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DoorsOS II v0.9
Posted by Nick on 25 December 1999, 04:01 GMT

Xavier Vassor and Cedric Couffignal have released an upgrade to their fantastic new shell, DoorsOS. DoorsOS II v0.9 has been released for the 89 and the 92 Plus. This works on ALL ROM versions, including AMS v2.03! Hardware v2.00 calculators may still have problems, though. Libraries cannot be archived anymore. For AMS v2.0x, you can execute ASM programs larger than 8kb using the included run() program. There is also a developer version of DoorsOS that you can snag for the 89 and the 92 Plus. Doors Explorer v2.0 is also available for the 89 and the 92 Plus. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas gift from the Doors Team and ticalc.org! You can view the home page of DoorsOS here.

Update (Nick): Xavier just updated his version of DoorsOS with v0.92. It fixes some problems that AMS v2.03 users could be having with it. People running AMS v2.03 on their calcs should download this fix ASAP. The links above still work for it. :)


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LexOS, AMS 2.03, and HW2
(Web Page)

It appears that DoorsOS is incompatible with HW2 calcs when running AMS 2.03. Did enyone try LexOS. I am curious if it works or not (I don't have a HW2 calc).

     28 December 1999, 14:54 GMT

Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
poison  Account Info

yo Xavier, do you think when the SDK is released that you'll make the DoorsOS kernel along with the Explorer a flashapp and make it integrated with the TI-OS?

     28 December 1999, 19:12 GMT

Re: DoorsOS II v0.92 , 0.9, and Relations
mastacox  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ok, I got some problems and I'd really appreciate it if somebody that can help could reply as soon as possible.

I got my Ti-89 for my birthday, and I suspect it was bought about July or August. When I first got it, it had ams 1.0 ... does that mean I have HW 1? What is the difference between HW 1(is that short for Hardware?) and HW 2? Is one faster than the other?

Then, I got all these awesome games, and everything was hunky dory, but after that brand flashy new ams 2.03 was discovered by my curious eyes... OH BOY I upgraded, and then was once again happy because the cool Flash Proportions Application helped on my AP Physics exam... I upgraded right before exams so I didn't get any games back on it. Then, after exams, I put my games back on and it hit me: they don't work! So I did some research and found that I needed a new shell, which doesn't exist (It's Dec. 19 or so). So then I wait and find that on Christmas Day out came DoorsOS II v0.9, so I get it and it runs in French (I didn't test the games yet) Then I got the English version off Xavier's website, and then once again the games don't work.


I get the new ams 2.03 compliant games (Phoenix, and Tetris most importantly), but yes, they still don't work. Now, when I run Phoenix it locks on the title screen asking to press F1, F2, etc; and when I run Tetris it goes to the second screen asking for the level select, and locks...

Now I have gone on to the newest DoorsOS II v0.92, and nothing has changed, except that it's back in French and the games go to the same place they have been going to.

So what can I do? I really hope some people can help out on this (if only to say they have the same problem and what top do)



     28 December 1999, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.92 , 0.9, and Relations

I have had a lot of luck with v.2.03. I know it might me a long stretch, but if I were you I would first, backup your calculator. Then, reset it. Use on-2nd-left-right, and if that doesn't erase all memory, do it through 2nd + [mem].

Then, I would try installing the doorssos v.92 along with any games/ASM programs you want. Make sure that all of these are compatible through ROM v. 2.03 (it will say to the left of the description on ticalc.org), because they will give you an address error if not, which means you will have the joy of resetting your calculator. If you run the programs through the doors explorer (pressing shift, on) then you will probably have better luck avoiding crashes. I hope I answered some of your questions. Good luck.

     28 December 1999, 20:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.92 , 0.9, and Relations
Rgb9000  Account Info

What is this 2nd left right on thing people talk about? what do you do and what does it do? work on all calcs?
Email me the response, I doubt ill come back this far down on this page.

     28 December 1999, 22:03 GMT

One more thing...
Rgb9000  Account Info

That 3d graph at the top of this page... What is the formula?

     28 December 1999, 22:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.92 , 0.9, and Relations
poison  Account Info

to reset your ti-89....you push and hold the following buttons-
2nd, left arrow, right arrow, then on
and it should reset the ram. very simple ;D

     28 December 1999, 23:57 GMT

Re: DoorsOS II v0.9

Now that i've seen this, I'd like t downgrade my HW2 calc to AMS 1.05, but I cant find the ROM andywhere! Can someone please tell me where i can find the downgrade or send it to me via email.


     28 December 1999, 21:18 GMT

Question about Memory
TaiGuy  Account Info

I bought my Ti-89 at Office depot just yesterday and its only HW 1 and AMS 1.00 If I upgrade my AMS to 2.03 do I get the extra memory (some 350k)?

     29 December 1999, 01:40 GMT

Re: Question about Memory
mattc2345  Account Info

well you kind of do you get the memory but it is only available for flash apps. If you don't want any of the flash apps or any benifits from 2.03 like anticrash protection (which archive utility already does) then stick with ams 1.00

     29 December 1999, 03:58 GMT
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