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84pcse_symmetry.zip9k14-12-27File is not ratedSymmetry v1.0
To be frank, this is not your average drawing program. It's may not look like much, but let me tell you - it's easy to waste a whole ton of time on this program without realizing you were supposed to be at an important meeting 2 hours ago (you have been warned!). Symmetry v1.0 is essentially a graphic program that allows you to draw while the calculator simultaneously draws the point symmetrical to the one you control. There are several different options in how you want to be the point reflected. The 'Two Way' option reflects it across the Y-axis and the 'Four Way' reflects the point three times - across the X-axis, across the Y-axis, and across both the X-axis and the Y-axis.The 'Three Way' option reflects the point you draw radially -- on a circle with its center at the origin -- rotated 120 degrees (2pi/3) and 240 degrees (4pi/3) around. Any how, it's extremely fun to just mess around with so, best wishes and enjoy.
advmodel3dc.zip119k22-07-01File is not ratedAdvanced Color 3D Modeling
This is an advanced color 3D modeling program for the TI-84+ CSE/CE that doesn't require any manual matrix manipulation. You simply sketch a profile and select whether you want to extrude or revolve that profile similar to a real 3D CAD program. You can sketch lines, circles, and 3-point arcs. Now you can create cubes, arches, spheres, and much more.
blockpaint.zip1k14-07-28File is not ratedBlock Paint
A simple drawing program. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
cesiumiconeditorforice.zip1k20-03-12File is not ratedCesium Icon Editor for ICE
An editor for making icons for ICE programs that will appear in Cesium. Includes all information needed to use in the program
cetextlibrectmaker.zip2k16-04-27File is not ratedCE Textlib Rectangle Maker v0.01a
This program (which only runs on the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE, not the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) is very simple: It lets you find coordinates, dimensions and color codes for your CE Textlib rectangles. Normally, CE Textlib display rectangles that are a multiple of 12x20 pixels in size on a grid of 26x10 blocks, but displaying rectangles of other sizes is possible too and can be handy for game graphics.Because of how CE Textlib works when used in such hackish ways, the coordinates can get very weird so this program can be handy to find the values you want and/or as a reference. You need CE Textlib by DrDnar to run it, which can be found at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/465/46522.html
circles.zip114k13-03-20File is not ratedCircles!
This program draws random circles around on the graphscreen in random spots, going from a radius of 1 to 35, and using a random color for each line the calculator draws. Fun stops when a key is pressed. Just something fun I was playing with to learn about the Circle( command and how it uses colors. Plus it's nice to see how it interacts with the other circles already drawn out.
dcs8ic.zip244k13-09-13File is not ratedDoors CS 8 Icon Creator
This handy program helps programmers create icon images used by Doors CS to identify programs. It creates 16x16 images and converts them to hex. Read the readme for more information!
dcse2.zip1k14-06-25File is not ratedDoors CSE Icon Creator v2
Doors CSE Icon Creator v2 is an upgraded version of the previous, only this one works strictly with DCSE 8.1 and newer. This version creates the program you want to generate an icon for, and inserts all of the BASIC header data into that program once you finish your icon.
dither.zip1k22-09-08File is not rated225-Color Dithering Demo
This is a tech demo showcasing how dithering allows TI-BASIC programs to display up to 225 colors instead of the usual 15. Input a seed for the randomizer, and watch as this pure TI-BASIC program draws squares of various colors previously unseen in TI-BASIC.
drfg84c.zip1k13-09-26File is not ratedDynamic Recursive Fractal Generator v2.0
This TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition version of my Dynamic Recursive Fractal Generator takes advantage of the new calculator's bigger color screen to generate detailed, colorful fractals. It now renders faster and more accurately, and you can cleanly escape by pressing any key. Simply enter a coefficient for the fractal, sit back, and enjoy. Now with Doors CSE 8 icon!
ezyzip.zip1k20-01-14File is not ratedDrawing Program
A simple drawing program I made for my Ti-84 Plus CE. Minus goes into erase mode & plus goes into draw. Clear clears the screen & enter ends the program.
f15.zip48k17-03-28File is not ratedFractal Grapher
F15 is a fractal grapher with many features: plot Mandelbrot, Julia, Sierpinski, and custom formulas; customize color preferences; adjust pixilation range from 7x7 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; and do much more. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone.
fireworks.zip1k13-07-07File is not ratedFireworks v1.0C
Made on US Independence Day 2013, a simple simulation of fireworks using projectile motion formulae. It simulates firing fireworks at random velocities from the ground; when they reach a peak, they explode into brilliant, colorful particles that slowly fade. A small, mesmerizing addition to your TI-84+CSE.
flashlight.zip1k14-07-29File is not ratedFlashlight
A simple flashlight program. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
gravity.zip54k24-05-27File is not ratedGravity Chickens: The Screen Saver
In a world of particle chickens comes the greatest TI-84 plus screensaver ever known. It's called: Gravity Chickens: The Screen Saver! Now you can watch endless particle chickens fight each other while they are endlessly attracted to each other. There are 6 variations in total. Believe me, you will find yourself watching these things for several minutes. They're actually quite mesmerizing. You can also mess with them and see what happens when you change parameters. Now go and mesmerize yourself with these amazing chickens.
illusion.zip2k21-01-26File is not ratedIllusion
This program can draw 6 different Illusions. Does not use pictures or images in any way.
letterdraw.zip1k14-12-16File is not ratedLetter Draw
This program is a simple drawing program where you can change the tool and color easily. It is not very complicated and has a very simple saving saving future. More info in the readme. Note: There are some parts in the screenshot that don't appear. They are fully working in the real version.
matrix.zip1k13-10-26File is not ratedMatrix Animation: DCSE Demo
This program demonstrates coloring the foreground and background of homescreen text using Doors CSE 8.x's det(12) function. It generates a version of the classic Matrix animation, falling green characters on a black background. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 RC2 or higher to run.
pewdiepiewallpapercecse.zip15k19-04-29File is not ratedPewDiePie Wallpaper Setter
This is a simple program designed to help people show their support for the #1 YouTuber: PewDiePie. It includes two images (below) and can set and disable them as graph backgrounds. It was made to support International PewDiePie Day, a celebration of the 9th anniversary of the channel, on April 29th. Brofist 👊🏻 ---------------------------------------- For more info, see https://sites.google.com/view/alexs-program-emporium/programs/personal/pewds-wallpaper
redalertdotgifcse.zip21k14-06-08File is not ratedRed Alert! .gif
This is a fun animation I've been meaning to do since I got my CSE. After painstakingly fixing an image that was screen grabbed from the movie, I now have this fully animated and looking lively! Set your calculator to Red Alert and let others know your calculator is standing by for battle.
spirographce.zip3k17-02-10File is not ratedSpirograph CE/CSE
Enjoy the timeless fun of the renowned Spirograph toy right within your calculator! Handles three colors and graphs at once to replicate the original Spirograph. Uses intelligent Tstep design (Idea by Jacobly) to keep graphs from repeating. Save your Spirographs in Picvars! Retains previous graph info using a GDB.
spriter.zip3k23-08-24File is not ratedSpriter
Spriter is a simple, minimalistic sprite and icon creator for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE written in Hybrid TI-BASIC using the Celtic CE library. It features an editor for sprites using both xLibC and BufSprite palettes, along with options to export both to string variables and as an icon for a TI-BASIC program! You need the Celtic CE library to use this! Download it here: https://bit.ly/CelticCE
squares.zip1k14-07-28File is not ratedSquares
This program draws random squares around the graphscreen. To stop program press any key. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.
textlib_oncalc_docs_v1.1.zip33k24-05-31File is not ratedTextLib Commands v1.1
This is on-calc documentation for CE TextLib v1.12 by Dr. D'nar. Each command is listed along with a description of its function.
textlib_oncalc_docs.zip33k24-05-31File is not ratedCE Textlib On-calc Documentation
This is on-calc documentation of CE Textlib v1.12 by DrDnar (cemetech.net).
timewaster2k.zip1k17-02-10File is not ratedTime Waster 2000
Essentially a glorified screensaver, this program showcases the beauty of parametric functions by drawing mesmerizing patterns across your screen.
triss.zip140k13-08-03File is not ratedTriss
Triss is a simple screen saver that draws a triangle and bounces it around the screen. You can control the background color, triangle color, the trail length, the line thickness, and how much the triangle moves each step. Press 2nd to enter the settings menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to change the values. Press any other key to exit.

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