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Last updated Monday, 14 April 2008
Total downloads 256,459
Most popular file  The Chart (exact sin, cos, tan values) with 11,385 downloads.

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acute.zip1k00-03-31File is not ratedAcute, Obtuse, Right v1.0
this program will tell you if a triangle is acute, obtuse, right or in existance. Version 1.0
ad.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedAd
Draw angles, calculate trig values.
ang2.zip1k98-03-07File is not ratedCharlie's Angles 2.0
Various Angle Utilities
angclock.zip1k00-01-16File is not ratedAngle Clock v2.0
Calculates the angle of clock hands at any given time.
angleconv.zip1k99-09-14File is not ratedPeter's Angle Converter v1.1
Peter's angle converter converts radians to revolutions, revolutions to radians, degrees to radians, and radians to degrees. Also, it can convert degrees to radians without giving the answer in terms of pi. If the answer is given in degrees, the DD and DMS forms are given.
angles.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedAngles, DecDeg Converter
This program is great for tests.
anytri.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedTriangle Functions
find angles and sides of any triangle contanes 4 equations
chart.zip1k98-03-12File is not ratedThe Chart (exact sin, cos, tan values)
The Chart
conceulr.zip1k98-01-03File is not ratedConcEulr
Finds points of concurrency and Euler Line of triangle
exact86.zip1k02-05-13File is not ratedExact Value of Trig. Functions
Displays the exact value of the six trig. functions with the square root sign when you input 0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 210, 225, 240, 270, 300, 315, 330, or 360 for theta.
exact_trig.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedExact Trig
Finds exact (not decimal) values of trig functions.
faastri.zip3k00-01-14File is not ratedAAS Triangle Solver
Given a triangle, doesn't have to be a right one, and in that triangle, you have two angles and a side, this program helps you out.
fasatri.zip3k00-01-14File is not ratedASA Triangle Solver
You has a triangle, it can be a right one but does have to, and type in the values it asks for and it helps you solve the remaining parts of the Triangle.
fsastri.zip3k00-01-14File is not ratedSAS Triangle Solver
Given a triangle, doesn't have to be a right one, and in that triangle, you have two sides and the INCLUDE angle. This helps you find the remaining parts.
fssatri.zip4k00-01-14File is not ratedSSA Triangle Solver
Given a triangle, doesn't have to be a right one, and in that triangle, you have two sides and an angle, the angle isn't included in the sides. This programs helps you out to find remaining parts.
fssstri.zip3k00-01-14File is not ratedSSS Triangle Solver
Given a triangle, doesn't have to be a right one, and in that triangle, you have three sides, this program helps you out to find the remaining parts.
infinite86.zip2k02-05-13File is not ratedInfinte Domain of Trig. Functions
Displays the general equation for the domain of the six trig functions from negative infinity to infinity. (Example: sin theta = 1/2 at pi/6+2piN and 5pi/6+2piN)
lawcos.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedLaw of Cosines
lawc.zip1k03-04-03File is not ratedLaw Of Cosines
Input all the sides to figure out all the angles.
lawsin.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedLaw of Sines
lcosines.zip1k97-09-06File is not ratedLaw of Cosines
losc.zip2k00-04-19File is not ratedThe Law of Sines and Cosines
Uses the law of sines, the law of cosines, and herons law to find the angles,sides,and area of triangles.
lovetri.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedLove Triangle
Creates triangles for which the area equals the perimeter. In this user-friendly program, you input two sides, and the program will give you two solutions for the third side that make the area equal to the perimeter. It will also graph the triangles to scale.
lsines.zip1k97-11-27File is not ratedLaw of Sines
moll.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedMollweide's Equation
Mollweide's Equation for checking triangles.
obliquet.zip4k01-12-16File is not ratedOblique Triangle Solver
This is a trig program. You enter the three values given and it finds the missing values, while also finding the area of the oblique triangle.
oblique.zip1k99-03-15File is not ratedObliques
Trig prog for OBLIQUES and their AREA
pithag.zip1k03-03-23File is not ratedPithag
Uses the Pythagorean theorem, you enter two legs or a leg and the Hypotenuse and it tells you the other side
prvtri.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedTriangle Proof
ptheorem.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedThe Pythagorean Theorem
Small, easy to use BASIC program that quickly calculates the value of A, B, or C in any triangle length.
ptrig.zip1k00-03-05File is not ratedpTrig
Basic trigonometric ratios in surd form.
pyth2.zip1k99-10-30File is not ratedPyth v1.52
This was my very first program on the TI-86. It lets you solve for a, b, or c in a triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem.
pythag2.zip4k00-12-10File is not ratedPythag86 v1.0.5
Pythag86 is THE math program for your TI-86! It is mostly geared for geometry students, but can be used by anyone. Imaginary number support for the quadratic solver has been added
pythag3.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedPythag
This program solves for the pythagorean theorum.
pythag89.zip27k06-04-15File rated 3.87Optimal Pythagorean Solvers
This solves for any variable in the Pythagorean Theorem. It's made in TI-Basic for all TI's; QBasic for IBM PC DOS; and z80 asm on the 83+ & 86. All TI-Basic version have been optimized extensively and tested for errors.
pythagoras.zip1k99-04-11File is not ratedPythagorean Solver
Solves Pythagorean Triangle problems
pythagorean.zip1k00-08-02File is not ratedPythagorean Therom
This program is designed to let you input side a and b and it will tell you the hypotenuse of a right triangle
pythagtheory86.zip1k02-07-07File is not ratedPythag Theory
Solves the pythagorean theorem for A/B and C. Simple to use.
pythag.zip1k98-10-14File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
Solves for sides of a rt. triangle
pyth.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
riantrig.zip1k99-06-06File is not ratedRight Angle Trigonometry
A very Userfriendly trig program.
sccscct.zip1k98-09-16File is not ratedMisc. Trig. Functions
Allows you to do sec, csc, and cot and their inverses.
sct.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedRight Triangle Trig
sicotri.zip11k00-07-30File is not ratedSicoTri v1.25 (Danish)
This program is in Danish! Ny version! Dette program kan udfra 3 data (f.eks. to vinkler og en side) udregne alt på en trekant. Du kan også vælge at tegne din trekant selv, hvorefter du også kan se alle data. Programmet kan til hver en tid tegne din indtastede eller selvtegnede trekant for dig!! Simplethen det bedste trigonometri program, der fås til TI-86!! Programmet kan nu også udregne den om-og indskrevne cirkels radius
sinmcosn.zip1k99-11-18File is not ratedSums of Sines and Cosines
Convert to sums of 1st powers of sin and cos.
sixtrig.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedSix Tirg Functions
Fins six trig functions through some input you give.
special.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedSpecial Triangles
tlaws86.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedTrig Laws 86 v1.0
Sine Cosine and Spherical Sine Cosine laws
trgrules.zip4k04-01-27File is not ratedTrigonometry Rules
The ULTIMATE set of Trigonometry Rules you will ever find. There are 7 complete pages filled with rules to help you in first and second semester of PreCalc!
tri2.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedTri v1.0
Draw a triangle, and this will fiind the area automatically
triangle1.zip1k01-02-22File is not ratedTriangle Calculator
This program accepts any three parts of any triangle, and will use the sine and cosine laws to find the remaining three values.
triangle2.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedTriangle Properties
Determines whether or not the inputted values can create a triangle, and if it can then what kind of triangle it is.
triangle30.zip4k97-08-31File is not ratedTriangle Solver 3.0
trianglesolver.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedArea Equals Perimeter
It makes triangles for which the area is equal to the perimeter.
triangle.zip1k97-11-25File is not ratedTriangle Solver 1.0
triarea.zip1k02-04-17File is not ratedTriarea v1.02
Finds the area of a triangle.
trifactr.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedTRIFACTR Trinomial Factorer
Unlike the other programs that wastes your time by guessing the answers, TRIFACTR actually calculates how to split your trinomial into two binomials. You will get every answer in a second every time! This is the smallest, the fastest, and best trinomial factorer you'll ever see. Also solves the equation for zero.
trig2.zip1k99-04-21File is not ratedTrigFunc v1.0
Sin, Cos, Tan, Cot, Sec, and Csc solver.
trig3.zip1k99-05-17File is not ratedTrigonometry
A userfriendly right angled triangle program.
trig4.zip6k00-08-29File is not ratedTrig Helper v2.5
This program was written to help me with my trig, it has definitions and laws and degree to radian and reverse options
trigbox.zip1k97-10-26File is not ratedTrigBox 1.0
trigf86.zip1k02-06-02File is not ratedTrigonometry Formulas
Displays the fundamental identities, law of sines/cosines, addition/subtraction formulas, double/half angle formulas separated into categories.
trigid.zip1k00-11-13File is not ratedTrig Identities v1.3
This program contains 10 different groups of trig ID's used in both Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus.
triginfo.zip1k00-02-11File is not ratedTrigonometry Info v1.0
On-calculator information about trigonometry
triglaws.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedLaw of Sines, Law of Cosines
A couple programs that solve for the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines
trigmtry.zip2k99-02-02File is not ratedThe Trig Machine v2.5
trigsolv.zip1k01-02-08File is not ratedTrig Solver v0.90
Trig Solver with a few bugs fixed.
trigstuf.zip1k98-03-20File is not ratedTrig Stuff
group file of small, but usefull trig programs for coll. level
trigtoolbox.zip5k03-03-31File is not ratedTrigToolbox 1.3
Trigonometry Toolbox Version 1.3
trigtriangles.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedTrig Triangle V1.0
This is a simple trig program to help solve triangles. Feel free to edit it to improve it.
trig.zip1k98-01-11File is not ratedTrigonometric Functions
trimap.zip1k00-10-29File is not ratedTriangle Mapper v1.0
A useful program for Geometry that can map triangles through a variety of transformations. Enhanced features coming very soon.
trimat.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedTriangle Area by Matrices
This program calculates area of a triangle, when given 3 points. It uses the determinant.
tripytha.zip1k02-10-14File is not ratedTriangle Pythagorean Theorem
Finds the unknown value of a right triangle when you give it two values of it's sides.
triquest86.zip1k00-03-20File is not ratedTriangle Master
Enter the graph coordinates of three points and it will return the three side lengths of the triangle, what type of triangle it is, and if it is acute, right, or obtuse.
trisolv9.zip4k04-08-23File is not ratedUltimate Triangle Solver
Bugs fixed! This zip file contains the two most recent versions of my triangle solver. Both can solve, based on any three inputs other than 3 angles, any triangle that exists. They are fast, easy to use, quite small, for their features. Both can find the sides, angles, areas, perimeter, circumradius, and inradius of any existing triangle, as well as displaying a to-scale picture of the triangle while showing all these stats. With v9.0.2, you can either have the program display the picture or show the lengths of all the altitudes and medians to each side of the triangle. If more than one solution exists, you can switch back and forth between them. If the triangle doesn't exist, it tells you that (and doesn't crash). Also, a new, unique (I think) interface allows you to choose what value you want to change while seeing the values of all the sides/angles without using menus. All this for less than 2.5K (v9.0.1) or 3K (v9.0.2)! Simply (in my opinion) the best triangle solver out there. The only thing 'BASIC' about it is the programming language!
trisolve2.zip1k99-03-08File is not ratedTriangle Solver
trisolve3.zip3k99-12-25File is not ratedTrisolve+
Solves angles, sides, height, and area of tiangles, based on three imputs. It also displays a scaled drawing of the triangle.
trisolve.zip1k98-03-10File is not ratedTriangle Solver 1.10
Triangle Solver
trisolv.zip1k08-04-14File is not ratedTriangle Solver
Input: three sides, two angles and one side, or two angles and one side. Output: The remaining triangle sides and angles. Simple, user-friendly interface. Made by Daniel Holstein, April 2005.
triwizard.zip2k05-07-29File is not ratedThe Triangle Wizard
This magical program is intended to solve any triangle with any amount of information. You don't need to know what kind of tri it is (ASA, SSS... ect) for it to work.
tri.zip14k99-03-17File is not ratedTriangle Solver
Solves EVERYTHING about a triangle
unitcircle2.zip1k00-05-11File is not ratedUnit Circle
Ever in the middle of a test and forget what the sine of 2 pi over 3? This program shows you. With a convient graphical interface, this program allows you to choose one of the "sweet-16" located on the unit circle.
unitcircle3.zip1k00-02-09File is not ratedUnit Circle 1.0
a simple program that displays the degree measure, radian measure, sine value, cosine value, and tangent values of all angles that are whole number multiples of pi/6 - see ReadMe.htm for further description
unitcircle.zip1k99-12-07File is not ratedUnit Circle
Draws degree/radian angles on unit circle.
unitcirc.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedUnit Circle Demo
Unit Circle/Trig Function Demonstration.
unitc.zip1k02-04-28File is not ratedUnit Circle
Shows key points, sine, cosine, and tangent values on the unit circle.
untcrcle.zip1k00-03-01File is not ratedUnit Circle
Draws angle on unit cicle, calculates reference angle and rotation.
uts.zip9k99-02-02File is not ratedUltimate Triangle Solver v1.0
wizard.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedMath Wizard v1.0
This math program will evaluate the pathagorean theorom, ohm's law, etc.
wrapping.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedWrapping Function
Will solve for the terminating point on a unit circle for the inputted arclength. Graph option available.

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