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Number of files 135
Last updated Saturday, 1 September 2007
Total downloads 984,030
Most popular file  SimCity '99 v0.99 Beta with 26,365 downloads.

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aliens.zip3k98-10-23File is not ratedAliens v2.1
Non stop shoot em down action
arcademario85.zip8k04-03-12File is not ratedArcade Mario Brothers
This game is an update to the classic Mario Brothers arcade game which was also the Super Mario Brothers 3 mini-game. You hit the platform the enemy is on, then touch the enemy to kill it. This classic game has been updated to include 50 new levels, each with its own design (unlike the original). It also adds new enemies based on other Mario games. This version uses the full 128 pixel width of the TI-85, so you get a leg up on the TI-83 users. Check out this great update to a great classic game.
area51v0.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedArea-51 (v0.0)
astddemo.zip6k97-07-24File is not ratedAsteroids 2042 (v1.0)
bandit.zip4k99-01-02File is not ratedBandit v1.0
Slot machine
bball.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedBouncing Ball
bd.zip20k97-10-27File is not ratedBoulderDash 1.0
bjack.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedBlackJack (v1.1)
blkbustr45.zip6k99-12-08File is not ratedBlockbuster v4.5
Break as many blocks as you can.
bombard.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedBombardment (v1.0)
boneyard.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedBone Yard (v1.0)
boxes.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedBoxes (v1.0)
brkout50.zip26k97-07-24File is not ratedSuper Breakout (v5.0)
caves40.zip23k97-07-24File is not ratedCaves (v4.0)
chess12.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedChess (v1.2)
columns3.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedColumns (v3.0)
comrad.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedComrad (v0.1)
connectf.zip1k97-04-30File is not ratedConnect Four 1.4
contra.zip3k98-05-09File is not ratedContra v0.4 Beta
crunch.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedCrunch (v2.5b)
cubes.zip3k97-07-29File is not ratedCubes^2!!! Puzzle Game v1.0
A puzzle game where you have to unscramble the cubes before time runs out.
daedalus.zip48k97-07-24File is not ratedDaedalus 3D Raycasting Engine (with Level Editor) 0.31 Beta
Daedalus - 3D raycasting engine (v0.31 beta)
daleks.zip3k97-05-25File is not ratedDaleks! v1.0
dicegame.zip5k97-05-31File is not ratedDice Game 0.5 Beta
a small, fun game that involves dice
dots.zip1k97-04-30File is not ratedDots 1.2
drmario.zip5k97-05-02File is not ratedDr. Mario 1.1
eblepack.zip5k97-07-24File is not ratedOriginal ZShell games by Dan Eble
etcha.zip1k97-05-18File is not ratedEtch a sketch
Another etch a sketch Updated information
etch.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch (v1.0)
expway13.zip3k98-05-27File is not ratedExpress Way v1.3LG
frogger type game
eyes10.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedEye animation
ffcall.zip11k98-11-22File is not ratedFinal Fantasy: The Calling (Demo)
formula1.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedFormula 1 racing (v0.8 beta)
froggies.zip7k03-10-19File is not ratedFroggies v1.01
Spanish version of Tick-tack toe. source code now available for all to use/abuse. :)
gamepak2.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedMore of Dan Ebles ZShell games
globe.zip12k97-07-24File is not ratedSpinning globe
hexagon.zip8k98-04-08File is not ratedHexagon 1.0
hexshrwr.zip4k97-06-28File is not ratedHex Fighter v1.0
Flight simulator like TIE Fighter
hgalagal.zip7k97-09-10File is not ratedHyperGalaga Lite 7
hgalaga.zip9k97-09-10File is not ratedHyperGalaga 1.0.055
insane.zip9k97-05-02File is not ratedInsane Game 2.71
invaders.zip10k98-04-08File is not ratedSpace Invaders 1.2
invader.zip1k97-05-25File is not ratedInvader 1.0
jezzball.zip12k98-05-14File is not ratedJezzBall v2.1
jonwv.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedWeak version of Weave
knight.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedKnight (v2.0)
labby.zip13k97-04-30File is not ratedLabby 2.1
lander.zip7k00-08-13File is not ratedLunar Lander v1.0 beta
An unfinished clone of Lunar Lander.
leetphoenix85.zip5k03-11-12File is not ratedLeet Phoenix for TI-85
A version of phoenix with different graphics and stuff.
life.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedLife (beta)
loderun2.zip7k98-02-04File is not ratedLode Runner 1.50a
look.zip5k97-07-24File is not ratedA little demo with some nice gfx
lr18.zip19k97-07-24File is not ratedLode Runner (v1.8)
lunoid8.zip9k97-09-10File is not ratedLunoid 8.6
magic.zip4k97-05-02File is not ratedMagic 0.0a
matricks.zip1k97-05-02File is not ratedMatricks 1.3
matrix.zip2k05-07-31File is not ratedThe Matrix
There is only one way out of those 64 bytes!
mcmiks.zip17k97-07-24File is not ratedM.C. Miks (v1.0+)
megaraces_zshell.zip110k03-09-26File is not ratedMega Racers Version 1.04
Pseudo 3d car racing game for the TI-85. This is the older 1.04 version, the new U2.1 version for Usgard is better. But now the source code of this classic is now available for you to use/abuse. :)
megarace.zip8k97-04-29File is not ratedMega Racers Version 1.04
3 D racing game for ZShell
meister.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedMeister Mind (v1.201)
memory.zip1k97-04-30File is not ratedMemory 1.6
minehunt.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedMineHunt (like the HP48 game)
mineswp.zip1k97-05-02File is not ratedMinesweeper 2.7
mine.zip1k99-12-02File is not ratedMinesweeper v1.2
Try to find all hidden mines without having one of them explode.
morons.zip10k97-06-22File is not ratedMorons 0.8
mutiny2.zip6k97-07-24File is not ratedMutiny2 (v1.0)
nibbles2.zip3k97-09-10File is not ratedNibbles 1.36
nibbles.zip9k97-07-24File is not ratedNibbles (v1.1)
okiedoke.zip2k99-01-07File is not ratedOkiedoke
An adaptation of the Atari 2600 game Okiedoke.
othello2.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedOthello2 v1.0
Othello2 (v1.0)
pacman26.zip4k98-02-04File is not ratedPacMan 2.6
pacman97.zip9k97-09-10File is not ratedPac-Man 98 v77
perversi.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedPerversi (Othello style game) 1.0
pj2.zip58k99-02-02File is not ratedPlain Jump II v0.9 Beta
plainjmp.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedPlain-Jump (v1.0)
pongk.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedPong Kombat 0.3
Pong Kombat
pool.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedPool (v1.0)
ppong12.zip2k97-04-21File is not ratedPerigee Pong
One player "Paddle War" game for ZShell 4.0
puyo85.zip9k03-11-12File is not ratedPuyo Puyo
Puyo Puyo is a Japanese puzzle game in which you have to create combos and chains of pieces. Released in the USA in the past as "Puyo Pop" and "Kirby's avalanche" this is the first TI version.
qnibbles.zip2k99-07-29File is not ratedQNibbles v1.2
This is basically a clone of the Qbasic version of Nibbles.
quick.zip1k97-10-13File is not ratedQuick Snake
Try to last as long as you can without hitting the walls or your own extended body.
raid.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedRaid (v1.0)
ricochet.zip10k97-07-24File is not ratedRicochet (v1.0)
rinistys.zip13k97-07-24File is not ratedRinistys - demo presented at Asm96
road.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedRoad v0.5b
Road - Racing game (0.5b)
scroll40.zip39k97-07-24File is not ratedScrolls (v4.0)
simcity.zip11k99-10-02File is not ratedSimCity '99 v0.99 Beta
A near perfect port of the Macintosh classic! With some minor adjustments version 1.0 will be perfect. For now, enjoy this demo that was two years in the making. It's a past POTM as well.
simon.zip2k98-04-08File is not ratedSimon 1.1
slippy.zip6k97-06-01File is not ratedSlippy 1.0, SlipEdit 1.01
snakeman.zip5k97-08-25File is not ratedSnakeMan 0.4
solitair.zip1k98-03-31File is not ratedSolitaire 1.0
solomnsz.zip2k97-06-06File is not ratedSolomons Key
solytarz.zip15k97-11-11File is not ratedSolytare v2.1
Clone of the classic card game Solitaire. Features one or three card draw and a fast moving arrow which acts as your mouse.
spamspam.zip1k97-05-25File is not ratedSpam Spam 2.0
speedgam.zip1k97-05-02File is not ratedSpeed Game 1.0
spw1b2.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedSpacewar 1.0 Beta 2
spy.zip2k97-09-24File is not ratedSpyHunter 0.4.2a
sqrxz.zip5k97-04-30File is not ratedSqrxz 0.3
squarez.zip5k97-05-02File is not ratedSquarez 1.0
tapper.zip3k98-10-23File is not ratedTapper v1.2
Revival of the classic, Root Beer Tapper
tesbwan85.zip29k02-09-09File is not ratedTesBwan 0.3
An advanced grayscale breakout-like game. Features include scrolling, bonuses, high scores, and save game. It is written for ZShell so it can run on ZShell as well as other shells such as Usgard, Rigel, PhatOS, OShell, or CShell-NT.
tetris45.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedTetris (v4.5)
tetris97.zip7k97-09-10File is not ratedTetris 97.89
texan.zip3k97-04-30File is not ratedTexaNoid 1.0
tibobble.zip3k01-06-17File is not ratedTi-Bobble
tictac13.zip2k98-05-27File is not ratedTic Tac Toe v1.3 (by Mike Young)
tic tac toe for 2 players only
tictac.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe 1.0 (by Jim Paris)
tiles20.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedTiles (v2.0)
toad.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedToad Stomp (v0.1)
toggles.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedToggles (v1.0)
trimnt02.zip8k97-07-24File is not ratedTriMounts (v0.2 beta)
tron.zip1k97-05-02File is not ratedTron 1.4
ttt.zip1k99-01-02File is not ratedTic Tac Toe v2.1
Animated Tic Tac Toe
tube.zip2k97-04-30File is not ratedTube 0.5
vert85.zip75k98-09-12File is not ratedVertigo v0.94
A game of skill for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. Guide your ball to the gem stone on each of the 50 levels. The levels are displayed from an isometric 3D view, and are shown in grayscale on the TI-85 and TI-86. Also features an on-calc level editor.
vidpoker.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedVideo Poker (v1.0)
weave33.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedWeave (v3.3)
xc1701bd.zip31k97-07-24File is not ratedXC-1701 v1.3h (Happy Birthday edition)
XC-1701 v1.3 (Happy Birthday edition)
xc1701.zip9k97-05-02File is not ratedXC-1701 v1.3h
yahtz.zip3k97-05-04File is not ratedYahtz 1.0a
yatzy.zip3k97-11-04File is not ratedYatzy 1.0
zbike13.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedZBike (v1.3)
zcasino.zip19k07-09-01File is not ratedZCasino
Full featured casino, including blackjack, 5 card draw, and a slot machine
zfight.zip9k98-03-11File is not ratedZFight 0.78 Beta
zgenie.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedZGenie (v1.3.7)
zjoust20.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedZJoust (v2.0)
zkart3d.zip4k97-10-14File is not ratedZ-Kart 3D v5.0
zkart.zip5k97-09-10File is not ratedZ-Kart v7.0
z-mut85.zip3k97-05-02File is not ratedMutiny85 v1.3
zpong.zip4k00-03-16File is not ratedzPong v2.05
zPong v2.05 for zShell
zshess.zip17k98-08-31File is not ratedZShess v1.0
ZShess version 1.0
ztetris.zip8k97-05-11File is not ratedZTetris 2.11
ztron.zip3k99-12-24File is not ratedZTron
Just a small two player tron
zwar.zip41k99-11-25File is not ratedZWar v12
A space war game.

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