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Public apology
Posted on 10 November 1998, 03:36 GMT

Recenly, rumors have surfaced concerning a "hack" of the TI-Files site. However, no one has stood up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Therefore I am coming forward to say that I was a part of the incident. Two former members of the TI-Files gave me their FTP passwords (before the accounts were removed) and I logged into the TI-Files site and deleted the main directory (including the index.html file).

My actions caused chaos in the TI-Files community and reflected poorly on myself and ticalc.org. I deeply regret what I did and it will never happen again.

- Bryan Rabeler


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Re: Public apology

Do it agian!
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Do it agian!

     13 November 1998, 01:43 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

who are you you freak you're a scum sucking bastard too!!!!! WHAK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!

     1 December 1998, 03:31 GMT

Re: Public apology
Jonathan Gray

Think about this...THESE ARE GAMES WRITTEN ON FRICKEN CALCULATORS...which are meant to be used on math...heheh.

This is all dumb, if they did have a backup, I don't see what the big problem is...I mean, TI-FILES was ruined and they did not lose a lot of hard work..they just transfered the back up files. I mean, it is all a girly catfight, and everyone needs a life here...calculator games are fun, but Game Boy games are better. Whatever.

     13 November 1998, 07:14 GMT

Re: Public apology
(Web Page)

I went to TI-Files to put my programs up there and I noticed they were already there after putting my programs on ticalc. So either TI-Files sits there and watched ticalc for new programs and then puts it on there sites or ticalc ownes TI-Files and all this competition BS is to get people into both sites. If they choose sides it won't matter because it's the same people behind them.

... or maybe I'm just a paranoid schizophrenic(sp?)

     13 November 1998, 23:35 GMT

Re: Public apology

you guys have no lives. do you ever get off the computer?

     14 November 1998, 06:15 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Jonathan Kaus

Nope. No if we can help it.

     15 November 1998, 20:31 GMT

Re: Public apology
E. Cohen.

You are all taking this so seriously!!
If you want to know something then:
less than 1/10% of the population of the world
have ever used a TI graphing calculator.
About 1/50% have one (or more).
About 1/500% have ever gone to a TI site to
download something.
About 1/2000% occasionally visit a TI site..
About 1/20000% have tried to connect to the
ti-files.org when the site was hacked and couldn't load for them.
So whats the big deal???
Less than 3000 people tried to access the site
when it was down, and hundreds of people are
getting excited over it.
Not to mension that ti-files.org is a lot of
times unaccessible for different reasons which
don't get hundreds of comments from you people.
So cool down, it's only a little little site which was down for a little little time...

     14 November 1998, 10:47 GMT

Re: Public apology

What you did, was not good, but don't care about it.
I just find this sit is pretty good.

     17 November 1998, 20:17 GMT

Re: Public apology
(Web Page)


"Some great points"

1)This wasn't a hack
2)They could have it back up with in 30 min if they wanted
3)Can we say this little site vs. site is old

     19 November 1998, 03:51 GMT

Re: Public apology
Sean Lloyd

I just think that you all need to go back to school and learn how to spell.

     19 November 1998, 23:00 GMT

Re: Public apology
Mr. Me

I think you need to learn not to press the post button twice.

     20 November 1998, 05:50 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

There is a very small number of individuals who have been active in the TI community as long as I have (even Bryan Rabeler himself). Back in my day, you had to walk five miles, barefoot, in the snow, uphill in order to find calculator games (breakout and ztetris). I saw the release of ZShell 4.0. I saw the birth of ticalc.org. I saw the birth of ti-files. I have been in #ti-files on IRC at least 30 minutes a day every since it was created (give or take a week).

I have seen every step in this ticalc.org vs. ti-files site war. And I can tell you this much, ti-files got off easy. If I were Bryan Rabeler, I swear I'd have done a lot more with that password than he did (like maybe fiddling with monitor refresh rates or something).

Although ti-files has a few staff members who have the ability to maintain a normal maturity level, ti-files also has a few staff members who should definitely not be placed in a position requiring professionalism. Heck, one of the main ti-files staff members is in Jr. High (8th grade to be precise (someone in 8th grade now would have been in third grade when Dan and Magnus began their work on the TI-85)).

Bryan Rabeler and the other ticalc.org staff members have been trying for a year and a half to end the "site wars" (you can even find instances of this dating back to list-zshell in the mail archives).

On my many hours on IRC, I have seen #ti-files childishly badger #ti and more specifically Bryan Rabeler on a near daily basis. For instance, I recently banned someone from #ti because they joined and sent the line, "f*** ticalc.org" about fifteen times in ten seconds. That person then returned to #ti-files and bragged about his escapades (I note here that this person was not necessarily connected with the ti-files staff in any manner, but was probably doing this in order to impress ti-files's staff). There is also an ongoing joke between the ti-files staff members and #ti-files regulars involving sexual relations between Bryan and a goat (this joke originated with Synth, though I don't know the whole story).

All in all, Bryan Rabeler really had quite a bone to pick with many people affiliated with ti-files. The one thing I wouldn't have done in his place was apologise.

     20 November 1998, 07:14 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

Well, it seems you are one of a select few who have a modicum of intelligence. Keep up the good insights!

     25 November 1998, 03:35 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
A ti-user

So what you've been w/ the TI-community for a long time? Who are you trying to impress? Certainly not me. I've probably been a TI user/advocate longer than you have (but we won't get into that). What Bryan did was childish and stupid. An apology is the least he can do. Even if what you say is true about the TI-Files people, there is no justification for him to lower himself to their level. I think you ardvark should grow up a little to.

     6 December 1998, 00:08 GMT

Re: Public apology

It's interesting the number of people who justify Bryan's actions by saying 'TI FILES had a backup, so it's O.K.'

Can I then go out and smash up your car, thinking insurance will cover it...?

To apologise is good, but apologies don't remove that the action happened. The important thing to remember that this is an apology, not a justification of what was done. Whether the apology is sincere or not, I don't know, and I won't try to guess. If it was sincere, kudos to Bryan for the courage to apologize, but this does not mean I have any respect for the action itself (all people do stupid things, though, and 'to err is human, to forgive, divine').

This really has people stirred up though. Who would actually take the time to keep up on all the articles (who's to say if anyone will even read this one). All it has really done, in effect, is cause those who support ticalc.org and those who support tifiles in 'die hard' fashion to have something to argue about. Does it really have that much effect on the quality of the two sites. All the files, links, and everything else that made each page preferable to certain people remain the same. The only thing that's different is the number of people screaming at each other.

     20 November 1998, 13:24 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Sycho Path

thats a bad comparison, smashing a car with insurance paying for it is TOTALLY different then having file(s) erased when you have a backup. It does no harm, as some people have said before, you idiots are blowing it out of proportion. You're right, its wrong, but not to an extent where he needs people to flame him. Erasing a file that has a backup does absolutly no harm, sure it wastes 15 minutes of your time copying it, but what else would you guys at ti-files be doing?

     29 November 1998, 23:10 GMT

Re: Public apology

I'ld Just Like To Say ticalc.org Is My Fav Site... And Why Someone Would Have Such A Crime Against It Is Beyond My Imagination. So Untill I Can Beat The ---- Out Of You In Person, You Can Go ---- A Rabid Elephant!

     22 November 1998, 06:21 GMT

Re: Public apology

Hehe, this is rather funny. A soap opera involving two calculator sites. Revenge of the Nerds, that is what it reminds me of. If Bryan Rabeler played Quake2, he would win the Llama of the month award. Baaa!


     30 November 1998, 23:20 GMT

Scum Sucking Bastard

you are a scum sucking bastard and deserve to be publicly executed

     1 December 1998, 03:26 GMT

Re: Public apology...A very humble opinion
(Web Page)

I doubt anyone cares about what I say, but for some reason I feel compelled to add a short note. So here goes...
I like TI calcs. They help a lot in my analysis class. They also have taught me a lot a programming reasoning (I also program in Visual Basic, and am learning C/C++). I did not know of TI-Files, only of this site, so I can't speak of which was better or faster. But, I think it was pretty sad of Bryan (why he did it is his own business) to do what he did. I cannot say I will or will not forgive him because I don't know why he did it. I don't know him as a person. And frankly, if I didn't forgive him, seriously, would he give a rat's ass? Probably not. So, I think that in the future, Bryan (someone pass this along to him ;), you should not do things like this. Leave this up to the real hackers (myself NOT included), and nobody will feel guilty. I love ticalc.org, and it has what I need. If I were to meet Bryan, I would not think anything at all of him, besides the fact that I like the web site he has helped with. Apologies mean nothing to me unless they are in person, so that I can see that the person really means it. I cannot tell if he means it or not. Anyway, keep up the good work on the site, keep out the bad work if possible, and remember: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's web site."
Thanks for listening to me try to talk some reason into this group of people, and if someone replies to me, please email me since I will not come back here to read these most likely. And last of all, Happy Holidays people, remember to not be asses, OK?

     4 December 1998, 04:20 GMT
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