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akaliens.zip1k04-05-03File is not ratedAK Aliens
AK Aliens is a fighting game that challenges you to kill 10 aliens, each getting progressively harder and harder until you reach the final level. This game is challenging, fun, and a worth download! Please review!
arena84cc22.zip127k19-06-03File is not ratedArena 84
This is a game I made for Cemetech Contest 22. You must customize your character optimally to get the best score while fending off enemies. Made using the DoorsCS7 Hybrid Basic libraries.
asd.zip2k04-11-25File is not ratedAge of the SmackDown!!!!!!!
Hey! It's Age of the SmackDown! The ONLY game where you can actually CHOOSE a monster to play! It's amazing! It's cool! It's fun! It's addicting!!!!!! It's... ASD! It also has a cool title screen. Cheack it out!
basicstick.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedSuper Stick Fighter
You get the oppertunity to play as a stick fighter and kick the other stick person's butt. There are three levels of difficulty, and the graphics and speed aren't all that bad. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
battle3.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedBattle Simulator 2.2
The latest version of my battle simulator. It's got plenty of features... Takes up 7214 in your RAM.
battle83.zip1k03-04-03File is not ratedBattle v2.0
This is the second version of Battle, now optimized and much faster, for the TI-83. It is a game where who fight the calculator; it has a fast and efficient AI and 5 difficulty levels. You must destroy your opponent in 99 seconds or less; you get a higher score for a faster time. Check out the screenshots!
bloodfighter.zip1k06-10-28File is not ratedBlood Fighters
If you consider "*" to be blood, then this is a pretty gorey game. You duke it out in a mortal combat type cenario with another stick figure. Sorry To Say: this works on both 83+ and 84+ but its a lot faster on 84+.
brawler.zip10k06-04-24File is not ratedBackyard Brawl in Mississippi
In "Backyard Brawl", you are a man [32x32 sprite] on the left side of the screen that's gotten mad at the man on the right side of the screen. Apparently, both of you are masters at kung-fu and you kick each other's butts... First one to make their opponent's HP level sink to 0 wins. Now updated to include a tournament or exhibition mode. Also, an "Options" menu has been added. Cheats are now available, though you have to beat the game the old-fashioned way to obtain them :). This program needs the "xLib" APP to run properly. Make sure it is installed before running the program or you will get an error.
bullfrg283p.zip4k03-03-22File is not ratedBullfrog! (The dumb joke continues)
This is a stick fighting game, based of the 82 version. It's a parody of another file (look in the 82/basic/programs folder)
combatwarrior.zip2k04-01-08File is not ratedBattle Games
Two games involving combat of some sort. Kind of stupid, one (COMBAT) can be fun if you're really, really bored. Other program could be turned into an arena combat game if you feel up to the challenge. From my junk pile.
corrupt3.zip2k04-05-20File is not ratedCorrupt 3
The third chapter in the almighty fighting game for the TI-83 Plus. Use weapons such as swords, pistols, and greandes. Options include gravity, gore, AI level, and more. Multi- calculator play with instructions.
cpbattle.zip1k04-01-12File is not ratedTwo Player One Calculator Battle
Battle is an odd, two player game that is played on one calculator. You try to shoot at your opponent, while he trys to do the same to you. You can move left and right, but in the end, the only way to avoid enemy fire is to jump, so you'd better practice your timing. Please visit my site at http://cpprograms.tripod.com, and feel free to email me at cpprograms@yahoo.com
dbzbav.zip1k00-08-23File is not ratedDragonball Z: Battle Against Vegeta
You are Goku, a Saiyan warrior that is deadlocked in a battle with the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta. You must overcome him by powering up, using you kaiokens, and kamehamehas, can you defeat this Saiyan monster before he defeats you. It is a live action game, so don't take a coffee break.
dbzboutx.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedDBZ Ultimat Bout XT
Duke it out amongst the Good guys and the bad; the graphics are okay; special moves Piccolo speed; Super Saiyan, all in this game. So check out when you get a chance.
deadzone.zip6k08-06-12File is not ratedDeadzone
You are captured and put on the worlds most famous game show, deadzone! Defeat the boss and you might have a chance to escape. Put all the files onto your calc and run pgrmDEADZONE
dedstik.zip2k04-10-20File is not ratedDEDSTIK
kill sticks to kill stress! great animations!! see this game for yourself! (couldn't take screenshot) :(
devilmaycry.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedDevil May Cry
Play as Dante in this side scrolling journey. Use your sword and gun to combo enemies to death, and battle your way to Lucifer!
dthscy.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedGundam Wing:Deathscythe
See readme file
duel83p.zip1k03-05-05File is not ratedDuel v1.0
With amazing graphics, an intelligent AI, and fast-paced play, Duel 1.0 is an outstanding game. It is similar to fighting games like StickFighter in its graphis engine, except that you control one of two battling space ships. The object of the game is to destroy the other ship while avoiding being hit. Win by depleting your enemy's health to zero. Check it out!
eternalglory.zip1k00-08-20File is not ratedEternal-Glory
Eternal-Glory is a fighting game for the TI-83 Plus. Eternal Glory has punches, kicks, uppercuts, and BLOOD! It also has a difficulty setting (for all you people that arent that good...or are really good!). Download it, play it forever, then delete it and start over! Enjoy~!
fattack2.1eng.zip2k05-01-01File is not ratedF-Attack 2.1
A fighting game with turns. You also can buy new attacks, life and sheilds, and fight with different opponents.
fattack2.1.zip2k04-12-06File is not ratedF-Attack 2.1 (Portuguese)
A fighting game with turns. You also can buy new attacks, life and sheilds.
ffmotwpro.zip2k02-02-19File is not ratedFatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves (pro edition)
A newer version of the game I put out a few months ago. The game is now a 2 out of 3 fight, with better timing and fighting! I also fixed some glitches.
fghterm1.zip5k08-09-17File is not ratedMass Purefighter
With over 30 different characters to choose from, each with their own special attacks and combos, facing over 5 different types of enemies in 6 different difficulties and 5 different fighting styles, this is PureFighter like you have never seen it before! Will you be tough enough to become #1?
fight2.zip9k02-03-03File is not ratedFight II v1.1 (updated)
Phantom Productions. Slight update: takes up less space. Actually a BASIC game, but runs in Mirage. Game is simple(because it has been tested heavily), but fun. You beat people or objects up for money to buy weapons, ammo, health, strength, and dexterity. Accuracy and reflexes are the main part of this game. Game includes 5 weapons, each with 6 ammo types, keeps track of many stats, is very addictive. Has 3 save slots, 6 areas to fight in(eg. The Matrix area), each with 6 characters(eg. Tasty Wheat!), takes hours to beat(fights boredom in class), pretty funny, tons of fun! whew...
fight3.zip1k03-06-18File is not ratedStick Figure fighting
Beat up Ayo. my friend. if you unlock it you can edit it through basic and change the names to your likeing. they are twords the beginning
fight83p_se.zip2k06-04-24File is not ratedFight 83 Plus Special Edition
You have to defeat 10 enemies, but that is a very hard job. So you have to train a lot and you should not forget to look at your stats.
fight83p.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedFight 83+!
It's a port of the 82 version I made. It's not too bad for BASIC, and it's fun to play when you're bored.
fighter1.zip7k04-06-21File is not ratedFight Sim
The first demo of the currently under construction BASIC Tournament. Runs very fast and throughly tested.
fighter2.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedfighter2
A home-screen fighter where you shoot the numbers on the right side of the screen. As the game progresses, they get closer to you and if they reach you you lose. High scores. Multiple weapons.
fightera.zip2k02-05-27File is not ratedDojo Fighter v 1.0
You are a master fighter trying to work your way up in the ranks. Buy attack, defense, and health, while at the same time checking your stats and high scores. Battle up to four different levels of fighters, each with there own characteristics and power. And, as an added bonus, the Dojo master will get harder and harder the more that you fight him!
fight_game.zip2k04-04-27File is not ratedFight
A fighting game invloving quick button pressing. Created by Eric Subach. I strive for quality. Please send feedback.
fights.zip1k03-07-01File is not ratedfight
this is a 2 player fighting gome on the same calculater left and right=left and right, 2nd=punch-1hp,alpha=kick-2hp
forchest.zip9k12-05-23File is not ratedForchest 1.0 PreRelease 3
Ein Kampfspiel. Mehr dazu unten und in der Beschreibung. A fighting game. More on this below in the description.
gladiatorse.zip3k02-03-05File is not ratedGladiator Fights SPECIAL EDITION (re-release)
I am re-releasing my SPECIAL EDITION of my Gladiator Fights game which includes the ENDURANCE MODE, because the last release didn't have the battle program included in the zip file, making it impossible to run the game unless you had downloaded a previous version of my game. Hope you all enjoy my game!
gointhedistance.zip1k02-04-23File is not ratedGoin' The Distance
A fun fighter game where you shoot at other fighters. Interesting and realistic game mechanics.
gundam.zip2k00-08-23File is not ratedGundam Wing Text Battle
You must build your own Gundam with a total of the stats no larger than 180. You can fight Leos, Mobile Dolls, Tallgeese, Mercurius, Vayeate. It's a pretty good Gundam Wing game.
karate.zip1k03-07-25File is not ratedKarate
a great karate game. good for wasting time in maths. written by a friend of mine who is a black belt.
kungfu.zip.zip2k10-10-15File is not ratedKung Fu
My first graphical game for the TI-84 Plus. It's a fighting game. Punch, kick, smack, and even shoot your opponents! More information in the readme. MirageOS compatible.
mortal8xp.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedMortal Kombat
This is an update of my previous MK in that it has screenshots. Yay! ...
mortalkombat0.02.zip4k03-03-08File is not ratedMortal Kombat v. 0.02
This game is better than the first, new opening sequence. The character selection screen doesn't get program fatigue. And, as an added bonus, we've included a screenshot of one of our levels. -instructionsincluded-
mvc2ryu.zip2k01-06-06File is not ratedMarvel vs. Capcom 2 (Ryu Version)
The sequel to my game Marvel vs. Capcom! Use Air Combos, Hyper Combos and skill to defeat your opponent!
mvc2zan.zip2k01-06-12File is not ratedMarvel vs. Capcom 2 (Zangief Version)
The second character to be introduced to the MvC2 engine. In this version, you play as the big Russian Grappler Zangief. You can combo, throw, and perform the infamous Spinning Pile Driver!
mvsc.zip1k01-06-09File is not ratedMarvel vs. Capcom
The calculater game based off of the arcade engine. Use Air Combo's to defeat your opponent!
ninjaarena.zip2k03-03-17File is not ratedNinja Arena
This is a fighting game with the same fighting style as Black Ninja, but lacks the storyline. Instead, you choose a ninja to fight with. There are 5 premade ninjas and the ability to create your own. YOu fight the calculator and the first to 3 victories wins the game. Very fun. Still working on Black Ninja 3.
sfighter.zip5k00-11-24File is not ratedStreet Fighter
This is THE BEST Street Fighter game for the TI-83 Plus (programmed in BASIC). Awesome graphics, fast and exciting game-play, and it's just an overall AWESOME game. Definitely worth the download!
sfight.zip7k00-12-10File is not ratedStreet Fighter II: The Awakening
Street Fighter II: The Awakening is THE BEST fighting game for the TI-83 Plus (programmed in BASIC). It has awesome graphics, fast and exciting game-play, and it's just and overall AWESOME game. Now with human vs. human AND human vs. calculator (AI). This game is definitely worth the download!
sf.zip1k02-01-15File is not ratedStreet Fighter
This is a fighting game with AI where you pretty much just just duke it out
shooter_battle.zip2k06-12-30File is not ratedShooter Battle
A game in which you try to shoot your opponent before they shoot you, using the three different stances possible. Has Single Player and Two-Player/One Calculator.
skizz.zip2k06-10-08File is not ratedCalc Fighter: Skizz's Quest
This game uses the most Street fighter like engine ever seen in a fighting game. Great control and gameplay.
smaction.zip1k00-08-23File is not ratedSailor Mercury Real-Time Action
Sailor Mercury must use all of her powers to defeat a nega verse bad guy in real-time fighting!
sprbros.zip24k09-02-06File is not ratedSuper Smash Bros. TI 83 +
Slow Super smash bros. game, nothing special. comments(i know its bad) jrodriguez1992@gmail.com P.S. don't send Joe Young hate mail for being mean I talked to him he is not a bad guy, he reviewed my older file which had arrogant text in the readme which i now changed.
ssbba.zip2k08-09-23File is not ratedSuper Smash Bros. Battle Arena
In this amazing game, you fight as 7 classic nintendo characters in a battle of skill. Although text based, this game includes up/right/down menu for different combinations of two, making a total of nine moves. PLUS, a special move for each character, all different. there are final smash balls and several items as well. Attack, defense, and total HP stats make each character different, along with the special moves. This game is definitely worth the size.
ssbbrawl.zip3k13-12-02File is not ratedSSBBRAWL for ti-83 plus with AI
what it says!
ssbmele.zip146k06-01-15File is not ratedSuper Smash Bros X
An awesome super smash brothers game with items and cool looking characters.
ssbspritedemo.zip2k09-03-07File is not ratedSuper Smash Bros. BRAWL Sprite Library
This is the collection of 8x8 sprites I drew in TI-Freak's SPR2HEX that will be used in my upcoming game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl! They are displayed by TI-Freak's ZSP routine, and draw pretty fast for pure BASIC sprites. Controls are included in the readme.
ssb.zip2k03-11-20File is not ratedSuper Smash Bros.
This is Super Smash Bros. in basic for the TI-83+ (works best on silver edition). It has a nice greyscale title pic too! check readme for more interesting info on this cool game... :-D
stfighter83p.zip1k03-03-14File is not ratedStick Fighter v2.1
Stick Fighter is a two-player game in which two people fight each other. Similar to PC fighting games, the graphics are good, health and time are tracked, and special moves sometimes appear. You can move, kick, and punch; the first person who loses all life dies. The speed is amazing for the graphics!
stickfighting.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedstick fighter
Pretty fun. has ai.
stickmadness2.zip6k04-05-23File is not ratedSTICK MADNESS 2 !
More stick madness
superkid.zip21k00-04-13File is not ratedMarc the Superkid the Game Trilogy
The fully functional, except for a few minor glitches, game based on the Superkid Chronicles by the author of this game
swords.zip3k01-12-15File is not ratedSwords
A good game with pretty graphics (for basic), is a game of a fight, for 2 players
sw.zip2k01-02-14File is not ratedStar Wars: Luke Vs. Vader
A deul between Luke and Darth Vader
theblackninja2.zip5k03-03-14File is not ratedThe Black Ninja 2: The Apprentis
This is the sequel to the Black Ninja. It includes many upgrades and new features including 3 different modes, cheats, more spells, and much more. I wouldn't reccommend playing this game unless you have already beaten the first one. Please e-mail me if you find any bugs or have any questions or comments, thx :)
theblackninja.zip7k03-03-09File is not ratedThe Black Ninja
The Black Ninja is an action game where you are a ninja in a samourai tournament. You must battle 20 different opponents with magical spells to win. You may upgrade and view your stats while saving your progress. If this game gets a lot of downloads I may possibly release Black Ninja 2 and 3. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or compliments, e-mail them to kyleracette@comcast.net.
tree.zip43k04-08-26File is not ratedTree Fighters!
One day, the Earth begins to shake violently. Houses crumble, mountains fall, buildings are destroyed, and tree roots mysteriously become different. Before anyone can tell what's going on, the trees begin to attack the humans. Apparently, they seek revenge for all the trees that have already been destroyed. Your job is to destroy these mutated trees and save mankind. A fully graphical game for the TI-83+. At times, it can be pretty slow, but it is fun nonetheless. The game is nowhere near completion. However, the game is fully playable right now. The enemy is unable to attack, but you can have fun killing him and automatically winning every time. If the game recieves a decent amount of downloads, look for the first two bosses to be completely finished by the end of September.
ultrafgtti84plussilveredi.zip1k08-09-23File is not ratedUltra-Fight
This non-turn based fighter will have you addicted by next period. With four different attacks and interesting animation, this game is awesome.
unforgivenv15.zip5k04-05-23File is not ratedThe Unforgiven v1.5
A long overdue update to the fully graphically real-time battle! Give it a try and see how far you can make it in the 4 castles!
unforgiven.zip5k01-12-22File is not ratedThe Unforgiven
A real-time battling game with enhanced graphics and auto-saving.

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