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Last updated Saturday, 16 February 2019
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abilities.zip5k06-10-10File is not ratedD20 Ablilites
D20 Abilities is a small program designed to make charater creation easier by randomly determining and adding up the ability scores, and then six scores are displayed. These scores will work for most D20 games, including Dungeons and Dragons, D20 Modern, and Star Wars RPG.
add.zip1k98-09-29File is not ratedAD&D Functions
Speeds up character creation time and kills the need for dice.
adndhelp.zip3k98-11-21File is not ratedADnD Helper
Character creater, die roller, hp roller, and treasure creater all in one.
bball89.zip1k03-04-20File is not ratedBasketball Stat Analyzer
A port of Patrick Do's "Backetball Stat Analyzer" from the 86 to the 68K calcs.
bingo24.zip6k03-07-24File is not ratedBingo Caller
A tool used in calling Bingo, it keeps track of user cards, and allows for convenient calling.
bracketz.zip2k04-04-13File is not ratedBracketz v1.0
This program will input and store brackets for a tournament with 64 teams. It reads the team names, wins, and losses off of a data file, and then draws the brackets and allows the user to select their teams. When creating a new bracket, press Enter to advance a team, or Apps to find out the wins, losses, and seed for the selected team. Use the arrow keys to move around. The initial data set must be created manually, but an example data set, for the 2004 NCAA men's basketball tournament, is included.
chaos3.3.zip25k04-09-27File is not ratedChaos v3.3
Upgraded Dice roller and a few little changes.
chargen2.zip1k06-06-18File is not ratedCharGen v0.5
This is a Dungeons and Dragons v 3.5 character generator. Currently it does the correct rolling (4d6, discard lowest) and allows you to assign the rolls to stats, and checks that you don't duplicate them. v1.0 will have race/class selection and ability adjustments and modifiers.
chargen.zip2k00-10-20File is not ratedAD&D Character Generator
This program is for AD&D players. It will speed up character making process. It generates ability scores and modifies them according to the race you pick. It also generates your age, weight, and height according to the race you pick.
cheat68k.zip1k04-07-24File is not ratedCheat68k V1.00
The ultimate secure cheating program for your 68k series (TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 PLT, and TI-89 Titanium) TI-Basic games. Cheat68k is for entering cheat codes; chtsrvr (Cheat Server) delivers the cheats in encrypted form to the game. Documentation is included, both for cheaters and developers wishing to add Cheat68k support to their game(s).
cryptosolv.zip1k03-12-29File is not ratedCryptoSolv
A cryptogram solver. Tell it what letters mean what, and it'll tell you what a given phrase is.
cword.zip15k02-04-15File is not ratedCrossword Maker
Simple... a crossword maker and viewer, with instructions. Soon to include clues and the actual puzzle solving process.
dandd.xp35.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedD&D 3.5 Experience Calculator
For Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 DMs who struggle to calculate experience awarded to the players. Input the number of players, up to five different effective character levels (ECLs), and up to ten challenge ratings or encounter levels (CRs/ELs).
da.zip1k09-05-09File is not ratedda - the infinite die program
Why settle for just the usual dice, when you can roll as many as you like? At the home. enter da(x,y) where x is the number of sides you want and y is the number of dice. Contact me at illiriks@gmail.com. Just 85 bytes!
d_d.zip1k03-06-07File is not ratedD&D Character
Create a D&D character (with stats, name, race, and class) you can modify "race" and "class" to add your own ideas
dominion.random.zip5k17-11-06File is not ratedDominion Card Randomizer
For the card game Dominion. This program will select 5 random kingdom cards with which to play. Up to the Empires expansion. Note: excludes the cards Young Witch, Messenger, Feast, Loan, Philosopher's Stone, Rats, Vagrant, Possession, Transmute, and Chancellor due to personal preference.
erg89.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedErg Score Calculator
I have finally ported the ever-popular erg scorce calculator to my third and final calculator. All rowers out there rejoice and make good use of this program (although I'm not sure how many rowers use 89s). Enjoy.
fasthanoi.zip2k03-05-07File is not ratedFast Hanoi Solver
There are actually 3 functions here: the recursive algorithm (slow), and two iterative (fast). All return the answer in a single string. Check the documentation for more info.
golf2.zip2k00-08-07File is not ratedGolf ScoreKeeper v2.5
Keeps score of golf games.
go.zip23k03-12-15File is not ratedTI-Go / TI-Go-View
The archive contains the updated English version of TI-Go and TI-Go-View as well as a program helping to convert sgf-files (commonly used go game format) so they can be replayed on the calculator. The German version can be downloaded from my homepage.
gs.zip2k01-07-02File is not ratedTI- 89 Gameshark
It is what I have started to do with a GameShark type program for some TI- 89 Basic games. It currently only supports one game but future updates sholud be expected.
hanoi.zip1k01-06-08File is not ratedTowers of Hanoi Solver
A program that solves the Towers of Hanoi for you using a recursive function. Can handle about 69 disks before memory becomes a problem.
heartsscore.zip19k04-08-30File is not ratedHearts Scorekeeper v2.0
This is a scorekeeper for the card game Hearts (for 4 players). You can pick your own target score (for if you want a quick game or a long game) and the program can even detect ties. It is helpful for when there is no paper and pencil around. Ported from the 83+ version by Anson Jablinski.
highsc.zip2k03-07-17File is not ratedHigh Score Manager 1.01
This is a high score manager which can store 11 high scores and view them. Very simple to use.
hsm.zip7k03-07-19File is not ratedHigh Score Manager V5.20 (Final Release)
A TI-Basic utility for tracking high scores in games. There is no limit on the number of high score tables you can maintain. What's new: Optimized the program. Changed output messages to use the custom toolbar instead of the PgrmIO screen. Changed the viewer so that the box prompting you where to start and the box prompting you about viewing more of the table do not appear if they aren't needed. The program no longer uses 'flag'. THIS IS THE FINAL RELEASE OF THIS PROGRAM.
lifepts.zip1k11-06-20File is not ratedYu-Gi-Oh Lifepoint Counter
Keep track of your lifepoints more easily in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.
lottonum.zip2k99-12-25File is not ratedLottoNum89 v1.1
Lottery odd and number finder - updated version for AMS 2.03 dialogs and fixing of Pick 3 and Pick 4 bugs.
lottopik.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedLotto Pick
Useless (or not?) program to help people decide which numbers to pick in a lottery game.
lotto.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedca lotto
california lotto number maker. shows different 5 numbers every time with 1 mega number. go california!
magiclc.zip6k08-11-30File is not ratedMagic the Gathering Life Counter
This is version 2 of the life counter that was originally made for the TI-83/84. The entire program has been rebuilt using all the new features of the TI-89. Supports multiple game formats and supports 2-14 players. Until all the bugs are worked out the life counter is actually many programs that call each other. That being said please report any bug that is not in the release notes.
main.cantstop.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedCan't Stop Probability
For the dice game Can't Stop. Displays the probability of rolling any of your three chosen numbers. (The program to determine those probabilities took much longer to execute and needed to be streamlined.)
mtg.zip1k03-06-07File is not ratedMTG life counter
Magic: the Gathering life counter (for 2 people at the moment) e-mail me if you want to have one that can have more than 2 people, and/or suggestions
qbrating.zip2k03-12-24File is not ratedQB Rating v1.0
This program uses the NFL's official formula to calculator quarterback ratings. Use it whilst watching football to see how your quarterback is really doing.
relojajedrezchessclock.zip303k07-08-08File is not ratedChess Clock / Reloj de Ajedrez v2.0
ENGLISH: This program is a digital clock for to play chess written in Daisuke-Edit using Flib 3.2 GLP. Features: It obeys to the FIDE rules, several Time Controls, optional Remaining Time addition, Sides selection, turn Keys selection, optional Time Delay mode, optional Moves per Game, indicates Loser on time, pause and more. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa es un reloj digital para jugar ajedrez escrito en Daisuke-Edit usando Flib 3.2 GLP. Características: Obedece a las reglas FIDE, varios Controles de Tiempo, adición del Tiempo Restante opcional, selección de Posiciones, selección de Teclas de turno, modalidad de Demora opcional, Movimientos por Partida opcional, indica el Perdedor por tiempo, pausa y más. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
rpgdice.zip2k04-01-19File is not ratedRPGDice V1.00
RPGDice is an RPG-oriented dice rolling function. It supports offsets, unlimited numbers of dice, and unlimited sides per die. (C) 2004 Enchanted Coders.
rpgs89.zip4k06-02-03File is not ratedRpgSkill89
This is a port of one of my previous programs that will calculate total skill points for base classes in the Star Wars Core Rule book and the D20 Modern Core Rule book. If you are a PnP fan, download now!
rs2calc89.zip8k04-09-03File is not ratedRunescape 2 Exp Calculator 89
This program calculates what you need to do or make for: Agility, cooking, firemaking, fletching, fishing, herblore, magic, mining, prayer, runecrafting, smelting/ smithing, thieving, woodcutting. This program tells you exp gained per item, required lvls + more. This is a TI-89 version of my ti-92 program. Update: Fixed a minor bug in the magic prgm.
rslide.zip112k19-02-16File is not ratedRSlide
Function used to generate random layout for a square slide puzzle similar to fifteen. Includes function that tells whether a given puzzle is solvable or not. Program requires Stats/List Editor Flash Program to run.
rubikscubescrambler.zip1k07-12-23File is not ratedRubik's cube scrambler
This will randomly generate a sequence of moves to mix up a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube.
scorecard5.15.zip163k03-03-07File is not ratedScorecard 5.15
Scorecard 5.15 is the newest, totally re-designed version of scorecard. This program is a simple scoring machine for card games and the like. This program was written to accommodate an infinite number of players and rounds however due to the limitations of the calculator, it will more then likely only allow an entry of up to 999 players or until the memory is used up. For all practical purposes, there should be more then plenty of room for any number of entries.
scram45.zip1k11-10-10File is not ratedRubik's 4x4 and 5x5 Scrambler
Generate a random sequence of up to 54 moves to scramble a Rubik's 4x4 or 5x5.
scram4.zip1k10-10-15File is not ratedRubik's 4x4 Scrambler
Generate a random sequence of moves to scramble a Rubik's 4x4 cube.
scram67.zip1k11-10-10File is not ratedV-Cube 6 and V-Cube 7 Scrambler
Generate a random sequence of up to 48 moves to scramble a V-Cube 6 or V-Cube 7.
scramble.zip1k11-10-10File is not ratedRubik's Cube Scrambler
Generate a random sequence of up to 54 moves to scramble a Rubik's Cube.
scrbkprv89.zip1k03-05-16File is not ratedBaseball Scorebook Preview
Well, this is a text based baseball scorebook. It's nowhere near finished, but I'm releasing a preview.
stackmat.zip1k11-10-10File is not ratedRubik's Cube Stackmat Timer
Use the calculator as a virtual Stackmat timer for timing Rubik's Cube solves.
tpss.zip4k01-05-14File is not ratedTen Pin Scoring System
Let´s you keep the score in a bowling game, it gives you the score frame by frame.
ultima.zip2k00-07-06File is not ratedThe Ultima Companion
This program helps figure out combat attributes in the game Ultima Online.
xtutil.zip1k04-01-31File is not ratedeXperience Table Utility (XTUtil) V1.01
eXperience Table Utility provides an implementation of the common RPG experience table as an equation, which DRAMATICALLY reduces the size of the table (only 12 bytes!) but also reduces control over the table's values. What's new in this release: Optimized the programs. (C) 2003, 2004 Enchanted Coders.
yugiohlifepoint8.zip6k03-03-10File is not ratedYu-Gi-Oh Life Point Displayer 89
Here it is! The best and greatest life point displayer for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. Has litterally all the things you would use for a duel. You won't need paper or a pen, or a coin, or dice! Go ahead, get it!

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