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nmo.zip504k24-05-28File is not ratedNelder Mead Optimization
Optimizes user-provided function with the number of parameters only limited by calculator memory by Nelder-Mead method.
algebrasolvers.zip75k22-08-03File is not ratedAlgebra Solvers
So…I made this for fun. Enjoy.
mathlibrary.zip3081k21-05-27File is not rated Math Equations Library 4.0 (CAS)
This library contains formula sheets and programs for geometry, precalculus, calculus I-III, statistics, and linear algebra. It also contains a search engine for formulas. For example, AAFetch/fetch("trig identity") brings up a list of trig identities, and then you could type fetch("sum and difference identity"). You can navigate through it by entering fetch("algebra") or entering "geometry", "trigonometry", "statistics", "Calculus I", "Calculus II", "Calculus III", "linear algebra", or "differential equations". The readme file has more details on how the package's programs work.
pythag.zip8k21-05-19File is not ratedPythagorean triples
Enter pythag(n) for an integer n>0 and the program will show all the Pythagorean triples containing n.
complexroots.tns.zip2k21-05-07File is not ratedComplex roots with steps
This program can calculate both the principle argument and complex roots of degree n, of any complex number, with steps.
chinrem.zip3k21-03-01File is not ratedChinese Remainder Theorem
This program demonstrates the Chinese remainder theorem. The user enters a list m of moduli and a list r of remainders. The program then returns an integer x (if it exists) with x=r[i] mod m[i] for all i.
cost_return.zip19k21-02-04File is not ratedCosts, Returns, Profit v1.04
This program finds on the basis of pre-set conditions the functions of return R(x) as well as costs C(x) and calculates characteristic properties concerning both of them and their difference P(x) (profit). Graphs of the functions are depicted on pages 1.3 and 1.4, description on page 1.1.
euclideanalgorithm.tns.zip4k20-12-15File is not ratedThe Euclidean Algorithm
This program is the Euclidean algorithm, with steps. for two natural numbers a and b, where b>a, simply input Euclid(a,b) and the program will output a step by step Euclidean algorithm and the found hcf(a,b). Note that to use this program, one must put it in the libraries folder.
tangextr.zip1k20-10-06File is not ratedTangents from an external point
Returns a list of equations of straight lines passing through the specified external point and are tangent to the graph of the given function.
statistics.zip827k20-03-12File is not ratedEssentials of Statistics by Triola
This is a set of functions for the TI-Nspire CX CAS to complement the textbook "Essentials of Statistics" by Mario F. Triola. The functions automat some of the more arduous calculations. The package includes documention and source code and is free to use and distribute.
double_interpolation.zip4k20-02-21File is not ratedDouble Interpolation
Spreadsheet for double interpolation. Easy to use. Instruction on page 1.2 located in the file.
euler1.zip2k19-12-20File is not ratedProject Euler #1
Discover the sum of all multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000, as posed by Project Euler.
calcalc.zip3k19-08-04File is not ratedCalcalc 1.4.1
Calcalc 1.4 with bugfixes. Includes bug fix that uses leap years for the year range of 4713 BCE to 45 BCE. (-4712 to -44)
interpolation.zip152k19-04-30File is not ratedLinear Interpolation/Extraploation
This program will calculate a linear interpolation or extrapolation of 2 data sets. This is useful in Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Hydraulics, Statistics or many other fields. It will give you an average approximation, hence "linear" interpolation. A readme and example is included.
games.zip1611k19-01-07File is not ratedGame Theory Functions
This is a set of functions for the TI-Nspire CX CAS to complement a textbook on Game Theory. The functions wrap game theory definitions with header labels and automate some of the more arduous calculations. The functions support two-person, zero-sum games only. Supported functions include: - Computing strategies for both players. - Determining strict and mixed games. - Computing and eliminating dominated strategies. - Computing equivalent linear programming definitions with solutions. - Computing optimal solutions for both players. The package includes documentation and source code and is free to use and distribute.
surfaceareacalc.zip4k18-12-24File is not ratedsurfaceareacalc
A program that allows you to calculate various surface areas using given parameters.
quadraticformula.zip3k18-11-29File is not ratedquadraticformula
Takes the a,b, and c values of a quadratic and calculates the two zeroes.
markov.zip829k18-10-16File is not ratedMarkov Chain Functions
This is a set of functions for the TI-Nspire CX CAS to complement a textbook on Markov Chains. The functions wrap the Markov chains and state vectors with header labels and automat some of the more arduous calculations. The functions include: - Templates for creating augmented Markov chains and state matrices with header rows and columns. - Functions to work with the augmented Markov chains to compute powers and state transitions. - Functions to determine whether Markov chains are regular or absorbing. - A function to compute the equilibrium vector for a regular Markov chain. - A function to normalize an absorbing Markov chain. i.e., Float absorbing states to top/right. - A function to compute the fundamental matrix for an absorbing Markov chain. - A function to compute the long term trend for an absorbing Markov chain. The package includes documention and source code and is free to use and distribute.
boolean.zip676k18-06-19File is not ratedBoolean Syntax
These functions provide a Boolean syntax wrapper for standard Boolean operators. It also generates truth tables and provides proof functions.
tsls.tns.zip15k18-05-18File is not ratedTwo-Stage Least Squares
The most widely used single-equation method for estimating simultaneous systems of equations is two-stage least squares linear regression. This program computes the 2SLS regression coefficients, standard errors of the coefficients, t-values and their probabilities, ANOVA table, root MSE, R_square, and adjusted R_square.
simplex.zip1224k18-05-18File is not ratedSimplex Functions
This is a set of functions for the TI-Nspire CX CAS to complement a textbook on Linear Programming. The functions automat some of the more arduous calculations while preserving the architecture of the simplex algorithms. The functions include: - Templates for creating problem definitions. - Computation of tableaus from problem definitions. - Automatic calculation and execution of pivots. - Extracting, formatting and display of solutions. - Support for Dual/Shadow solution process. The package includes documention and source code and is free to use and distribute.
ndesolve.zip4k18-03-20File is not ratedndesolve
Numeric solver for 1st and 2nd order ODEs.
evolute.zip19k18-03-01File is not ratedEvolute and Involute
This file contains two BASIC functions, evolute(x(t),x(t)) and involute(x(t),y(t),a). They both return a two-dimensional list with the expressions for the x- and y-coordinate of the evolute and involute of the input curve.
lagrangemulti.tns.zip12k18-01-31File is not ratedLagrange Multipliers for TI-nSpire CAS
This program will solve for the extrema of a function with constraint(s). It will compute the possible maxima and minima of a function and give the value of the function at those points. The number of variables and constraints are limited only by the abilities of the calculator.
transcoordsys3d.zip10k17-09-12File is not ratedCoordinate System - Shift & Rotation v1.01
The program finds for a point P with initial coordinates (x_init,y_init,z_init) the new coordinates (x_shift,y_shift,z_shift), if the coordinate system is moved and rotated.
gcdlcmlist.zip2k17-06-08File is not ratedGCD/LCM List Function
Features the functions for calculating the GCD and LCM of a list of numbers.
circlepole.zip19k17-06-07File is not ratedCircle, Pole, Polar v2.00
Given a circle and an outer pole P0, a secant ( chord ) p with intersection points P1, P2 or the midpoint of a chord the program finds the unknown variables and the tangents T1, T2 which include P0,P1 and P2. Besides, the lengths of p, T1, T2, the angle alpha between T1 and T2 and the area A of the triangle (P0,P1,P2) are computed as well. A graph of the last calculation is provided on page 1.4 .
poisson.zip6k17-05-25File is not ratedPoisson Distribution
This file contains two BASIC functions (expo and expol) and a BASIC program (poisson). They illustrate the relation between exponentially distributed interarrival times of an event and the Poisson distributed numbers of events in a time interval of fixed length.
syslindequat.zip216k17-05-17File is not ratedSystem of Two Linear Differential Equations V1.2
The program solves a system of two differential equations, which may be homogeneous or inhomogeneous (including functions g1(x) and/or g2(x)). Furthermore the constants of integration c,n and c,n+1 as well as the particular solutions y1,p , y2,p may be determined for x=x0, y1(x0), y2(x0). A plot of the calculated functions is provided on page 1.2 .
rungekutta4.zip25k17-05-17File is not ratedRUNGE-KUTTA - Numeric Solution of Diff. Equations v2.05
The program finds the approximate numerical solution(s) for a single or a couple of differential equation(s) in x(t) and y(t) on the basis of the RUNGE-KUTTA method for systems of first ( x' = f(t,x,y) , y' = g(t,x,y) ) and second order (x'' = f(t,x,y,x',y') , y'' = g(t,x,y,x',y') ). The results for all cases are the values for t, x, y (,x', y', respectively for 2nd order) according to chosen interval, step size, initial conditions and the chosen variable to arrange the size of the output. A plot of the functions is displayed on page 1.3 .
simplex.tns.zip15k17-01-06File is not ratedSimplex Program
This is a simplex program I adopted for the nSpire from an old TI-92 program and appeared in the DERIVE Newsletter #2. It will solve maximization and minimization problems with <=, >=, or = constraints.
perpline.zip10k16-12-19File is not ratedPerpendicular Line_v1.01
The program finds the perpendicular line to the graph of a function f(x) through a point PN (xN|yN) outside the curve and computes additionally the equation of the tangent line in the common point PT(xT|yT) on the curve and the distance between PN and PT.
gsolve.tns.zip7k16-12-03File is not ratedGSove for nSpire CAS
GSolve is a function that allows you to solve an equation or system of equations by simply entering the equation(s). No need to enter the variable(s) to solve for. If you have a system of equations you regularly use, you can set them up as a separate function and gsolve as a subroutine. This update will now solve problems with complex answers.
linoptimize.zip13k16-11-12File is not ratedLiner Optimization v2.00
This program offers a simple tool to finding the extremum of a target ("objective") function subject to up to four constraints g(x,y), h(x,y), k(x,y and l(x,y). OS 4.3 obligatory because of the new graph-funtion "relation" !
findfunc.zip11k16-10-01File is not ratedFunction Defined by Characteristics v2.00
The program finds for a polynomial function f(x) of 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th degree with unknown coefficients a,b,c,... their numerical values for pre-set characteristics. These conditions may be: point P(xi|yi) as part of the function's curve, extremum, point of inflexion at coordinate xi, inclination of the normal or tangent line in xi, area (integral) between x-axis and curve within lower limit x0 and upper limit x1. Output is the common form of f(x), all characteristics used and the numerical result, which meets all conditions. A graph on page 1.3 depicts the curve of the f(x).
distancecalc.zip11k16-09-25File is not ratedDistance calc v1.0.4
The distance calc is a spreadsheet program that has different calculators included. You can calculate the distance and midpoint 2 points by inputting the X and Y coordinates. You can also input the coordinates of the points of a triangle's vertices and the program will tell you the area and perimeter of the triangle. Also included is a perimeter calculator for any multi sided polygon that has up to 242 individual points! Enjoy. For any questions or feedback contact me at Madmoosenstudios@gmail.com
propoferror.zip7k16-09-13File is not ratedPropagation of Error v1.01
The program finds for a given function F with up to five variables a, b, c, d, e affected by single uncertainties of measurement the total error of F by means of partial differentials.
normaldeviates.zip14k16-07-05File is not ratedNormal Deviates
This file contains two basic programs producing normally distributed random values.
matrixinvertionana.zip20k16-06-15File is not ratedmatrix inversion ANA
this function will invert matrix
matrixinvana.zip15k16-06-15File is not ratedMatrix Inversion
this Function will invert matrixes
mindist.zip8k16-04-12File is not ratedMinimal Distance between Curve and Straight Line v1.00
The program finds the minimal and/or maximum distance between a curve defined by a function of 2nd order and a straight line and displays the coordinates of the relevant points. Graph of the functions included on page 1.3 .
tangpoint.zip7k16-02-20File is not ratedPoint, Curve, Tangent v1.03
The program finds and draws the tangent(s) g(x),i to a given curve defined by F(x) through a point P(xp,yp) which does NOT have to be a point on the curve ( in contrast to the built-in tangentLine() - CAS-command).
clothoid.zip16k16-02-07File is not ratedClothoid
Type clothoid(1) to draw a clothoid (also called Euler spiral or Cornu spiral) or clothoid(2) to draw a related curve.
randomwalk.zip5k16-01-21File is not ratedRandom Walk
The function randwalk(start,lenght,trials) simulates the random walk of a particle on the intervall of integers {0,1,2,3...,length} with absorbing borders. This model is equivalent to a gambling situation with two gamblers tossing a fair coin to win or lose a dollar until one of them is broke.
lagrmultiplier.zip8k15-10-14File is not ratedLagrange Multiplier v2.0
This progam finds the extrema of a function f(x,y) or f(x,y,z) subject to up two side constraints g(x,y(,z)) and h(x,y(,z)) by the method of Lagrange multiplier.
planes.zip15k15-10-14File is not ratedVector Algebra for Planes v1.13
This program provides some tools for the calculation of planes in the field of vector algebra, such as: conversion of the depiction of a planes equation, plane and point, plane and straight line, two planes and some more. V1.13: small bug in plane-point for a*x + b*y + c*z = 0 fixed.
metodos.zip4k15-09-25File is not ratedmetodos
it contains some programs for numerical methods.
symmpoly.zip9k15-05-28File is not ratedSymmetric Polynomials
This document contains a function which generates elementary symmetric polynomials. This document also contains a program which decomposes a symmetric polynomial into a polynomial of the elementary symmetric polynomials.
conicsection.zip10k15-05-15File is not ratedConic Section - Equation of 2nd Order v2.0
The program determines for a general equation of 2nd order given as A*x^2 + B*x*y + C*y^2 + D*x + E*y + F = 0 the type of curve ( circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola ) and displays details like radius, semi-axes, midpoint and/or angle of rotation. V2.0 now includes a graph of the curve and finds both midpoints for an ellipse (rotated ksi,eta- as well as basic x,y-system).
diffequat_3_4.zip13k15-05-06File is not ratedDifferential Equation of 3rd and 4th Order v4.11
As the built-in deSolve() function only handles differential equations (d.e.) up to 2nd order, this program provides a solution for a homogeneous d.e. ( p(x)=0 ) as well as an inhomogeneous d.e. where p(x)=f(x). This term may be a polynomial an*x^n (0<=n<=4) or an expression like a*e^(b*x), a*sin(b*x+c) or a*cos(b*x+c) or, as of v4.11, any combination of all three. Afterwards the constants of integration can be determined for any initial conditions x0, y(x0), y'(x0), y''(x0) (,y'''(x0)).
bernoulli_diff.zip5k15-04-25File is not ratedBernoulli Differential Equation v2.0
The program solves the Bernoulli differential equation being given as y'+g(x)*y=h(x)*y^n in the general form (constant Ci undetermined) or finds, as of v2.0, the numerical solution to Ci for an initial condition y(x0)=y0. Documentation included on page 1.1 .
exactdiffeq.zip9k15-03-22File is not ratedExact Differential Equation v2.0
The program finds the potential function F(x,y) for a differential equation (d. e.) being given as y' = dy/dx = -p(x,y)/q(x,y). If the d. e. is not exact, i.e. dp/dy is not equal dq/dx, the program tries to find an integrating factor mü to solve the problem. V2.0 now includes the particular solution to the constant of integration C for a given boundary condition y0 = y(x0).
formularesolvente.zip1694k14-12-06File is not ratedFormula Resolvente / Quadratic Formula
This file is in available in/Disponivel em: Português PT English EN Français FR Español ES PT - A biblioteca completa para funções quadráticas. Simplesmente coloca o arquivo em MyLib, atualiza a biblioteca e poderás importá-la de qualquer Programa/Documento/Aplicação. Introduz somente o A, B e C da função e terás toda a informação que precisas sobre a mesma,incluindo sinal, vértice, intervalos de monotonia, raízes reais, etc. EN - The complete library for quadratic functions. Simply put the file in MyLib, update the library and you can import it from any program/​​document/application. Put only the A, B and C of the function and you will have all the information you need about the same, including sign, vertex, range, real roots, etc...
curldivgrad.zip8k14-11-14File is not ratedCurl, Divergence, Gradient v2.2
The program finds the curl and the divergence of a vector field and/or the gradient of a scalar field. The coordinates may be Cartesian u,f(x,y,z), spherical u,f(r,theta,phi) or cylindrical u,f(r,phi,z) and are selected automatically by the program depending on the input variables. Both general and numerical solutions for a given point P(x0,y0,z0) as well as combinations like div grad u ( = Laplacian operator ) are provided.
transform3d.zip8k14-10-18File is not rated3D-Transformation v1.0
The program find the new Cartesian coordinates xt,yt,zt for a point P with (xP,yP,zP), which is subject to a shift tx,ty,tz and rotations around x-, y- and/or z-axis.
hansen.zip8k14-10-18File is not ratedTrigonometry - Hansen's Problem
The program handles the problem in the field of trigonometry/geodesy described by P. A. Hansen to determine the length of an inaccessible distance by a known length a and four angles alpha, alpha1, beta, beta1 at its ends.
triangle.zip8k14-10-18File is not ratedTriangle v1.2
The program finds for a triangle defined by three points A, B and C the lengths of sides and angle bisector lines, heights, inner angles, circumference and area as well as the properties and equations of inner and outer circles. Graph included on page 1.3 .
triangleextended.zip13k14-10-18File is not ratedExtended Triangle Solver v1.2
This is a combination of programs "solvetriangle" by Sumarth Mehta and "triangle" ( Author : Claus M. Dachselt ) in the same category. Enter at least three quantities out of alpha, beta, gamma, a, b, c to find the remaining values. Furthermore the program calculates the heights, angle bisectors, center of gravity, circumference, area and the properties of inner and outer circles. For the ambiguous case ( two sides and the angle opposite to the shorter side being given ) the program determines the second solution for the angle opposite to the longer of both sides to provide another run. Graph included on page 1.3 .
advreg.zip33k14-10-12File is not ratedAdvanced Regression for TI-Nsprie CAS
(Update: corrects a problem created by the latest update.) This program fits data to an arbitrary function, i.e., to functions that are not necessarily linear in their parameters. The outputs from the program are 1) a statement as to whether the convergence critera was met, 2) the iteration matrix showing the progression of estimated parameters and associated sum-of-square errors, 3) the ANOVA matrix, 4) a vector of the standard error of the regression and R^2 stats, 5) a matrix of the estimated parameters with their standard errors, t values and probabilities, and 6) the fitted equation (as sometimes simplified by the software).
simplequadratics.zip5k14-10-01File is not ratedSimple Quadratics
A basic way to add the quadratic formula as a function for your calculator
quadrilateralarea.zip7k14-09-18File is not ratedProperties of a Quadrilateral v2.2
The program determines for a quadrilateral described by four points A, B, C, and D the lengths of sides and diagonals, inner angles, center of gravity, intersection of diagonals, circumference and enclosed area. A graph depicting the contour, center of gravity and intersection of diagonals is provided on page 1.3
length_surface.zip8k14-09-13File is not ratedArc Length, Surface and Volume of Revolution v2.0
As the built-in arcLen()-command only handles functions in Cartesian form y=f(x), this program provides a solution for both Cartesian and Parametric form x=f(t), y=g(t) within lower limit a and upper limit b. For both cases the curved surface and the volume of revolution including its centre of gravity around x- and y-axes are calculated.
slopetable.zip3k14-08-01File is not ratedSlope Field Table
Slope Field Table allows you to input a first order differential equation and the start and end Points for x and y. The program will then display a matrix of the slopes at each (x,y) coordinate, incrementing x and y by 1, and store this matrix in an accessible variable called "t". This is helpful especially on AP Calculus exams where they ask to create a table before constructing a slope field. The table is set up like a Cartesian coordinate system where bottom left corner is the starting point for both x and y. This way you can easily graph the slopes using the values in the table which are already in the correct positions.
polyhedron.zip4k14-05-28File is not ratedRegular-shaped Polyhedrons v1.0
The program finds for the five regular-shaped polyhedrons tetrahedron, hexahedron ( = cube ), octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron the radii of inner and outer sphere, ri and ro, surface area A and volume V. Results are displayed in exact- and approx-mode.
points.zip11k14-05-27File is not ratedPoints on Circle, Ellipse, Parabola v1.1
Given three or four points Pi (xi,yi) the program finds the characteristic equation of a circle or parabola ( three points ) or ellipse ( four points ). Each result is depicted in an appropriate graph for each type of curve.
eulprgm.zip5k13-12-24File is not ratedEuler's Method
Euler's Method allows you to input an expression for dy/dx, start of interval, end of interval, initial value, and a number of steps. If you are given step size (h) instead of number of steps, just enter 0, then enter the step size. The program will then print out a 3 row matrix containing the x, y, and delta y values rounded to three decimal places. It will also print out the answer in the form of a (x,y) coordinate. Finally it will store into a variable called "fulle" a matrix containing all the exact values without rounding. Example: Problem: Find the value of y when x=0.7 for dy/dx=y+x starting at (0,3) and using 5 steps. Program: 1. dy/dx= y+x 2. Start of interval= 0 3. End of interval= 0.7 4. Initial Value= 3 5. Number of steps= 5 Answer=(0.7,6.002)
twofuncarea.zip8k13-12-12File is not ratedArea&Moments of Inertia Enclosed by Two Functions v3.0
The program calculates the area enclosed by two functions or one function and the x-axis within the lower/upper limits of integration. Default values are the common points of intersection, but other points are free to choose. Additionally the centre of gravity of the section and the moments of inertia are computed. A graph on page 1.3 depicts the functions, centre of gravity and the lines x=lower/upper limit of integration.
solv.zip6k13-11-29File is not ratedSolver (in)equations step by step
This program solve your equations and inéquations step by step. To do this, write for example solv (2x ^ 2 +2 x-3 = 0, x).
dem_recurrence.zip6k13-11-27File is not ratedRecurence step by step
Write simply recur() and follow the instructions.
tang_norm.zip6k13-11-23File is not ratedTangent and Normal of a Function
This program determines the equations of the tangent and normal of a function or polynomial f(x) in a given point xP and displays the result in a graph on page 1.3 .
straight_lines.zip10k13-10-05File is not ratedVector Algebra for Straight Lines v1.02
The program provides some tools for the calculation of straight lines, such as: line defined by two points, point and line, line and line. The problem of plane and line is handled in the file "Vector Algebra for Planes" in the same archive. Documentation on page 1.1 of the file.
curvature.zip12k13-03-30File is not ratedCurvature of a Function
The program calculates for four types of functions the curvature k, radius of curvature rho and the center of curvature (xc,yc). A general solution as well as a numerical result for any point xp of the function is provided. Additional is a plot for type 1,3, or 4.
fourier_analysis.zip501k13-03-26File is not ratedFourier Analysis
These programs demonstrate the features and limitations of Fourier analysis and also analyze laboratory data. Documentation on their use is also included.
riccati_diff.zip4k13-03-06File is not ratedRiccati Differential Equation
The program solves the Riccati differential equation being given in the form: y' = a(x) + b(x) * y + c(x) * y^2. As this type of differential equation cannot solved elementarily, one solution y1 has to be worked out by guessing! A documentation is included on page 1.2 of the file.
conicsolver.zip6k13-02-23File is not ratedConics-Solver
This is a program that takes the general form of a conic, and converts it to standard form.
lagrange_nspir.zip67k13-02-05File is not ratedLagrange Interpolation v1.1
The program returns the Lagrange interpolating polynomial of minimum degree for a set of pairs of values (xi,yi). A graph of the calculated function plus the entered values is included.
vectorcalc.zip9k13-01-08File is not ratedVector Calculus Functions in Generalized Coordinates
A library of functions for the TI-Nspire CAS for use in vector algebra and calculus in arbitrary coordinate systems (not necessarily orthonormal or 3-dimensional). Functions include dot (scalar) and cross (vector) product, gradient, divergence, curl, Laplacian, metric tensor, scale factors, Christoffel symbols, etc...
cmplxanlys.zip6k13-01-08File is not ratedComplex Analysis Functions
A library of functions for the TI-Nspire CAS for use in complex analysis. Includes functions for finding poles, calculating residues (including the residue at infinity), computing contour integrals, and (last but not least) Laplace and Inverse Laplace transforms.
riemannsums.zip5k12-12-19File is not ratedRiemann Sums
Riemann Sums allows you to input a function in terms of x, an interval, and the number of rectangles. It will then output the left sum, right sum, midpoint sum, and trapezoidal sum.
desktop.zip1k11-12-11File is not ratedSphereSolver
My first upload! Anyway, it is just a basic program where you enter a radius and it spits out the Area, Surface Area, Great Circle Area/circle area, and the circumference.
solvetriangle.zip2k11-11-27File is not ratedSolve Triangle
This program solves all sides and angles and area of a triangle using law of sines and cosines when it is given some of the sides or angles. See screenshots.
logicgate.zip2k11-08-16File is not ratedLogic Gate Solver 1.0.1
This TI-Nspire CX 3.0.2 BASIC program contains a calculator file with variable programs you can run by pressing "var". There are currently 4 logic gates: AND, OR, XOR, and NOT. Run them and enter the expressions. The program will return a Boolean result. Try it out! Documentation included in file.
dft.zip62k11-07-03File is not ratedDiscrete Fourier Transform
This is my first tutorial (hopefully of an expanding series) to demonstrate how to easily perform some intro DSP math on the TI-NSPIRE series of calculators. This tutorial will cover the DFT. I will use a similar approach to Richard G. Lyons from the excellent book Understanding Digital Signal Processing, to explain on how to do this on your TI-NSPIRE!
autofoil05.tns.zip3k11-06-02File is not ratedAutoFoil
One of my pet peeves about my nSpire CAS, is that: although it is marketed as a CAS, it sometimes doesn't work the way I expect from a $150 device. One of these things that fail is "FOIL"-ing, also known as First Outer Inner Last. When working with many math equations such as factoring or quadratic stuff, many (2x-4)(4x+2)-like (in format) strings come up and become very tedious to solve or simplify. That's why I figured out AutoFoil! It saves time with the whole FOIL thing and saves paper space! (And it helps me be lazy. Cheesy ) This program is also very easy to work with. In fact, with the recent 3.0 update, a wizard for AutoFoil has been implemented. But to keep nice with 2.0 users, I have also included a "legacy" version inside the program file. Smiley The program is very straight-forward. Give the required inputs and you're done. For the legacy version however, you must include in this format: (f1,f2,f3,f4). Commands: (Must be accessed from the library function, be sure to refresh libraries) *autofoil: Launches the autofoil wizard *autofoillegacy: (f1,f2,f3,f4) Takes the inputs and simplifies it using the FOIL method. *about: credits and such. Thanks for your interest in my app! The Haus of AnhHai develops quality applications for a variety of platforms, such as nSpire, 84SE, Java, Android, Windows and Mac! Be sure to plop a donation at the developer's site to help fun continued FREE nSpire apps!
ncas.zip4k11-05-29File is not ratedTI Numerical CAS
This file contains the following functions: 1. Multiply two binomials 2. Derivative of a Polynomial 3. Integral of a Polynomial 4. Synthetic Division 5. Factor X^2+AX+B 6. Expand (AX+BY)^N All the functions are public - so all you have to do is refresh the libraries and the functions will show in the catalog.
tabvar.zip50k11-04-17File is not ratedTabVar
TabVar is the most advanced function study program for the Nspire! It features a graphical variation table and 10+ programs to perform different operations on functions, such as studying a function, finding the domain of definition, getting the equation of a tangent, making integration by parts, checking the parity or periodicity of a function, comparing two functions... A full french and english documentation is included.
wznspirelib.zip3k11-03-09File is not ratedWorkZoneNspire
I have it set up to be used as a library, but im puting it under math prrograms because it deals with math mainly. Is almost the same as 83-84 version but has less programs because im taking time to convert them all.
pointandequation.zip6k11-02-27File is not ratedPoint and Equation
Find an equation for a point with a given slope. Usage: pwe(x,y,m) where x and y are coordinates and m is slope, displays y-intercept (b=?)
five_sided_die.zip4k11-02-27File is not ratedFive Sided Die
This program simulates a five sided die with sides A,B,B,D,E. Usage: sat(# of rolls)
formulum.zip98k10-12-10File is not ratedFormulum - Geometry/Math Program
Formulum is one of my most important achievements, an open-source program that calculates areas and volumes of geometric figures and solids given values like the radium or the height. So, the user gets a fast response of what the volume of a sphere is, simply by entering the radium. I try to optimize my scripts as much as I can so that programs run fastly and smoothly, just like every computer user wants. Since Formulum is open source, everyone can edit it and make new versions. However, official versions are released by me only. Save it in MyLib folder. Also, this is version 2.3, not 2.2 unlike the name of the folder. Again, save it in MyLib folder.
dirderiv_basic.zip12k10-11-04File is not ratedGradient and directional derivatives
This archive contains functions to calculate function gradients and directional derivatives. Functions are included for TI-nspire and 68k-models.
nocalc.zip16k10-11-04File is not ratedNo-Calc
No-Calc is a revolutionary new training program for the TI-Nspire! It helps you train your calculating skills without using your calculator. You can train addition, substraction multiplication, division and even more with the included patch 1! A must for every TI-Nspire owner![UPDATE": Patch 2]
dieroller.zip1k10-10-26File is not ratedDie Roller 1.0
A program that allows you to roll an N-sided virtual die. Text-based.
slope.zip2k10-09-28File is not ratedSlope formula
My first library! To use, just enter the given coordinates that you see from left to right. This program also shows its work.
sortlib1.1.zip18k10-06-12File is not ratedSorting algorithms library v. 1.1
This update includes a new algorithm (combsort) and a function to sort matrices. ---- The built-in sorting algorithms are not accessible by functions, so I wrote some functions to do the job for us.
sorting.zip10k10-05-09File is not ratedSorting algorithms collection, v. 1.0
A library of some sorting algorithms. Currently includes mergesort, bubblesort, quicksort, heapsort, shellsort, insertion sort, and radix sorting.
polys.zip7k10-05-09File is not ratedPolynomials
A document containing notes about the solutions of polynomials
egyptfrac.zip5k10-05-09File is not ratedEgyptian Fractions library
A library of functions relating to the generation of Egyptian fraction representations of fractions
sohcahtoa.zip25k10-04-21File is not ratedSOHCAHTOA (For Nspire/ Nspire CAS)
This is a program that helps you solve the famous SOHCAHTOA formula in a simple way. For those who have not learned about this: SOHCAHTOA is Sin(X)=Opposite side(of the given angle)divided by the Hypotenuse,and Cos(X)=Adjacent side (of the given angle) divided by the Hypotenuse,and Tan(X)=Opposite side(of the given angle) divided by the Adjacent side (of the given angle) SOHCAHTOA is used for right triangles only, but is very useful in many problems. This program will also solve the measure of the angle if it is the part the problem that you have to solve for. Good for: Geometry, Trig, Algebra 2, and some of Pre-Cal. (I also have an 84/83 version to). For more info read the Readme.
nspire_alg.zip46k10-03-14File is not ratedNspire symbolic library
A symbolic manipulation library for the Nspire non-CAS. Does expansion, univariate factorization, rational integration, differentiation, etc., all using proper algorithms. NOTE: Read the README and on-calc documentation! You can and WILL get a WRONG ANSWER if your input does not satisfy certain criteria. This program was wrtten on OS 1.7 and is untested on OS 2.0.
heronsformula.zip3k10-03-12File is not ratedHeron's Formula (can show work)
Calculates area of triangle given lengths of all three sides using heron's formula. Two programs - one shows work, one doesn't. Gives the answer in simplest radical form and a decimal approximation.
radical_simp.zip2k10-03-12File is not ratedRadical Simplifier
This will fully simplify all radicals into simplest form without a radical in the denominator. It can handle integers and fractions.
fourier.zip16k10-02-05File is not ratedfourier()
A fourier() function that works as easily as taylor() to create a fourier series.
function.zip8k10-01-18File is not ratedComplete Function Analyzis
This is a world first! The program gives you all you need to know about a function ! In order to analyze a function, you have to enter its variable and its domain. For example, we'll take ln(x), defined on 0;+infinite. You will just have to enter : analyze(ln(x),x,{0,+oo}). (oo bzing the symbole of infinite, obtained by pressing Ctrl-i , complex i). Same for the funciton f(x)=x^2 on the specific domain [0,100], just type: analyze(x^2,x,{0,100}). The final given result is actually a matrix, due to a lack of programming capability on the NSpire. The matrix gives you the summary of what you need to know about the function. Zeros, Derivative, Limits, Variations... Note : The program should work with most common functions. If you notice any weird issue, please fell free to contact me and report the issue :) Also available in french
functioninversion.zip2k10-01-05File is not ratedFunction Inversion
Finds the inverse function (as a power series) of almost any given function. For example: given sin(x), returns arcsin(x) as a power series. Solves Kepler's equation. Includes an implementation of the Lagrange Inversion Theorem.
completingthesquare.zip2k10-01-03File is not ratedCompleting the Square Quadratic Solver
Takes a unformatted quadratic equation as a string, autodetects the variable, shows all work and solves the quadratic equation by using the completing the square method.
fft512.zip136k09-12-19File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform V3
This is a library. It includes a program makefft() you can call from any document to get Fast Fourier Transform capability. Then the function fft(wave, window) performs a 512 points FFT you can plot into a data & statistics page. It works on any Ninspire (software or calc, CAS or not CAS). Window option: 'rectangle', 'Hann', or 'flattop'
nsolver.zip6k09-12-12File is not ratedNumerical methods for equations and systems of equations
Newton-Raphson,Bisection method
mohrscircle.zip1k09-11-11File is not ratedMohr's Circle
This program will uses the principle's of Mohr's Circle to give the user back a normal stress max, min, and average; shear stress maximum; angle of rotation to reach principle planes and max shearing; and the resulting normal and shear stresses for any rotation. Users input the given x normal stress, y normal stress, shear stress, and desired rotation.
quadratic.zip2k09-10-20File is not ratedauto-variable-detect quadratic program
will auto-detect your variables and return roots (including imaginary if mode is not real), vertex, and factors into binomials if possible quadratic("equation") equation must be in a string and has to be a quadratic, but does not have to be in any specific form made for easy use -- a great download
fft1024.zip183k09-08-05File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform V2 (1024 points)
This is a library. It includes a program make_fft() you can call from any document to get Fast Fourier Transform capability. Then the function fft(wave, window) performs a 1024 points FFT you can plot into a data & statistics page. Bug fixed. You may prefer the 512 points version to run with a calc.
eulers_triangle_inequalit.zip10k09-06-20File is not ratedEuler's Triangle Inequality
Euler's Triangle Inequality states that the circumradius is always at least twice the inradius. This document contains my proof of this.
gamma.zip23k09-04-07File is not ratedGamma and Zeta function + more.
Gamma ver 1.3 by Mauritz Blomqvist (now with a CAS and a non CAS version) This small package does contain implementations of some various special functions like the Gamma function, the Riemann Zeta function and related functions. It can handle complex arguments for most functions. The gamma.tns file is for the CAS, and the gammanc.tns is for the nonCAS. The CAS variant returns exact values in some special cases, like for gamma(7/2).
b2b.zip3k09-04-07File is not ratedBase to base converter ver 1.1
This version works on both the Nspire CAS as well as on the non CAS variant. It can handle “.”, “E” and bignums.
quadeq.zip1k09-03-05File is not ratedquadraticequation.zip
Version 2 of the Quadratic Equation. This program performs the quadratic equation. It will find the complex zeroes of any quadratic equation. When the program does not find exact zeroes, it will show a fraction and an approximate decimal. Great when used in conjunction with my synthetic division programs to quickly find all zeroes of a polynomial.
djsmathbundle2.zip1k09-03-03File is not ratedDJ's Math Bundle2
Distance, Slope, Midpoint, Quadratic Formula, Interest, 5 functions that have been built into a document and waiting to be used. These are all easy to use functions that i created and you can rename and edit as you please.
trigonometric_circle.zip14k09-02-25File is not ratedTrigonometric Circle
A geometrical construction showing the relationship beetwen the trigonometric circle and the graph of the corresponding trigonometric function. Includes a selector to change from sine to cosine, tangent and cotangent
galtonsbeanmachine.zip28k09-02-25File is not ratedGalton's Bean Machine
Galton's bean machine simulates the drop of a disc into a triangular grid of pins. Each time the disc hits a pin it has a certain probability of falling to either side. This document simulates 10 levels of pins and keeps a record of results.
equations2.0.zip7k09-02-25File is not ratedEquations Library 2.0
A program to solve 2nd degree equations and another to solve systems of linear equations using a syntax closer to the one available on CAS calculators: equation(s) and variable(s) are entered in quotes. Quadratic program detects double roots and displays complex roots if complex mode is rectangular or polar.
dicerollsimulator.zip65k09-02-25File is not ratedDice Roll Simulator
Graphical simulator of the roll of 1, 2 or 3 dice. Results are stored in a spreadsheet and the histogram of results is drawn in realtime.
buffon.zip24k09-02-25File is not ratedBuffon's needle simulator
Simulates drops of a needle on a sheet of paper with equally spaced lines. The probability of the needle crossing a line is a function of the needle's length and Pi. Run the simulation to determine a numerical approximation to the value of Pi. Includes English and Portuguese versions.
syntheticdivision.zip1k08-12-24File is not ratedSynthetic Division
Performs synthetic division on 3rd, 4th, and 5th degree polynomials. See program instructions for more information.
nthrootsimp.zip2k08-12-24File is not ratedNth Root Simplification
This program simplifies a radical to any degree. Read the description in the program for more information.

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