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absoluteinsanity.zip208k12-01-10File is not ratedAbsolute Insanity (2009)
A very fun and fast puzzle platformer written in pure TI-BASIC, featuring weapons, semi-intelligent enemies, bonuses, powerups, secret areas, and extremely challenging gameplay. The levels get harder and harder until the final few which are, of course, absolutely insane. There are 6 levels included, with four levelscreens per level (which means 24 challenging maps), but when you get frustrated, you can always go try your hand at making your own levels with the built-in level editor, entirely packed into the main program.
absolutemadness.zip263k12-01-10File is not ratedAbsolute Madness (2011)
Incredibly fast (for pure TI-BASIC), Absolute Madness is a puzzle/platform game with 21 levels that test your patience, creativity, and precision. In some ways a sequel to the Absolute Insanity project of 2009, it features moving enemies, manipulable boulders, animated graphics, and a completely rewritten engine that runs much faster than before. A core element of the puzzle aspect of the new game, double-map levels allow you to switch between "dimensions" and make navigating through levels that much trickier. And though you probably will never even get close to finishing, if you do find yourself out of levels to play, there's a complete level editor complete with instant testing to let you create your own maps that others can play.
basicrobot.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedRobo Escapade
You are a new prototype robot that is capable of AI, and you were accidently sent to the garbage compactors! Try to escape and out-meneuver the crushing doors! Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
birdwars.zip4k01-12-16File is not ratedBirdWars
As a bird, fly around a world of surprises. Though this game is in BASIC, its graphics and gameplay will suprise you.
cityblock.zip4k03-05-14File is not ratedCity Blocks: The Sequel to Staircase
Run through the streets of the city, jumping over open manholes and safely crossing streets. It's harder than it sounds! Includes an endurance mode.
climberv2.1.zip5k03-08-10File is not ratedCLIMBER v2.1
Its the beloved game of Ball climber coming in for its second installment. CLimber v2.1 has so much more features then the original. These features include faster speed, better graphics, fixed bugs, more advanced scoring, better gameplay, 4 difficulty settings, and graphical menus. The object of Climber is to climb the ever falling balls. As they stack higher it becomes harder to avoid the falling balls, and hard to jump amongst them. If you are hit with a ball you lose. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!! PLease visit our site at http://www.outerlimit.tk !!!
contra83.zip17k05-01-15File rated 8.07Contra 83
Contra 83 is one of the biggest achievements in pure BASIC. It is a remake of the classic NES game Contra, and is the most advanced BASIC platform game to date. The game has so many features including: 6 creative levels, 3 enemy types, weapon upgrades, 3 difficulty settings, a top 9 high score system (with antihack protection), advanced scoring, a boss at the end of each level that grows in size and strength, very fast game play, advanced terrain including landmines and water, and of course saving/loading (The game will also include a level editor once it is finished). Contra 83 is the true meaning of BASIC. It does not use 1 ASM utility and uses no outside engines or code, just strictly good old home fashioned BASIC. The game proves that BASIC has its power and that a game does not need ASM to be advanced. The game uses one of the most advanced engines ever using complex numbers and equations to generate real looking terrain, and an AI program that will not slow even if 1000 enemies were on a screen. Contra 83 is definitely worth the download. Check it out for yourself, and you will see what all the hype is about. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from Outer Limit Software (http://www.olsoft.tk). Consult the attached readme for all you questions. Thanks goes out to everyone that helped with this project.
covertopsbeta.zip4k03-04-16File is not ratedCovertOps(Beta)
This is a pre-release of Covert Ops. There is only one level on here for now. The game will release in May. 2D graphics. This is not a questionnaire. Kinda like an rpg but it deals with killing terrorists and has weapons. There will be six levels when released.
cracks.zip1k01-06-10File is not ratedFall Through The Cracks
The title basically says it all. In this game, you try to maneuver your character around the screen an go through the cracks in the walls coming towards you. If you enjoy games like "Fall Down" then you'll love this one. It also has a high score feature.
daleks.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedDaleks
Remember Daleks, that computer game you used to play? Well it's back in calc form, at only 499 bytes. Use the numbers to move and store to jump. Have fun with the nostalgia!
dk.zip2k04-02-16File is not ratedDonkey Kong
A donkey kong game where you get banana cars and show off your ape skills.
dungeonv1.zip4k04-04-15File is not ratedDungeon v1
Mario-type game for the 82/83+(SE)/85. No version yet for 83; I'm still working on it. TI-85 version known as BenVar.
earthqke.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedEarthquake
This is a very hard, but addictive game where you have to watch out for falling objects and holes in the floor. Though, as an added feature you can jump to escape the holes in the floor. (If you see them before you fall through them! ;p )
endlessd.zip7k09-03-25File is not ratedEndless Descent
Endless Descent is a game in which you must stay alive as long as possible. Keep moving off the platforms and stay low as long as you can. There are two versions: 1) 84+SE, where the game is timed. 2) anything else in the 83/84 family. SE's work best. View the readme for more details
escape3.zip9k06-06-18File is not ratedTunnel
Once upon a time, there lived Mr. Pixel. One day, he decided that cyberspace was too boring and escaped into the real world. Unfortunatly, he found that it was filled with dangerous viruses and hackers. Luckily, he found a tunnel which might lead back to the computer. But... does it even have an end? This is a simple tunnel/cave game. Press up to go up and gravity provides the down. One extra feature is pressing 2nd to jump. Deletes all variables after program uits. Uses pic0. Powered by Codex.
falldown3.zip1k06-10-08File is not ratedFalldown
Falldown, written in BASIC.
falldown83p.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedFalldown v3.0
Based upon the original assembly version of Falldown. In this game, you have to the guide the ball using left and right to the bottom of the screen by going through the holes in the walls. If you can't 'falldown', then the game is over.
falldownripoff.zip37k06-05-29File is not ratedFalldown Ripoff
Falldown Ripoff is a ripoff of Falldown by Florent Dhordain. I haven't updated this in a long time, so I decided to make this more like his. There are settings that will let you change the speed and size of each bar, also when selecting the difficulty you can set it to 9 and it will be randomly generated bar sizes.
falldown.zip1k01-01-06File is not ratedFalldown v2.0
This is exactly like the Falldown game programmed in assembly, but now in BASIC. If you are not familiar with the Falldown game, the instructions are simple. You have to move the ball left and right to guide it through the holes in the walls. The walls are constantly moving up, and if you cannot "falldown" and you get trapped between the top of the screen and a wall, then the game is over. I highly recommend this game! (It is exactly the same as my 1st Falldown, but NOW WITH LEVELS!)
fallingpixel.zip23k06-11-14File is not ratedFalling Pixel
This game is pretty simple, but addicting: guide the falling pixel to the bottom of the screen while avoiding the other pixels. Each level, more and more pixels appear. Features include a scoring system and small program size. TI-83+ and TI-84+ versions included in the .zip file.
fallingpxl.zip2k11-12-03File is not ratedFalling pixel
Guide your pixel to the other side of the screen.
falling.zip1k00-11-13File is not ratedFalling v1.3
This is a game like FallDown, but for people without a graphlink. The BASIC source is included in the zip file.
fallup83p.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedFallup v3.0
Based upon the original assembly version of Fallup. In this game, you have to the guide the ball using left and right to the top of the screen by going through the holes in the walls. If you can't 'fallup', then the game is over.
fall.zip1k00-02-19File is not ratedFall
Dodge the spikes as you fall through the floors.
fdownbas.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedFdownn v1.0
Really fast basic fdown game! cool title screen, includes high score saves and instructions. Definately a great game!
fencejumper.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedFence Jumper
In this simple and fun game, you control a crazy teenager who's hopping fences. You can pause, control how far you jump, and brag to your friends once you beat their highscore! And, best of all, you can enjoy great graphical effects while doing it.
flamerman.zip2k13-09-13File is not ratedFlamerman - A Beginning
The start of the Flamerman Series, where Hal must save his city from a rampaging dragon!
gemini.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedGemini
This is sort of a Fall up game. It will get boring after you play it for 50 times over, yet still is a good download!
gunmanfighter.zip3k03-05-14File is not ratedGun Man Fighter
Get through the levels by going to the right !
hbacoon5parti.zip14k08-09-17File is not ratedHyper Bacoon 5 Part I&2
Hyper Bacoon is back with even more fearsome enemies, more attacks, special stages, shops, harder bosses, more gadgets, moving platforms, button-press events, timed levels, moving lasers to dodge, and extra help by the mysterious Agent 21. This time, your base has been bombed and Guy In Trenchcoat and Monkey are in the hospital. The teacher who was in control of all the enemies you and Monkey have fought in the past, including Master Chef, is declaring war on you. Will Hyper Bacoon be able to save the day or suffer the pain of defeat? The choice is yours in this final adventure to be continued in Hyper Bacoon 5 Part 3&4.
hbacoonseries.zip22k08-11-29File is not ratedHyper Bacoon
You are a racoon sent to defeat the evil Master Chef at Guy in Trenchcoat's old school. Will you be able stop him before he turns all the people into X people? Don't miss out on this TI-BASIC Platforming Hit with difficult bosses, terrible enemies, multiple weapons, shops, and even co-operative play with Monkey, another agent to help you with his double uzis!
heli01.zip3k08-04-14File is not ratedHeli (Fly Ribbon)
A fun and addicting game. Avoid hitting the whiles while being pulled down by gravity and last as long as you can! Just like fly ribbon on a cellphone, also sometimes called Cave or Tunnel. Also my game features the only curving graphics just like in the original games. FEATURES *MirageOS Compatible *Highscore *Difficulty Levels
heli.zip1k05-09-15File is not ratedHeli v. 0.5
This is a clone of the popular flash game Helicopter. You hit the 2nd button to go up, and let gravity pull you down. This is done while avoiding the ceiling, walls, and floor. Currently, the program still needs a lot of work (to be happening very soon). You can see what you can expect in the readme. If you could download this, and give me some input/suggestions, it would speed things up a LOT. Also, this is my first game, so excuse any messy coding.
ice.zip3k04-09-16File is not ratedIce Climb (Optimized)
A fast, vertical scrolling platform/puzzle game. Reach the top of all 4 levels! (And make your own! Optimized for speed, size, and internal subroutines. Great example BASIC program!)
igibetademo.zip5k03-04-24File is not ratedIGI BETA DEMO
Pre-release of IGI. Now complete beta release.
jumper.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedJump
Jump over each hole placed in your path, and get to the other side. Surprisingly fun.
jumpingman.zip1k03-06-19File is not ratedJumpingman
this game is a classic from the computer. You jump through a maze of ledges to finally get to the top opening. It might not seem so difficult but it is very challenging to the average human being or otherwise known to be called the average bear. Ha Ha Ha LOL!!!!! (recomended for the SILVER edition but still works on the 83+ but slowly)
jumpman.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedJump Man!
a mario like clone in basic thats fast and creates random levels
jumpyman.zip6k05-09-01File is not ratedJumpy Man
Jumpy Man is a really good platform game for ti-basic. You can Shoot, Jump, transport, and more... try it out. If you want me to optomize it, add more missions, make it faster, etc. etc. then wright reviews and rate my program. Heck! even just download it. Thanks!!
jump.zip1k02-03-24File is not ratedJump 83+
Jump over the holes with the 'O' worm. Just something I put together in math class.
ldmonkey.zip3k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Lode Monkey Demo
The long and eagerly awaited third installment in the monkey series is now out! (the demo at least) This game is basically Lode Runner without digging or bombs, with only one enemy, and a jungle theme. It features a level editor, a random level generator(!!), and a relatively fast engine (and instructions). All it needs to be complete is a better menu system, more than one level saved at a time, a scoring system, more elegantly written instructions, good premade levels, and different tilesets. If you want to make levels for the final version or think of suggestions, then try this game and email me about them. If you do try this game, please tell me what you think about it!
llander.zip1k00-11-24File is not ratedLunar Lander v3.0
LUNAR LANDER . . . need I say more? This game is definitely worth the download. (This is pretty much the same as my 2nd version of Lunar Lander, but NOW WITH A FEW ADDED FEATURES!)
loderunnergold.zip8k05-05-26File is not ratedLode Runner Gold
Remember SiCoDe? Remember this, one of their last released programs? Yes, the BASIC version of Lode Runner makes a triumphant return, with thirty new levels to waste band class with!
lser.zip3k03-12-09File is not ratedLaser v1.0
Laser is a game where you try and shoot the moving target on the top of the screen. Featuring falling bonuses, a high score, and it can be played in MirageOS
lunarlander.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedlunarlander
avoid the asteroids, and make your way safely through the infinite number and progressivly harder levels. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL CALCULATOR USERS!!!
lunarlnd.zip1k00-10-05File is not ratedLunar Lander v1.0
Lunar Lander is back! this is simlar to lunar lander for PC now for the TI-83+
manhole.zip1k03-11-14File is not ratedManHole
The Classic Game & Watch game reborn on the 83+
marioextreme.zip18k17-12-26File is not ratedMario Extreme
This is a Mario game made pretty much in pure BASIC (except for an asm snippet to fix the bug with the Text() command, grr). Featuring 6 worlds, 5 enemy types, animated coin blocks, and MUCH more, this is a truly must-have for your calculator if you are at all interested at gaming. It is the first BASIC Mario game of its size (~14,000 bytes) and has good looking graphics on top of that. Yahoo! All instructions are included in the readme.
mariors.zip4k06-07-07File is not ratedMario Minigames Demo
This is a demo of Mario Minigames, one of my projects. It will use sprites based on the Mirage game, Mario. Included in the zip file is a gallery of all the sprites I've collected so far, as well as a little demo program, Jumping Mario. Enjoy!
mario.zip2k00-11-02File rated 1.38Mario 83+ v0.8ß
Mario for the 83+. This fixes a few bugs from the last version that didn't let some players even run the game. have fun!
marsland.zip5k01-05-29File is not ratedMars Lander
Same concept as the popular Lunar Lander. Contains 4 levels, awesome graphics, and 3 difficulty settings.
megaman1_83p.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedMeGaMan v2.0 Part 1
This is the first part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the first part, you must kill a guardian to get past it and advance to the second part. Look for Part 2 and Part 3, as well as the complete trilogy package.
megaman2_83p.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedMeGaMan v2.0 Part 2
This is the second part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the second part, you must defeat three separate enemies in a factory; each enemy starts out with full health, but your health losses persist from enemy to enemy. Awesome graphics; check it out!
megaman3_83p.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedMeGaMan v2.0 Part 3
This is the third part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the third part, you must defeat the boss of the game: a two-headed robot that has double your firepower. Check it out!
megaman83p.zip3k03-05-15File is not ratedMeGaMan v2.0 Complete Package
This is the complete recoded MeGaMan series, a trilogy in which you must battle various enemies and bosses to reach the end. In the first part, you must defeat a guardian and get past him to the second level. In the second part, you are pitted against three enemies in a factory; once you defeat each of them you proceed to the boss. The third part is the boss, a two-headed robot with double your firepower. Defeat it to win the game! Excellent graphics engine; check it out!
megamanhomescreen.zip1k02-04-22File is not ratedMegaman Homescreen v.01
The start of a great Megaman project of the TI-83 Plus. Will include 9 bosses (with usable powers) and the ultimate boss Bass and Treble! Just the beginning, so don't get too excited.
met_game.zip19k06-01-28File is not ratedMetroid v1.1
Utilizing the xLIB app by tr1p1ea, and using everything from pics to lists and matrixes, archives programs and almost all your RAM Metroid certanlly is massive. It takes up well over 30000B at the moment and will soon take up more With 38 matrixes stored in 6 programs and 3 bosses 2 of which are well known, 4 diffrent powerups, secret passages, and unlimited enemies this game is going to take you ages to beat. (or about 30-45mins)
metroid2evolutioncollecti.zip198k24-05-08File is not ratedMetroid II: Evolution & Expansion Set (2006-2007)
Metroid II: Evolution is a sequel to the game that introduced the world of Samus Aran to TI calculators, which can be found here http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/383/38359.html. It features many items from the original metroid like the morph ball, the bombs, the wave beam, etc, fake walls, destroyable blocks, full of secret, awesome graphics, many traps, animations, several areas to explore (over 250 maps) and many things that will make your adrenaline increase to insane proportions while playing (lava that keep rising while you attempt to make your way to the top of the room by jumping on platforms, difficult bosses, traps and many more. Recommended for TI-83+SE, 84+ and 84+SE! This package includes both the original release, along with the Last Chozo Expansion Set, which features more maps, items and bosses. A 2005 demo of the game (back when it was called Diortem) is also included, featuring different enemies and maps.
metroidpure.zip85k06-11-14File is not ratedMetroid Pure
Welcome to the ONLY 100% pure BASIC Metroid as of this date, instead of a sequel to "Metroid I" this is a re-make. It was made entirelly on the TI-83+ calculator, and meant to run on it, you can surely run it on an TI-83+SE/84+/SE but it will be a bit harder to play, but such is life.
metroidxv2.0.zip3k03-12-16File is not ratedMetroid X v2.0
I just updated the previous Metroid X. I fixed some bugs in the program like when you buy energy taks you could buy an unlimited amount. Stuff like that. It also has a name now. So it uses your name.
metroidx.zip2k03-12-03File is not ratedMETROID X ver 1.2
Upgraded from original version. New upgrades are fancyed up title screen, cheat system and other goodies. Same great old gameplay and such missles and power beams and all that good stuff. --NOW FOR THE TI-83--
metroid.zip3k03-10-06File is not ratedMetroid Prime X
Well it's been awhile since I updated my game so here it is! This time it has an intro, cheat system, 5 levels, and a score (this is a score not a high-score type thing).
mm2000.zip6k00-08-06File is not ratedMegaman 2000 v.13
Now you can play the 83 game on the 83 Plus! The new version of Mega Man 2000! It's about 3k smaller, has better graphics, faster gameplay, and looks nicer. Don't expect too much, as the only working level is Flash Man.
mm2001.zip2k01-04-29File is not ratedMega Man 2001
just like the ion version. only "super man" works.
mongoose83.zip3k03-06-21File is not ratedMongoose
A NES Donkey Kong style game. One of my first games ever. Been lying around collectiong dust for months!! Finally, to be released!!
mrboytgdemo.zip1k07-03-06File is not ratedMr. Boy the game (Demo)
This is a demo of a game I have developed where you jump over obstacles. Very challenging and addictive.
mrbtg.zip1k07-03-06File is not ratedMr. Boy the game
Very challenging and addictive game where you jump over obstacles.
nervea.zip2k05-09-25File is not ratedNerve
An original game in which you must progress through levels of increasing difficulty by navigating yourself to the other end of the cave. You start at the left, constantly traveling right, and gravity pulls you down, but by tapping a button you get upwards propulsion. Avoiding obstacles and the sides of the cave while competing for a high score, this game will quickly test your nerves and the quickness of your reflexes. Certainly a unique and fast-paced gameplay experience. -- By Fisch2
obsj.zip3k11-09-30File is not ratedObstacle Jump
Hurl through many obstacles to reach the finish. Includes support for external levels and has an editor! Less than 1700 bytes!
oddjob.zip2k00-06-02File is not ratedOddjobs World 1.1
Improved code but slightly larger than version 1.0, some bugs fixed
omega2.zip1k06-08-25File is not ratedOmega v2.0
Omega v2.0 is a sidescrolling game where you are an omega that must jump over the holes to survive!
pdog24.zip11k03-04-17File is not ratedPrairie Dog v2.4
Despite the odd name this is a great game. Dig tunnels to elude enimies and collect food to boost your decreasing health. Includes top 10 high score feature. Read the readme for more and look out for Prairie Dog II!
piadv.zip1k03-12-16File is not ratedDK Jungle Adventure
This is a really cool game where you control Donkey Kong and help him get home in the fastest time possible. Decent graphics and watch out for Cranky Kongs snide comments!
pixfallcomplete.zip9k08-09-16File is not ratedPIXFALL - Complete
Guide The Falling Pixel Through The Ever Increasing Stationary Pixels. Level, Score, And Name Are Saved As High Score. Includes PIXEL FALL Versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, And Ultimate (All Versions Can Be Run On Same Calculator Without High Scores Interfering With Different Versions) For More Information Read The "Read Me" Which Is included And Has More Information And Instructions.
platform.zip1k13-06-22File is not ratedPLATFORM
PLATFORM is a ti-basic tile-based game, where you have to reach the goal in self created levels, while avoiding rockets, spikes and more. This was my first actual game I made for the ti, and it must have been years ago. I finally got the courage to show it to the world. Hope you enjoy it! Read the included text file for more details.
platfrmx.zip1k03-05-25File is not ratedPlatform X
a cool game that lets you make a level and play it where you have to race to the top! actually pretty fun.
plof.zip1k03-04-26File is not ratedPLATFORM
a simple platform game you can use to make other platform games
pltfrmr.zip2k09-05-28File is not rated? (2007)
Interesting little sidescrolling platform game with you being a question mark. By level 1, it's hard, by level 4, it's frustrating, by level 7, it's crazy, and by level 10, it's insane, only to get worse. NOTE: The bug in the original program is gone now!
powerpix.zip4k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Power Pixel
In this game you are Power Pixel, a little pixel that can move and jump. There are also falling dots that kill you if you get hit by one. They pile up on existing dots, which makes the game harder. The object of the game is to gather the flashing dots, which give you one point for each one that you get. Now there are two versions, which are BOTH optimized and improved. The new version involves more strategy, since the dots chase you around until they run into a wall. But if you like just climbing around the terrain, you can stick with the easy version. The game is quite fast, for all its capabilities. Even on my normal TI-83+ it runs at several frames per second. Check out the super efficient code!
psbasicfalldown.zip1k06-10-08File is not ratedFallDown Basic
This is a version of falldown written in basic. Runs very quickly once the levels are generated, but takes a long time to generate levels. Please send any improvements on the way to generate levels!! Also includes proofing to preven impossible levels. Enter 6 or 8 as the first imput.
psjump.zip32k07-04-26File is not ratedJump v1.0
Jump is a simple, but addictive game where you try to jump over a moving line. The game gets more difficult as the level gets higher (variable speed, random direction change, etc). The program is only 659 bytes and works with DoorsCS, so check it out today!
quantum_world_84.zip14k13-10-11File is not ratedQuantum World
Quantum World is a BASIC game created by Photonic Studios in which your objective is to get to the top of the screen via jumping and strafing around in a randomly generated world. You are a pixel and you must jump around in order to get to the top. Once you get to the top, jump again to finish the level.
recipito__iceescape.zip16k08-08-11File is not ratedIce Escape
Your objective is to finish each level in this frozen platform. When you move a direction, you will continue that way until you collide with a boulder in the ice cave. Later, you'll be able to move the boulders according to the number that the boulder displays.
sdrop2.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedSpaceDrop 2.0 (for ION/BASIC)
This is an update to SpaceDrop 1.0; now has a black background and better life system. You must guide the line from the top of the screen down to the hole at the bottom. In a way it's a form of FallDown: simple to understand yet challenging to master.
sdropc.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedSpaceDrop 2.0 Cheat (for ION/BASIC)
This is a cheat that can manipulate the points you earn in SpaceDrop 2.0. If, for some reason, you'd like to trick your friends, this cheat is for you.
serenity.zip13k13-02-23File is not ratedSerenity Demo
Serenity is a pure basic puzzle platformer. Originally intended to be a complete game, this is simply a demo of the first sector, as there has been very little progress on the game for some time. In Serenity you are the captain of a simple cargo ship in the distant future. As you are on the way to deliver your mysterious cargo, you are hijacked by the devious Niska, and taken prisoner on his ship. Fight enemies and solve puzzles in this beautiful sidescroller.
sidescroller83.zip16k05-09-12File is not ratedSideScroller 83+
More of a platformer, really, but it's really about the best you can get in BASIC in terms of speed. Feel free to make anything else based off of this. Has a rudimentary scoring system.
simpsonsv.2.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedSimspons Arcade v.02
What can I say? A TI-83+ version of that cool old school arcade game! This is only a demo, and i'll update this VERY soon with more levels and enemies.
snakebite.zip2k00-09-23File is not ratedSnakebite Trilogy
Second Table Productions finally finished their final version of Snakebite! This package includes the original Snakebite, version 2.2 and version 3.1! Version 3.1 is very fast, and it is about half the memory of Snakebite v1.9. Download if you want to have fun!
snowman.zip1k16-04-09File is not ratedSnowman (2016)
Some platformer I fiddled around with today at High School. You jump and run as a snowman. The controls are smooth. The instructions will be in the folder. This was supposed to be a Conker Game, but it became way too hard to program. So, enjoy. Feel free to edit it and stuff. But not without my permission first. My email: marblestudios981@gmail.com And check out my Youtube Channel.
sonicup.zip17k09-12-12File is not ratedSonic UP (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sonic the Hedgehog for the TI-83+/84+ family. Speed through the built-in levels as you work your way upward. This is a very simplified version of Sonic the Hedgehog that still provides a worthy challenge at a decent speed on a TI-83+SE/84+/84+SE. Either Celtic III or Omnicalc is required to run this game, but Celtic III is recommended and included. Thanks to Madskillz and Raiser for the awesome Sonic sprites.
spcdrp1.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedSpaceDrop 1.0
Easy yet complex game in which you must control the lines from the top into the hole at the bottom.
stairs.zip5k03-05-12File is not ratedStaircase
V2.0 Climb the stairs and jump over the holes! It's harder than it sounds. Includes an endurance mode.
superzario.zip5k05-03-02File is not ratedSuper Zario
This is a BASIC rip off of Super Mario. It's graphics aren't too good and there is only one enemy. The included levels are customizable with the built in level editor. See readme for more details.
survivalv1.1.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedSurvival v1.1
Try and survive in this fun game full of levers, holes, spikes and more! Requires my subroutines, SquidpackX
thetavspi6.zip246k07-02-17File is not ratedTheta vs. Pi 6
Whilst the idea of making a game in the style of games such as 'Super Mario Brothers' remains Theta vs Pi 6 is a huge step up from the earlier Theta vs Pi games. It is graphically far superior, faster, doesn’t have the errors, has more variety, has an excellent save game feature which allows you to save pretty much as many games as memory allows and the levels don’t repeat or keep changing whenever you play. It took ages to programme but it was worth every second. Theta vs Pi 6 does basically what the earlier games tried to do but better (All Theta Vs Pi 1-5 were made but I didn’t bother uploading all of them). Not only are the graphics much more refined and the movements faster, there are a seemingly infinite (Although logically finite) number of levels. The way this works is that in every land (You start in Theta Land 1) there are twenty-eight levels and ever time you complete a land you move onto the next one (i.e. Theta Land 1 leads to Theta Land 2). This means that you should never run out of levels to play. You can pick any stage in any level in any land and it will be the same as every other time you had played it (Although your starting position in different stages can change depending on where you finished the last stage) and the levels don’t repeat. In each land you have to defeat three bosses and of course King Pi. In each land you verse each boss twice (They're harder the second time) and the King Once. Whilst theoretically it is possible that you could eventually get to a point where you could go no further even I haven't found an end and I have been up to Theta Land 1000 (By Cheating). I left the code unlocked for any one who wants to make a similar game or just wants to know how it works. There's also an attached Windows Media Audio/Video file with screen shots and some music if you want to have a look. In any case just play the game for as long as you want and enjoy!
trigger.zip5k04-09-17File is not ratedTrigger Version 1.4
Side-scrolling shooter: Fire at the PI. Version 1.4
war2.zip3k00-07-17File is not ratedWar2
This 7FPS (!!!) side scrollling game by Doug proves to be the fastest side scrolling game in BASIC. If you want a fast game that's fun, here it is.
xavalan.zip7k08-03-05File is not ratedXavalan
This is a climbing game based on Beast Game's Avalanche. Guide the marshmallow up the ever-growing pile of blocks while avoiding lava and being crushed! This game gets harder as you go along. Includes instructions and a picture.
xlibmoonlander.zip1k07-02-18File is not ratedMoon Lander!
The xlib ti83/84 plus version of the classic!

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