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Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Posted on 31 December 1998, 14:59 GMT

[Zelda 89 Screenshot]

CCIA (Calculator Central Intelligence Agency) has released Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta for the TI-89. This is a clone of the classic RPG for Nintendo, Gameboy, NES, etc. It features 4-level grayscale, real-looking sprites, and the ability to save your game. Future versions promise to comprise of many more features and abilities.


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Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I fuck Texas Calculators
Si tu ne comprend pas j'encule les calculatrices Texas

     26 May 1999, 03:08 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Cody Clark

I can't wait to install and play it. Those graphics are great.

     31 December 1998, 15:18 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I have an 86...but no, I'm not asking for a port...All I want to know is if Office Max is selling TI-89s already!! I want to buy one, but there's no Staples anywhere near the Irving, TX area, and the closest thing I've got is Office Max. Anyone knows where else I could find a decently priced TI-89?? I think Zelda89 is really good advertising for the 89, it convinced me!

     2 January 1999, 18:35 GMT

Buying a TI-89
Nathan Ladd

I'm pretty sure that this site, ticalc, has a buy\sell section under services, and you should find one there sometime. I might buy one soon.

     2 January 1999, 19:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
(Web Page)

I found mine at an OfficeMax up here in Alaska, but it wasn't out on display. They had them in the back storage room, though, so it would probably be worth asking them.

However, at OfficeMax it was about $175 or so. You can find it for about $40 cheaper on the internet. I found mine at the URL above for $135 + shipping.

     2 January 1999, 21:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I just bought mine at a Office Max (I had to call up 10 to finally find one that had one in stock)

     3 January 1999, 20:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Don't buy one. You already have an enourmously capable calculator on your hands. I seriously doubt that you know the full capablities of your 86. If you have a modicum of sense, you will reconsider spending $150 for a handful of games.
I still regret buying my 86. I bought it for games, but if I had waited, I could have gotten an 89 and taken advantage of the extra power.

     4 January 1999, 04:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Then there's me, wishing I had an 86 (I have an 89) :)

     4 January 1999, 22:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I have both :) (the 86's shot... dropped it...)
It's being fixed

     5 January 1999, 20:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Trade ya!

     7 January 1999, 23:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Eddie Hazell

Well, I might not know the full capabilities, but I know enough to make a nice BASIC program. Check out PhoneBook/86 at the TI-BASIC/misc programs archive for the TI-86...It's got a nice interface, and a good saving engine. I just want a TI-89 because I want to learn to program in it, possibly in ASM. I think Zelda89 is a really awesome example of the capabilities of the 89, and of what good programming can do. I don't think anyone should buy the 89 just to play Zelda89, I mean, a new GameBoy is just 40 bucks, and I've seen Zelda: A Link to the Past for about 20 bucks, that's 60. But anyone willing to learn how to make quality games and programs for it should give it a try, as long as they can afford it.

     7 January 1999, 04:07 GMT

Re: Re: Help!!!

uhhh... for some reason, zelda89 beta won't install on my calc. I have enough memory, plusshell, and all required libraries, i think...
if i dont, please tell me what libraries i need...
i got the libraries that came with the plusshell package.
if i do have the right libraries, please help me!!!

     8 January 1999, 03:54 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Andy D.
(Web Page)

From what I've seen of those graphics, this looks like it could be one of the best games ever. Better than Mario, you say? Well, yes.. I mean, that looks *exactly* like the game-boy version. This is certainly a programming feat unmatched. I was planning on getting a TI-89 cause I heard great things about it, but now that I've seen this, I'm gonna have to get the 89.

     31 December 1998, 15:27 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I will download it now and try it. I hope it's good.

     31 December 1998, 15:45 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

I just installed it. It is far from being done, with a lot of areas that need work, but it shows real promise, and has some of the best if not the best graphics out there. The finished product will definetly be worthy of the name Zelda. Great work, and keep em coming!

     31 December 1998, 15:57 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Chris VanderKnyff

Just make sure to update it for the LCD size on the 92+...

     31 December 1998, 16:12 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
James Dutcher

i think i've found a bug in zelda. when you go to get the great sword in the forest, it doesn't let you leave that screen (when you go left it doesn't scroll). however, if you continue without getting the sword, everything is normal. does anyone else encounter this problem or am i doing something wrong?

     31 December 1998, 17:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Mathew Ryden

To fix that, save&quit, then restart. Problem fixed.

     31 December 1998, 19:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

try unarchiving the game but it doesn't work all the time.

     5 January 1999, 18:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Lord Unigamer

Before you get the sword, try walking all around the area after you go through that cave. Make sure you also go to the area to the right of the sword. Then get the sword. It then should let you go.

Getting the sword, then saving&exiting is another solution.

     7 January 1999, 14:02 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

The README included with Zelda says that "To intall and use the zelda89 v.03b demo you must have plusshell and all the included libraries in the MAIN folder on your calculator." I've run Zelda fine under the latest ver. of Doors. Of the few problems I have found, I don't know if some (or all, or none) were caused by Doors.

     31 December 1998, 18:08 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
David Martin
(Web Page)

While it mey run under DOORS and its libraries, Zelda 89 was specifically desgned using +Shell, and its libs. Thats why it says what it does

CCIA Member

     31 December 1998, 21:24 GMT

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