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Last updated Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Total downloads 158,761
Most popular file  Duke Nukem 3D v1.0 with 20,853 downloads.

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startrek007.zip78k05-01-18File is not ratedStar Trek
Unique pseudo 3d Star Trek game that uses awesome graphics and a real time battle system. This version now allows you to fire phasers and torpedoes at the borg, and cause damage.
ionquest.zip5k04-09-16File is not ratedAlex's Ionquest Demo
The celebrated author of Power Pixel and Rushon2 brings you the best BASIC FPS raycasting engine out there! Actually it's the only one. I have sped it up! Now more than one frame per second on a normal TI 83+! (my first attempt took several seconds per frame) Anyway, the Ionquest Demo features ONE weapon, ONE cute little alien at a time, ONE medkit at a time, and ONE editable map at a time! That's right, not two, not three, but ONE of everything! (better than nothing, I suppose) And there are FOUR rays cast each frame! That's even more than three! Each with a resolution of FOUR possible distances! Wow! That makes a total of SIXTEEN possible frames! By the way, you turn by 30 degrees, not 90 degrees. So if you want to give me suggestions or make levels for the final version, try this demo out and email me.
ut2.zip74k04-02-16File rated 5.49uLtra TOurnaMent II
This is the sequel to the popular UnreaL TOurnaMent v1.0, the revolutionary all-3D first person shooter for the TI-83 and TI-83+/SE. This version contains seven new large, complex levels. The graphics engine has been rebuild from scratch and all of the previous bugs have been eliminated. Also, two-player link play has been added with a proprietary assembly program. This game runs on the ReaL 3D graphics engine, and includes incredible 3D wall and environment rendering. The game is completely graphical; even the menus are graphical. At a mere 4.5K without the multiplayer modules, this is one of the smallest 3D first person shooters out there. Each of the seven possible levels takes less than 1 kbyte. There is no annoying wait while the program loads levels or screens; after an initial install to set preferences, from starting the program to starting shooting people takes about 5 seconds. There are enemies to shoot that shoot back, and you must collect health and ammo. If you run out of health from being shot, you lose. Now Doors CS v4.0 optimized.
arcade.zip6k03-06-22File is not ratedArcade v1.2
Arcade is a 3d-shooter for the TI-83(+). You can choose detween 6 difficulty grades and 6 map sizes.
unleved83.zip2k03-05-06File is not ratedLevel Editor v2.0 for UnreaL TOurnaMent
At long last (and several versions deleted by viruses), here is the oncalc level editor for UnreaL TOurnaMent, the 3D first-person shooter for the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-83SE. The graphical interface of this program lets you edit any of the 7 levels, place ammo, health, and enemies, and save the levels. Useful for making your own levels to share! Now includes screenshots and each of the seven original levels included in the zip file.
md2_83.zip1k02-10-28File is not ratedMissile Defense 2
Missile Defense 2 is an incredible 3D game where you get to shoot down enemy missiles. Aim the crosshairs and the fast-flying missile and shoot your laser to get it! Get ammo for each successful hit; lose if you are hit or run out of ammo. This has great graphics, none of that text-based stuff. Amazing!
doom1.zip9k02-05-27File is not ratedTI DooM v1.3
This is a game totally in 3D based on DooM. It is quite fast, you can found 3 different weapons : the pistol, the shotgun and the chaingun, there are 2 different enemies with their own animation. This game is really great! It is one of the best doom-likes programmed in Basic for the TI-83(+). And there are 10 levels! Download it!!! ***NEW UPDATE*** Now on 83 AND 83+!
quake4.zip26k02-02-22File is not ratedQuake IV
The ULTIMATE Quake for TI-83 !!! Includes a powerful 3D Engine, a Shoot'em up mode and a Deathmatch mode with a bot with true Artificial Intelligence !!!
cstrike.zip4k01-05-30File is not ratedCounterStrike 0.95
Counterstrike for TI83, ten different botskill, to win you have to kill 'em all. Map with enemy radar. 8x8 sixed labyrint.
wolf3d.zip5k01-01-22File is not ratedWolfenstein 3D
it's just a wolfenstein3d for ti83
uw.zip16k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - Urban Wars 1.21
A basic 3D action game based on other TI-83 Basic games like Hell and Quake. Allows customization via customizable levels.
urban.zip16k99-08-17File is not ratedUrban Wars v1.21
A basic 3D action game based on other TI-83 Basic games like Hell and Quake. Allows customization via customizable levels.
quake.zip4k98-09-15File is not ratedQuake
Fast 3d Quake game. Features Linkplay, splitscreen, and singleplayer. Deathmatch and Capture the flag.
duke3d.zip8k98-05-31File is not ratedDuke Nukem 3D v1.0
bggnzwep.zip1k98-01-05File is not ratedBig Gunz Weapon Patch for Hell
Big Gunz weapon patch for HELL
pokewep.zip1k98-01-05File is not ratedPoke Weapon Patch for Hell
Poke weapon patch for HELL
decsent.zip20k97-12-31File is not ratedDecsent 1.0
Descent type game for the 83
doom.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedDoom
Doom Demo
wackrwep.zip1k97-07-01File is not ratedWeed Wacker Weapon Patch for Hell
c-bowwep.zip1k97-07-01File is not ratedCross-Bow Weapon Patch for Hell
lsaber.zip1k97-07-01File is not ratedLight Saber Weapon Patch for Hell
hell1083.zip7k97-06-30File is not ratedHell 1.0

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