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Public apology
Posted on 10 November 1998, 03:36 GMT

Recenly, rumors have surfaced concerning a "hack" of the TI-Files site. However, no one has stood up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Therefore I am coming forward to say that I was a part of the incident. Two former members of the TI-Files gave me their FTP passwords (before the accounts were removed) and I logged into the TI-Files site and deleted the main directory (including the index.html file).

My actions caused chaos in the TI-Files community and reflected poorly on myself and ticalc.org. I deeply regret what I did and it will never happen again.

- Bryan Rabeler


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Re: Public apology
agent double "O-SH*T"

that pisses me off. i think you are a coward. it amazes me that you don't even have the balls to stand up to competition that you are already beating.

     10 November 1998, 22:24 GMT

Re: Public apology

There is a such thing as fun and games....everyone is entitled to them at some point.

go on Bryan!!!

     10 November 1998, 22:35 GMT

Wheew. Got all the way to the bottom, did you?
Paul Blake

Good gosh. Just goes to show that people *need* something to obsess about. Now I know why Jerry Springer is popular.

You can't see it, but I'm thumbing my nose at you all. Don't take it personally, I do this kind of thing to everyone, including my reflection. All people are idiots.

     10 November 1998, 22:47 GMT

Re: Public apology
Matt "WorryRock" Senator
(Web Page)

Ok, personally I want to congradulate Bryan. It takes a lot to puplically admit to that. Second I want to make it clear that I was NOT one of the individuals who gave out their password upon leaving thr staff of the TI-Files. I'm still getting a lot of people complaing to and about me, and I think this has gonbe far enough. I quit the TI-Files for several reasons which i don't want to go into now. Rumors have arose and now I'm getting constant torment from FORMER friends. I quit the TI-Files and I'm now with DIM-TI, and perfectly happy i might add. that's all that matters. I don't mean to make a public spectacle here, so let me just say that ticalc.org and dim-ti are 2 great TI sites that i would reccomend to anyone. Certain members of the TI-Files and their constant grudges with people from the 2 formentioned sites, as well as the current state of the site itself, have convinced me that something needs to be done with the site. Thank you

     10 November 1998, 22:48 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
Justin Stout

You're statement glares with inconsistencies. At the beginning of the post you claim that you had nothing to do with this incident. However, when you say at the end of the post that "[Circumstances] have convinced me that something needs to be done with the site." Now, I realize you could have been referring to something else, but that plus the fact that if Mr. Rabler was not involved with you he would probably mention it in his statement and that the post was posted several times needlesly (perhaps childlessly), inclines me to believe otherwise.

As to the other childish comments I have read, several things have leapt out at me. Those who condone his actions need to consider others' feelings, your own conscience, and the legal implications of your childless disregard for hard work. I accept his apology as long as he doesn't repeat his actions, but in no way do I think that it was justifiable. However, as I stated before, I do admire hard work. Personally I think both sites have their faults, but nothing has seemed serious until this incident.

So I close with this plea: All guilty parties, please admit to your childishness as Mr. Raebler has done, and all three major sites, consider that the time you spend flaming and hacking is time that you could use making your actual site better than the other.

     11 November 1998, 01:55 GMT

Re: Public apology

I guess Bryan's actions and the amazing comments just prove that the entire Calculator Community (that sounds stupid) is just a bunch of 13 year olds getting their first taste of hormones.

Professionalism. Yea right, I'm professional becuase I don't pay attention in Calculus and instead play PlainJump the entire time class. Yea that's proffesional.

I think you should all resign, and then we should stone you, and then we should burn you at the stake, and while we are at it we can pillage the village (that rhmyms) and take all the women. Who's with me!!!!!!!

     10 November 1998, 22:56 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

Hey I like slacking in Calculus. And PlainJump is actually pretty fun.

     7 December 1998, 00:05 GMT


What exactly did this man do wrong? Some say he maliciously delted files. Others say he just wanted to pull a prank. owever, he did not do anything morally or legally wrong. Here's how it works: This man was sitting at some sort of terminal or computer, which willbe called the "system." Now, at this system, there was a device also known as a "keyboard." This device, the "keyboard" was attached to the "system" by means of interface. Therefore, the "keyboard" was actively a part of the "system" by definition of a system: a group of things that work together or a way of doing things. Now, this man was indirectly a part of the system, in that he was exerting motion on the "keyboard." This managed to cause a patterened "signal" that was later acquired by another system. However, these two systems are really _one_system_ because of an abstract network. Now, with that in mind, an entity completely out of his control, commonly referred to as a kernel, caused electronic pulses that he had no control over t
heir exact nature to be transmitted thoughout this "system." Another part of the system acted upon these indirect signals through it's own, separate kernel. This kernel controlled a virtual part of the system, known as the virtual filesystem. This kernel simply searched the data within the filesystem for a high state, or 1 and set it to low, or 0. *see binary
Therefore, this man had no responsibility for these events. This change of states was the resuly of something completely out of his control. This proves that the only thing responsible for anything was nothing.

     10 November 1998, 23:17 GMT

Re: Essay

ha ha...real funny *sarcasm present*... who cares

     11 November 1998, 05:24 GMT

Re: Essay

Yeah, but you can dissect the human brain similarly. If you're going to use an argument like this, you may as well throw away everything. Everything. You're not actually reading this. Something that, using something called language, can be called a brain is perceiving what it calls electrons hitting what it calls glass in patterns that make something called words that are part of something called a language that can be used to communicate with other brains that are percieved to exist. Or something like that. I could take it to the atomic level, or smaller.

     15 November 1998, 09:04 GMT

Re: Re: Essay
David Maas

So I am not actully reading this, theirfor the email does't exist, becuase you are not perceving it ( your brain is), so I do not have the capablitys to write this email.

     5 December 1998, 21:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Essay
(Web Page)

yeah, ok

     16 March 1999, 23:46 GMT

Re: Public apology
Patrick Wilson

First comment...
Holy Shit!!!
Second comment...
Pardon my language but this is REALLY cool. Not that TI-Files went down, but that Bryan's actually coming foward with this stuff, and also that Bryan actually did this!!! And for what reason... competition, haterid, retaliation, I don't know... But it still amazes me, I had no clue that Bryan did it... I surely think no one else did either!

     10 November 1998, 23:23 GMT

Re: Public apology
Me Be a Hacker

I hope someone like me doesn't hack into your server and delete some files. I've been waiting to test a couple of things. Their site is better, the organization!

     10 November 1998, 23:38 GMT

Re: Public apology
Steve Russell
(Web Page)

To those who run the TI-Files, I hope they email the proper abuse@ address and report Rabeler's hacking. It is totally inappropriate and he should be kicked off his ISP for abusing its services. Deleting someone's site is not a petty prank, nor something that can be forgiven after a simple apology. This makes ticalc.org look really bad, and even stains the image of TI itself.

Can't you guys just get over your differences? ticalc.org is more professional, TI-Files is more personal. They both have the same files, and I imagine that most people visit BOTH sites each day.

-Steve Russell

     10 November 1998, 23:41 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

The proper address is abuse@ti-files.org and it's very important that they be alerted of this. In fact, let's all e-mail them hundreds of times so that they know how bad this situation really is.

     11 November 1998, 07:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Public apology
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)


Good idea! In fact, I wrote a script on my shell account to do it. That'll send /far/ more email than I could from my dialup account! ;)

     12 November 1998, 09:22 GMT

Re: Public apology

Yo, Rabeler is getting a lot of insults on this list, but you have to realize he's a unique guy. Who else has absolutely no life and is completely dedicated to the TI community despite not being a decent programmer(his basic games suck). Who else would be willing to spend 6+ hours a day testing and uploading new progs(shuttup DIM-TI and Files cuz you know you just mirror) every day including holidays like Christmas!

     11 November 1998, 00:01 GMT

Re: Re: Public apology

Dimension TI is a pretty good site, too.

     11 November 1998, 01:08 GMT

Belated Public apology
Justin Surratt
(Web Page)

I'm just going to say that I'm glad you finally said something about this. This is a little late though. When I commented on this, and more specifically the deletion of comments about this matter(It was in the "SOS 1.? released"- Censorship) you just gave a short, somewhat bitter answer about comments being deleted because they were inappropriate. So why have you given the answer you should of given back then all this time later? Once again I'm not ragging on you(It isn't my place to judge). Let's just push out the hate, suck in the love, and let bigons be bigons.

     11 November 1998, 00:12 GMT

this is dumb
(Web Page)

Bryan made a mistake. Big deal, we all do it. And who the hell are all of you to judge bryan. He is a good kid and you are lucky he is here to spend countless hours PER DAY to update the file archives for you. Do not act as if you all have never made mistakes before, or done something stupid, because you all have. I know how hard he works, and if you think about it, bryan does all that work only to have ti-files staff members download it and post it real quick on that page. Learn to respect and appreciate what other people have done for YOU, not what they do to someone else.

Comments? Visit me, @moogled, #ti@efnet

     11 November 1998, 00:39 GMT

Re: this is dumb
(Web Page)

a mistake! sure...it was an accident

he tripped and hit the "delete the ti-files main directory as a stupid childish prank" button

     11 November 1998, 02:32 GMT

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