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GB68k: Gameboy Emulator for 68k Calcs
Posted by Michael on 13 May 2005, 17:12 GMT

The idea has been floating around for years, but Ben Ingram is now the first person to implement a Nintendo Gameboy emulator that runs on the 89, 92+, and Voyage 200. GB68k is still under development, but so far features partial emulation of the Gameboy and its features, enough to get some games to work. I'm not very familiar with the innards of a Gameboy, but the readme lists specifically what is not yet emulated (things such as "Real time clock on MBC3" and "Sprite priority behind background layer"). This wonderful program reminds me of Tezxas, the ZX Spectrum emulator.

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problem with the converted files
Manuel Tospann  Account Info

i converted some games...
but every game is 32 kb...
and if i want to start it on my calc
it's out of memory... what could i do?
plz help me

Reply to this comment    21 November 2005, 15:21 GMT

Re: problem with the converted files
Matthew Ecker  Account Info

I am having MASSIVE PROBLEMS with converting my files. Whenever I try and run GameboyConvert, the command line says it is not an internal or external command. I moved the converter and ROM to the desktop and typed in "cd Desktop" in the command line and it told me the path could not be found. WTF. I have tried this with several ROM's, all of which I have tested with an emulator. The exact command I am typing in is: GameboyConvert Red.gb Red
Please help me.

Reply to this comment    25 August 2010, 21:35 GMT

Re: GB68k: Gameboy Emulator for 68k Calcs
wyatt8740 Account Info
(Web Page)

I couldn't get Gold/Silver/yellow to run on my calculator, though red/blue worked fine. I believe this is because they also offer GBC functionality and the latest version of this emulator gets confused.
I asked the original author via e-mail for some older versions of the program about two years ago, and Ingram complied (thanks, Brian)! 0.5.1 worked for me.
Anyway, thought I'd drop these here before I forgot all about them. The latest non-0.5.6 version he had floating around was 0.5.1.
There's also 0.5.0 and 0.4.0, following the same pattern (GB68Kv050.zip and GB68Kv040.zip).

Reply to this comment    10 January 2015, 22:09 GMT

Re: Re: GB68k: Gameboy Emulator for 68k Calcs
wyatt8740 Account Info

To anyone who's confused by the lack of a link, it's in the header of the comment under the link (web page).
Due to limitations I was not allowed to use my URL in the body.

Reply to this comment    10 January 2015, 22:11 GMT
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