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Public apology
Posted on 10 November 1998, 03:36 GMT

Recenly, rumors have surfaced concerning a "hack" of the TI-Files site. However, no one has stood up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Therefore I am coming forward to say that I was a part of the incident. Two former members of the TI-Files gave me their FTP passwords (before the accounts were removed) and I logged into the TI-Files site and deleted the main directory (including the index.html file).

My actions caused chaos in the TI-Files community and reflected poorly on myself and ticalc.org. I deeply regret what I did and it will never happen again.

- Bryan Rabeler


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Re: Public apology

For the record MattChris is a bigger asshole than Bryan Rabeler even at his worst. Notice how now 3-4 Files members are from Athens, GA(hometown MattChris), when most of the other Secret Agents are doing more work, but getting practically no recognition.

Oh yeah, and the guy should at least have the dignity to update the Alumni page to give former dedicated members a little respect.

     11 November 1998, 01:02 GMT

Heh Dumbass....
Jack R.

Why would you waste you're time doing that I think you need to take a break from tha computer...

     11 November 1998, 01:21 GMT

Why so many comments? Heres why:

Are YOU wondering why so many people are commenting on this? Its quite simple! Its the first interesting thing to happen in the TIcalc community for a LONG time. When is the last time you read anything interesting in the news on ticalc or tifiles. This is exactly like the Clinton case. Its a question of morals.

     11 November 1998, 01:26 GMT

Re: Why so many comments? Heres why:

out of curiosity, just when and what was the last big ti-community prank?

     11 November 1998, 03:38 GMT

Re: Re: Why so many comments? Heres why:
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

That would probably be the ticalc.org news article posted last April Fools.

     11 November 1998, 07:38 GMT

Method Man
Mbeanis N. Alzin

Bryan, if you have all this time to dedicate to TICALC, how come you didn't put in the time to do some creative damage? I'm sure you have a text editor at home, why not add swear words, insults, and humour? Change the color scheme to pink/lavender or rainbow? have the download links point to the Sesame Street screen saver? Java scripts to keep people from going here or there. The limitations are limitless. Depravity I can pardon, but lack of creativity I cannot. > TIC <

     11 November 1998, 02:15 GMT

Re: Public apology
(Web Page)


I realize it may have been wrong for someone to "delete" someone's page. But (1) he apologized. (2) there was no [permanant] harm done. (3) Most, if not all of us involved in the TI calculator world are just kids, or very young adults. At this stage in our lives, we're almost all a little hot tempered and quick to jump at a chance to humiliate someone. Anyway, I realize I'm not really supporting my point very thoroughly, but cut Bryan a little slack... At least he came out and admitted it, on a website that gets 1000+ hits a day, which takes a lot more guts than talking about him behind his back (which is what most of us, unfortunately myself included, do on a daily basis).

BY THE WAY - If you're going to respond directly to me, don't do it here. Email me... I really doubt I'm going to look at this again.

John McCord

     11 November 1998, 03:11 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

cool.. i'll delete your directory next time then put a lil apology message on my site :)

     11 November 1998, 05:37 GMT

Re: Public apology

so my question is:

who gave bryan the passwords.

who else was part of the plot.

when will ti-files be back online.

did ti-files have backups?

     11 November 1998, 03:31 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

so my answer is:

I did and Quija13 did

see answer to question 1

it already is


     11 November 1998, 05:06 GMT

Re: Public apology

What I find hard to believe is that a website about graphing calculators would matter so much that someone would delete a competing site's root directory.

It seems like you are all mortal enemies trying to kill each other, when in reality you are running a public information resource. You are not selling competing products, infact you and ti-files carry many of the same programs and documents, and you have no justifiable reason to do something like this. This is very immature. (Not to mention that it was illegal.)

Or maybe it's all a scheme by HP to dishearten TI calculator users, and cause them to switch brands.
(I'm kidding about this of course.)

     11 November 1998, 03:33 GMT

Re: Public apology

Some people take these sites WAY too seriously. They're places to get games and info about calculators...who gives a damn about which one is better or who runs them? I never hear anyone getting in heated debates over which search engine is the best! Geez!

     11 November 1998, 04:21 GMT

Re: Public apology
Justin Karneges
(Web Page)

Well, I'm not going to go into the whole apology stuff, but I did want to say couple things to the people who told him to resign:

It's *his* site! He runs the page. If I deleted someone's else's web site, yes that's wrong, but I don't think I should be forced to hand my page to someone else! "Here, I paid $20 a month for this login/password. Here, you have it. I did some bad stuff. I'll continue paying the ISP though, since it's my account and all."

I mean, what the heck people. This isn't something like the presidency where "we" the people run the country. This is *his* site. We the people don't run *his* site.

Ok fine I couldn't stay away from the apology thing:
To Bryan: the deletion was a bad move, but it takes a real adult to admin his wrongs.
To Everyone who still thinks he should be condemned: are you just looking for something to complain about? before this news update post, no one was saying the things they were on this page. would you have said something different if the news was "Bryan loved deleting the TI-Files" ? I don't know. Most of you all seem to dislike him either way.

If I said something bad, oh well, I'm tired and bored.
-Justin Karneges [Infiniti]

     11 November 1998, 04:32 GMT

Re: Public apology
read this
(Web Page)

Read this:

     11 November 1998, 04:33 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

ok i read it.

i feel for you man.

Bryan did you delete it as quickly and easily as what the text said?

     11 November 1998, 05:53 GMT

(Web Page)

After reading this text file, I just lost a whole lot of respect for the TI-Files staff, especially Matt. If you told Brian ANYTHING of how you were treated at the TI-Files, I don't think there was a very good reason for him to delete the root directory. As bill said, I feel for you...

I just looked at Dimension TI for the first time in a while, and it looks GREAT!
Keep up the good work.

     12 November 1998, 04:53 GMT

Re: Public apology
Greg McMichaels


     11 November 1998, 04:40 GMT

Sir Loin

What he needs to do is apologize to the TI-Files staff. He could say all this to us, but not mean a thing. Apologizing to everyone is nice, but the ones that really deserve the apology are the TI-Files staff. It didn't affect anyone more than them, so if Bryan is truely sincere about his apology, he should give them an apology.

     11 November 1998, 04:48 GMT

Re: Public apology

I'm not sure why people would get so upset as they do over a thing like this, no one's getting more money than anyone else...it's all free anyway. But atleast Bryan and Adam (look at Dimension-TI) had the guts to admit it and apologize. Too bad that the TI world can't stay stable enough.

     11 November 1998, 04:52 GMT

I agree. It''s over and done. Let it go...
John McCord
(Web Page)

I agree with everything Dan said. There is abosultely no point for all this to drag on like it has. What did their (they being Bryan, Adam, and Tim) mistake do? Nothing but slow down the TI-Files for one day, if even that long. So why can't we all get over it? Let's just move on and try to help each other out... I guarantee that the "TI World" will get a lot more accomplished when ticalc.org and the TI-Files are on the same side.

John McCord

     19 November 1998, 22:08 GMT

Re: Public apology
Greg Sharp

Though what Bryan did is morally and ethicallly wrong, his actions should not reflect on people's view ticalc.org. Ticalc.org is still a great source and all of the other members had nothing to do with the incident. I urge people to not view this site differently as it has many useful features (such as this one).

Greg Sharp <bsharp81@aol.com>

     11 November 1998, 05:17 GMT

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