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Last updated Monday, 6 November 2017
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Most popular file  BlackJack 83 with 12,341 downloads.

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3cardpoker.zip4k04-08-24File is not ratedThree Card Poker
Three Card Poker is a newcomer to Casino games. It was created back in 1994. Three Card Poker gets its popularity from its high payoffs, fast paced gameplay, favorable odds, and easy rules. Three Card Poker's rules are slightly different from that of 5 Card Draw Poker in that the hand ranking a different. All of the rules are explained in the "read me" file.
aihearts.zip2k06-05-28File is not ratedAI Hearts
This is the traditional game of hearts, with 3 AI players and all the rules. It shuffles cards and even deletes all the variables that it used, and also keeps score and allows shooting the moon. Try it!
aipoker.zip3k07-03-31File is not ratedAI Poker
Essentially you play poker against 3 computerised players.
alex_blackjack.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedFast BlackJack 21
The fastest BlackJack out there. The screenshot doesn't do it justice. Other features include: betting, auto-saving of your money (in archived list!), and entirely graphical interface. All this in a program under 1500 bytes!
amazingblackjack.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedBlackJack
A simple blackjack game, it's my first upload to this site. Use the arrows and ENTER to navigate. There is only one program (no add-ons) but it does use a list to save your money amount (the program creates it when you choose the "first time playing" otion). MirageOS compatible. Enjoy!
baccarat.zip3k04-07-24File is not ratedBaccarat
Baccarat is a popular, simple, and fast-paced Casino card game that is similar to Blackjack. The only difference is that you can not bust and the highest hand you can have is 9. You do not need a lot of skill to play baccarat and it is easy to learn how to play. To learn how to play just read the document that is found in this file. This game automatically saves your current score and your highest score.
basicpoker.zip2k03-03-12File is not ratedDraw Poker
This is a simple 5-card Draw Poker game for your calculator. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
basic_video_poker.zip2k04-06-24File is not ratedVideo Poker
This is an addictive video poker game. The cards are graphical and are easy to read. This game automatically saves your highest score. Plus, it automatically saves your current score.
big2.zip17k04-10-07File is not ratedBIG 2 - Ultimate Card Game
The card game Big 2 is now available on your graphics in stunning graphics and with incredible AI. Now you can play this cool game on your graphics, its fully functional and fully works! Try it out now!!!
bj84.zip14k07-09-08File is not ratedBlack Jack 84
A great and highly addictive black jack game. It uses my own shuffling program from "Dealer Pack".
bjack_97.zip8k09-11-13File is not ratedBlackJack
A calculator version of the famous card game: BlackJack. Graphical, fully operational.
bjack.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedBlack Jack 83
A great game
bjbj.zip2k01-04-26File is not ratedBJ Blackjack
This is a simple yet fully functional Blackjack game for the TI-83 Plus. Play hand-by-hand against the dealer.
bjpro.zip5k06-11-11File is not ratedBlakJak Pro v2.0
This is an updated version of Dark Side Programming's BlakJak Pro. Whereas the original was text-based, this one is fully graphics-based. Enjoy!
bj.zip3k00-10-05File is not ratedBlack Jack v1.1a
Black Jack for 83+ that has double down and split! This one follows the official rules more closely than ever before.
blacjjack.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedBlackjack
Blackjack game for TI-83+/TI-84+.
blackj2.zip21k01-03-11File is not ratedBlackjack
Blackjack by Crepie 2001. This is only a "cracked" version of zach white's version of the game. You can set the amount of money to begin with.
blackj83.zip5k00-05-31File is not ratedBlackJack 83
This is a BlackJack card game that has graphics and shows the cards. You play against the calc and bet money. Try it, it's the best!!!
blackjac.8xp3k02-10-17File is not ratedBlack Jack
My friend says he didnt create it, told me to upload it. Very Good Graphics
blackjack_00.zip7k08-05-27File is not ratedBlack Jack v1.0
This might be the best Basic BlackJack game ever made for the (TI-84+). For those who know how to play BlackJack, this game might become a worthy challenge for you. It's a pretty small game for your calculator, so dont worry about space (888b). Leave a comment for me to see how you like it. Have fun!
blackjack12.zip5k08-12-26File is not ratedBlackJack v1.0 by Paul Harry
BlackJack by Paul Harry is an excellent reproduction of the famous casino game. The game follows all of the casino rules including 1 or 11 scoring for an Ace, optional surrender, double-down and a bonus for a Black Jack and 5 Card Charlie. The program also includes a statistics page to keep track of your topscore; games played, won, drawn and lost; money bet, won, and lost; and money won from Black Jack, Double Down and 5 Card Charlie.
blackjack1.zip1k02-03-04File is not ratedBasib Blackjack
Very, Very BASIC game. It keeps track of money and all, but its not that great. It is a very small file, though. only 1758 bytes!
blackjack21x2.zip16k03-05-21File is not ratedBlackJack 21
It's BlackJack 21, obviously. This has two versions included:one without betting, that has a win/loss count and is good for wasting time, and one with betting. The one with betting has a save feature, betting, a hidden cheat, and a win/loss count. Both recognize the Ace as either 1 or 11 depending on your total.
blackjack21.zip12k09-01-20File is not ratedBlack Jack V.
Very powerful Black Jack game. Runs smoothly. Great graphics. 5 difficulty levels, high scores, save feature, fully functioning real deck.
blackjack_27.zip4k09-09-02File is not ratedRealblackjack
Tired of the incomplete blackjack programs out there? This 5,182 byte program may be large, but it includes some of the more obscure features of blackjack such as: Doubling, Splitting, and Insurance. Not the best graphics, but amazing game play. Also includes a top 5 high-score list.
blackjack2.zip8k02-06-03File is not ratedUltimate blackjack!!!
Black Jack made by me. Read text. Enjoy!
blackjack3.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedBlackJack
Simply the best BASIC blackjack ever created. Includes great graphics, great speed, great betting system, and great rules including pushing and double downs.
blackjack4.zip6k06-04-20File is not ratedBlackjack v4.1
Don't think is your everyday beginning programmer's Blackjack game! No, this game has features galore, including "Get Help"--a comprehensive tool that recommends to a player what to do in a certain situation (based on actual odds of winning/losing that hand). Further updates to come. Enjoy! IMPORTANT UPDATE: Version 4.1 fixes some major glitches and introduces a Lite version (see readme).
blackjack83basic.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedBlackjack by Eric Lang
This is a BASIC Blackjack program. It has all the features you could ever need in a blackjack game. You can bet money and take out loans. The game is simple to play but is very addictive.
blackjack_83p.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedBlackJack with Betting money!!
Black Jack that you can play with betting money!! Choose the number of the table, (*2 table, means that you will win twice the amount you bet + you get your bet back, but when you lose, you lose twice the amount you bet + you lose your bet). So choose them wisely. You get to change your bet on every round, if you want to. Have fun!
blackjackbigscrn83p.zip1k05-03-10File is not ratedBlack Jack Big Screen
Hey, a new type of blackjack without the dealer being showed! This was one of my first basic games, and I personally think it turned out pretty nice. :) Take a look at the snapshots
blackjackm.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedBlackjack
Blackjack game with splitting, doubling down, and betting.
blackjackspbigscreen.zip36k05-04-05File is not ratedBlack Jack (With ASM And Codex)
Attached is CODEX. I'm sorry for leaving out the author, Justic Wales, who is a genious, in the last release. Well here you go: There are many new things in Black Jack v2.0. First of all, there is a new option in the option menu, and that is game cheats. Once you unlock these cheats, you can use them in the cheat menu. However, there are limits to them. If you use them more than 3 times, you're money value will decrease, instead of increase. These cheats are only here to help you, not to get you up to over 1.5 X 10^99. Also, I changed the AI. There are two versions of this game. One with special effects, which is BlakJak2. I wanted to make an option, or a bonus so you can make the screen inverted, colors change, or just leave it as it is, black and white. That's a neat option. For now, it's inverted. I also added in a High Score thingy, and if there are any errors or bugs, email them to me at jonny23451@yahoo.com
blackjacktwopalyer.zip1k03-12-17File is not ratedTwo Palyer Black Jack
This Contains The worlds first (to my knowledge) Two player Black Jack Program, all you need is two calculaters, a link, and a friend and you have a good way to get out of Math ILA or anything else... it also includes a one person black jack game for when you sit by yourself or that kid the smells really bad!!!
blackjackv1.0.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedBlack Jack v1.0
This is a blackjack game written in TI-Basic. You start out with $2500 and obviously try to get rich. The maximum bet is $500. This game is compatible with MirageOS and is extremely addictive.
blackjackv1.2.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedBlackJack v 1.2
This is an update to the original game, but still includes betting and basically all features of the real game. It is now compatible with MirageOS.
blackjackv2.2.zip3k03-03-17File is not ratedBlackJackv2.2
A graphical version of BlackJack with correct card probabilities that change with each card chosen. Contains a Statistics page that records important info from all your games. Because of the changing probability like a real deck, there is strategy because the chances of getting a card decrease accurately after one like it has been used.
blackjackv3.zip53k05-04-09File is not ratedBlack Jack v3.0!
It's Black Jack, and It's back. This is the NON CODEX version. The Codex version had so many bugs and errors that it just wasn't fun. I also switched some stuff around, and added in some things. Check out the screenshot to get a good idea of how the game works. It's a fun betting game, and now it isn't just seeing if you can get close to 21, now you got the dealer's first card, and you have to try and beat it. You never know what the dealer will have, and I also made the dealer much smarter, by placing in some extra if then statements, making it hit again if it's too far under, making the dealer much harder to beat. :). The rules aren't casino style. There is no double down, yet...Well have fun! Please take the time to rate this file, and write a review. I would like to know what you, the people who play these games, think of it. Thanx
blackjackv4.zip25k05-04-11File is not ratedBlack Jack v4.0
A very very decent black jack game, with no errors that I know of. I made it last night because I was really bored and wanted to play around with the graph. It is actually very different from my other black jack games. All new graphics, bigger cards, new layout, everything. No menu in the beginning though, because I wanted to keep this game compact. There is a cheat button, and there is a button to turn off the cheat aswell. As always, there is a high score section. Have fun. And please review my file.
black_jack.zip2k04-08-24File is not ratedBlack Jack Basic 1.0
Your favorite card game on your calc. This classic game of twenty-one includes all the rules and a save/load profile feature. *Check calcsoft.tripod.com for up dates and a future multiplayer edition.*
blackjack.zip2k01-06-21File is not ratedGraphical Blackjack
A very nice graphical blackjack.
blackjac.zip23k00-04-04File is not ratedBlackjac
It's BlackJack
blackjak_21.zip1k07-05-16File is not ratedBlackJak
A simple game of blackjack created for the TI-83/84+ with betting.
blackjak.8xp2k02-05-27File is not ratedBlackJak for the TI-83
I'm kind of new to programming and consider this one of my best works. Give me feedback and I will list your name as a contributor in the credits.
blackjaktp.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedBlackJak by Trevor Pempek
A perfect blacjak game! cant get any better!
blackjak.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedBlackjack X By SDLVXSoft V1.00.0.80
Another Blackjack game, desgined to beat Tim Werly Games BlakJak, but this one works. Program is fast an a new TI-83plus and has a nice GUI. Two player mode is implemented but may still be a bit buggy. Real vegas Blackjack in a small file that actually works!
blackj.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedBlack Jack 83+ v2.0
A Black Jack game where you can play and bet against the calculator.
blakjack00.zip1k04-03-08File is not ratedBlack Jack
A simple yet addicting blackjack game. If you want to make changes, e-mail me. C-Games
blakjack2.zip1k04-05-08File is not ratedBlackjack
simple yet fun blackjack. You can bet and save the amount of money that you have
blakjack4.0.zip10k05-05-24File is not ratedCasino BlackJack v1.5
This update includes: list compression, space compression, dramatic speed increase, minimal to no program fatigue, and various bug fixes. If you have the older version, this one's worth a download. This version of blackjack is a masterpiece of basic. In my opinion it's the best basic blackjack game becuase it plays just like the casino version. You can hit, stand, double, and split. It features an auto save and load feature, great graphics, casino rules, and a top 5 high score list. This game is a must download becuase it's not only fun, it's addictive!
blakjack.zip21k02-09-30File is not ratedBlack Jack Ver.1&2
Two programs of the same game. Whats the difference u ask? Ver.2 pulls the cards out of a deck and is more graphic, ver.1 is random number
blakjak_43.zip5k08-11-30File is not ratedBlackJack
BlackJack is an excellent reproduction of the famous casino game. The aim is to beat the dealer by scoring closer to 21 than him (without going over) and win the (unlimited) bet amount. The game follows all of the casino rules including 1 or 11 scoring for an Ace, optional surrender, double-down and a bonus for a Black Jack and 5 Card Charlie. The program also includes a statistics page to keep track of your topscore; games played, won, drawn and lost; money bet, won, and lost; and money won from Black Jack, Double Down and 5 Card Charlie.
blakjak.zip9k05-03-10File is not ratedBlakJak
It's my second Vegas game and second calc game ever. It's probably redundant and insufficient at the same time, but it's fun to play.
blckjack.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedBlackjack v.2.00
Play Blackjack against an AI dealer. Betting, most Vegas rules in play, Highscore Board, and other features.
blckjac.zip1k03-07-16File is not ratedBlack Jack
A one player of Black Jack. Player vs calc with ace dection and accurate probability of drawing a card work 10.
blckjck.zip1k10-06-10File is not ratedBlackJack German
Kleines BlackJack - Spiel mit Highscoreliste. Small black jack game with highscore list.
blkjack.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedBlack Jack v2.3
A simple text blackjack game where you can hit, stay, and double-down.
blkjck2.zip1k07-05-15File is not ratedBlackJack2.2
Update of BlacJack2.0 Keeps track of score (wins, loses, ties) and has convenient score clear on Menu. Not just that but it archives the scores automatically after every "exit" so as to keep cheaters at bay. :D Cleared up a bug from the last version as well, if you get a blackjack now it displays everything and waits rather than just skipping out to main. If you have any suggestions for the next update, comments on this or the first or found a bug, e-mail and let me know.
carddraw.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedCard Draw
Card Draw is a simple program that simulates drawing a random card from a standard 52-card deck. It includes face cards and aces in all four suites.
cards99.zip2k03-05-25File is not rated99
This is a card game known as 99. The info is in the ZIP file.
cardwar.zip2k06-04-22File is not ratedWar
A fun basic version of everyones favorite card game, war!!
casino6.zip4k02-02-16File is not ratedCasino
The only Game that includes WORKING versions of BlackJack, Red Dog and 5 Card Draw. The same variable for money is used in all the games, so the money that you make in one can be used in another. The menus are graphics based and fun to use. The game is fun and easy to play
casinoblackjack.zip4k08-08-24File is not ratedBlack Jack
Blackjack game for the ti-83+/ti-84+. Includes highscore, and 3 difficulty levels.
cheatsys.zip20k00-04-04File is not ratedCheat System
You use this program to have as much money as you want for Zach Whites Blackjac.
chicagoeng.zip161k06-02-02File is not ratedChicago v1.01 - 2 Player Poker Link Game (USB, I/O) (Eng.)
Link game for two calcs, using ZCom - Fast USB and I/O Communication for Basic Games (v2.11) Poker with points, three swaps; the best hand scores after both the first and the second swaps. Then swap before the trick, the one who win the last trick get five points; after the trick the best hand scores. The first player to 52 points has won. When you have reached 46 points you mustn't swap anymore. (This is the English version; there is also a Swedish version)
chicagoswe.zip158k06-02-02File is not ratedChicago v1.01 - 2 Player Poker Link Game (USB, I/O) Swedish
This version of Chicago does only include the Swedish version of the game. Look out for the English version, it should be available now. USB och I/O länkspel för två räknare, använder ZCom - Kommunikationsrutin för spel (v2.11). Poängpoker med tre byten, poängutdelning för den högsta handen efter både första och andra bytet. Därefter byte inför stick, den som tar det sista sticket får fem poäng; efter sticket poängutdelning för den högsta handen. Den som först får 52 poäng har vunnit. När man har 46 poäng eller mer får man inte byta mer.
cpoker.zip4k10-01-27File is not ratedChinese Poker
This is Chinese Poker for the 83/84 calcs! Of all the card games that are in the archives, this is the only one I haven't been able to find, so I made it, with the help of people on TI|BD! This program is for four players only, and will end when 1 person wins. The rankings are just standard poker ranks but with 2 of spades considered the highest card. This program has (sort of) good graphics (what can you do with cards on a 83/84 screen?) and even autosaves! If there are any glitches/problems/etc that I haven't addressed, contact me. Just don't ask me to create an AI.
crapjack.zip1k04-05-21File is not ratedCrap Jack
The classic game of black jack with a highly addictive spin. Brought to you by the author of the popular ADDicting Games Pack.
cruel.zip4k08-08-11File is not ratedCruel Solitaire
Cruel Solitaire is a card game similar to Klondike("normal" solitaire) where you move the cards to the foundation from Ace to King. The tableau however is very different. A good explanation I have found is at "http://www.dogmelon.com.au/solhelp/Cruel%20Solitaire.shtml".
davidwblakjak.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedBlack Jack
A Game of Black Jack. Have fun, it may hold your interest for a few seconds.
dealer.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedDealer Pack
This program is great for any and all BASIC programmers. The Dealer Pack includes two programs: One for shuffling and another for displaying a card in the deck. The shuffling program uses matrices to shuffle the deck, the fastest and most memory efficient method so far.
donkstack.zip3k08-04-14File is not ratedDONKSTACK
DONKSTACK is a little program which allows you to calculate the optimal way to stack your poker chips. Furthermore there are a lot of statistics you may want to watch.
egyptianwar.zip1k02-03-07File is not ratedEgyptian War
A fun card game similar to war, but much more interesting
euchre83.zip2k04-09-11File is not ratedEuchre 83+ v1.1
This is one of the best euchre games for the 83+ It has awsome graphics, and nice gameplay. Try it out now!
euchrefinal.zip7k03-10-23File is not ratedEuchre
Euchre for the 83+! This is the first Euchre game, with computer opponents and a computer partner! email me at abti83p@hotmail.com for the source code.
euchre.zip3k03-12-02File is not ratedEuchre1
The first graphical euchre game for the ti-83+. It is fully functional, and uses the standard rules, but is reasonably small.
fivecarddraw.zip2k05-05-20File is not ratedFive Card Draw Poker
Classic five card draw with easy to use interface, and graphical suits.
highlow2.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedHigh Low
High low is a great card game, it is my first program, so please download
highlow3.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedHighlow3
Thsi is just a better version of my previous game. if there are any bugs contact me at flameboy28@hotmail.com
highlowcs.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedHigh-Low Casino Game
A HIGH-LOW casino type game for your calc. With score keeping!
highorlow.zip1k03-12-07File is not ratedHigh or Low(card game)
High or low is a simple yet fun card game avialible for the TI-83+ good for multiple players(score comparing). For more info read the read me file or view the instructions in the game itself. www.angelfire.com/electronic2/miketi
hinoati84plus.8xo.zip1k10-10-25File is not ratedHinoa
Its just like poker expect there is only four cards and you can only get pairs. The dealer is at another table and your goal is to get a billion dollars first.
hold_em.zip2k09-12-20File is not ratedTexas hold'em
Definitely the best texas holdem game for calc so far. Play against three smart computer players, enjoy the graphics and evolve your poker skills. THIS is not an incomplete game. Check out the pics, download and enjoy!
holdem.zip2k04-08-12File is not ratedHoldem v1.1
This is a texas holdem game for the ti 83+ and 84+. it deals random cards to you and the three computer players. it then tells you what you have and them tells you who won. it will run othe the 83+ normal edition but i recomend that it be played on a 83 silver or 84
jack83p.zip1k02-04-06File is not ratedJack v1.04
Good Black Jack game. 1.04 fixes flashing error.
let_it_ride.zip2k04-06-24File is not ratedLet it Ride
Let it Ride is a popular casino game. It is a 5 card stud poker game. A player must make 3 equal bets and create poker hands from 3 cards that he is dealt and 2 cards from the community pot. Before the community cards are dealt the player must "let it ride" or recall one of the 3 bets. This game saves your cash and highest score. To learn more on how to play read the how to play text file.
luckypenny.zip8k09-09-06File is not ratedLucky Penny
Lucky Penny now supports trophies! Lucky Penny is video poker with some twists. Not only do you win cash for making hands, you can also double or nothing (a risky way to increase your earnings), and, if you collect ten bonus coins, advance to the bonus round where you can win from $100-$10,000 extra bonus dollars! The game also automatically saves after you quit so you can choose to continue next time you play. The trophy system is a great way to see how much you've accomplished in the game. Certain accomplishments will earn you specific trophies. See if you can earn them all, and then check your trophy page to see if you can earn the coveted "LP Champ!" trophy (only awarded if you receive every other trophy)!
mcblackjack.zip2k05-08-08File is not ratedBlackjack
This is the card game Blackjack for the TI-83 Plus. You can choose to make an ace either a 1 or 11, and the computer thinks for itself on what it decides to do.
nbj21.zip6k05-04-03File is not ratedNeoBlackjack
In this game you have to gamble to repay a huge debt. Can you stand up to the challenge?
pacoblackjack.zip1k07-01-27File is not ratedBlack Jack 1.01
This is basically the same as the original, only I fixed a minor bug. Just regular casino blackjack, with J representing all cards that count as 10
pacotexasholdem.zip3k06-08-05File is not ratedTexas Hold'em
A decent game, though I sacrificed Speed for every form of point scoring, not bad even so. If you can fix it, feel free to do so, then email me.
poker2.zip6k06-08-05File is not ratedVideo Poker v2.5
This Video Poker game resembles that of casinos. It also features great graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and extensive rules. Now much smaller in size--just over 3 Kb total. See Readme for more info.
poker3p.zip3k02-08-09File is not ratedPoker
5-handed video poker. Very fast and great graphics. Save slots and high score function.
poker5carddraw.zip2k05-03-09File is not ratedPOKER
A simple 5 card draw game, good graphics.
poker83x.zip3k04-03-27File is not ratedPoker83 v3.0
An excellent game of video poker that combines great graphics, speed, and a small program size.
poker_dstar5.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedPoker (NOT COMPLETE)
This is a poker game using my card drawing library. Please do not tell me this is not compltete, or there is no documentation! This is being worked on. You are welcome to change anything, and you may email them to me dstar5 _at_ gmail _D0T_ com
pokereti.zip11k05-08-26File is not ratedPoker v3.1
Here is my game of Poker. There are original functions which does not find in others games of Poker. The bet system is like in the casinos. And you have to go to the bank to have cash. Try it !
pokerfbs.zip2k03-03-30File is not ratedPoker (5 card draw style)
This is a simple 5 crad draw style of poker. Press the top five buttons to hold cards.
pokerml.zip18k02-06-08File is not ratedVideo Poker 6.00
This version of poker for the TI-83+ is the best available on the net. Written entirely in basic, its ease of play and simple interface make up for its larger than average size. It features a graphical interface and score saving. It runs clean, and deletes all variables it uses. It is also available for the TI-82 and the TI-83. Please observe that the screenshots depict the 83+ version with lowercase text. The 83 and 82 versions function the same way but do not have lowercase text. (Please note also that the ZIP file contains all three versions of the game - the actual program size is only about 7500 bytes)
pokersol.zip2k02-02-26File is not ratedPoker Solitaire
A fun one-player game where you place cards in a 5-by-5 grid, and each row and column counts as a poker hand. Try to get the best score for all 10 hands. Calculates your scores and keeps track of the 10 best scores.
pokertheta.zip1k05-03-10File is not ratedPoker theta
A sweet poker game that will keep you enthralled for hours! Just keep running the program, and rack up those points! one player.
poker.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedVideo Poker v2.4
This is a one player "video poker" style game.
pontoon.zip1k05-03-09File is not rated83Pontoon
Some call it blackjack, others vignt-et-un. Well too bad. I call it pontoon and that exactly what it is. It's a must have for all boring history classes. (I appologise if i have offended any history teachers)
racko.zip2k05-09-26File is not ratedRacko, the Card Game
Take turns with a friend, trying to get your Racko cards in the correct order. An intriguing, graphical rendition of the excellent, classic card game. If you're looking for Racko (or if you've never heard of it..), then look no further! -- By Fisch2
realblackjack.zip9k08-12-14File is not ratedBlackjack
Tired of the incomplete blackjack programs out there? This 4,677 byte program includes: Hitting, Standing, Doubling, Splitting, and Insurance. Not the best graphics (cards displayed to the home screen), but amazing game play. Also includes top 5 high-scores list.
recipito__videopoker.zip18k08-08-11File is not ratedVideo Poker
Your objective is to get the highest paying hand by either holding or dropping cards in the first round, then fulfilling the dropped cards with new cards from the deck. A save feature has been put in along with very fast load times.
simpleblackjack.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedSimple Blackjack
As the casino game but does not allow for splitting.
spades.zip54k08-01-02File is not ratedSpades with AI
This is the classic card game, Spades, remade for your calculator. Play with 3 challenging computer opponents, with extra features such as a saved game file. Please read the readme to learn see the controls! This is one of the best card games available!
stghilo.zip14k05-06-17File is not ratedStG's Hi Lo
Hi Lo Game by Sean Grogan SeanLetsFlyTwo@gmail.com A simple high low game the "standard" game is 1 thru 10, 5 points for right, loose 2 for wrong. 10 turns using custom you can choose any values for said above topics this program was made to test out the Randint( command and a simple high score system.
texasholdem.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedTexas Hold'Em
This is Texas Hold'Em Poker for the calculator. It takes 2 people and one calcluator.
texas.zip3k08-01-21File is not ratedTexas Hold'em v5.1
Probably the best Texas Hold'em program around. This version includes a stand-alone card shuffling engine and an inter card dealing engine. It has also been redesigned for size and speed. v5.1 has been slimmed down from a whopping 18 Kb, down to only 6 Kb! The speed of the game has also greatly increased. I hope you enjoy this well-round peice of work!
tiwar2.zip2k08-03-24File is not ratedTI-War
This game is the classic card game war with a twist. Instead of playing for the deck, you play for money with my betting system. Also included is a fully functioning saving and loading feature. It is a well built graphical game. No text base game here, all symbols and complex systems. So download it and give it a try.
tiwar.zip2k08-03-25File is not ratedWar v. 1.0
Hello. I would like to start off by saying that this is my first Basic game. However, don't let that turn you off to it. This game was developed carefully and precisely, and does not have the appearance of a game created by a novice. War is the classic card game with a twist. In my version the outcome of your play is effecting your wallet as you have to use the betting system. Furthermore, for those risky betters, my game features a saving and loading feature for those who wish to continue it later. Please try it out, and write a review.
trip2.zip4k03-06-18File is not ratedRoad Trip
This is one of my first games that is actually worth anything. It's a fun game that should cause at least a few laughs. It's purely text-based and has a decent blackjack game. Good download. Enjoy!
txholdem.zip3k04-11-25File is not ratedTexas Hold' em Poker
Finally, an good holdem hame for the TI-83+. It has real betting, and tells you who won. it also says what you and the computers have. Feel free to edit, but if you do, send me your version.
ubj.zip1k02-04-30File is not ratedUltimate BlackJack
Bet on your hand, hit H for hit or S for stay and that are all the rules. The game has awesome graphics
videopoker.zip2k07-12-31File is not ratedRecipito's Video Poker
Very fast video poker. Great usability and speed. This is a must have for poker fans!
vidpoker.zip1k00-08-28File is not ratedVideo Poker v.1.0
This is probably the best video poker game for your 83-plus!!! It allows you to play 30 hands of poker and you will have a score that you try to beat on the high score of the game. Its really fun and addictive!!!
virtualpoker.zip211k07-03-01File is not ratedVirtual Poker
This is a must-have for ALL poker players! It integrates flawless graphics into speed, and user-friendly features. Covers ALL possible poker hands, and it really is a DECK of cards! You will see no card twice before a 'Shuffling deck...' message. Newest version allows you to specify the text on the cards. But don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself!
vpokersim.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedVideo Poker Sim
Video Poker Sim simulates a casino video poker machine. It starts out with five cards in the initial hand, with an extra five held as 'extra cards'. It goes through 32 ways to play each hand, evaluates them, and returns the number of successful hands for each winning combination (pair, 3kind, straight, etc.)
vpokersm2.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedVideo Poker Sim 2
This sequel to VPSim evaluates a poker hand just like the original but allows user-entered hands.
vpokersmd.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedVideo Poker Sim D
This third, stand-alone supplement to VPSim displays the sets of cards on the Graph screen.
war4.zip1k05-07-23File is not ratedWar v1.2
Who doesn't love that timeless children's game, War? Well, now you can play it on your calculator! This update saves space without affecting gameplay. More updates to come. Enjoy!
war_sim.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedWar Sim
'War Sim' plays the popular card game 'War' on its own and displays statistics at each round until a winner is found.
war.zip16k07-09-08File is not ratedWar (The Card Game)
The ultimate two player card game. War has the calculator playing against itself to see which player wins, and how long the game will go. A great example for statistics analysis, if you're willing to hack the game and store all the stats to lists. Plan on a feature soon that will do all that dirty work for you!
whitejack.zip8k10-09-04File is not ratedWhite Jack
Meet Black Jack's closest cousin, White Jack! This turn based card game has been man's greatest way for losing tons of money in casino's all around the world! Instead of losing money from your wallet, take a chance at winning fake money right on your calculator! With the new artificial intellegence I've implemented, you'll never know who will win the next deck. This game has a neat currency system that allows you to bet as much money as you want. Please download if you like card games. Remember: Gambling gets you nowhere in life, so play it safe and get this program. Updates are in the readme.

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