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Last updated Sunday, 21 March 2010
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Most popular file  Cruis'n USA with 18,815 downloads.

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aceracer.zip3k01-03-11File is not ratedAce Racer 2K1 v3.0
A basic racing game where you have to keep in between the boundaries. The gameplay is pretty simple, but the graphics are great, especially in the opening sequences! Version 3.0 now features a Save & Load function allow with the ability to use custom cars and/or tracks for gameplay. Now you can choose your car or track! My high score is 804.
arace.zip1k00-06-22File is not ratedAlpha-Race
Raceing game, Source code included.
at3race.zip1k02-02-16File is not ratedAT3 Racing
This is a game based on the TI-82 racecars game. Includes custom graphics and a high-score function.
bike3d_83.zip1k10-03-21File is not ratedBike 3D v2.0
This program lets you race a *3D* bike down a randomly-created trail using the ReaL3D Engine. Use the arrows to steer the bike; when you have gone 100 blocks you will reach the finish line and can continue for bonus points. Go of the road, however, and you lose. This version represents a huge improvement over the previous iteration, offering much more challenging gameplay, two difficulty levels, the ability to view your highscore, and speed and size optimizations.
blaze.zip1k14-09-09File is not ratedBLAzE
BLAzE is an intense racing game focused on speed and agility. The game remembers your three highest scores so you can challenge your friends, or beat your own best times. Version 2 has been totally rewritten and is less than half the size of the previous version, so it's faster than ever without sacrificing any of the action.
canyon.zip11k00-01-09File is not ratedCanyon Skimmer v1.2
Race through canyons destroying your enemies. Three different program sizes.
carrace.zip1k02-06-19File is not ratedcarrace83
it's a race game where you have to avoid other cars. real car graphics, no * . it's just a kinda slow.
crusnusa.zip2k98-01-19File is not ratedCruis'n USA
Race across the nation. 4 cars, highscores, secret stuff
daytona.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedDaytona
A new version of an old program. Go down the track trying not to run into walls. New options added like track length and difficulty.
dotrace.zip1k98-04-02File is not ratedTwo Player Dot Race (AShell83 Compatible)
1 or 2 player race game
downkart.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedDownkart v1.01
A little racing game made for the TI-85 originally.
drive2.zip1k01-02-08File is not ratedDriver
A race game. 2 versions in 1! It's is fast and hasn't any bugs.
duckrace.zip6k01-01-04File is not ratedDuck Racing v1.0
Race ducks against each other!
ezpod.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedEZ Pod Racer
Opposite of the name, a fairly difficult pod racing game that allows you to change the form/speed of your craft in the middle of dodging the obstacles. It is pretty fast and challenging to play.
fastrace.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedFastRace
Yet another racing clone, but in this one you must avoid potholes while going down a randomly-created road.
flying.zip1k02-03-23File is not ratedflying
a very good racing game. the further you got, the faster it goes.
goex.zip2k00-10-01File is not ratedGO X-TREME
This is the best racing game ever created. This game includes a choose your own car mode of some of my favorite cars: Viper, Hummer, Jappa, Countache, Prowler, or make your own. This masterpiece allows you to choose different backround. You can also play as a boat in the water or as a plane in the sky. Fully functional high score recording.
gokart83.zip1k00-01-02File is not ratedGoKart v83.0
Keep driving as long as you can without crashing into a wall.
grndprix.zip6k01-12-16File is not ratedGrand Prix Racing v1.62 (source code included)
The latest version of my Grand Prix Racing series with source code included! Read the text file which is included with the zip for more info.
gtracing.zip1k99-10-14File is not ratedGTRacing v1.0
Earn better cars and race your your way to the top.
indy500_beta_1.zip4k01-12-22File is not ratedIndy 500
The best down-scrolling racing game ever seen on a TI-83. A newer version will be out shortly.
indy500.zip2k00-08-29File is not ratedIndy 500
The object of the game is to drive your race car through the course without hitting the walls. If you hit the walls your car explodes.
jlnfs.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedNeed For Speed
An addictive and entertaining racing game that doesn't crash randomly like most others.
kkart.zip1k02-11-16File is not ratedKKart v2.0
This is an all-graphical racing game with fast-paced action, variable track and difficulty level; none of that text-based stuff. Beat a level and move on to the next; beat them all and you get into the high scores table. Cool!
mdracer2.zip3k03-03-19File is not ratedM.D.Racer 2
This is the second version of MDRacer but it's totally different. It has 6 different levels. And instead of only beeing able to move in 4 directions with MDRacer you can now realy steer it and make smoothe corners. You now also brake and accelerate and set the key sensitivity (advised and max value is 30). For more recent versions and cheats go to www.maartenderickx.tk.
mountain83.zip1k00-02-29File is not ratedMountain v1.0
Try to run down a mountain as fast as possible.
pegrace.zip1k04-01-17File is not ratedPeg Race
In Peg Race, your mission is to beat the computer to the end of the race.This requires almost no strategy, so it's great for almost any person.
podracer.zip2k99-11-06File is not ratedPod Racer v2.55
This is a simple racing game based on pod racing (sort of). You can choose your vehicle, the track, and you can enter your name into the high scores.
podrace.zip1k00-04-04File is not ratedPodRace v2.6
This is not the same game as podracer 2.5 That was made by a different Person. This was an attempt to fix the crash bug. When 2.7 comes out there will be a high score, maybe a different view, and hopefully some better looking pods.
pointch.zip1k01-02-14File is not ratedPoint chase
You have a car and 300 units of fuel go along the race course and collect points plus extra fuel. There is a feature of high score. IT IS FAST FOR A BASIC GAME. enjoy!
race2000.zip1k00-09-07File is not ratedRace 2000
The fastest Race-type game in BASIC ever!!
race2turbo83.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedRace 2 Turbo
This is a cool little program I made that lets you race a car down a randomly created track that gets steadily more difficulty as you proceed. It has ten levels; beat all of them to beat the game. Check it out!
race2.zip1k99-01-18File is not ratedRace2
A fast racing game.
race3d.zip1k03-03-14File is not ratedRace 3D v2.0
This is a program that has existed in several forms; I have finally completed it and published it. You are the first-person driver of a car racing down a randomly created 3D road. You must steer to stay on the road. Once you reach the finish line, you can continue for bonus points. Your high score is stored.
race3.zip1k99-11-25File is not ratedRace v3.2
Race is a race type game with high score saving and pausing. This has to be the bast race game so far.
race83.zip1k98-01-01File is not ratedRacing 1.0
Stay on the track or you crash
race_b4.zip1k97-05-05File is not ratedRace 1.0 for Boreal
Race 1.0
racecar83.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedRaceCar v1.0
This cool game lets you race a car around a figure-eight track. It has eight car directions; use the arrows to steer the car. Aim to cross the finish line with the lowest score possible! You can also race on your own custom-made tracks. Check it out!
racer2.zip2k01-02-04File is not ratedRacer 2
An avoid the walls game featuring: no Err:memories, 5 high scores list, including strings for name, reputations based on your score, and much much more. I have worked hard to make it the best game of its kind. The code is not locked, so study it if you want. Just don't modify it, or use it without giving me credit. Read the included readme for more details about this program.
racer3.zip2k01-09-08File is not ratedRacer v2.2
A racing game! Graphically not very impressing, but nice to play. Highscore function included.
racer.zip2k01-01-04File is not ratedRacer v1.21
A fast side scrolling game where you have to avoid obstacles on the road. Gets six frames per second.
race.zip1k98-01-16File is not ratedRace 1.1
racing2.zip1k99-11-21File is not ratedRacing
An excellent racing program with 4 possible speeds!!
racing3d.zip1k99-01-04File is not ratedRacing 3D v1.0
Racing game with a 3D rear perspective view
racing.zip3k98-12-05File is not ratedRacing 83 v2.0
It contain 3 different kind of racing game and they are fun.
racrz780.zip3k00-06-22File is not ratedRacer Zelch 780 v4.0
Version 4.0-At last, a new version comes out. This one, like the others, is the latest and best release of an excellent racing game. It has the same play as many other racing games, but with many of the common bugs and graphics problems fixed. And new to this version is an instant replay feature! So charge your batteries and crack your knuckles, because Zelch is ready to ride!
radracer.zip4k97-07-02File is not ratedRad Racer 83
ratrace.zip2k99-11-25File is not ratedRatrace v1.0
Similar to masken but you don't leave a trail.
roadrash.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedRoad Rash 83
Even though this game looks kind of like all the other clone racers out there in this category, this one has a big difference. There are other competitors on the road - and you need to knock them off it!
starrace.zip1k99-05-27File is not ratedStar Wars Racer v1.1
Z-Race transformed with Star Wars vehicles. 5 to choose from, including the pod-racer. 5 random walls. Some minor bug fixes in this version.
streetrace2.zip2k02-05-30File is not ratedStreetrace 2
Streetrace 2 is a game where you race in a street (LOL) and you got to crush as many "people" on the street as you can.
streetracer83.zip3k03-05-04File is not ratedStreetracer
Finally it's here, the Ti-83 version of STREETRACER!!!!! Any questions or comments, email me @ o3lp@yahoo.com PS. wanna programming job? email with "job" in the subject line.
streetracergt83.zip4k03-05-12File is not ratedStreetracerGT83
StreetracerGT now compatitable with the Ti-83. If you have any questions or comments reach me through www.nexusprograms.net or o3lp@yahoo.com.
super.zip4k97-12-28File is not ratedSuper-Race 1.0
The best TI83 racing game. New features, as acceleration, levels, different cars, backgrounds available.
traffic.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedTraffic D.Lux v1.24
Driving game. Good graphics, realy fast. Small, less than 2kB! A norwegian version can be found at http://www.k.skaret.com/
xrace.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedRace Extreme v1.0
This is an improved version of the classic game RACE with customizable scenarios.
ywing.zip1k02-03-15File is not ratedY-Wing v1.2
A StarWars-themed racer based on programs such as INDY500 and RACER. Now there is a selection of ships. It doesn't change the game, but it looks different. You find out how to unlock ships when you win. No known bugs. Features cinema scenes.

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