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Public apology
Posted on 10 November 1998, 03:36 GMT

Recenly, rumors have surfaced concerning a "hack" of the TI-Files site. However, no one has stood up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Therefore I am coming forward to say that I was a part of the incident. Two former members of the TI-Files gave me their FTP passwords (before the accounts were removed) and I logged into the TI-Files site and deleted the main directory (including the index.html file).

My actions caused chaos in the TI-Files community and reflected poorly on myself and ticalc.org. I deeply regret what I did and it will never happen again.

- Bryan Rabeler


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Re: Public apology

I could care less about TI-Files. ticalc.org is the only site I go to for programs dealing with the calculators, and I find no point in creating a site of such programs because most of them are already on ticalc.org. TI-Files for all I care is nothing but a storage of the same files found here (on ticalc.org), and in so being, repeating something is just stupid. You don't see me going around saying "I have the best zipping programs" and then just giving you PKWare products.


     11 November 1998, 06:15 GMT

Re: Public apology

I think it is time to put our "hacking" skills to better usa, like messing up an HP48 site. Or we could just let it be, and not care. its no big deal, the problem is fixed. lets go on living our lives.

     11 November 1998, 06:46 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

It was just another cheap prank (though a little less morally sound than the last ones). Does anyone recall the news article posted April 1st? It was the "April Fools" prank stating that ticalc.org was being taken down because ti-files was too good. This is no different than that was. A completely harmless prank (except this one interrupted ti-files's service and forced it's operators to spend 15 minutes copying from a mirror). Certain people (everybody who read this news article) are blowing this out of proportion.

     11 November 1998, 07:09 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

You know what? I'm going to crack into ticalc.org and delete this news article.

     11 November 1998, 07:44 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

I did some math. Bryan Rabeler's prank accounted for less than 1% of ti-files's downtime this week. Since it accounted for more than 1% of the total time in this week, you can assume that ti-files spent more than the amount of time in this week down. This is logical, seeing as how there were several hours ti-files was down two or three times simultaneously.

     11 November 1998, 07:50 GMT

Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Bryan, I used to have a good bit of respect for you. I still have respect for the Ticalc.org project. You guys spend alot of time and do a great job here, but i think its really childish to sabotage your rival's internet site (god knows if it wasnt backed up weekly) It basically cost Ti-Files a OC-12 connection and unix box at GSU, since someone decided to (i use this loosely) play a practical joke on Ti-Files. Alex and I started Ti-Files with no intention whatsoever of competition with ticalc.org but is this what it has come to. This is sad. While it takes a great deal of courage and fortitude to admit that you are at fault, still your actions should be remembered. I, for one, do not have the same respect I once had. One more point, be respectful and civil in the comments that you make in lieu of Mr. Rabeler. I would ask that everyone learn from this mistake, and promote general friendship among the Ti Community. Truthfully, good can come out of this.

     11 November 1998, 21:37 GMT

Re: Hack?
Eddie Manachetti
(Web Page)

Thats far from hacking my friend...way far. Comparing what you did is like comparing oranges and rocket launchers :)...sorry, you didn't hack a thing. You sabatoged his site...didn't hack it though...

     11 November 1998, 21:50 GMT

Re: Public apology
Mike Pearson

Common. Think of it this way: Are any of you any more likely to give out passwords? Didn't think so...

True, deleting the root of a web site is a rather obnoxous way of reminding people not to give out passwords. And I certainly do not agree with the practice.

     12 November 1998, 01:33 GMT

Re: Public apology
(Web Page)



ticalc is not only faster, but it is better, an din more detail!!

     12 November 1998, 02:15 GMT

Re: Public apology

what is the password?

     12 November 1998, 04:29 GMT

Re: Public apology
Jonathan Gray

I am currently working on a web page, and one thing I have found ESPECIALLY useful to do is ALWAYS having a backup of my work on ZIP disk or floppy. If TI-FILES had a backup of their site, this could have just been a small problem...easially fixed in minutes. It just goes to show you...make backups...uh, yeah!

P.S. The web is a very vulnerable place, esecially with the hacking abilities of Unix. My adivice is MAKE BACKUPS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO, whether it is a web page, homework, a science project, or a term paper (I am in high school).

     12 November 1998, 06:58 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Stuart Bergstrom

Oopidstay, they DO make backups. . . it's just that they knew that if they uploaded everything that someone would just delete it otherwise. . . . . silly humans.

     12 November 1998, 21:42 GMT

calculator turf wars

isn't this all very cute, these turf wars and all... 1st of all everyone needs to get a life, there is more to life than the screen in front of you. second if this happened to me... i'd ghetto-size rabeler, that was an imature punkish thing to do... how can he expect anyone to take him seriously anymore....

in his foundation trilogy Asimov has a character call Samuel Hardin I believe (if i'm wrong its been a while) and he says "violence is the last resort of an ignorant man."

have a good day gents

     12 November 1998, 07:39 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

You know, I changed my mind (only slightly).

Deleting TI-Files was the RIGHT thing to do (given the situation) and apologising was wrong (or at least in bad taste and an unnecessary harm to ticalc.org's reputation).

It's just too bad you didn't do something significant.

     12 November 1998, 08:09 GMT

Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

I love the way that everyone who did not accept Bryan Rabeler's apology either posted anonymously or was a member of the TI-Files staff.

     12 November 1998, 08:11 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Im not on staff, nor posting anonomously. Personally, if I recieved the password to ticalc.org i would not do anything with it, besides loading my programs if the need be. But some people are a bit more mature than others. I don't understand why people carry all of this angst towards Ti-Files, the one site out of the three that did not execute a malitious hack on their competitors.
Have you people ever heard of cooperation?

     16 November 1998, 22:51 GMT

Remember who was responsible
Michael Wyman
(Web Page)

I just feel the need to remind you who, precisely, was responsible for the so-titled "hack." Brian alone, out of the entire TICALC.ORG staff, plus two former TI-files members. Brian acted alone, and certainly not with the knowledge or approval of the other staff members.

I have strong faith in the maturity and honor of the TICalc staff, certainly the senior members such as Chris, Henrik, and Magnus who have earned tremendous respect from the TI community.

     17 November 1998, 05:03 GMT

Re: Remember who was responsible
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Since Rabeler is not only affiliated but the chief active in ticalc.org, the group is blamed for the actions of one member. I know that Magnus, Chris, Henrik, or any other of the members have enough respect and know that their site is professional and good enough to not resort to sabotoge, but "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link". I still like bryan, he just did something really immature. Thus the group must accept responsibility for the actions of its members. I am also not trying to make Ti-Files appear more holy than the other sites, but I would hope to think that their members have more class than to deliberately sabotage the competition. thank you for your time.

     19 November 1998, 17:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

Harper Maddox wrote:
> I don't understand why people carry all of this angst towards Ti-Files, the one site out of the three that did not execute a malitious hack on their competitors.

Everyone carries all of this "angst" toward ti-files because they were not the only site that did not execute a malitious hack on their compeditors. In fact, up until this time, they were the ONLY site to have. Ti-files has been the antagonist in this whole affair.

     22 November 1998, 01:08 GMT

Re: Public apology

Hey Aadvark boy! I think after all you've said in defense of ticalc, they should make you an honorary member or something. Who knows, maybe you could work for Bryan! Or maybe replace him!!!

     12 November 1998, 16:59 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark supporter

<sarcasm>huh huh...that was a funny comment</sarcasm>

jeez people...get a life..seriously. I'm glad someone finally had the balls to remove the humoungous stick that was lodged up everybody's ass. Way to go Bryan. I only wish more people would grow up and realize that this isn't a big deal. GET OVER IT!

     12 November 1998, 23:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
Justin Stout

He has a point. You tell everyone they need to get a life, but probably more than a fifth of all these messages are from you alone, and they all basically say the same thing. Practice what you preach, man.

     17 November 1998, 22:10 GMT

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