ratedRPG Starter Kit
This RPG Starter Kit gives a foundation for a new programmer to start making games that have a moving character, and is not all text. This update changes some of the links that are found in the Dev Guide.
rpgti83.zip1k15-03-24File is not ratedRPG Maker
A RPG Maker Using Source For Simple Yet Intuitive Editing
rsengine.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedRSENGINE 1.0
RSENGINE is the clean movement loop for my RPG engine Redswift. It's stripped of all complicated stuff like doors, battles, etc and only features hit detection. It runs VERY fast and you can hold down the arrow keys to blaze across the screen. It could be a huge help for aspiring BASIC-builders trying to make a program but lacking knowledge of how to move things in a loop across the screen with the arrows.
sbe.zip7k03-03-08File is not ratedThe Updated Battle Engine
Sorry for any errors that may have been in the old one, but this one is corrected, has minor graphics, and even included the first items. Please check it out.
script.zip22k05-09-09File is not ratedScript
Script is a language written on the basic platform. It supports labels, conditionals, while loops, variable storage, and many other things. You write scripts with the included editor. The files run native but implimitation is underway to make them compile and execute faster. Perhaps an assembly engine will come along later that would make them faster then normal basic. For detailed information on writing scripts, view the readme file. The function key is just added developer material to be used with writing the compiler.
scroll83p.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedScrollbar Collection SDK v1.0
This is a bunch of graphical side-scrollbars that can be used directly in your programs or adapted to suit your needs. Various styles are included and can be easily changed and combined. If you come up with any good ones, send me an email!
scrollmenu.zip3k03-03-05File is not ratedBasic Scrollable Menu
This is a menu designed for use in your basic programs. But this isnt just any menu. This menu lets you put more than 7 list items in the same menu and you are able to scroll though them and its written in basic. It is alittle big for a menu but im working on making it smaller. I also have a modified version that has more than one "TAB" at the top. i leave it unlocked so that you may incorperate it to you program. the readme has instructions on how to make it work with your program and what vars to leave open for it to use.
scrolls2.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedScrolls
Scrolls tutorial; like in the movies
scroll.zip18k06-03-26File is not ratedScrolling Helpfile
This is a very usefull programm to make two-language scrolling helpfiles in your programs/games.
shapr.zip3k09-03-19File is not ratedSHAPR (Shaper)
You will never have to guess where the 5th point in a polygon is again! SHAPER makes it easy to draw different shapes in BASIC.
shootmsg.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedShooting Message Generation Engine
generates shooting messages from inputed text. good for title screen graphics. u have to see to know what i mean. fast,small, and cool.
shuffler2.zip1k04-09-11File is not ratedA Shuffler v. 2.0
Version 2 is not better than version 1. It is designed as a subroutine so that future developers can just make a link to this program to make their card programs work.
sibbplr.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedBasketball Player Rating
This program rates a basketball player. You type in the stats, and it will compute the rating. The higher the number, the better your player is.
simbattle83p.zip1k02-05-28File is not ratedRPG Battle Creator 1.2
Create your own RPG battles! The next version will have linked play.
simpledotmovement.zip1k09-04-08File is not ratedSimple Dot Movement
This program uses the graph screen to make a dot go across the screen 5 times. The program is unlocked so you can change it into a bullet, or maybe a loading bar. You can put this into any of your programs and don't worry about giving credit to me.
smallestgetkey.zip1k03-12-14File is not ratedSmallest Getkey
This is the smallest GetKey program for the 83+ ever.
splsh208x.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedSplash It 2.0 for TI 83 Plus
After months of waiting (and putting it off), I have come out with the Splash It for the 83+. It is just the same as the older version, except smaller and easier to use. If there is popular demand for both Splash It's, a third version might come out (maybe in months ... or years). Well, enjoy making splash pages with the newest version of Splash It
sprite_25.zip2k04-02-17File is not ratedSprite
With this program you can draw a sprite on your calculator and it will display the 0s and 1s so you can type it in an ASM program easily.
sprite_52.zip2k11-06-27File is not ratedSprite Version 1.0
This program can create grayscale sprites - in all sizes (width must be in byte)! It contains OnBlock, it is necessary, just as DoorsCS.
spriteaid.zip20k05-07-13File is not ratedSpriteAid
Stop counting pixels!! with Spritaid. Spritaid is a GUI based sprite editor. Based on the omniclac font editor.A great utility for neatly formatting, editing, and compiling sprites
spriteeditor.zip2k13-09-26File is not ratedIMH Sprite Handler
IMH is a revolutionary sprite handler which uses list to save the sprites. The program is completely open-source. Please view the README for more information.
spriteexample.zip1k03-05-07File is not ratedSprite example/game engine
This is an example of sprites, basic animation, and basic game movement. It's just a demo, and is really nothing, but feel free to download it. It's slow but sorta cool.
sprite_maker_x.zip2k06-04-26File is not ratedSprite maker X v.1
Sprite maker is a simple program that allows you to create sprites in basic programs! It uses lists instead of pictures so if you know how you can make infinite sprites! And it comes with an on-the-calc readme file!
sprite.zip1k02-02-16File is not ratedSprite Builder
This is an awesome utility people should download and use in their everyday programming or drawing. Use this program to make what is similar to 'sprites' on the calculator. A sprite is an image much like a picture you can move around the screen. Thus you can make movable graphic characters. Very awesome! This can also be used as an extra picture storage system. Visit my site www27.brinkster.com/kefkapage/ for more great files.
squidpackx.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedSquidPackX
A set of 3 handy subroutines that are needed to run most of MY BASIC progs in less than 200 bytes. Includes variables resets, graph formatting and more. They are not edit locked so you can see what they do for yourself!
statisticalspritecreator.zip1k07-06-09File is not ratedStatistical Sprite Creator
This program is easy to use and very small. It allows you to create statistical sprites by drawing the sprite on the graphscreen and forming the stat sprite lists. This program supports pixel deletion. For more information on stat sprites, consult a tutorial on ticalc.org. Enjoy!
statscreen.zip3k06-09-26File is not ratedStat Screen
Stat Screen v2 is a stat-veiwing engine for game developers, to allow the player to quickly see his or her character's stats quickly and easily. It shows the stats in a sleek graphical interface, and runs very quickly.
stringarraysub.zip7k06-12-30File is not ratedString Array Sub
Emulates an array, letting you implement arrays into your programs. This subroutine allows you to split and retrieve the first value of a delimited string, create an indexed array from a delimited string, get an element from an array, find the element in an array containing a value, add/delete elements from the array, and, expirimentally, replace a value in an element of the array.
stringtolistandnumber.zip1k07-10-11File is not ratedSTR2LIST & NUM
2 Programs to turn your string stored to ANS into either a list or a number. Very handy for your basic program where you want to input numbers and immeidately display them in a menu without running NUM2STR (also an awesome program)
stringtox.zip1k04-05-08File is not ratedString => X
Shows how to convert a string to a variable.
tdcoder.zip16k06-05-02File is not ratedTDCoder
TDCoder (TextDeCoder) is a BASIC prgm I wrote while thinking about how to implement NPC-dialogues in my RPG... so I came up with this little program that will take a text stored in Ans as a string and output it on the graph screen. It uses the included Asm-Lib CODEX to generate the textbox and to erase it.
textaid.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedText tool aid
This is a nifty little program i created a while ago which helps with the text tool. What it does is that it allows one to move desired text around the screen and find the X and Y coordinates for the use of the text tool. It also allows one to move the text around on a saved pic. VERY useful for BASIC programmers. Much easier than the guess and check method used by many people.
textbox.zip1k10-12-04File is not ratedTextbox
Textbox is a program that will let the user enter a phrase, word or number that will be stored for later use. The input is in Str1.
textcenter.zip3k06-05-11File is not ratedText Center
Finally a development tool that automatically centers your text with a Graphic Unit Interface
textdisplay.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedText Display 1.3
Text display displays text in a more graphical way. Displaying one letter each time can make, well. You're programs more attractive with a little bit of "ooo"s and "ahhh"s.
textdisp.zip2k08-06-12File is not ratedText Displayer
This program allows you to input text in to Str0 and it will display it in a type writer effect on the graphscreen. Great for dialogues and such in RPGs :)
textlib.zip17k09-12-01File is not ratedTextLib
This will let you create a library of text to be called in a BASIC program or on the homescreen.
textwalk.zip44k09-12-01File is not ratedText Walk
This edits the font to make sprites. This makes tile mapping take up very little memory. Believe me, this will put a whole new meaning to the term "Text-Based Programs"
textwrit.zip1k00-12-09File is not ratedText Write
A simple program that allows user input to the graph screen and also does word wrap you can type 7 lines of text to one screen!! Enjoy!
timsdrv10.zip12k05-03-16File is not ratedTI Mouse.drv
This is a mouse cursor program used for Graphics User Interface (GUI) programs. You can call up this program without the need of copy and pasting the source code in your own program!
tools1.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedBasic Tools
A Basic Programming tool!
totalget.zip1k05-09-26File is not ratedTotal getkey
Yes, I know, another getkey program, the only thing different thing that But this one has the other values of the keys too, such as for if you press 7, it shows 7, u, O, and 72 because they are the other values for that key.
tricks.zip4k04-06-11File is not ratedTricks
This program shows BASIC programers how to use various funtions to do wonders. Learn how to get rid of the "DONE" message, make your programs compatable with MirageOS, and more! This is perfect for a slightly intermediate programer who wants to shapen up their programs.
typewriters.zip1k10-04-12File is not ratedTypewriter
Displays text like a typewriter, useful for dialog in animations. Includes 2 versions
upbeat.zip10k03-05-22File is not ratedUPBEAT Game Engine
ion The UPBEAT Game Engine is a program that is used to run an overhead style map. You can talk to people, walk around. It was built to be edited and put into games, so feel free to customize it to fit your programming needs. Enjoy!
val2str.zip1k11-11-23File is not ratedValue 2 String
This program converts a number into string format. It can handle real and complex numbers. Useful as a sub program, being very fast and small at 442 bytes.
variablesave.zip1k07-11-08File is not ratedDON'T make calc users mad... SAVE VARS!
I've not seen a thing alike. My first upload. I have a program to save realvars to a list, and redeclare them later. great for BASIC programers.
vartest.8xp3k02-02-16File is not ratedVariable Delux
This is a great program for any developers that need to see what their program is storing in a variable, of if they just need to change what is in a variable (for a game hack) hehe!
vartest.zip1k08-06-22File is not ratedVariable Test (BASIC Programming)
Ever have those extremely large programs that take up 3 KB and you cannot remember at all what variables it uses? Well this is your program, it stores every variable as e where you can then run your program and it can show you which ones it used, includes finance variables too! Very convenient for large-scale programming.
waits.zip1k03-05-30File is not ratedWait programs
good for new programmers to use in there programs, these will pause your program for certain amounts of time.
wait.zip1k05-10-08File is not ratedWait...
This is a program that can be used to cause other programs to wait on a certain operation, making them look like a much more complicated program. (I did this myself on the Sierpinski Triangle program.) This program, unlike my others, can be modified in any way to suit your needs. You can also upload it to ticalc.org with one of your programs, as long as you give me credit;). Like my other files, this file is compressed using the Bzip2 format and requires at least WinZip 9.0 SR-1 or its equivalent to use.
walkingmandevelopmentpack.zip1k10-03-31File is not ratedWalking Man
Interactive Walking Man: arrow keys to move: can be used as base for games. Don't bother giving me credit
wincnfrm.zip1k00-03-26File is not ratedWindows Confirm Box Subroutine and RCL
Contains freeware code for windows-style yes-no boxes complete with mouse!
wordlist.zip1k05-06-23File is not ratedWord List Generator
This program generates a slash-delimited list of uer-specified words sorted alphabetically by first letter. Intended for use in database creation for programs such as chatbots, spellcheckers, word games, dialog scripting engines, text editors, etc. etc.
xdcsguieditor.zip3k10-06-12File is not ratedxDCS GUI Editor
A beta of an xLIB DCS-like GUI Editor.
xdcs.zip2k09-04-13File is not ratedxDCS
Awarded "Honorable Mention" at the Cemetech Contest #6, xDCS harnesses the power of xLIB to make DoorsCS GUI in you BASIC programs a snap! It has a minimal use of Pics so as to take up less space. Currently, this version supports Windows, Buttons and even a fully-functional Mouse!
xlibcheck.zip1k10-04-29File is not ratedxLib Checker
These two utility programs check that xLib is installed or uninstalled. Simply ungroup and use [2nd] [Rcl] to paste the code to the beginning of your program. Both for xLib programmers and for programmers who use complex numbers in their pure Basic or Celtic 2 programs.
xlibhelp.zip4k06-02-26File is not ratedxLib Help
A helpfile for xLib APP.
xlreadme.zip335k11-01-28File is not ratedxLib Read Me
This is the xLib Read Me for the basic assembly library xLib. It contains all of the functions included in xLib 0.602b, along with the information of each function. It requires xLib to be installed on the calculator in order to work.
xtostrn.zip1k00-05-15File is not ratedX->String
Ever want to store a value as a string variable? Now you can. Use it to help make math progs or even to save high scores in your game progs.
z80suite.zip567k09-11-03File is not ratedTI-Z80 Assembly Suite on 83/83+/86
You can now edit and compile assembly code on your TI without needing a computer. This set of compilers is written in 100% TI-Basic for the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-86, with the TI-85 supported soon. They support the creation of modules, practically all z80 codes, and 5 (83/83+) or 10 (86) save slots. A Pic2DB module is included. The 83+ version supports BCALL($XXXX) and BJUMP($XXXX). Neither support labels, so all calls/jumps must be manually calculated. All values used within your code, ie " ld a,$F6" must be hexadecimal format with a small E (83/83+) or standard $ (86) prefix. Such limitations are easy to ignore once you're used to the style. This isn't for the amateur coder, and can teach you plenty (esp. relative addressing).
zeldamove.zip5k04-06-11File is not ratedZelda Sprite Routine
Basically, its a small routine that uses ASM sprites in BASIC! Its only 300 to 400 bytes!..check out the screenshot! Maybe a cool 83 plus Basic zelda game could be made? who knows!
ztext83p.zip22k08-05-27File is not ratedZText V1.1
This cool little program gives any programmer the great availability of a text input without needing the user to activate the alpha manually. This gives you the ability to get a name for a character or highscore, from either the home or graphscreen of your game. Optimizations made, error checking added! Check out the readme for more info!

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