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TI-82 and TI-83 in New Case
Posted by Nathan on 29 April 1999, 09:39 GMT

The images on Texas Intrument's TI-82 Product Information Page now shows the calculator in a new case similar to the TI-89's case with wider, rounder buttons, and the new high-contrast LCD screen. Texas Instruments gives the following reason for the new cases:

The slightly different look of the popular TI-82 and TI-83 graphing calculators is in response to the very positive educator reaction to the design, display viewability and rugged construction of the new TI-73 middle grades graphing calculator. Appearance changes to the TI-83 are limited to rounder key shapes and a raised display. The TI-82 change is more dramatic, as the product looks much rounder than the original boxy style. The key shapes for the TI-82 are also rounded.

Source: Texas Instruments


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Re: TI-82 in New Case


what about the ti-85 though?

     28 April 1999, 09:50 GMT

Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case

Stop worrying so much about these calculators, just enjoy the technology and stop complaining so much.

     8 May 1999, 21:43 GMT

Re: TI-82 in New Case

Yes, but it's still only a TI-82.

     28 April 1999, 12:13 GMT

Re: TI-82 in New Case
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Interesting - but why would TI fix up an old calculator? The TI-83(+) almost makes the 82 obsolete.

     28 April 1999, 12:25 GMT

A new case for the TI-82
(Web Page)

This looks completely weird to me. Was the TI-83 not supposed to replace the TI-82? And now, TI will have two very, very similar models to sell.

We should make sure that the picture posted by TI has not been put there by mistake (that might have been a prototype).

     28 April 1999, 13:34 GMT

the 82, the 83 and the 83+
(Web Page)

actually, TI will have 3 similiar calcs on their hands. the 82 and 83 are nearly identical, and the 83+ only has a few (albeit important) additions. why they don't just drop the 82 and lower the price of the 83 is beyond me.


     29 April 1999, 10:57 GMT

Re: the 82, the 83 and the 83+
(Web Page)

Ummmmm...Do you have both an 82 and an 83? They are VERY different. For one, the 83 has built in assembly where the 82 doesn't. The 82 can do some things w/ it's hacked assembly that the 83 cant.

--LinuX. The Future Of Technology

     30 April 1999, 03:01 GMT

Re: Re: the 82, the 83 and the 83+

There is NOTHING an 82 can do that an 83 can't do better! Assembly is assembly is assembly when using the same proccessors. Just b/c someone hasen't put it on the 83, doesn't mean it can't do it.

And they aren't that different! An 83 is was and will always be an improved 82!

     1 May 1999, 03:59 GMT

Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case
Adam Berinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Looks like they just wanted to get rid of that old TI-82 case. I doubt it takes much effort to put the same calculator in a different case. I think the TI-83 is in that same case now too.

     28 April 1999, 13:35 GMT

almost obsolete?
(Web Page)

indeed, the 83(+) made the 82 obselete when it came out. why ti is still selling these i have no idea. the command structure is basically identical to that of an 8(+) (damn that's going to get irritating), so teachers shouldn't have a problem with it.


     28 April 1999, 14:04 GMT

Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case
Dan Weiss

TI82's still have more memory than regular TI83's, A TI82 can fit Joltima AND still have room to spare.

     28 April 1999, 22:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case

Yes, but with the new Ti83+ memory, this calculator would be obsolete

     28 April 1999, 23:03 GMT

Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case

First off, it's cheaper, so those that want something decent for less can get something...second, you'd be surprised how sometimes putting old technology in a new, prettier box can work out...the Game Boy Pocket is an excellent example of this type of marketing. Besides, what does TI really have to lose? They practically have a monopoly on the calc market, so they probably have the extra time and $ to throw around in these little "experiments"...I'll bet that if the new case doesn't sell in a decent fashion, it'll disappear quicker than donuts left in a coffee room on a Monday. So, basically, I suppose my response, in summary, to why TI would do this...is, well, "why not?"

     29 April 1999, 01:02 GMT

Free Time?

I wish they could put that "extra time and $" to use getting TI-89 assembly info out (faster) instead of revising old calcs!

     29 April 1999, 06:09 GMT

Re: TI-82 in New Case

Why TI? Why? The 82 is obsolete! The 83 is a lot better at about the same price, and you can get a TI83+ at about $10-$15 more than the 82. The redesign is pointless. They should simply discontinue making the 82, IMO.

     28 April 1999, 13:37 GMT

Re: Re: TI-82 in New Case
(Web Page)

This is your opinion. But maybe TI is still selling a lot of TI82, and in that case it is normal for them to try to improve it.
They would be silly to abandon a model that is still well sold.

     28 April 1999, 23:04 GMT

The reason it''s still around

Basically schools are stupid. They keep buying outdated calcs when they could spend an extra 10 to get a better model. Man, schools are stupid period. BUt I think TI offers them a special deal with 82's so that may be why they buy them.

     29 April 1999, 00:56 GMT

Re: The reason it''s still around

You're right. Schools are stupid. My Pre-Calculus teacher is afraid of anything above a TI-83, and won't let me use my 86 or 89.

     29 April 1999, 03:28 GMT

Re: The reason it''s still around

Let's see. Only an extra 10 dollars a calculator for the 83 times a few hundred calculators...Oh damn! Just spent thousands! What do the schools get? Oooooh...now kids can play better games in class on them (if the school allows anyone to take them home), run statistics (highly overrated; just learn the equations), and have a few other features (like complex numbers). This will be helpful in chem with the CBLs! Like I want this to take what little funding the science department gets. Boy, schools sure are stupid. But no stupider than you, man.

     29 April 1999, 06:12 GMT

careful with your tone
(Web Page)

hey, be careful man. for the everage joe, an 83(+) is well worth it, although i agree that schools probably shouldn't get them. a couple grand is a lot to already overstressed budgets.


     29 April 1999, 06:31 GMT

Re: Re: The reason it''s still around
Ben Kalafut

Why the devil would schools buy calculators for their students? Isn't that kind of thing both a luxury and a matter of preference? I know of teachers who can only figure ut one calculator, but students by the point of high school should be educated enough to read a simple manual.

     9 May 1999, 05:09 GMT

Re: The reason it''s still around

My guess is that they go completly by looks and price. They never read any of the specs because they don't understand any of them. :)

     5 May 1999, 23:04 GMT

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