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Last updated Sunday, 16 December 2007
Total downloads 436,471
Most popular file  Gran Tourismo v 0.88 with 91,473 downloads.

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alspong.zip17k05-07-23File rated 5.98Al's ping pong
this is not just simple boring old atari pong this is REAL ping pong from a side view you can chose from 5 different speeds and play against the computer at 2 different difficulties.
baseball3.zip19k00-10-11File is not ratedBaseball 89
v1.0 -- A baseball game completely programmed in C. Features include: 3 modes of play (season, exhibition, and homerun derby), 4-level grayscale graphics, both hitting and fielding, 12 teams with 9 players each, variable speed, home/not home, and innings, and more. Source code included.
baseball.zip11k00-09-28File is not ratedBaseball 89 v0.91
v0.91 -- A baseball game programmed in C. v0.91 fixes a small bug in the old version, 0.9. Features include: grayscale graphics, both hitting and fielding, control of runners, multiple speeds, non-random hitting, and more. Source code included.
basko.zip17k04-11-25File is not ratedBasko
Basko is a BasketBall Demo game. The aim is to put the ball in the basket. This game uses real-time physics laws.
bowlingsol89_19.zip24k04-03-29File is not ratedBowling Solitaire
Card Game of bowling solitaire for ti89. Pick up to 3 "pin" cards and remove them with 1 ball card to score just like real bowling. See program help for game play.
bowlingsol89_22.zip44k04-04-09File is not ratedBowling Solitaire
Added more features to the program.
carjam.zip18k02-03-21File is not ratedCar Jam v1.6
This is a clone of the Binary Arts puzzle game Rush Hour (also available for 89), but with greyscale graphics. Car Jam now has more than 50 levels.
darts.zip33k07-12-16File is not ratedDarts 0.7
Updated version of my Darts game, now almost complete! Very fun to play!
dart.zip70k04-07-06File is not ratedDart 1.2
This is a simple dart game, where you have to set an angle and a speed in order to make a score.
exracer.zip25k02-03-02File rated 7.36ExRacer v1.0
This is now the same program as Drifter 3.0. ExRacer was the original name used in early versions.
fzero68k.zip960k05-12-10File rated 8.71F-ZERO for TI68k
F-ZERO is a futurist race game originally developed by NINTENDO ® You can play with 4 different ships and you must try to be the fastest to win the gold cup at the grand prix. You can upgrade your skills by practicing in Time Attack mode, and try to beat your own records. You can record ghost files and send them to your friends so they can virtually fight against you in Time Attack. At last but not least, there is a versus mode where you can challenge your friends using a standard link cable. This game is powered byy Mode7Engine v1.1 by me (Lionel Anton).
gran_tourismo.zip141k04-11-04File rated 8.69Gran Tourismo v 0.88
This game wants to be an adaptation of the famous PSX game 'Gran Turismo'.The game is in grayscales, you can drive on 8 detailed tracks, with a choice of many cars among the best marks available. You can tune up your car to improve greatly its acceleration and behaving... I try to make a 'realistic' game, so reactions change with the car you drive, depending on its Hps, Weight, and others things... You can also play against a friend ! This version fixes some bugs/glitches and a titanium is supported.
icehockey68k.zip178k05-12-31File rated 8.55Ice Hockey 68k v2.75
Ice Hockey 68k is an excellent One or Two Player 3v3 Hockey Game! Features include TI-89 TITANIUM support, 31 Official NHL Teams, Strong AI, a Grayscale scrolling rink, Two-Player Linking Option, easily customizable, 4 Modes of Play, Team Editor, customizable game speed, well structured C source code included, Runs Fast and Smooth on HW1 and HW2 68k Calcs, and the graphics are awesome. The game also has automatic calc detection, so the same executable will run on the TI-89/Ti-89T/TI-92+/v200. The 4 Modes of play are Exhibition, Tournament, ShootOut, and Practice. Multiplayer is available in the Exhibition and ShootOut Modes. Please update to this version because it fixes a critical bug reported by Kevin Kofler.
iss89.zip33k02-04-02File is not ratedISS 89 Demo 1
This is a little Demo of ISS 89 (soccer game) ,written in C using TIGCC.It is not really a game yet,but it shows the gameplay and the graphical base of a Game that will be complex,once (and if) achieved...You can perform many moves and the sprites animation is smooth.The Game is greater than 24 kB,so I put a little launcher (thanks to Zeljko Juric for this launcher(TIGCC help...) with the Zip if you have troubles.
joust.zip67k05-04-24File is not ratedJoust
This a clone of the old VGA Joust game that used to exist for the 286. The basic premise of the game is that you're flying a dragon and have to hit other Jousters on the head, without letting them hit you on the head. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
kartingz.zip217k06-08-20File is not ratedKartingz v1.00
Kartingz is a racing game where the ground rotates instead of the car. You can race in 4 different circuits in two different race mode (fastest lap or 3 laps race). In order to achieve the best time possible, you must master the drifting.
kart.zip6k00-09-14File is not ratedKARTING'89
You've got to drive a kart on a track. Please wait for grayscale graphics and new tracks, they'll be ready soon...
mkart.zip110k03-12-28File is not ratedMario Kart
v1.07 This is awesome! Kind of boring at the moment, just a preview of whats comming up. I will release a demo with each major update. This time, tilemapping, which has greatly increased the track quality. Stay tuned for more updates!
mode7.zip97k05-09-21File is not ratedMode 7 - Demo 2
This is a little demo of a sort of 3D race game, which uses Mode7 for the floor rendering and 3D polygons to represent items along the road ( check out the screenshot ;). Some time-critical parts of this engine are coded in assembly ( virtual screen updating and mode7 rendering ) , while the rest is coded in C, using TIGCC v 0.96. Features : ~13-15 fps , collision detection ( still buggy ) and now some 3D rendering.
neonspeed.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedNeon Speed
Neon Speed is a racing game in which the point is to avoid the other cars for as long as you can at the highest speed. Neon Speed is currently in testing, altough this version is quite stable. This is only my second game in C, so gimme a break!
nfldraft.zip6k03-06-02File is not ratedNFL Draft
NFL is a game where you must best evaluate 10 randomly generated prospecs to save your dying team. Ratings such as strength, speed, and health go into deciding the outcome of the draft. Be sure to evaluate every prospect, because your team doesn't always have the top pick. Sorry for the large size!
ontheriver.zip2k01-04-28File is not ratedOn The River
New version! Paddle now!
pffg.zip4k03-05-08File is not ratedPaper Football - Field Goal Try
This is my first game in C, released two days after I picked up TIGCC with no C knowledge. The object of the game is to kick the football through the goal posts by pressing Enter when the ball is at the correct angle. I look forward to updating this game, and maybe even making an entire paper football game out of it.
race2.zip8k02-10-17File is not ratedRace2
Race2 is an extremely fast car game where your goal is to get as far as you can without crashing into the wall. This download includes 2 other versions of it--Race3, which moves sideways instead of up/down, and Race4, which uses grayscale graphics (still very fast). This is a must-try game to see how fast your reactions are.
racecar.zip3k01-07-16File is not ratedracecar
a race car game like Tunnel
realgolf.zip17k04-05-04File rated 7.67RealGolf - 3D Golf at its best!
Holy crap! This is the first BETA release of RealGolf. It's released because I want feedback on this game. Read the README.TXT so that you can participate in the development of this 3D golf simulator.
rtype.zip127k02-07-11File is not ratedR-Type v 0.30
A classical "R-Type",written in C.The purpose is very simple,you are a ship and you have to avoid/shoot the enemies in order to reach the Level's end...The Game requires a lot of dexterity,and you may find it quite hard at the beginning,but that's normal,the "R-Type" series is known for its difficulty...Features : 6 Levels,Animated Enemies with own behaving,Weapons,Shield,Highscores...** Due to some troubles with my computer,I lost all my files :-( ,including the R-Type SOURCE.Hopefully I sent it to someone about a month ago...So if this guy could send me my Source,it would help me a lot.Thanx in advance... **
sk8erboy.zip22k03-09-17File is not ratedSk8er Boy v1.2u
Sk8er Boy is an in-progress street skateboarding game. There are currently five tricks that can be performed including manual and kickflip, and three secret tricks that can be bought with money you gain from competitions. You can also buy stat points to reduce bails. You gain points by doing tricks. The faster you are going while you do the trick, the more points you gain. You are also more likely to bail if you attempt a harder trick at a higher speed. If you bail on bigger tricks, you lose more points. Combos can add extra points by doing several tricks in a row quickly.
skater.zip23k01-06-19File is not ratedSkater
Jeu de skateboard en niveaux de gris
skifree.zip78k02-03-04File is not ratedSkiFree v0.5b
This is a fast, grayscale game very similar to the windows version.
ski.zip17k05-03-29File is not ratedSki v2.1
Walls move and you avoid them. Has four difficulty settings and high scores.
slimeball.zip178k04-11-20File rated 8.15SlimeBall v1.01
Slimeball is a volleyball game. You can play in three different mode: alone against the calc; two player on the same calc; two player on two calc. Many options available to tweak the gameplay. Fun guaranteed !
soccer.zip204k02-09-08File is not ratedSoccer
BETA VERSION! Test the first real soccer game on TI! Shoot, touchdown, corner and pass are already possible. You can also select the location, the team formation and the half-time duration. Tutorial includeed. The game is fastier than gif animations.
tennis89beta1.zip159k02-02-20File is not ratedTennis 89 beta release 1
This is a remake of the classic Nintendo Gameboy game "TENNIS". At the current time (BETA RELEASE 1) There is a 1 Player Version available for the TI-89 and TI-92 plus. There are plans to create a 2 player version, though, I have no release date in mind. This is the first public release, and there are still plenty more features that i have yet to implement, serving for example, though they are in the works. I hope this is enough to get you excited.
tkf.zip32k01-02-26File is not ratedTrack and Field
an athletic game
vrally.zip5k03-06-14File is not ratedvrally
Version 0.6 Demo par Joan CLoez. caracteristique:une seule voiture(pour l'instant) et un circuit aleatoire. a essayer d'urgence !!! :)

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