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Mega Man 86
Posted by Nick on 23 May 2000, 01:25 GMT

Mega Man 86None of you know the exact amount of time I've remorselessly wasted playing Mega Man as a young, impressionable child. Perhaps the Mega Man III footage located on my little site was a giveaway, but for all of you folks who haven't been there yet, let me tell you this: if I had a choice between the following and giving up Mega Man for all time, I would sell my best friend into cruel, torturous bondage. I'm not even kidding.

To this end, imagine my shocked awe when that and my other favorite thing in the whole widest world, the TI-86, decided to join hands in eternal happiness. Cullen Sauls has released a TI-86 version of said Mega Man, aptly named Mega Man 86. It's a remake of Mega Man II, but we won't hold that to him (any educated observer can tell you that it's a known, established scientific fact that Mega Man III is the best one). This is still in the demo phase, but it looks very, VERY nice. Final bosses, as I've seen, aren't in place yet, but it still looks slick. The scrolling and response times are very smooth, as expected. You can see the progress of the game as it goes through its development here.


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Re: Mega Man 86
gamer_x100  Account Info

Though Megaman 2 is cooler than the original (and better gfx), why didn't Megaman 1 get ported first? The Rock Monster boss would have been hard, but only six stages - it would have been easier. Then a Megaman 2 could come out after Megaman 1 is done. Then the other sequels...

     5 June 2000, 23:53 GMT
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