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DoorsOS II v0.9
Posted by Nick on 25 December 1999, 04:01 GMT

Xavier Vassor and Cedric Couffignal have released an upgrade to their fantastic new shell, DoorsOS. DoorsOS II v0.9 has been released for the 89 and the 92 Plus. This works on ALL ROM versions, including AMS v2.03! Hardware v2.00 calculators may still have problems, though. Libraries cannot be archived anymore. For AMS v2.0x, you can execute ASM programs larger than 8kb using the included run() program. There is also a developer version of DoorsOS that you can snag for the 89 and the 92 Plus. Doors Explorer v2.0 is also available for the 89 and the 92 Plus. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas gift from the Doors Team and ticalc.org! You can view the home page of DoorsOS here.

Update (Nick): Xavier just updated his version of DoorsOS with v0.92. It fixes some problems that AMS v2.03 users could be having with it. People running AMS v2.03 on their calcs should download this fix ASAP. The links above still work for it. :)


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Well gee
Zylot Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't know what damned hardware version I have, but I guess it's 2.00 because it doesn't work (joy). I just get a nice black line on the top after I run dorrsos and a busy at the bottem before I must pull the batteries out of the calc. Guess I'm doomed to basic games (ick).

     26 December 1999, 17:17 GMT

Re: Well gee
AaronMack  Account Info

Yes my friend, you are doomed to own a calc with HW2. Hopefully there'll be a way to find shells to work.

     26 December 1999, 20:24 GMT

Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
akadajet  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have an 83+ and I was wandering if getting an 89 was worth the compatibility issues... If not, I may get me an 86. Cause I want to upgrade to a better calc.

     26 December 1999, 20:04 GMT

Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
Charles Yong  Account Info

I may be starting a division of Mogsoft's new website (not up yet) entirely devoted to HW 2.00 owners out there.

I just got my HW 2 calc, and I would actually suggest you to get an HW 2 calc, for MANY reasons. I believe most would say no, get an HW 1 calc if you can, but that's because they don't know how good HW 2 calcs are (compatibility wise)

For one, you get all the benefits of the upgrade, faster, shared arch/flash mem with ams v2.03 which will soon be fixed, plus grayscale even works although I personally prefer black/white since the grayscale is flickery.

The following programs I have managed to not only make work perfectly on my calc with or without grayscale (I can choose to use either the new or old graphlib/gray4lib files with my setup) I have also managed to put ALL of the following programs on my calc with 40k free Archive memory and 130k RAM (that means I can run any program without having to unarchive/archive to free up RAM

megacar (with all 9 tracks that come with it)
sf2t (with chars ryu and dhalsim)
ff (final fantasy music, I have int speakers on my calc)
pv (picture viewer)
world1 (3 second clip from James Bond: The World is Not Enough about 40k)

ALL of these games/programs work either in b/w or grayscale on HW 2.00

I have never been able to fit this much on any other calc but HW 2 with the new doorsos prog without having to garbage collect EVER!!!

Thus HW 2 calcs are AWESOME!!!!!!!

     26 December 1999, 20:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
poison  Account Info

for 1 - what ams version is that for.....ams2.03?
2- are those all the games that work for ams2.03 on HW2; because on h4X0r's site, I got his backup, and on my HW1 ams2.03 89, I put 30 games that I liked personally on it, then my cousin and I ported kwirk (which works perfectly-and shall be posted on ticalc.org at anytime).

and i have a question......if i were to go to the store, and get a new ti-89, should i get HW2, or HW1?
im struggling whether i should have access to all the FlashROM with hw2, but on the other hand...hw1 has better compatibilies with DoorsOS, and games, etc, with a working graphlib (no flickering), also the ability to change the serial# on hw1.

another question....does doorsos 2 .92 and explorer and with the new grayscale libs work for hw2?

last question...how can you tell from the package a new 89 comes in-if it's hw1 or hw2?
thanks in advance ;D

     27 December 1999, 18:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
Reno  Account Info

if you walk into a store wanting to buy an 89/92+, best bet is you're going to get a hw2 calc. I was lucky enough to buy a hw1 calc from an Office Depot here that has a bunch of calcs nobody buys from them before I knew what hw1 and hw2 was. Your best bet for a hw1 calc is finding a store that doesn't sell that many graphing calculators that often, and maybe you'll get lucky. You can't really tell what version the calculator is when you look at it from the package.

     27 December 1999, 19:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
poison  Account Info

do you think i'll be more or less satisfied with a hw2? i currently own hw1, but im havin probs with the link port on the 89.

     27 December 1999, 19:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
Reno  Account Info

as soon as programmers start working on getting programs to work on hw2 calculators then you'll probably be even more satisfied than with a hw1 calc, because hw2 calcs get to use all of the archives, where as hw1 calcs use half of it and the other half is flash app only

     27 December 1999, 21:11 GMT

Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
barich Account Info
(Web Page)

An 86 really isn't THAT much better of a calc then the 83. There are compatibility issues with the 89, but as you can see they get resolved quickly (look at how fast we have playable games on AMS 2.03).

     26 December 1999, 20:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
XFuZeD  Account Info
(Web Page)

Good one :) 83's suck :) Ummm....did you forget that the 86 has unlimited variables? Hrmm...now theres a big bonus over the 83 :) How about a bigger screen? Still not satisfied? How about more memory, better menus, more programming functions, greyscale, and might I add better games :) Need I say more? Btw, I reccomend the 89 but the 86 is my second choice in calcz. I'm (hopefully) getting another 86 for my birthday (my first was stolen) =)

     27 December 1999, 02:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
Reno  Account Info

lets not forget the 86 doesn't need a shell or libraries, thats a big plus. Is it the only calculator that isn't divided by which shell a program needs?

Also, the 86 can emulate 85/82 games (although the 82 games are kind of unstable) with ASE or YAS. The 86 doesn't really need a shell with the asm( command, but they're nice anyways :)

     27 December 1999, 03:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9

wait till TI-89 SDK comes out, then you won't need any shell for TI-89 either. but still, shells are nicer to organize your programs.

     27 December 1999, 18:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: DoorsOS II v0.9
Reno  Account Info

yes, but that's all shells should be used for: organizing all of the programs you have on your calculator. Not for making programs dependant on them.

     27 December 1999, 19:06 GMT

32 megs possible storage space??
Rgb9000  Account Info

This was on TIs message board and could be prove intresting...
Note:I dont agree/disagree with anything here, im just posting this FYI.(Who reads the ti message board?)

is it possible to use a diamond rio pmp300 mp3 player as an external storage drive for the 89, kinda like the expander? the rio also uses flash mem, and there are programs that let you send files back and forth to a rio from a computer. if the rio can be used as a flash-mem zip drive for pc's, can it be used with the 89? 32 megs would be enough to carry every prog ever written for the 89...

I suppose in theory you could. Portable MP3 players have guts pretty similar to the old calculator memory expanders. Writing drivers to do what you suggest would be a feat though.

If I remember right, the Rio & other MP3 players use USB. I doubt that the 89/92+ can run the I/O port fast enough to do USB. Further, the lack of a crystal-controlled timebase on the 89/92+ make any kind of asynchronous communication difficult.

But, if all you want is a flash memory expansion, that would not be too horribly difficult, or expensive. My Digikey catalog shows AMD flash in sizes from 512K to 2M range in cost from $8 to $21. You would need one (or more) of these, plus a cheap microcontroller from Microchip or Atmel, and a small handful of other parts.

I sketched up a memory expander like this, but I didn't think there was really enough demand to make it worth my time to build one.

Since the controller for the memory expander *would* have a crystal-controlled timebase, you could easily add other features like a real-time clock or sound.

Doug Burkett
Eaton OH USA

there's a program that lets you use the rio pmp300 as portable file storage. i forgot the address, but if you go to excite and search "rio pmp300" i think there's a link to a site called "open source". the source code is included, so maybe someone could study the code and write drivers for the 89.

also at that excite page is a link to a program called rioshell that does the same thing as diamond's official rio manager program, so people have figured out how to write programs to communicate with the rio.

also, the pmp300 uses a parallel port, not usb, and a ti calc can communicate with a parallel port, using a homemade link.

?So, is it possible?
Lets get to work.

     26 December 1999, 22:04 GMT

Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
yosweetlady  Account Info

don't mp3 players cost more than a new calc? it's cheaper and easier to buy a second 89 and only use it for storage.

     26 December 1999, 23:37 GMT

Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
Rgb9000  Account Info

Firstly, You could use the mp3 player as an mp3 player AND storage. Secondly...who wants to pay 150$ for another ti-89 which storage counts to the kilobytes, when mp3 players count in the mega bites?(ha)

Merry Xmas

     26 December 1999, 23:45 GMT

Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, but can a second 89 play mp3s? When someone makes TI-89AMP Please tell me so I can listen to mono 2sec mp3s, hah!

     26 December 1999, 23:51 GMT

Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
XFuZeD  Account Info
(Web Page)

$50 off mail in rebate right now for the pmp3. My mom got one for $90 so thats $40 for a mp3 player :) That r0x :)

     27 December 1999, 02:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
vbduck  Account Info
(Web Page)

or just goto
www.iwin.com and get one for free in a few days

     27 December 1999, 07:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
Derrick  Account Info
(Web Page)

Free Mp3 player? Do tell......

     27 December 1999, 18:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
Jesus Escobar Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes Please!
We would all like to know!

     27 December 1999, 19:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
(Web Page)

click the link under my name...u play games u get points.. u accumulate points u can trade in for prizes..one is a mp3 player.. sign up with my refferal please... i get coins when u join.. like all advantage or any other get paid service.

     27 December 1999, 22:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
(Web Page)

please add a "il" after "hotma" when u sign up please.. thank u very much...also try these other sites for cash...
www.pointclick.com with this please put my e-mail (QWERTY187@att.net)

     27 December 1999, 22:59 GMT

Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
Bryan Tran  Account Info

yeah that first message was mine, i posted it on ti's 89 board a few days ago.

this would be really cool, if any programmers think it would be possible, check out that excite "open source" page and look at the source for that rio interface program.

     28 December 1999, 02:02 GMT

Re: Re: 32 megs possible storage space??
Rgb9000  Account Info

I hope you dont mind if i "u.

     29 December 1999, 00:47 GMT

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