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AMS 2.08 Released
Posted by Eric on 19 August 2002, 07:10 GMT

TI has recently released AMS 2.08 for the TI-89 and the Voyage 200. The new version includes added features such as more trig commands and a novel idea TI is referring to as "clack functionality" (yes, kiddos, I believe that should be "clock"). Anyway, give it a try.

On another note, I've decided to officially retire from ticalc.org, due to massive workloads and such. It's been interesting, but three years is about long enough, anyway. We're currently in the process of deciding how to proceed, so please don't flood our mailboxes volunteering your help just yet, thanks.

Update (Eric): Ok, it appears that TI has recalled AMS 2.08 due to errors with the Black Graph Link cable and TI-Connect.


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Re: AMS 2.08 Released

I don't know if anyone ever thought of this yet, but the only reason why I believe TI actually released this AMS is for keyboard support. I guess they thought that in order to sell them they must have to work with the TI-89 and their other top-selling calculators. Obviously, they didn't care about any other feature in there. Reverse sin, cos, tan is easy to manually enter, the Apps Desktop looks like a PalmOS ripoff, and the clock functionaly is only decent I think because it's not precise.

On another note, I cannot dump the ROM off of my TI-89 with AMS 2.08. I've tried using Virtual TI to dump it via my black link cable but it will not say that the romdump program was sent to the calculator; however, it does show the status bar moving to the end (quite quickly too) and the calculator acknowledges that there is a link transfer going on. If anyone has had any successes with dumping 2.08, please post a reply. If it's impossible to dump the ROM, then it's ok. I really don't need it that much.


     25 August 2002, 15:26 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released

Sorry, I should have tried it on my other computer before posting about the ROM dump. It's dumping right now, and I hope it works.

     26 August 2002, 01:37 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released
LeGrandDuc  Account Info
(Web Page)

Can someone let me know where can I find an info on what's new in the new OS
I installed it but i see no icons or clock...
how do i enable 'em
what trig functions were added?

     26 August 2002, 20:55 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Brian Koshy  Account Info

Well i recently upgraded my calc (TI-89) but i ran into a few problems.

While loading the new OS my calc went to "sleep" and
so now it will not awaken.
SOOO my calc is now screwed, i've tried too leave out batteries but nothin is working.

Anyone have any ideas????

     27 August 2002, 23:51 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Brian Koshy  Account Info

Well here's the response i got from TI:

Hello Brian,

Thank you for contacting Texas Instruments, an educational technology

Please check the contrast adjustment on your TI-89. If you have not done so
already, turn your calculator on, press and hold the [GREEN DIAMOND] key,
and then press and hold down the plus key to darken the display. If this
helps, the home screen should display.

I suggest that you try the reset instructions below. Please, bear in mind
that this will erase the memory of the calculator and restore all
manufacturer's defaults. (USE BRAND-NEW BATTERIES)

TI-89 Reset Instructions
1. Press and hold [2ND].
2. Press and hold both the left [<--] and right [-->] arrows.
3. While holding these three keys, press [ON].
4. Adjust the contrast. (Refer to page two in your TI-89 Guidebook for
directions on this procedure.)

If this does not work, then try the following "quick fix" to drain the
calculator of any negative charge and possibly restore the calculator.
(Bear in mind that this will reset the memory from your calculator and
restore all manufacturer's defaults.)

(1) Take the alkaline batteries out of the calculator (NOT the small
circular lithium battery)
(2) Press and hold the ON key for ten seconds.
(3) Put the batteries back in the calculator and readjust the contrast.

If the procedure above does not work, please let me know. Please copy this
message in your response and send directly to ti-cares@ti.com.


Esmeralda Diaz

     27 August 2002, 23:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Sergio Coelho  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hi.. I had the same problem as you and tried to force the reset of the calculator but it didnt work. So I removed the alcaline batteries and the small lithium battery (you have to unscrew the small screw to remove the lid so you can have access to this tiny battery). After that I putted all the batteries in their place and guess what.. The machine worked,but I lost all data. That's a minor problem because the important was to put the machine working again! I hope this can help you!

     4 September 2002, 15:43 GMT

My calculator is messed up!
phoenix3200  Account Info

I installed AMS 2.08 onto my calculator (A TI-89) and didn't like it. So then I tried downgrading to AMS 2.04 (it's compatible with a lot more than 2.05). I've tried everything, including contacting TI (where I got an identical message with a different name) but now I've resolved that my calculator is competely messed up (for lack of using a more appropriate term) and it will cost me $75 plus shipping to get them to fix my ROM. To say the least, I'm really mad.

To anybody who has the slightest interest in upgrading, take my advice: DON'T!

If anybody has any useful suggestions for my present situation, please email me at phoenix3200@juno.com

And by the way, I did use the black link cable and I tried both TI-Graph Link and TI Connect.

     29 September 2002, 07:03 GMT

The Clock without the AMS
Johannes Zeppenfeld  Account Info
(Web Page)

For all of you with HW2 calculators who want the clock but not lose 64K of Flash Mem, I have programmed a small TSR that basically does the same as the 2.08 clock. It doesn't include any of the basic functions, yet I expect that most people won't ever use those anyways.
If you are interested, you can mozy on over to the program (linked above) to check it out.

     28 August 2002, 05:55 GMT

Need HW2 Patch for AMS 2.08
Rob S  Account Info
(Web Page)

Has anyone made one yet or what should I do.

     28 August 2002, 06:32 GMT

peter zensius  Account Info

okay so i just bought a new TI-89 and i cant figure out how to get gray scale to work on it
I installed the new AMS 2.08 OS but i couldnt seem to get any games to work on it....so i went back to ams 2.05 and installed doors OS II and all the required libs...but when i try to play a game like super mario quest it doesnt show up in gray scale even though in the options it says grayscale is on...whats up with this?

     29 August 2002, 03:34 GMT

Re: Heeellppp
dimme  Account Info

Don't use doorsOS, use Universal OS 1.30 instead, it's more stable and works, at least it does on my HW2 89 and AMS 2.05

     2 September 2002, 18:28 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Paul Dovydaitis  Account Info
(Web Page)

Just got my 89.. go to use TI Connect and it wants to update the OS, i figure, hey newer is better.. then i look around and notice that a lot of stuff crashes on 2.08.. is there any way i can like "downgrade" to an earlier version.. or get things to work? Am i stuck in 2.08?

     3 September 2002, 20:59 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Paul Dovydaitis  Account Info
(Web Page)

I snagged AMS 2.05 from an earlier link in this forum.. now how do I use it?

     3 September 2002, 21:05 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Basicmaster  Account Info

I think the new AMS 2.08 is really nice. I love the GUI (Graphic User Interface) for the applications on the calculator, and I like the time and date capabilities too. I have the clock on the calculator set to my school time since that is where I use it the most. They've also added the rest of the trig functions like the secant, cosecant and the cotangent and all the inverses and hyperbolic foms too. I also like how they did the alpha lock feature too. They made it with the request command so you could state weater you want the alpha lock on or off right away instead of doing itwith the keys or another program thats just going to take up more space. Now there is no need for that. Bu I till give my gratitude to the person who wrote that program before this new AMS came out.

     4 September 2002, 00:15 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released
DRaguindin  Account Info

yo... i just got my ti-89 and upgraded to 2.08 and have AMS 2.0. i noticed that doorsos won't work unless i install hw2, which i read could be fatal to my calculator. is there any other way to install doors, or maybe another comparable shell? i want some handy apps as well as games on my calculator. (sorry if i sound like an idiot, i'm still trying to figure this machine out)

     6 September 2002, 09:40 GMT

How much more memory does 2.08 use?
Steve Meserve

Did anyone note the difference in memory requirements between 2.05 and 2.08? I upgraded to 2.08 and it seems like I have a lot less available flash memory. Thanks,


     10 September 2002, 20:59 GMT

Re: How much more memory does 2.08 use?

try reseting all memory... i'm having problems too! I can't transfer old text files or programs to the calculator! TI connect states, at the end of transfer, that it wasn't able to comunicate with the calculator

     10 September 2002, 22:21 GMT

Re: How much more memory does 2.08 use?
Steve Meserve

I just back reved to 2.05. Nothing personal, but I don't really need the clock and the extra trig functions. If the cost were a couple of K, that's one thing. When I did the numbers it's 65,634 (64k) less flash, and 548 bytes less RAM. Finally, you can only see the clock if you are in the desktop view. My HP-49g let's me see the date/time right from my work screen! TI, if you're listening, I'll take the clock+trig+Request/Alpha - the desktop, if you can do it without killing a 64k block! Thanks! Steve

     11 September 2002, 04:02 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released

I guys!
I installed the new OS 2.08 on my ti-92 plus... it works fine, but i can't send my old text or programs! :-( TI connect says, when it completes trasfer that it wasn't able to communicat with the machine!

Any advice?? I've emailed ti, but didn't answer!

     10 September 2002, 22:16 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released
jon stef  Account Info

yea ive been having a problem with my ti-89 and 2.08 made it worse. ever since i did something weird to it, i cant adjust the contrast using the diamond and such, i have to use smq or some other contrast modifying game to do so, but when i use 2.08 NOTHING works on it. does anyone know how to fix my damn contrast thing at least?

     11 September 2002, 05:36 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08 Released
Zero_9  Account Info

Anyone else notice that TI has removed 2.08 and put back 2.05?

Maybe they recieved many questions/complaints and realized that it wasn't quite ready for "prime-time" yet...

     14 September 2002, 03:44 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08 Released

I was just about to point that out. I had just made up my mind that it wasn't worth upgrading anyway. (I have an HW1) Because I have an HW1, does this mean that I won't be able to upgrade past 2.05 assuming TI makes a new AMS worth upgrading to?

The 89 is a great calc, but TI the company just doesn't seem to care.

     14 September 2002, 04:03 GMT

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