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Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Posted on 31 December 1998, 14:59 GMT

[Zelda 89 Screenshot]

CCIA (Calculator Central Intelligence Agency) has released Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta for the TI-89. This is a clone of the classic RPG for Nintendo, Gameboy, NES, etc. It features 4-level grayscale, real-looking sprites, and the ability to save your game. Future versions promise to comprise of many more features and abilities.


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Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
(Web Page)

?does anyone know if this will work unmodified on the 92+? ?can you just install this current file after changing the extension to 9xz? ?aren't the keycodes going to be different? ?if it doesn't can you change the keycodes or give the keyroutine source to me or someone who can change them?
thanks CCIA you rock and so do your programming skills

     31 December 1998, 18:08 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

The TI-92+ has a bigger screen than the TI-89...that could be a problem.

     1 January 1999, 04:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Doubtful. There will be lots of unused space, but that's all.

     2 January 1999, 05:02 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Mike Mallon
(Web Page)

Just to let you know, it will not currently run on the 92+, without some dificulty. In order ot run it, you have to use some really strange key-configs, ie. up moves laft (I think) and the ^ sign is esc. i'll see if we can fix it for a later version. So simply changing the extension to .9xz will not work. If you still want to send it/try it out, however, just launch the 92+ graphlink software and select all files *.* in the type menu, locate the file, and sent it. It will transfer, but might not work correctly!


     2 January 1999, 22:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Using the corresponding 92+ keys that match the 89's matrix is a good idea, unfortunately, the 89's Enter key has no corresponding 92+ key. It's an unused value on the 92+. Therefore, you cannot get past the Player Select screen. I tried the "press three keys and the calc will think you're pressing the fourth" trick but it didn't work. If someone finds a way around this, let me know. If you really want to know the matching values look in the 'IO Ports.txt' file that comes with PlusShell (It may be available elsewhere as well).

     4 January 1999, 06:47 GMT

great GrEaT GREAT!!!
(Web Page)

That's really great!!! good job! But... I havn't understood anything on the 1rst dungeon... Can somebody explain to me how it works???

     31 December 1998, 19:27 GMT

Re: great GrEaT GREAT!!!

So, you're in the same situation that me. I'm struck in the first dungeon. I don't know where to go.... Look at the bottom of this page. There's an explain for that. But I've haven't already understood!!!!!

     5 January 1999, 23:26 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
(Web Page)

yep, i tried it on my 92+ and it runs...the only problem is that the key codes don't match, could you guys (CCIA) please fix this if you get around to it...if you want i can send you the info about the keyboard layout of the 92+ ports...

...it just runs up in the top-left corner of the big 92+ screen...it shouldn't be that hard just to scale the display of zelda to make the maximum height of the 92+ screen, and then whatever width goes with that heighth...you wouldn't have to make the width full screen because i assume this would be harder...

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     31 December 1998, 19:35 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

the game is great! obviously unfinished, but very promising

     31 December 1998, 22:33 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Brian Schram
(Web Page)

OK, I am impressed... you guys got the Gameboy graphics down!... looks awesome on the 89.... one problem tho, it doesn't work on my 92+ to well...
You guys I think need to add a 92plus.h file or something like that(I'm just starting to learn ASM). I think us 92+ users will be able to handle the thing being all the way on the left, but the keycodes... yikes.... all the commands are off.... Just wanted to say... keep up the good work... I think it is going to be a success...

     31 December 1998, 22:57 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

The game isn't even finished yet and you want a port already?

     31 December 1998, 23:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Daniel Plaisted

YES! Absolutely :) Especially since for a minimal port all you would have to do is change the keymaps AFAIK.

Daniel Plaisted

     1 January 1999, 00:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Why don't you just wait? You won't have to do as many ports in the future. :)

     1 January 1999, 03:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Brian Schram
(Web Page)

Yeah... a port is one thing, but all you have to do is add one line at the beginning to fix the keymap for the 92+... if I am correct... it would be easy to port the beta for the 92+.... the thing being all the way left and not clearing the screen properly can be delt with in the future, but it would be nice if we could at least play the game properly without having to press "a" to go up.

     5 January 1999, 00:26 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released
Mike Mallon

heya brian! Great to here from you! In case you haven't noticed, this is the guy from Web design. I got the money, and now I have a 92+ myself, and as soon as CarBiN will listen to me, there will be a 92+ port of it. Yes even though it's a beta! I love my 92+, and I'm going to end up having Zelda on both my 89, and my 92+!!! Well, nice to talk to you! Hope CarBiN reads this and decides to maybe send me the beginning of the source, or just add the darn xdef_ti92plus. either way, all us 92+ users, we'll get a 92+ version, just be patient!


     2 January 1999, 22:36 GMT

Zelda 89 is right up there with SMQ

I have downloaded the game, and I must say: WOW!
The graphics are great, and the structure is definitely playable.. I will be playing the demo for months, and when the final comes out Many more. Lets not bother them anymore, and just let them take there time. We may have doubted them, but they still did great.

     1 January 1999, 00:19 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released


     1 January 1999, 01:43 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta released

Nice work. Very nice work.

     1 January 1999, 06:49 GMT

// link

Does anyone know how to send the game to a
TI-89 via a // homemade cable?

Send89 doesn't work with >50kb files and
the new W32Tran8x doesn't work either on
my system, while it is supposed to...

I can't even send the latest SMQ game, which
is the best mario clone ever (same graphics
as the nes)

Please, help!

     1 January 1999, 15:30 GMT

Re: // link
(Web Page)

I've got the same problem...

There are many prog. for all TIs whith the // link cable, bur none for the TI89.
Thera is a new version of W32Tran8x ?!?

     2 January 1999, 13:55 GMT

Re: Re: // link
(Web Page)

You can find the new version at the URL
specified above...

     2 January 1999, 20:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: // link

it doesn't work at all !!!

     2 January 1999, 22:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: // link

Have you also tried Send89 for DOS?
To can only send .89p/z/s, and
<50kb files... But this is the only one
which work on my PC...

     3 January 1999, 13:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: // link

change zelda89b.89z to zelda89b.92p
and SHOULD work...

     4 January 1999, 22:03 GMT

Re: Re: // link

I'm working on a simple utility to send/ receive files with the TI89 parallell link right now. I'll mail you a beta version if you contact me :)

     5 January 1999, 01:21 GMT

Re: // link
Ken L.

It could be a problem w/ your homemade cable, because the W23Tran8x wroks perfectly for mine.

     5 January 1999, 03:33 GMT

Re: Re: // link

but my TI89 works very vell with send 89 and with TI83 with w32tran8x...

     5 January 1999, 21:31 GMT

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