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Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Posted on 22 November 1998, 23:55 GMT

[Final Fantasy: The Calling Screenshot]
Josh Morris of Macross Software has released a demo of his upcoming game, Final Fantasy: The Calling for the TI-85 (ZShell). This will be a fighting RPG based on the characters from Squaresofts's Final Fantasy VII. Features will include the same basic fight engine from FFVII, summons, spells, items, and more. This game is a must for anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII.


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Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

Have you seen the death of aeris??? It is cut scenes from there. The first scene is when she lifts her head. The second is when he is falling down(the enemy) and the third is when he stabs her. Watch it again now and you should understand.

     29 November 1998, 00:14 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
MogKupo0 / ZeromusMog

Atmittedly, I have NO idea what the trailer is showing (Aeris, I guess, from what you guys are saying) but for those of you with an 86 (like me) and are whining about the port, hold your breath until the final version comes out! This is only a movie! I have an 85, too, and I watched it. Kudos to Macross Software for working so hard on calculator RPGs! When I finally get good enough at ASM, you'll probably see a couple of awesome RPGs by Mogsoft, but let's not get too excited now. :)
I just want to say Good Job to Macross, I didn't even really know you were there until this whole thing started. I can't wait to see that Zelda come out! I almost peed my pants when I saw that screen shot! (j/k) :) Now if someone would only be willing to help me fix an odd bug in one of my programs... :)


     29 November 1998, 06:40 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Josh Morris
(Web Page)

What you all aren't seeing is that the final version of the game will be impressively (if I do say so myself) like the original. I have designed a smaller version of a menu system that is dynamic, i.e. if you equip yourself with magic, or a different weapon, different items, the menu changes accordingly. :) I also have an open ended event loop that will be specifically designed for real-time combat.... I'm still working on it, but I wanted to give you all a tad bit of insight on it. Oh, be forewarned... this game could take a while, I am just now starting on combat. :p

-Josh Morris

     30 November 1998, 17:18 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Sovereign Knight 2

First of all, Mike Blanchard is doing all of us calculator users a big favor. Some people cannot even purchase the Final Fantasy 7 game. Anyways, there are hardly any RPGs nowadays for us TI users. Don't blame Mike. Even though I don't know him, thank him guys...He put effort to bring you this great game.

     3 December 1998, 00:23 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

Just remember folks, the FMV isn't the game. I
wouldn't hold your breath until this game comes
out, as we have no idea what the game looks like,
other than Josh Morris's descriptions (although
his whole idea is cool) :) But hey, how about
a screenshot of the real game sometime, Josh?
We're all dying to see the game. Good luck with
the programming!

     8 December 1998, 12:56 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Josh Morris
(Web Page)

I'm working on a screenshot, even though it's not really feasible at this point, keep looking at the news, I'll get a shot sometime, when I have enough of the programming done. :)

-Josh Morris

     8 December 1998, 18:22 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
(Web Page)

It is about time someone made a final fantasy game for the ti-85 all i have to say is good for you and please someone make a pokemon game as well

     11 December 1998, 04:16 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
(Web Page)

Finally another RPG for the 85!!. I love the game so far. Does anyone know of a release date?

     16 December 1998, 00:08 GMT


I have heard alot of comments about the zelda 82 demo. I played it a while back and like someone said earlier it froze up my calc and ended up clearing my mem, despite that the game looked great. My question is, what happened to it. I was really looking forward to playing a full version. Kinda makes me wanna learn ASM and develop my own games. Not such a bad idea....well thanks for listening to my drawn out rantings.

P.S.-does anyone have the FF:the calling FMV thing that I can watch on my comp. I dont have a graphlink at the moment.

     18 December 1998, 03:27 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
James Issic


damn it make a better game shit heads

     18 December 1998, 05:04 GMT
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