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abcinflatx.zip2k04-07-24File is not ratedinflatx from Hook PROgraming
what can i say? great program to enlarge text. by jeff burge of hook PROgraming
abinary.zip2k08-12-20File is not ratedBinary Converter
A program that I created for converting binary sequences to ASCII glyphs. I made this when I was learning how to read and write in binary to help me learn and for ease of conversion. I hope this program helps you as well. If you have any questions, problems, or program ideas email me at mr_p2003@hotmail.com
ascii2.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedASCII 2
This program, named after the ASCII code because I wanted it to be first in my prog list, takes any text you type in and blows it up to the size of the screen. For example, if you type A, then the letter A will appear in ones and zeroes covering the whole screen. It does this through FOR loops and pxltest commands. See the readme for a sample because it wasnt worth a screenshot.
asciitobinaryconverter.zip3k03-07-19File is not ratedascii to binary converter v1.5
this program will convert your keystrokes into binary.
asmtext.zip5k05-12-01File is not ratedText to Exe Converter (83+ and 86)
This converts a simple text message to an assembly program to be compiled with the rarely used AsmComp(hexdat,newprog) command. The main update here is more efficient HTML 4.01 validated help file.
backwards.zip1k06-01-02File is not ratedBackwards
Type in a sentence it will come out backwards.
bin2ascii.zip1k07-06-09File is not ratedBIN2ASCII
This useful utility program, created by Frenchcalc Industries, will convert any inputed 8-digit binary code to its ASCII counterpart. Not only can you make and send cryptic messages, but you can use it to make passwords as well. Try it today (if you have the time, of course ;) )!
binaryconvert.zip4k05-03-07File is not ratedBinary Converter
Convert numbers and letters to binary code in seconds. Now, you can write secret messages in binary code. Have fun.
binarytran.zip1k02-07-22File is not ratedBinary Translator
This is a simple program that takes text you input and translates it into binary. This is just a very crude first release, and can only support capital letters, no puncuation. Future versions will be able to support some punctuation and possibly lower case letters as well.
binary.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedBinary Encoder/Decoder
This program can encode and decode binary. Convertable characters include the 26 letters of the alphabet, any number, and these special characters: ?:',)(][}{-+=/*^<>! E-mail me @ ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
binconv.zip4k04-03-07File is not ratedBinary Convertor v1.3
Binary convertor is a simple utility that has two main features: To convert 8-bit binary to ASCII and vice versa.
binpic.zip11k04-06-01File is not ratedBINPIC
This set of programs converts text to binary that is stored as a picture, and binary to text. Also includes simple encryption. Expect future versions that do more.
blnum2str.zip1k04-05-10File is not ratedBeaver Labs Number to String
Finally! A program that can take a number and store it to a string! Why the base code of the calc cannot do this is strange, because it can do string to number. This program has 2 versions, one for stand-alone use (NUM2STR) and one for in-program use (NUM2STR2). For num2str2, the command line looks like this 96:prgmNUM2STR. Not all bugs may be fixed and no warranties are made. I am not responsible for damamge to the calculator. Thank you for downloading this Beaver Labs product.
bst.zip53k06-12-19File is not ratedBinary Search Tree Routine
This binary search tree implementation allows Basic programmers to finally access the power of a binary search tree.
calczip.zip16k03-03-17File is not ratedCalcZip v1.0
The most complete compression/conversion tool between variables for the 83+! Converts lists to strings, numbers to strings, and more!
capsconverter.zip1k07-04-26File is not ratedCAPSconverter
CAPSconverter is an all-use program that will converter all lowercase letters in Str1 into UPPERCASE letters for easy use in search engines, etc. This includes foreign language letters, too!
ccleaner.zip442k11-07-27File is not ratedCCleaner v5.0 for DoorsCS
CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) from Piriform is a very good program for your PC. It cleans unnecessary files and scans the registery for problems and fix them, so it makes your PC faster and best of: all it’s free! About two years ago I started to make a program for your TI-84 plus that do the same: Ccleaner (Calculator Cleaner). If you playing games on your calculator or running a lot of programs they sometimes leave a lot of variables and other thing behind when you close them. So CCleaner simply deletes the files you don’t need anymore. The final version is v4.6. It’s It is simple to use but I wanted to make it even more simple. With the awesome application DoorsCS from Kerm Martian I was able to make a version of CCleaner with a mouse-based interface like on your PC. This version is v5.0; it does the same as v4.6 but with a user friendly GUI. Both versions show you how many memory is used (RAM and ROM) and let you chose witch variables need to be cleaned.
centerer.zip4k05-12-17File is not ratedText Center-er
An easy to use text centering program.
center_it.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedCenter
This is a group of 4 programs that center strings and numbers. They are very small and very usefull. I dont care what you use them for just remember I wrote them.
center.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedText Center v1.10
This is a program that centers text for the ti83 plus. Read the readme to find out more.
compare.zip1k06-04-12File is not ratedCompare
These are three utility programs wich finds out how many pairs of equal numbers that can be made from two lists, with one number from each list and at one occasion.
converternumber2string.zip1k04-04-17File is not ratedFormat Converter: number 2 string
very simple to use, just set Z as the integer you want to convert, run the program, and it stores the string into Str1
convptpx83.zip3k02-05-31File is not ratedConvPtPx
Converts pixel coordinates to graph coordinates and vice-versa.
cpcu1.0.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedSprite compressor 1.0
Takes a customized window range and encodes it.Don't try to use this version to encode full pictures though. Only parts of it.
fasthex2.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedFastHex 2
This program is FastHex redone from the inside out. It is now only 423 bytes and converts a charactor in under 1/4 of a second. This is the fastest most reliable hex converter out there and is a must have for all.
fasthex_bare.zip2k04-06-01File is not ratedFastHex Barebone
This is the power of FastHex with 200 bytes less. However you lose the menu and a few other minor stuff.
fliptext.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedFlipText 1.0
This is just a fun program that can flip an unlimited size string! Just run the program, enter the text, wait (time depends on length of string), and voila! It is flipped! Examples: Texas Instruments becomes 'StnemutsnI Saxet' George W. Bush becomes 'Husb .W Egroeg' FlipText becomes 'Txetplif'
font.zip2k04-10-04File is not ratedFont
Simply put, it writes white text to the graph screen, simply and efficiently
func2str.zip1k05-04-14File is not ratedFunction to string converter
This program saves different functions to str0 and allows the user to recall them when needed. Read the Readme.txt file before running. This program uses the fact that TI-83 Plus/ SE and TI-84 Plus/ SE allow programs to archive strings.
group.zip18k19-08-14File is not ratedGroup Extraction Pro
I know it sounds like the exact same as the normal UN-GROUP with [2nd]+[7]+[Up]+[Enter]+[Right], but this is different. If no existing files are in RAM or Archive, the TI-OS un-group tool automatically un-groups everything in the group, quickly filling up RAM. Then after certain files you don't want, you have to go to the Management Menu and delete un-needed files one by one, which can get annoying. But this tool allows you to extract files seperatly, and choose whether you want them in RAM or Flash ROM. Some other things that the TI-OS un-group tool does not allow you to do is view the files in the group. This program let's you take a peek inside groups. It also counts the amount of files inside and the size of the group.
hexnbin.zip1k00-07-20File is not ratedHex and Binary Converter
Great for those looking for good HEX and BINARY conversion. 83Plus ONLY!
hiddentokenspicker.zip173k10-06-10File is not ratedHidden Tokens Picker
Complete TI-BASIC tokens picker (with gray) for games graphics (ASCII and dual layer) or math notes on programs.
keyboard.zip1k05-11-20File is not ratedkeyboard
This program uses the graph and the keys to turn the TI 83 into a QWERTY keyboard. Unlike my other version (they use the home screen), this version supports saving/loading.
knotview.zip1k03-04-07File is not ratedKnotView
This is the only and the best string viewer you can get! It can delete, edit, and view strings. This is a great program if you view or edit strings a lot.
list7z.zip4k08-08-24File is not ratedList 7-Zip v2.0 (Compression Utility)
Total File Size: 2630 Bytes List-7-Zip (Formerly known as ListZip++) is made to efficiently compress you lists. The list can have at most 999 elements containing ANY non-negative integers. If the list fails to uncompress after compression, it is most likely because there is an element is not within the specifications. This program uses 2 different methods of compression: List contains integers 10-99: *efficiently compresses a list of 20 elements (192 bytes) to 48 Bytes List contains integers outside the range of other method *compresses a list (365,52,2,2,21122,45,748419,633,12,2,3,65,1) which is 129 bytes to a list of 84 bytes This program is also Mirage OS compatible. Feel free to add this code to any of your programs, but please give me credit for the compression engine (Simon Olson). For your convenience adding this piece of code to your programs, I have included 4 different source files. All they do is compress/uncompress the lists and nothing else. Source Files Included: L7ZSCDC: Compresses a list with integers 10-99 (only 2 digits) L7ZSCUC: Compresses any type of list with integers less than/equal 10 digits L7ZSCUDC: Uncompresses lists created with the program L7ZSCDC L7ZSCUUC: Uncompresses lists created with the program L7ZSCUC *NOTE: sto lZ is contained as the first line of code in each source file meaning THAT list that will be compressed. Remember to insert the list there which you would like to compress, for example write L1 sto lZ. The finished list is stored as l[Theta symbol]. Theta is accesed by pressing ALPHA+3. Email me at S.OlsonTI83p@gmail.com for any bugs or any problems you experience with this program.
listcompression.zip2k04-09-03File is not ratedList Compression/Decompression
This is a simple program that allows you to double the capacity of L1 by compressing it so that it can hold 1998 elements instead of the usual 999. See readme for instructions and details.
listcompress.zip1k05-06-23File is not ratedList Compress
This program compresses any list, and does not output anything to the screen. There are two compression modes (automatically chosen by the program). One mode compresses at an average of 4.8x, but has a maximum value of 99. The other mode averages a compression of about 2.7x, but has a maximum value of 999.
listedit.zip2k03-03-08File is not ratedList Editor
This is more useful than the standard list editor in a few ways.
listmanager.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedList Manager
Lets user create custom list from within basic programs, great for save game routines.
list_ops.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedList Operations
This group includes six programs for working with lists, such as adding an element to the front of the list, or putting the list in a random order!
list.zip1k05-05-20File is not ratedList Creator
This program converts any several digit number into a list with each digit in a separte list spacing. The problem is is that you can't type in any 0's and the number can't be too long. The code is unprotected so you can edit it to your preferences. I know it is useful somehow, but I don't know exactly what that is.
ls_crypt.zip1k00-08-13File is not ratedLS Crypt Beta
Converts a string into a list, and vice versa. This is a crucial feature not included on the TI-83, as strings cannot be trusted to store data safely over time. Preserve your char data!
mat2grph.zip1k02-03-23File is not ratedMatrix to Graph v1.0
This program will convert a user specified matrix into a picture on the graph screen.
messagetolist.zip1k06-05-14File is not ratedMessage to List Converter
Converts your message to a list and back again for any message you would like to save.
msort.zip57k06-12-19File is not ratedMergeSort
This recursive in-place mergesort algorithm allows you to quickly sort lists. This algorithm runs in O(n log n) time for both the average and worst cases.
multicomp.zip1k12-09-30File is not ratedMultiComp (BatLib utility)
These two programs can be used to compress or decompress data using commands in BatLib. This will often achieve at least 30% compression for larger variables, but sometimes it can get a much better compression ratio. This is great for games using tilemaps or pictures!
nbr2str.zip1k09-01-03File is not ratedAn instant number to string converter
This very small (77 bytes) program converts instantly any number in Ans(rational, negatives, exponents) without using variables. It stores the result in str0 and Ans. It can therefore be used as a subroutine for any program.
nbstring.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedNbstring V2.0
A very smaller program wich convert a number into a string
notes.zip1k00-11-09File is not ratedString to List
Ultimate string to list and back conversion program. It also includes a tutroial for rookie users. By Psychsosoft
num2str.zip7k09-05-16File is not ratedNumber to String
NUM2STR is a useful sub-routine that converts any number into a String (if you're reading this, you should already understand it's not possible to store a number as a string). What sets this program apart from the others is that it is faster AND smaller than any other BASIC routine on ticalc.org
numbertostring8384.zip1k09-01-05File is not ratedNumber to String Converter
I beleive there is no subroutine which converts a number to a string - while the converse is true. This program will convert a number saved in the variable n to a string Str3. Due to being written in basic, it takes quite a while to do - but hey - atleast it does it. Please refer to the documentation for the full information.
numbertostring.zip1k12-06-17File is not ratedNumber to String
A number to string converter that can handle complex numbers, and wich also is extremely fast.
numstr.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedNumber to String Converter
This program inputs any number (X) and outputs it as a string (Str1). Works for all real numbers and automatically detects number of decimal places so that the outputted string has the decimal in the correct location. With a very slight modification (removal of input and output commands), this can be used as a subroutine within another program (if you use it in a program you are going to publish, please give me a brief credit)
numtostr.zip4k06-04-22File is not ratednumtostr
This program converts any real number to a string. It's the only BASIC converter I know of that works for all real numbers.
parse.zip1k09-01-07File is not ratedString/Num Converter Pack
Contains three programs that can convert numbers to Strings and Strings to numbers. Of varying length and ability. One works in multiple bases.
partialpic.zip1k01-06-03File is not ratedPartial pic storer and recaller
Very useful for people who have a pic who want many of the same things repeated in their pic. This was based on the TI-89 pic storer.
pic2code.zip2k06-09-09File is not ratedPic2Code
This program will let you have more than ten pictures on your calculator. How does the program store them? Look at the readme for more details! Recommended for something better than a TI-83+, but still works on all 83s.
pic2list.zip6k05-05-11File is not ratedPic2List converting program
This program converts the graph screen to a list so that you can use the list to draw inside a program without using alot of memory. This program only stores the pixels that are turned on (Black) to the next open variable in List six. Also included is an example so that it's easy to use. Convienent for RPG programmers for drawing the enemy pics in a battle sequence. I used this program in my RPG project. Which I will be releasing a demo for soon. This program was released by Arson Productions.
pic2str.zip1k05-03-19File is not ratedPicture -> String
Two programs included can "convert" a picture into a string and vice versa.
picedit.zip1k10-07-02File is not ratedPic Editor
With this program, you are able to edit any of the pics you have on your calculator, right on the calculator
piclist83p.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedPicList v1.0
This handy program lets you store pictures as lists. It saves memory and at the same time allows you to have more than the 10 default pictures allowed by the calculator. Simply run the program, select picture to list or list to picture, and the program will do the rest. Check it out! Now optimized for Doors CS v4.0
picprgm2.zip2k05-11-02File is not ratedPic to Prgm converter v2
This is a picture to program converter, which uses PxlOn( as well as Line( to make the code better.
pictureconverter.zip3k04-04-09File is not ratedPicture to List Converter and List to Picture Converter
These are brand new, very small and very useful!!! What it does is it looks at all of the pixels on the screen, if the pixel is on (black) it adds 1 to a list, if off (white) it adds 0 and eventually you will have 6 lists full of 1s and 0s which you will then use my 2nd program, listpic to convert it back. Also included is a picture of Homer Simpson I made to use as a good example. By: Michael Schwartz
picturetolist.zip1k06-05-14File is not ratedPicture to List Converter
Converts the current graph screen to two lists of coordinates for the program to redraw.
pyros_compactor.zip278k07-01-07File is not ratedPyro's Compactor
Pyro's Compactor is a matrix, list, and now also a string compressor that will compact+compress a matrix or list with non-decimal numbers randing from zero to 234 and compress strings.
readme1x.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedReadme 1X
A program that scrolls text and tells you how many pages there are.
revtext.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedRevtext
Reverses the text that you type in.
rle2.zip1k06-06-19File is not ratedRLE list compressor
This is a set of programs for compressing lists with RLE (run length encoding). It includes RLECOMP, the compressor program, RLEDECMP, the decompressor, and RLEDEMO, which demonstrates a possible use for this.
rle3.zip2k05-11-19File is not ratedRLE List Compressor
Uses RLE (run length encoding) to compress list "A" to list "COMP". Decompress using program DERLE (decompresses to list "B"). If you get a compression failed messsage your list isn't worth compressing with RLE.
scrambleans.zip1k05-11-26File is not ratedAnswer Scramble
Type something in ans "(text goes here)". Use this program to randomly scramble the answer. This program uses Str1 and Str3.
scramble.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedScramble
Scrambles a string.
separate.zip2k10-08-14File is not ratedSeparate&Separat1
Separate: When you use it the last number is separated by commas and spaces: 1234.5678901234 turns into: 1,234.567 890 123 4. -12345678901234E9 turns into: -12,345,678,901,234,000,000,000, to make the numbers easier to grasp. It can handle complex numbers as well. Separat1: This program is the same as the one above, exept that it gives the answers a bit different: 7E14, for example, is presented as that, instead of 700,000,000,000,000, as in Separate. There are also text versions of the programs in the file.
shuffle83.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedShuffle
Shuffles a deck of cards. Useful for probability and such.
shuffle.zip1k02-11-23File is not ratedShuffle
This program shuffles a deck of cards and stores it to LDECK.
sideways.zip1k05-11-20File is not ratedSidekey
This program is similar to my other QWERTY BASIC programs, except it displays the letters you type sideways so that you can read it as you type. Included is the font.
stoltos.zip1k09-04-23File is not ratedString to List/List to String Converter
Converts strings into lists and those lists back into strings. This is useful because it allows use of more that ten strings and prevents the strings from being overwritten when saved as lists.
strhelp.zip11k03-06-07File is not ratedTHE ONE AND ONLY STRING HELP PROGRAM
This Program Will Make Strings, Clear Strings And Also View Strings. made By Matthew Furr. If the string is too long you wont be able to see the entire thing so use the right and left arrows to go back and forth while veiwing the string!
stringassistant.zip1k03-05-31File is not ratedString Assistant
You now have the ability to edit Str0-9 easily! String Assistant makes creating, appending to, deleting and scrolling strings like normal very simple.
string_eng.zip1k05-01-28File rated 1.07String
A program that allows you to save text into 9 different slots, and exchange slots between machines. The program also as instructions.
stringops1.0.zip1k03-07-09File is not ratedString OPs 1.0
A utility that allows you to do several non-system things to Str1, including Scramble, Read (2 ways), Invert, and Word Count.
string_pad.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedStringPad V1.0
A gui program for you strings. Allows you to save, edit, and delete string. Further updates will follow.
stringtonum.zip8k04-11-20File is not ratedString to Number
Finally, a routine to convert strings to numbers! While there have been routines to convert numbers to strings, very few programs have been made to convert strings back to numbers. However, this program accommplishes that task extremely fast (even though it's written in BASIC!) and uses a completely different algorithm that doesn't use any extra variables and is under 90 BYTES. WOW!
stringutilities.zip2k01-08-10File is not ratedString Utilities
A small group of programs the encrypt, decrypt and turn a string into a list and back.
string.zip3k00-11-13File is not ratedString to List Converter
It is a simple string to list converter. It has documentation, encryption feature and tutorials.
strist.zip2k06-05-28File is not ratedStrist
Strist is a program that can quickly convert strings into lists and vice versa. Just over half a kilobyte!
strspecials.tistring.zip1k05-09-07File is not ratedSpecial Characters
This is a string containing all of the special characters supported by the TI-84 Plus that are normally inaccessible to the user through the TI OS.
strtolst.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedString to List
Read the info file for help. This converts strings to lists and it highly optimized and actually works unlike some others i've seen. Enjoy.
symbols.zip1k05-10-22File is not ratedSymbols (Non-Standard Characters)
This nifty program gives you access to a number of characters not normally available, including @, #, $, %, &, |, ;, ~, and others. Use it to add a unique touch to your programs.
symbol.zip5k07-05-16File is not ratedSymbols Pack II
This program pack contains any symbol for the TI calc you could ask for! A comprehensive menu gives you quick and easy access to different categories of characters. And with SymbolsXtreme, you can even scroll through the set of symbols in consecutive order of their byte value.
teav2.zip1k22-11-17File is not ratedTea V2
My original upload had loads of problems, so here is a fix.
text3x4beta.zip1k05-05-18File is not rated3x4 Draw Text (beta)
This is an unfinished version of the end product, but for now, it is a 3(w) by 4(h) pixel text creator. Includes special characters via VARS button, delete, clear, soft return, hard return, space, exit, position scroll, and is always set to ALPHA (not in final version though).
texter.zip1k03-04-04File is not ratedTexter
A text program to type your memos on.
textmover.zip1k03-06-09File is not ratedText Mover
Moves text on the graph screen! The program assumes the first line of text is at (0,0) and that they go down at 6 lines at a time. This way, there are 10 lines defined in the graph screen which you can move up and down.
texttools.zip8k07-06-09File is not ratedText Tool
Several tools for using normally unavailable characters in Pure Basic.
textwrap.zip51k09-05-05File is not ratedText Wrapper
the Text Wrapper will wrap text in Str0 between the two coordinates in L1, it will also clear just that area for displaying the text version 1.0.1 includes some small table updates for smaller tokens to more efficiently use space
ti_wordsort.zip19k03-05-07File is not ratedTI Word Sorters
This package contains the wordsort program for the TI-83, TI-83+, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, TI-92+, and V200.
tokenfinder.zip29k19-07-10File is not ratedToken Finder+ / Buscador de fichas+
Token Finder is a special tool for accessing inaccessible tokens on your graphing calculator that you couldn't do in pure TI-BASIC. Meaning, you can get any token or ASCII character you ever dreamed of on your calculator. A Spanish version of the read me and program has been made, so feel free to check it out if you read Spanish! VERSION 3.5 UPDATE: [(1)Faster Selection; blinking cursors in menus and selections removed] [(2) Icons; to represent different options and menus.] [(3) Download All; instead of saving a single hex value entry one-by-one at one at a time, you can download all of them to program TOKENS at once.] [(4) Decreased memory size] [(5) Simplified messages and descriptions in menus and selections.] Please take a look at the program for the new updates installed! ONLY THE ENGLISH VERSION HAS BEEN UPDATED. PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR THE SPANISH VERSION TO BE UPDATED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.
var2string.zip1k03-07-05File is not ratedVariable 2 String convertor
The program takes takes the variable, and turns it into a string. Check the readme for more explanation.
viewer.zip1k05-08-12File is not ratedTI Image Viewer
This program will take an 8x16 picture on the graph screen and convert it to a home screen picture in about 15 seconds (on an 83+). This version introduces support for 6 "save slots" in which you can store your pictures to view later, or delete them to free memory.
winpic.zip1k03-03-31File is not ratedWinPic
WinPic is a picture viewer for the TI-83 Plus and S.E. It can archive, unarchive, delete and view picture files. It is the best image viewer you can get! The only bug can't be fixed is that the calc terminates it if it tries to access a pic in the Archive. This verison is for the S.E.
wordpack_v1.zip10k09-04-09File is not ratedSave strings as lists!
With WORD you can input strings and save them as lists and open then again. With SAVE you can input strings and save them as encoded lists.
wordrvrs.zip1k00-07-17File is not ratedWord Reverser v1.10
This program reverses any word you input.
wordscrambler83plus.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedWord Scrambler 83 Plus
A program used for scrambling words. Type in the word you want to scramble and store it to String One. Then goto the program. Stores the scrambled word to String Two. Press [2nd] to quit the program.
wordscramble.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedWord Scrambler
Have you ever had the desire to take a word, phrase, or mathematical formula and randomly rearrange it? If so, this is the program you've been waiting for. It does just that.
wordwrap2.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedWord Wrap v1
Prints out a string using word wrap. Includes a program that can be used inside of other programs.
wordwrap.zip9k04-03-27File is not ratedWordwrap v1.1
My second version of wordwrap! Much improved, it has page scrolling like in NIFTY APP! See the screenshots! This is a required program for my Organizer.
wordy.zip1k00-10-11File is not ratedWordy Pad
A program that word wraps one screen of a string.
writedown.zip3k04-05-03File is not rated\/ Write down \/
This program allows you to write on the GRAPHscreen in an other direction. Look at the screenshots, you will understand it.
xtrachar.zip1k06-05-02File is not ratedExtra Characters (208!)
Stores all 208 printable characters to Str2. Characters not already accessible from the Catalog or from variable names include the root symbol, percent sign, angle symbol, "x" multiplication symbol, integral symbol, lowercase letters, upside-down "?" and "!", semicolon ";", "@", "#", "$", "&", backprime "`", backslash "\", vertical bar "|", underscore "_", ellipsis "...", acute and grave accents, umlaut, tilde "~", uppercase and lowercase vowels with acute, grave, umlaut, and caret "^" accents, "C" and "c" with cedillas, "N" and "n" with tildes, some Greek letters, the German "SZ" ligature, subscript numbers, arrows, and an inverted equals sign "=".
zftoa.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedZFtoA
ZFtoA converts the number in U to a string in Str1. Read the Readme file for more info.
ziplist.zip1k00-04-21File is not ratedZipList v1.0
Converts List <-> String

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