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AMS 2.08 Released
Posted by Eric on 19 August 2002, 07:10 GMT

TI has recently released AMS 2.08 for the TI-89 and the Voyage 200. The new version includes added features such as more trig commands and a novel idea TI is referring to as "clack functionality" (yes, kiddos, I believe that should be "clock"). Anyway, give it a try.

On another note, I've decided to officially retire from ticalc.org, due to massive workloads and such. It's been interesting, but three years is about long enough, anyway. We're currently in the process of deciding how to proceed, so please don't flood our mailboxes volunteering your help just yet, thanks.

Update (Eric): Ok, it appears that TI has recalled AMS 2.08 due to errors with the Black Graph Link cable and TI-Connect.


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why did they take it down
frayes  Account Info
(Web Page)

what problems with black link cable??
i upgraded couple weeks ago fine and i have the black graphlink cable. i dont understand why they took it down.

only thing is i get some AMS errors with some older aplications and Universal OS or DoorsOS dont seem to work. hope somone makes an updated version or different kernel.

if anyone needs it u can email me.

     23 September 2002, 04:52 GMT

An explanation and more...
centauri Account Info

We've probably all heard about the "black cable explanation".

My experience with AMS 2.08 has been fine on some accounts, one of them being that it has no conflicts with the TI cable. None at all...

There is one problem however, and this could be very well both a benefit and a problem.

On the bad side (not that I'm a "glass half empty kinda guy), it is quite intuitive that a majority of programmers will probably not develop a "patch" program for AMS 2.08 ASM compat'y.

However; usually, with ::well-commented code::, it is ::usually:: to some degree less difficult to modify the software. Therefore, I would presume that in relatively short time, there will be a new AMS, probably 2.10.

It will most likely be 2.10 because I do not believe TI will spend time to make a simple fix and immediately release 2.09; or they could, but that is simply my first reaction.

Hopefully, there will be more than clocks 'n calenders. Maybe they will think of putting the clock where WE CAN SEE IT.

     23 September 2002, 21:41 GMT

Re: An explanation and more...
Frank ddrumer  Account Info

Im afraid this will take more time than you think.
Here is the E-Mail I received from TI today:

When we released the new OS, version 2.08, for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 operation system, several customers told us about problems they were having when they used the older Black Graph Link cables with the TI Connect Software. Since most of our customers have these cables, we decided to pull the 2.08 software from distribution and refine it. A software upgrade that is compatible with all our Graphlink cables and TI Connect Software will be available within the next six months. Until then, please continue using the existing software version already on your handheld.

     23 September 2002, 22:18 GMT

Re: Re: An explanation and more...
frayes  Account Info
(Web Page)

hah six months... i bet more than a year those os upgrades never come from ti.

so anyone getting the TI-keyboard?? i'm planning to get one, its fall 2002 and still not here. release it damit! :D

     24 September 2002, 02:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: An explanation and more...
tge82  Account Info

Well, imagine how long it'll take them to allow compatibility for the non-flash calcs for any platform other than MacIntosh (if that's what they're ever planning). :) I'm using other software like TiLP (under Windows) with the USB cable, which works, but I'm still having several problems with it like the drivers crashing my computer (even though I'm using the correct ones that the TiLP website pointed to) and getting a lot of transmission errors for no apparent reason... for all of my calcs, not just one in particular.

     29 September 2002, 20:01 GMT

2.05 v. 2.08, Case of Compatibility
centauri Account Info

Despite the warnings from TI, and bashing from quite a large number of 89 users, I, among several others, have continued to use "new" AMS, our not-so-perfect 2.08.

Sure, its not compatible with most ASM; but recently, several programs have been written that are compatible. Just recently, Space Dementia v0.5 beta & Dr. Mario v1.3 have been released; these are very well done. Beside, SD is still in beta.

So is it worth keeping the 2.08? Definitely. With the guarantee of new ASM programs (i.e., "nostub"), and even perhaps new patches, why bother using the 2.05?

Note: The author would like someone to write either a new kernel/OS or a patch for the 2.08 AMS so as to be able to run older ASM programs :)

     1 October 2002, 00:29 GMT

Re: 2.05 v. 2.08, Case of Compatibility
frayes  Account Info
(Web Page)

nope not me, i downgraded to v2.05

wayyyy to many link transmision errors, it would stall on me for some reason on programs when transmiting. i'll stick with v2.05, no clock but i have a watch :)

     2 October 2002, 04:20 GMT

Re: Re: 2.05 v. 2.08, Case of Compatibility
centauri Account Info

Yes I'll agree on that. Definitely watches are a much better alternative to the TIClock; beside, it's not as if you weren't able to tell time before 2.08 came along.

     2 October 2002, 21:25 GMT
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