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Last updated Thursday, 9 March 2017
Total downloads 910,505
Most popular file  Ztetris v1.1 with 151,780 downloads.

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masro_tetris1.1.zip479k17-03-09File is not ratedTetris multiplayer
screen only on host.... second player use:[MODE][X,T,O,n][ALPHA][START].... update:slow down the control speed
mfqtcc8.zip14k12-12-17File is not ratedMy First Quantum Translocator
This version should fix all the problems with MirageOS. A port of the Flash game My First Quantum Translocator. First place in the TI-8X category for Cemetech Contest 8! Features awesome platforming, 4-shade greyscale, and at least an hour of gameplay. Note: This game is not complete! Make sure you check back here from time to time to nab that finished version when it comes out. MAKE SURE YOU READ WARNING.TXT!
itde.zip32k12-11-19File rated 7.47Invalid Tangram DE 1.2
Invalid Tangram can best be described as a cross between Space Invaders and Tetris. Build block combos to gain powerups, then blast the enemies into oblivion while avoiding destruction. Instead of health, you have time: powerups add to your time, but enemy shots can remove it. Run out of time and the game ends. Invalid Tangram DE is based on the PC game by Josh Szepietowski and is available for both Doors CS 6.0 and Ion. Now with source and several user-suggested improvements, plus Nspire support.
simul2.zip15k12-07-31File rated 8.44Simul 2 (2011)
Pong, Falldown, Avalanche, Jump, Tunnel, Obstacles—they're all classics, but have you ever tried playing four of them at once? Simul 2, first-prize winner of the extended-BASIC division of zContest 3, is a complete remake of my original game Simul, entry and third-place winner in the Omnimaga 2010 programming contest. Like the first version, this is a game of multitasking: try your hand at playing one, then two, then three and four randomized games at the same time, on the same screen. Featuring a completely redesigned interface and game controls, as well as high scores, three speeds, and new graphics, the new version promises to be much more playable and much more fun. Good luck; you'll need it. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
graviter_beta0.zip17k12-05-06File is not ratedGraviter [zcontest beta]
NOTE: THIS IS NOW A DISCONTINUED PROJECT. This is the version I uploaded to zContest, where it promptly lost in a fiery storm of anguish and despair :3 NOTE2: Don't press Alpha if you actually want to have fun solving the levels. I have no idea why I left that in, but I'm sure too lazy to take it out. Graviter is a gravity-reversal game, where you solve puzzles in an environment capable of fully-fledged physics. This demo includes 5 levels, and the final released version will have more than 30 levels. (nope! >:D)
hangman.zip58k12-04-19File is not ratedHangman v1.0.1
It's... Hangman! Featuring external puzzle libraries, a high score system and an abundance of puzzles to solve!
lightsoff.zip2k12-03-07File is not ratedLights Off [beta]
The classic game Lights Out, made doubly more awesome with greyscale and unnecessary graphical effects.
tag.zip20k11-07-17File is not ratedTag
Tag is a 2D puzzle platformer based off of the famous game Tag: The Power of Paint for the TI-83 series of calculators. It features 24 original levels with a fully-functional physics-based environment, along with creative and challenging gameplay.
benumberedv2.0.zip1032k11-04-01File rated 8.80Benumbered v2.0
Benumbered v2.0 is a TI-83+/TI-84+ calculator game based on the popular games Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 by PopCap Games and features spectacular 4-level grayscale graphics, four different gameplay modes and 2 extra unlockable modes, game saving and loading and much more!
awsame.zip14k10-08-22File is not ratedAwSame 1.6
AwSame ist eine Version des beliebten Spieleklassikers "SameGame". Versuchen Sie, so viele Steine wie möglich abzubauen, indem Sie Gruppen identischer Steine entfernen. AwSame is a remake of the popular classic "SameGame". Try to eliminate as much tiles as possible by removing groups of identical ones. Archive contains German and English version.
puzzling.zip10k08-12-03File is not ratedPuzzling
Puzzling is a new puzzle game for the Ti83/Ti83+/Ti84. The objective of the game is to guide the black ball into the round hole. To do this you'll need to navigate a maze of walls, arrows and rotating gates.
rubik.zip16k07-12-15File rated 7.62Rubik's Cube 83+
A virtual Rubik's Cube with superior graphics.
bejewelled.zip29k07-09-08File rated 7.75Bejewelled
The famous computer game you've all played is now available for your calculator.
gsslippy.zip232k07-07-26File is not ratedGrayScale Slippy
GrayScale Slippy is a remake of the old Slippy. It features all 25 levels, auto-save, level selection screen and suberp 4-level grayscale graphics (with the help of RGP by Jim E)! Sourcecode included as LateNite project-folder. (This new version fixes some map-"bugs", which made it impossible to finish the game...)
grayscaleminesweeper.zip179k07-05-07File rated 8.66Grayscale Minesweeper 1
Grayscale Minesweeper 1 is a clone of the original minesweeper on the computer. It has almost flawless grayscale, a digital timer, a record keeper, and a cursor. It even has the smily face from the original! It can be run nostub or from an ion compatible shell, such as MirageOS or DoorsCS.
barrels83.zip38k07-04-14File rated 7.70Barrels
Barrels is a remake of the classic game Sokoban. It features 51 fullscreen, scrolling levels. Move all of the barrels to the targets to unlock the next level. Unlocked levels can be played by selecting them in the levels menu. This is an updated version of Barrels. In this version, level 36 and 40 are fixed and the controls are updated.
maze3d.zip77k06-08-25File rated 7.35Maze 3D II
Find your way out of a randomly generated labyrinth, now with better 3D graphics. Also included: full source code, and a version that has been possessed by a demon.
pearls.zip16k06-08-13File is not ratedPearls 1.0
Pearls is a puzzle game in which you draw one continuous non-intersecting line through all of the pearls while following certain rules.
matrix.zip2k05-07-31File is not ratedThe Matrix
There is only one way out of those 64 bytes!
bens3dmaze.zip6k05-04-01File is not rated3D Maze Engine
A quick-and-dirty demo of a way to make four-direction 3D mazes look more fluid. There isn't a "game" so much (unless you really really enjoy aimlessly wandering around randomly generated 3D mazes!) but hopefully it can inspire some creative ideas. Code is, as ever, included.
botattck.zip58k05-03-19File rated 8.57Bot Attack
Bot Attack is an addicting strategy game in which you must avoid the bots while making them collide. You can move in any of 8 directions, or teleport to get away from the bots. This game allows you to change the dimensions of the game area and the number of bots to play against.
trapped.zip180k05-02-11File rated 8.09Trapped!
Trapped! is a puzzle game for the TI-83+ and is compatible with Ion and MirageOS. The gameplay involves moving and stacking various objects to reach the door in each level. You can carry and stack blocks, push P-blocks, climb ladders, and use bombs to open up a path to the exit. It gets difficult quickly, so be prepared to spend a fair amount of time on each level. Try to complete all 13 levels! Please visit the maxcoderz.net forums to leave any comments.
egypt.zip131k04-07-06File rated 8.19Egypt v1.0
Egypt is a puzzle game where you move a ball around a maze, and step on arrow tiles. Stepping on an arrow tile shifts the entire row or column in the direction of the arrow. You goal is to eliminate all the objects by getting at least 2 objects of the same type next to each other.
lights.zip4k04-06-29File is not ratedLights Out!
A lights out clone for the TI-83(+)
sm_15.zip89k04-06-11File is not ratedSous-Marin v1.5 (Sound)
A small Sub-Marin, it's the update of SM_1.2. With sound and options
maze_game.zip1k04-05-19File rated 4.26Maze
Move around a maze as a pixel and reach the end. This may not be the best game, but I ensure you that I try my best for quality.
benumbered.zip9k04-05-04File is not ratedBenumbered v1.0
The gameplay of Benumbered is like Bejuweled Deluxe(C). This is just a demo to see if I should finish it. Until now the time doesn't go down in Time Trial-mode, no hints, no highscores, no checking for no moves (so you don't know when it's game over :P), the animation-option doesn't do anything, and more things not present. Please send me e-mail!
antrun83plus.zip21k04-02-09File rated 6.11Antrun
Like the PC game of the same name by Solei Software
bam.zip37k04-01-26File rated 8.05Bust a Move v1.61
This game is based on the classic arcade game. The object is to get clusters of balls of 3 or more. This is harder than you might think, because after a time a wall falls down bringing you closer to death. Bust a move features several premade levels(built in) and randomized levels.
puyo83p.zip9k03-11-12File is not ratedPuyo Puyo
Puyo Puyo is a Japanese puzzle game in which you have to create combos and chains of pieces. Released in the USA in the past as "Puyo Pop" and "Kirby's avalanche" this is the first TI version.
lightso.zip5k03-09-17File is not ratedLights Out v1.00
Lights Out is simple game. The purpose of this game is to turn off all lights. Features are Including 50 stages and stage datas are saved automatically.
reflexion.zip5k03-06-14File is not ratedReflexion
make all the pieces disappear from the screen, 3 levels are available.
mhex.zip5k03-05-12File is not ratedMat's Hexagrid V1.0
A simple puzzle game where you must place tiles down to make as many of the columns equal without filling the 6x6 grid. As you make columns the tiles disappear.
mblox.zip7k03-05-11File is not ratedMats Blox V1.1
Navigate your way through 20 levels of blocks in this simple puzzle game.
jigsaw83.zip18k03-03-06File is not ratedJigsaw 83
One of the first grayscale games made with the new grayscale kit! Features 16x16 pieces, mouse cursor, and grayscale! Also uses external picture files, read the readme for more info. on how to make the external files.
drmario.zip21k03-02-04File rated 8.08Dr. Mario v.1.0
Dr. Mario is a Tetris-like game in which you must destroy deadly virii with medicines distributed by the great Dr. Mario. Line up the correct pills with the correct virii, and if you get four or more in a row, the virus will die! Each stage gets progressively harder with more virii. Try starting on a higher level with a faster speed for more of a challenge.
minesweeper.zip5k02-09-05File rated 7.75Minesweeper Version v1.1
The object of Minesweeper is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. To know where a mine is, there a little numbers in the squares placed, showing how many mines are in the surrounding area. By using smartly those numbers you can uncover everything except the mines. Check out my site for more info and new releases: http://greenlight.myweb.nl *Update*: Oke, the highscore save is fixed, and the game is 1KB smaller than the previous version, thnx to Peter B. (RICK)
raycast_2.zip23k02-07-22File is not ratedWolfenstein-clone (raycast demo #2)
A new version of my raycasting-engine with more features and improved visuality + speed. Full sourcecode included, and all files used during development are included. Please read the file 'readme.txt' for more info.
tiltmaze.zip10k02-05-27File is not ratedTiltMaze
TiltMaze is a simple tilt maze puzzle with 2 balls and 41 different levels. By using the cursor key you can tilt the board in that direction. A level is solved when both balls cover both destination fields.
urg83p.zip8k02-03-09File rated 7.46The Urinal Game
Funny little game where you test your man skills by choosing the correct urinal. Nice graphics and some funny commentary!
puzzn83p.zip9k02-02-16File is not ratedPuzzNic v1.0
A remake of a NES game with 80 levels! Can you beat them all?
ntetris.zip22k02-02-16File is not ratedTetris Pro
The most advanced single player tetris from the ti83, now for the ti83+!
ip.zip1k02-01-14File is not ratedImpossible Puzzle
A addicting lights out type game
bots2.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedBots II
An addictive strategy game where you must outmanouver computer controlled bots.
zslide1.zip14k01-12-22File is not ratedSlide Puzzle v1.0
Classical Slide Puzzle 6x4 with external level support.
binl83.zip7k01-12-16File is not ratedBin Land 83
Puzzle game
pegopolis.zip10k01-12-10File is not ratedPegopolis v1.0
Pegopolis is a puzzle game with 16 different boards. You have to jump over pegs to kick them off the board till only one is left
raycast.zip9k01-09-09File is not ratedRaycast demo!
Wow, quick 3D games on your calculator! This is an early demo version and I wanna see if the idea seems good. Send me an E-Mail with idea, comments or whatever (address can be found in documentation). Download and test! This is an update since the last upload. The last one went totally blank! Ah well, this one should work just fine. Full sourcecode included (in asm!) for you who want to play around with it for yourselves.
lids.zip4k01-08-06File is not ratedLIDS v1.1
(Port of 89/92 version by TICT) A puzzle game where the object is to rotate regions of the board until the various pieces are isolated in the four quadrants. There are only 5 regions you can rotate so it can get tricky.
crates3d.zip308k01-07-15File rated 8.42Crates 3D v1.1
An original puzzle game in which you must guide yourself through a three-dimensional world of moveable crates to the exit. You can view the world from four different angles. The game comes with 16 standard levels, and a level editor is included so that you can create your own.
tetrispro.zip4k01-07-09File is not ratedTetris Pro 3
Full-Featured Tetris offering smooth graphics and superb gameplay.
panic.zip21k01-06-16File is not ratedPanic v2.0 With Level Editor
Try to navigate your character through the maze to diffuse the bomb before time runs out! Supports external level sets, and comes with a Windows level editor, so you can make your own levels easily. This game uses grayscale and has a teacher key. Source is included to both the game and the Visual Basic 6.0 level editor. Read the README file. Small size at exactly 1500 bytes.
lemm83p.zip9k01-05-18File rated 7.95Lemmingz 83+
The real deal! Lemmingz on your calculator! Very much like the original PC game. Many level packs available on ticalc.org, beginner level pack included. Make your own levels with the Win98 level editor, also on ticalc.org!
mineswep.zip14k01-04-28File rated 8.19Minesweeper! v2.0
An updated version of Minesweeper! v1.1. Now includes Beginner/Intermediate/Expert difficulty levels with best time saving for each. Records time in mm:ss and name (up to 14 characters). Custom games are still included. Timer is accurate and all bugs have been fixed.
cols83p.zip26k01-02-10File is not ratedColumns v3.0
Columns v3.0 ported to ION.
iceclmb.zip40k01-01-29File rated 7.96IceClimb v1.30
A vertical scrolling platform/puzzle game where you control a penguin to try to reach the door at the top of all 5 levels. You will have to jump on blocks, climb ladders, and think hard before each jump. You will even have to play with Spikes! This game has sound, and now has a new level! For TI82 CrASH, TI83 Ion, TI83 Sos, and TI83+ Ion.
maze.zip6k01-01-28File is not ratedMaze v1.0
Random maze game.
dots.zip6k01-01-06File is not ratedDots v1.0
Compete against your calculator or against a friend in this classic game of intelligence and smartness!
ztetris.zip20k00-12-26File rated 8.69Ztetris v1.1
The Best TI-83+ Tetris
yscookie.zip9k00-08-26File is not ratedYoshi's Cookie (update)
See previous description
fwtrivia.zip219k00-08-17File rated 8.12Fantasy World Trivia v1.01
A quiz game for 1 to 9 players. There are more than 1500 multiple-choice questions and two different modes of play. Great fun in multi-player mode.
tower.zip6k00-08-13File is not ratedThe Tower of Hanoi
The classic puzzle with a new twist
million.zip2k00-05-12File is not ratedWho Wants to be a Millionaire DEMO
An asm demo version of the ABC gameshow
splat.zip37k00-05-01File is not ratedSplat!
A Scrolling/Puzzle/Reaction sort of game
blkbst.zip7k00-01-29File is not ratedBlockbuster v4.4
Break as many blocks as you can.
bdi.zip25k00-01-22File rated 5.98BoulderDash v1.1
It's the classic game BoulderDash! Collect the diamonds in large scrolling levels, but don't let the boulders crush you, the enemies kill you, or the time run out.
insane.zip14k00-01-15File rated 7.79Insane Game v1.3
This is a Puzzle Game where you must get rid of identical peices that are side-by-side which, when removed, cause other peices to fall down and left. There is a Puzzle Mode, and an Action Mode, and this version is a port for ION on the 83/83+.
dstar.zip6k00-01-15File is not ratedDStar v2.6
A puzzle game where you move an object around to collide into other peices and get rid of them. Try to clear the board in the least number of moves.
boxworld.zip3k00-01-02File is not ratedBox World v1.1
A box elimination puzzle game
rogue.zip6k99-12-21File is not ratedRogue Runner
Rogue Runner is similar to the classic game Boulderdash, only Rogue includes invisible walls and items such as pickaxes and teleport scrolls to help you. It also includes the customary enemies *g*. Rogue Runner is simple yet addictive; you should try it out!
slippy.zip5k99-11-07File is not ratedSlippy v1.0
This is an entertaining mind game originally made by Martin Hock for ZShell/PhatOS.
elements.zip18k99-11-02File is not ratedElements v1.0
A puzzle game in which you must guide yourself to the exit before you run out of energy. There are 7 boards with a total of 46 screens, containing one-way arrows, keys, bonuses, traps and various switches.
labyrnth.zip12k99-10-25File rated 8.12Labyrinth v1.0
A fun addicting puzzle game where you try to navigate your way through 16 randomly generated levels. Two modes of play, regular, and anti-maze
simon.zip5k99-10-25File is not ratedSimon v1.0
A remake of the classic Simon game.
picross.zip15k99-10-20File is not ratedPicross v1.0
A paint-by-numbers puzzle game based on the Nintendo Gameboy original.
laser.zip41k99-10-18File rated 8.51Laser Mayhem v1.1
With windows-based level editor.
bd.zip6k99-10-12File rated 8.20BlockDude v1.2
A puzzle/action game in which you move blocks to navigate to the end of the level.
blink.zip5k99-10-11File is not ratedBlink v1.0
A fun, challenging, graphical Lights Out game.
element.zip7k99-10-07File is not ratedThe Fourth Element
The first connect four-like game with AI.
attack.zip9k99-10-04File rated 8.12Tetris Attack v1.0
Just like Tetris Attack on the gameboy. This has nothing to do with tetris!
squarez.zip9k99-10-01File is not ratedSquarez 83+
Squarez is a simple puzzle game for the TI-83 where you move around different pieces on a board. The goal is to create 3x3 blocks, which will cause the block to disappear.
sokoban.zip7k99-10-01File is not ratedSokoban v1.0
The classic game of Sokoban, Boxes, Garbage, or whatever you want to call it.
yoshi83.zip5k99-08-26File is not ratedYoshi 83 v1.1
This an updated version of Yoshi83. It now works on the 83+ too and is much smaller.
orbix.zip8k99-08-25File is not ratedOrbix v2.0
A puzzle game similiar to othello.
landmine.zip5k99-08-25File is not ratedLandmine v2.0
A mindsweeper-like game.

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