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Public apology
Posted on 10 November 1998, 03:36 GMT

Recenly, rumors have surfaced concerning a "hack" of the TI-Files site. However, no one has stood up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Therefore I am coming forward to say that I was a part of the incident. Two former members of the TI-Files gave me their FTP passwords (before the accounts were removed) and I logged into the TI-Files site and deleted the main directory (including the index.html file).

My actions caused chaos in the TI-Files community and reflected poorly on myself and ticalc.org. I deeply regret what I did and it will never happen again.

- Bryan Rabeler


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Re: Public apology
Jonathan Kaus

Give him a break. Bryan had enough guts to come forward and admit he was wrong. I knew he did this since it happened. I don't seem to hate him. He did something wrong, he confessed. I forgive you Bry. Why can't anyone else?

     10 November 1998, 05:36 GMT

Re: Public apology
Mark Driggs

I think what Bryan has done afterwards was responsible and praiseworthy, bringing closure to a sensitive subject. Everybody young tends to participate in juvenile behavior, and only realize the significance of their callow choices later. That is part of maturation, and those not willing to give Bryan a pardon likewise need to mature. Concerning the comparison of him and the current president of the United States, Bryan has not exhibited a pattern of rash, adulterous, and perjurous behavior (or at least we don't evidence of it). I am certain that no other incidents will arise, and both ticalc.org and ti-files.org can go about there business.

     10 November 1998, 05:50 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Nathan Ernst

I can agree with the part about young people doing stupid things without thinking about it first. I've done this myself, so I can vouche for that...in fact, I've done it a few times (although not repeating the same mistakes.)

     10 November 1998, 16:22 GMT

Re: Public apology

Who cares.. this just proves TI-files sucks,
their members are stupid, and Bryan's name
spelled backwards is Nayrb.

- MoD

     10 November 1998, 06:04 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

So you are saying that TI-Files sucks because someone gave their FTP password away, and it was used to do damage?
That makes absolutely no sense.

     11 November 1998, 03:23 GMT

Re: Public apology
(Web Page)

I think one word sums it up best: punk. It wasn't very nice to do that to Ti-Files, even if they are your mortal competition. I'm deeply disappointed in you, Mr. Rabeler. I thought that Ticalc.org was different, that it rose above the petty conflicts with other sites. I suppose I was wrong. A mildly tolerable prank would be to change a link here or there to something else. Deleting the main directory is something entirely different. However, everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. So, I'll forgive you. Just this once.

     10 November 1998, 06:05 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

Oh do shut up.

You stupid people think that this "holier than thou" attitude is somehow benificial to someone? "I'm deeply disappointed in you, Mr. Rabeler. I thought that Ticalc.org was different..." It's a good thing nobody's discovered Bryan Rabeler's secret pornography archive. (That was a joke.)

     10 November 1998, 07:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

I thought that "gay sex" bit was pretty funny, but I agree that deleting the whole site was pretty damned mean. There's a difference between funny and overkill.

     11 November 1998, 02:37 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Mbeanis N. Alzin

STL, for as much time as you spend on here you ought to understand that Bryan is not ticalc.org, he is only a member and is subject to the misgivings of all humans. Ticalc.org, however, is an entity beyond inviduals that brings about happiness in true communist fashion... it provides the greatest number of goods to the most people possible, it does not discriminate against slackers and morons, and its reputation is impossible to tarnish among members. Bryan's actions, however shameful, are not the responsibility of ticalc.org, but his own, and this apology is part of an attempt to right that wrong. Note: (The political views expressed will probably be misinterpretted, I'm not communist.)


"Don't do it again."

     11 November 1998, 01:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
(Web Page)

Yeah, but thats what you'd say if you WERE communist, now isn't it??!!!

     11 November 1998, 07:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Public apology


The point is that this communist system is not working, because the talents of the geniuses behind the TI-calc community are being exploited at compensation which is less than minimal, but since I am one of the beneficiaries of this system, I am not complaining. Especially since they have the control. <--- Philosophy at its most pointless application.

     18 November 1998, 23:53 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

What's this "mortal competition" everyone's talking about? If you haven't noticed: the three letter extention on ticalc's name is ".org" that means it's a non-profit organization. If there's no profit there can't be any competition. And I think everyone's taking all this "calculator website war" way too far. These sites are here for everyone's benefit, which they have done. Why should it be your business what one of the owners may have been involved in?

It's not like if a company does something unpopular with the public, and the public decides to boycott their goods or services to show that they won't stand for it... You can't boycott a non-profit organization, or push your ethics on them, you don't have any leverage like you would with a commercial company. The owners of ticalc owe nothing to you, if anything you owe something to them for letting you use their great service and access to tons of games for free.

     22 November 1998, 05:44 GMT

Chris Deehr
(Web Page)

Go Bryan! Reminds me of the good ol' #mac days! You make me proud.

StealthRT (aka Boom2Envy)

     10 November 1998, 06:18 GMT

Scott Staley
(Web Page)

i hope your being sarcastic...

     10 November 1998, 19:02 GMT

Chris Deehr
(Web Page)

I'll let you know when I'm being sarcastic. Bryan rules and I don't regret anything I say.


     10 November 1998, 23:21 GMT


YEAH!! damn straight... i've been going down reading all these comments and waiting for someone to say that!! What Brian did was awesome... simple as that... it didn't hurt anybody, ti files got the site back up... it's just some friendly, harmless competition...

Way to go!!

     27 November 1998, 22:15 GMT

Re: Public apology

let me explain, being the founder of ti-files and the one with the most extensive history of it (besides maybe some of the other founders..). Bryan Rabeler has done this shit before many times.. in fact, not just him, but other associates (including lil boy Flinn who a couple posts above me) of ticalc.org. The reason some people are saying this apology is BS.. i can understand.. personally, i think its because Ti-Files is just now getting a little bit of public recognition and more circulating "rumours" would hurt the image of ticalc.org. I said it before-- ticalc.org is my preferred ti site, but Bryan Rabeler really is a stain to the sites professionalism. An apology is nice, but means little when this 'hacking' (or whatever you want to call it, sheesh people) has happened numerous times in the past. Lastly, though some amount of irresponsibility may be heaped on Ti-Files for having the inability to properly secure the site, that in no ways 'excuses' the actions of Bryan Rabeler, or anyone who is given a sites password (if you had the password to ticalc.org, would that authorize you to delete it?)

     10 November 1998, 06:27 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bryan Rabeler has been an invaluable asset to the professionalizm of this site. Good evidence would be a comparison with TI-Files. All contact I have had (quite a bit) with Bryan Rabeler has shown him to be very professional and eager to help.

     10 November 1998, 08:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
David Breslauer

Actually, it is true. Although it was fun (I was a master at the time in #calc-ti [jshmoe]), he has been screwing with them since they started.

aaah.. we did also screw with #mac... that was fun :)


     10 November 1998, 19:36 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Noah Zoschke

Wow, what a bunch of kids (myself included...) And don't tell me that you all aren't; anyone who plays with calculators is... I seem to remember a lot of this crud going on a while ago on IRC... #ti-files took over #ticalc... #ticalc moves to #ti... more taking over/moving... In my opinion, it is funny, and expected of kids... I would have done it, if I had the pass... It isn't the end of the world...

     27 November 1998, 21:04 GMT

Re: Public apology
John Doe
(Web Page)

Notice how two days before he put up a "site wars" survey, anyone find this strange?

     10 November 1998, 07:10 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Nonsense! Bryan is in charge of the file archives and the news articles. It is not my understanding that any staff member has access ot the other parts of ticalc.org than what he is in charge of.

Also, Bryan had no knowlege of the survey beforehand, and has nothing to do with surveys in any case--Andy Selle is in charge of the survey section.

Read the staff page and save yourself a little time wasted posting incoherent and ignorant arguments.

(Also, please note that /you/ are not ignorant, your belief that Bryan posted the survey is ignorant. Thank you.) :)

     10 November 1998, 07:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

...another lame commentary debunked.

     11 November 1998, 02:40 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Magnus Hagander
(Web Page)

Bryan did not put up the SiteWars survey, and there is no connection between the timings of the two events.

     10 November 1998, 10:02 GMT

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