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Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Posted on 31 December 1998, 14:59 GMT

[Zelda 89 Screenshot]

CCIA (Calculator Central Intelligence Agency) has released Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta for the TI-89. This is a clone of the classic RPG for Nintendo, Gameboy, NES, etc. It features 4-level grayscale, real-looking sprites, and the ability to save your game. Future versions promise to comprise of many more features and abilities.


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Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

You know, you people probably have all the envy
of the people with calculators besides the 89
(Or at least me :o)) This could very well be
the first completed graphical Zelda game for the
TI-Calculator, if the full version is released
soon. As for me, I'll either have to hope that
either a)Zelda86 is a reality, and will come out
soon, or b)Zelda85 will work with the 86, somehow
p.s.-My friend brought this up, what if someone
made Worms for the calculator? That would rock :D

     1 January 1999, 16:47 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ville Järvi

Actually, Worms has been made for some Casio calculator... but it looks very crappy(and so does almost all of the Casio games)

     2 January 1999, 04:49 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Is it the same game as the one on gameboy? Or does it have new levels and monsters?

     1 January 1999, 19:26 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Need help

Help me! What am I supposed to do in the first dungeon? I can't figure it out! AAAAAHHHHH!

     1 January 1999, 19:53 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

The dungeon isn't finished. But here's a neat thing to try. Take the right passageway, then take the stairs. You should end up surrounded by boxes, go up to the next room and push the box to your left two times and you should end up in a large undeveloped portion of the dungeon. Explore if you want there is not much there but you can enter (but not exit) any room bordering the unfinished portion.

     2 January 1999, 04:15 GMT

I don''t understand...
(Web Page)

I don't understand how the programers can be in the dungeon without the sword...(see screenshot on the top of the page) It's supposed to be REAL screenshot... I really don't understand...

     1 January 1999, 23:16 GMT

Re: I don''t understand...

Maybe they took the screenshot before they added the bush in front of dungeon.

     2 January 1999, 04:17 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ville Järvi

OK, I admit, this doesn't belong here but anyway(We'd need that damn Messageboard here!)...
Why there is only 3 games out for TI-73? I know it is only able to Basic but still... only three games!!! And no programs, gfx, maths... There is plenty of software for most TI calculators but why not for new TI-73? I am considering of buying one just to make a few games for it! What I'd like to know, does it suck in some way or why does it lack in software? Also, I was wondering if there was an emulator out to it?
We definitely need more games for this calc too, since probably some people actually own it!

     2 January 1999, 06:39 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Some really dumb people, I might add.

I don't think you can even type alpha characters (ABC...) on the 73's keyboard.

I suggest you leave the 73 for the idiots that don't know any better. There are better calculators than the 73 out there (like the 83--priced the same as the 73 at Dimension TI [by the way, TI-Central's prices for calculators are still as bloated as before--maybe I didn't take off the shipping and handling]).

     2 January 1999, 23:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ville Järvi

I know this model(-73) doesn't shine, but that's just why I'm interested in it. I currently have TI-85, which should be far better calc than TI-73, but why I'm interested in TI-73 is because of it's small amount of programs. I don't think I will buy this calc, but it would be great to make some programs/games for it since that model really lacks in software...

     3 January 1999, 16:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
stupid 73 user

you can type text on the 73, arguably with a better system than the 8x models. if you press the 'text' key (2nd+the math key, similar to alpha lock on an 8x), an onscreen keyboard pops up... much easier than the "look for the little blue letter on an irregularly spaced keypad" system.

     7 January 1999, 23:25 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

This game should be fantastic ... because I've got a problem to install the game. I've transfered the zelda89b.89z to my TI89 and I've already installed plusshell 1.0 bete, but the game doesn't want to launch? i've also installed DoorsOs in order to have the explication in the main bar, but the game doesn't want to launch, and it doesn't show me the needed librairies. Also I'm privated ofZelda... Is somebody can help me, please? (sorry for my english...)

     3 January 1999, 00:37 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

It seems you don't have enough memory. Try deleting some games.

     4 January 1999, 22:49 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ian Lamberson

This question may have been asked but, Is there a Zelda game in the making on the TI-86? If you know of one, or are making one, please E-mail me.

     3 January 1999, 03:10 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ville Järvi

Seems like there is a game for TI-86 too...
Although i don't know if it's still developed.
But I'm in the team that's making it for TI-85(I'm in charge of the graphics) and what we have planned is that this game should be running on TI-86 too. I don't know how our programmer is going to make this possible but it was originally his idea, so cross your fingers.
Btw, this TI-85 zelda(called Zelda:Reckoning time) will soon be released to beta-testers... maybe even some public beta, who knows..

     3 January 1999, 16:50 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I want to play it so bad!!
I have a P233 and my homemade link cable wont work!!
There was this one dude who said that his program fixed that but it didn't.
Please help me if you can!!
I have a P233 and a homemade link (printer port kind) cable



     3 January 1999, 05:46 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Zelda owns

Well jeff, i have a P233 and a homemade cable and it doesn't work, the difference though is that I know why mine doesn't work. if you are using send89 it can't send programs that are over 50k, like zelda. so my suggestion is probably to get a ti graph link. I should try that too...

     3 January 1999, 17:17 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Ken L.

I'm using the homemade cable and W32Tran8x for sending the program, it works very well for me.

     5 January 1999, 03:42 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Craig walker

when's zelda64 comming out (from most ignorant person in the world hehe)

no, those graphics DO look awesome. I wish I knew someone with ti-89 so I could see for myself I don't know how much mem 89 has so call me stupid if you want, but can the whole game fit on the 89? (can it be an (almost)exact clone of nintendo's?)

     3 January 1999, 08:35 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
ville Järvi

Zelda64 has been out for over a month now, and it's sooooo cool! I suggest you Get that game, quick!!!

I am not a pro with TI-89(since I don't own one) but I think that Gameboy Zelda should almost fit into TI-89's memory. I think TI-89 has like 384kt user memory, and Zelda GB is 512kt, so it shouldn't be that far from the original game...

     3 January 1999, 16:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

1.) I think I'm the only person in the world that thinks this, but I was dissapointed in Zelda64. The graphics were outstanding, but the storyline wasn't so hot (at least to me).

2.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but the largest a TI-89 game can be is something like 188k. It has 384k (or so) of archive memory, but to actually archive a program, you first have to have it on the calc, which means no greater than 188k. What we need, is a way to be able to send a program to the calc already archived. (We can't do that currently, can we?). What we need is a program like "moremem" that will transfer all archive memory in normal memory, thus allowing for extremely large games. The only way around this (to my knowledge) is to make several separate files for one game. I don't know much about assembly (68k or z80), so I don't know how practical that is.

     3 January 1999, 20:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

1. Yep, I agree with you here. I was also very disapointed with Zelda 64. Nintendo needs to get off their thematic childrens games and make some better games. Sony has done just that, and that is why they own much more of a market share.

2. As far as I know, you are correct, except for the fact that you cant fill up all 188k of the RAM with variables. The processor uses around 10k of it, so I belive the max size would be around 178k.

     5 January 1999, 06:37 GMT

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