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TI Responds to Requests for TI-89 ASM Information
Posted by Nathan on 21 March 1999, 01:42 GMT

A letter was sent to Texas Instruments asking why the promised assembly information had not been released, and when it would be released, if at all. The response received follows.


Thank you for your e-mail.

Texas Instruments will be releasing the information on their web site. This information should be available Spring of 1999. I have listed the TI web site address below.


If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Please copy this message in your response and send directly to ti-cares@ti.com for faster service on replies.

Kind regards,

John Onufreiczuk


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The letter
(Web Page)

I completely think TI is dumb because of the letter. One thing... I think we already know where the TI website is~! I've been there so many times looking for lots of things for my calc. At least, they were polite in bringing out the letter. All I can say is that TI is not good at writing letters because of the lack of description and the dumb TI website. Where do you think the Ticalc.org staff got the e-mail address to send the letter from?

     24 March 1999, 01:37 GMT

The ''unofficial'' reponse
Matt Johnson
(Web Page)

I was directly contacted by "someone" from TI, some two days ago. The "flavor" of the message I received is on the ACZ website, http://www.acz.org

The official response of the petition is the accurate release of the date from which the documentation will be released; probably in the form of two SDK (Software Development Kits) for the 86 and 89.

The news blurb at ACZ should answer most questions. In respect for the author, I will not divuldge in any additional information. Do not e-mail anyone at ACZ asking for more information, including me.

- Matt

     24 March 1999, 11:52 GMT

Re: The ''unofficial'' reponse

Cool! Heh! Heh!

     24 March 1999, 15:23 GMT

Re: TI Responds to Requests for TI-89 ASM Information

"L'espoir fait vivre."

     24 March 1999, 14:20 GMT

Re: Re: TI Responds to Requests for TI-89 ASM Information

Je ne parle pas franšais!

(Hope I got it right. My french sucks.)

     25 March 1999, 13:56 GMT


u did

     26 March 1999, 14:22 GMT


1. TI is a relatively succesful company, their response concerning documentation or customer service is either due to a handful of lousy employees or their business strategy that has been working fairly well for years.
2. TI delivered a calculator with the mathematical capabilities people wanted; games are nice but not TI's top priority. If they are going to release documentation they will do it, if not then no. The petition should let them know how the consumers feel, but private companies aren't democracies. (How many of you have stock in Texas Instruments?)
3. Last I checked this site was dedicated to TI calculators, not grammar lessons. If (and I am not taking a postion) Brian happens to be 'quite dumb,' I don't want to read about it.
4. Before you start bashing my opinions and spamming me, please understand that I am not taking TI's side (or anyone else's), I am just being rational.

     27 March 1999, 22:59 GMT
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