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Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Posted on 22 November 1998, 23:55 GMT

[Final Fantasy: The Calling Screenshot]
Josh Morris of Macross Software has released a demo of his upcoming game, Final Fantasy: The Calling for the TI-85 (ZShell). This will be a fighting RPG based on the characters from Squaresofts's Final Fantasy VII. Features will include the same basic fight engine from FFVII, summons, spells, items, and more. This game is a must for anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII.


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Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

If anyone is interested i'm creating a pokemon rpg.

     11 June 1999, 03:32 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
RaptorRed  Account Info

Looks great. I want to see a port of this and of Joltima for the TI-89...

     30 October 1999, 18:20 GMT

Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

Wow! this sounds great! think you could have it ported to the 86 when it is completed?

     23 November 1998, 00:54 GMT

Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Mikel Blanchard
(Web Page)

We will definitely port the final game to the 86. The demo, well, maybe not. The demo is more of a promo anyway.

     24 November 1998, 00:34 GMT

Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

Have you heard of 85 emulating shells? There is no need to port to 86, the 86 can now run EVERYTHING the 85 can!

     24 November 1998, 02:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Jeremy Halvorsen

actually your mistaken. the emulating shells can usually only run ti-85 games under 10,000 bytes or something like that i think. im pretty sure that no shell will run big games like this.

     25 November 1998, 02:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

NO... you CAN'T!
There is such thing as a size limit on the ti-86 (12k I think), but on the asm86 mailing list, apparently someone has found a way around that. So it may not be long till we are playing Daedalus and such on the 86...

     25 November 1998, 03:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Justin Karneges
(Web Page)

The TI-86 versions of both Joltima and QuestIII are larger than 12k. Joltima86 was done way back in May, so this isn't anything new.

-Justin Karneges [Infiniti]

     26 November 1998, 01:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Hes not talking about 86 games anyways, he means emulating 85 games.

     27 November 1998, 03:26 GMT

Slaggin'' 12k limits

I recall that I've seen somewhere programs can be over 12k. By the pit... maybe the program can be split in multiple files to overcome the 12k limit. Slag, I wonder why TI ever made a 12k limit for?

     25 November 1998, 15:35 GMT

Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits
Matthew Bledsoe

TI didn't really make the 12k limit for the 86. They used RAM paging and each page is 12k thus creating the 12k limit. You could get around it by splitting up files, but it'd be hard because you'd have to have just about everything from the first half (routines and data) in the second program because it'd be hard to making the game smart enough to switch back and forth between the two files. Not only that the code to do this would be fairly large making you not be able to include much anyways.

     25 November 1998, 20:14 GMT

Re: Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits

does anyone care?

     28 January 1999, 00:58 GMT

Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits
Optimus Prime

Sweet!! Another transformer buff. That is just Prime! You know that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Autobots roll out!

     25 November 1998, 21:16 GMT

Re: Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits

see? this is exactly why we have to phase "slaggin" out of the commmon vocabulary.

     26 November 1998, 00:57 GMT

Slaggin is cool

Don't make me say what "slaggin" means in the Cybertronian language, hehe. Any programmers out there wanna make a Transformers or Beast Wars game?

     26 November 1998, 15:06 GMT

Re: Slaggin is cool
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

Didn't Hasbro make a Transformers game? It sucked, but they might have a license for it. You better watch out or you might go the way of Kirk Meyer and Monopoly.

     28 November 1998, 20:28 GMT

Re: Re: Slaggin is cool
jeremy Halvorsen

yup. they made a game. and yup... it was crap. im replying to the last guys comment about them suing you for making a transformers game. i just gotta say that i don't think that most people are pricks like tthe monopoly people. or we wouldn't have tetris, mario, or various other games. plsu if you make the whole game before you put it out (no betas on ticalc.) once its out then screw them. what they don't know doesn't hurt them. you know? but what im confused about is the fact that i thought you could use copyrighted and trademark stuff as long as you don't make any money? you sure don't make money off of calc games. so someone please mail me and clear that up so im less confused. and il stop babbling about something i don't know about . =)

     29 November 1998, 01:23 GMT

Robots in disguise

Hehe, Transformers is cool. I wonder if somebody will make a Transformers game for the calcs. Maybe someone can make a game based off the Secret Wars, Great War or even the Beast Wars for the calc. Just get past the 12k limit somebody... Well, PREDACONS TERRORIZE!

     26 November 1998, 01:43 GMT

Re: Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits
(Web Page)

YEAH! TRANSFORMERS RULE!! (I spent the longest time going under the handle "Mega Tron"!!!)

     28 November 1998, 16:37 GMT

Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits
A Real Programmer

The 12k limit is for quiche eaters who are afraid of moving the system-area around.

     25 November 1998, 21:33 GMT

Re: Slaggin'' 12k limits
Justin Karneges
(Web Page)

The TI-86 isn't the only calculator with a memory limit. The TI-83 has a limit of 13k for an assembly program. However, shells were made for the 83 to overcome this limit (Ashell, SOS). No one has built a shell for the TI-86 that overcomes its 12k limit. Shell programmers: if you want a new feature that will make your shell kick, then put in that feature. The TI-86 is long overdue for it, especially since it has all that user RAM.

I believe the only reason that it hasn't been done yet (in a shell) is because the asm_exec and the upper RAM page don't connect on the TI-86. That is, they don't "touch". Otherwise, if they did touch then all a shell would have to do is read 12k and throw it in the asm exec, and then read the remaining (up to 16k) and throw it in the upper RAM page.

Anyways, if that's not the case, then programs could be designed to incorporate a special symbol that would instruct the shell to move the remaining program bytes up to the RAM page. Then your asm program would just need two .ORG statements. Of course, a symbol thing might be kinda dumb also. Anyways, I'm just spatting out ideas. This limit has already been overcome in individual programs (Joltima, QuestIII) but what would be cool is if a shell could do it automatically. That way the games don't need 2 files and do the loading themselves. Hope that wasn't too confusing.

-Justin Karneges [Infiniti]

     26 November 1998, 01:46 GMT

Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
Chris Loranger
(Web Page)

I believe I speak for everyone here. Why is this not using a grey scale engine. Then maybe I can see the fmv a little bit better.

     28 November 1998, 17:48 GMT

Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released

What the heck r you guys talking about get off your calcs and get ontoo a n64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZELDA 64 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice game i hope it gets ported to 98 or 96

     3 December 1998, 06:07 GMT

Re: Re: Final Fantasy: The Calling demo released
matt schultheis  Account Info

can anyone tell me if there is an emulator that lets you play 85, 86, etc. games on an 89? I mean it has more advanced technology right? so it should be backwards compatible (forgive my ignorance, I'm a new comer, and this ff7 game sounds cool)

     29 October 1999, 01:25 GMT

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