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3dgrph86.zip3k99-02-26File is not rated3D Graph
A Wire Frame style 3D graphing program for your TI 86.
agraf.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedAGRAF
Lets you enter a function & store it to y1-y5, adjust the graph screen, & control the TI-86's built in graph styles
barchart.zip3k01-06-01File is not ratedBar Chart Creator v1.1
Makes Bar Charts that look nice. Displays a title for your data.
bigraph.zip1k99-11-18File is not ratedBinomial Pdf-Mean
Graph Binomial pdf and locate mean
ccurves.zip2k01-04-04File is not ratedClassical Curves of Polar Graphs
A collection of the five classical curves of the polar-coordinate system (cardioid, lemniscate, limacone, rose, and spiral of Archimedes). The picture contains the graph of the curve, the standard form of its equation, and various other data on the graph.
compfunc.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedComposite Function Grapher
Composite Function Grapher is a program that will graph composite functions consisting of two functions in terms of x.
confine.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedConfinement Theorem
Restricts Domain of Graph When Trying To Solve For Roots of a Polynomial
coordext.zip1k99-09-09File is not ratedCoordinate Extractor
This program derives all sorts of information from 2 sets of coordinates on an XY plane.
decwin3.zip1k98-11-15File is not ratedThe Decimal Window Creator v3.2
Creates a decimal window for the graph window using the xMax, xScl, and yScl you specify.
eq2chrt.86p1k02-02-16File is not ratedEquation 2 T-Chart
This program takes any 'y = expression' and converts it into a T-Chart. It can do it for any range of values and prompts for the step.
expg_graph.zip4k04-03-28File is not ratedExponential Grapher Pack 2
This includes Exponential Grapher v1.0-1.2, Grapher v1.0, and Exponential Table Lite v1.2.
fract86.zip3k02-04-10File is not ratedFractal Drawer
This is a fractal drawer that asks how long to run. This is just how may cycles it is to run. When its finished, you can quit, view without menu, and save or recall a fractal.
funcdraw.zip4k07-12-06File is not ratedFunction grapher
This program will draw the polynome function according to the points inputted. It can draw functions up to 30th degree! EXAMPLE: Let's say you choose 3rd degree and input points (3,1), (5,-2), (-5,7) and (0,6). The program will draw the function y=13/600x^3-7/50x^2-173/120x+6. The coefficients are stored into vector B. Very small, useful and simple to use!
funk3d.zip19k99-12-07File is not ratedFunk3D v3.0
3D function grapher featuring TI-89 interface, different styles & detail levels and a whole new View-menu.
g3d2.zip1k01-06-01File is not rated3Dimensions II
G3D is back with more angles offered than ever before. This 2nd version includes resolution, angle rotation, 3D recall for multiple graphs and best of all way better looking graphs. You can use almost all math functions including nDer(, der1(, der2(, and fnInt( to define equations.
g3dpro86.zip3k24-05-31File is not ratedGraph 3D Pro
This is the first and only 3D graphing program for TI calculators that has more than one mode. This program will allow you to plot 3D graphs using Cartesian, Polar, Cylindrical, and Spherical coordinates. And it's all under 3K of RAM! Ok...except for the TI-86.
ghelp.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedGraph Helper V1
designed to help find roots of a polynomial
grafeuil.86p2k02-11-20File is not ratedGraphique à feuilles
Programme en français qui peut vous aider en math
graph3deng.zip1k00-07-06File is not ratedGraph3d v1.0
draw 3dgraph (isometric)
graph3dfr.zip1k00-07-06File is not ratedGraph3d v1.0 (French)
permet de faire des graphiques en 3d (perspective cavaliere)
graph3d.zip6k00-05-19File is not ratedGraph3d v1.2
Graphs 3d functions, and now graphs matricies. Change view boundaries and view angle. Change detail of graph. Trace and Evaluate functions. Save the graph as a PIC. Restores graph settings and cleans up vars upon exiting. It's cool, try it.
grapharea.zip3k00-02-11File is not ratedGraph Area Calculation Toolkit v1.0
Collection of programs that calculate the area under a graph
graphslv.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedGraph Solver v1.0
Enter two coordinates, and this program will calculate the equation, slope, midpoint, and distance.
graph.zip1k00-12-23File is not ratedGraph86
A very compact, WORKING 3D grapher for the TI-86
grphineq.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedGraph An Inequality
Finally, a program to graph your inequalities.
guesfun.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedGuessFun
Guess the function and translation.
guesline.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedGuess Line
Guess slope and y-intercept of a line.
implicit.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedImplicit
Graph solution to implicit equation.
ineqgraf.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedIneqgraph
Graph systems of inequalities in x and y.
line2d.zip1k98-11-15File is not ratedLine 2D
lines2.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedPoint plotter
You give the points and you can choose if you want the equation or the distance in between the two points or even the midpoint in between the two points
piechart.zip2k00-04-18File is not ratedPieChart 86
Graphs piecharts easily with an infinite number of variables.
plotseq.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedPlot Sequence
A cool program for graphing sequences easily for the TI-86
polconic.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedPolconic
Graph general quadratic equation (conic).
ptline.zip1k97-09-06File is not ratedPoint Line
qudgraph.zip214k04-03-28File is not ratedNewton
This is a useful program that graphs a Newton's Gravitational equation and will always fit the screen to your graph. That means no more zoom or tinkering with the window size! Note: The graphs that this program displays are relative to time, not three dimensional space and can only be used with Newton's Gravity eqn!
randgrup.zip1k02-11-08File is not ratedCentral Tendency Graphics
Just gives a graph and a few relationships between the #'s.
reflect.zip1k03-04-03File is not ratedfunction reflector
this reflects the graph of any function in the x-axis, y-axis, the line x=y,and the origin. just enter the original function using x as the independent variable and choose which reflection to see. It may take a little time to begin.
rotation86.zip2k99-02-26File is not ratedGraph and Axis Rotation v0.9 Beta
Graph and Axis Rotation
ruimte.zip5k99-10-12File is not ratedRuimtefiguren v2.0
Displays 3D figures and formulae for their volume and surface. Features TI-92/89 style interface. This program is in Dutch.
seqgraph.zip4k01-06-01File is not ratedSequence Graphing for TI-86
This allows the user to plot one recursive sequence. Sequence graphing is one of the features on the 83 and 89 families presently not offered on the TI-86 by default. This program is small, a little over 200 bytes. The user can also trace the sequence plotted.
slope6.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedLine of best fit (a slope program)
Just how it sounds. I finds the equ of the slope and graphs it. Also see Aalpha! thanks
slopefield86.zip1k02-05-20File is not ratedSlope Field
Graphs the slope field for a differential equation.
stemline.zip1k98-10-14File is not ratedNumber of Lines for a Stem-and-Leaf Plot
You enter the sample size, and the number of lines needed to create a stem and leaf plot for that sample size will be displayed along with the equation used.
tblvalue.zip1k01-05-14File is not ratedTable of Values
This program generates a table of values for any equation that you put in. It displays values from -7 to 8.
ti89a.zip2k99-04-07File is not ratedTI89a (3D Grapher)
3D graphing engine capable of graphing 3D functions in z= format.
ti90.zip6k00-04-04File is not ratedTI90
TI90 is a 3D grapher capable of graphing equations in z=xy format, and custom 3D objects rendered in real-time.

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