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Vacation Times
Posted by Henrik on 28 June 2002, 22:00 GMT

It is vacation times for the ticalc.org staff. Being based in the northern hemisphere, we will enjoy summer. I know at least some of us will do some extensive travelling around the globe. Due to this, pending files will grow, help mail will be answered with greater delay, and not much new will happen for a month or two.

The ticalc.org staff wishes all our visitors a good summer (or winter if you are below the equator) and hope you all understand we all need some vacation.

Tell us about your own vacation plans below.


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Re: Vacation Times
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

Okay, I bet no one actually reads this big article anymore, because of it's huge size (except no_one).
But, anyway I released my first version of PICROSS 89. I noticed that all the picross games were only for the 82, 83, 83+, 85, and 86, so I decided to make my own for the 89. I had to totally re-write the code, so the game is different in plenty of ways from the other versions, but it's still really fun. Try it out and tell me what you think. This is it's first release, so if there are any bugs, then please tell me. It's really a fun game, and it has 52 levles to keep you busy with. You can download it on my URL link. I spent over a month writing this. :)

     30 July 2002, 18:17 GMT
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