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Dan Eble


Dan Eble (eble@ticalc.org

Ranked number 163 in authors with the most files with 29 files.
Ranked number 82 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 294570 downloads.
Ranked number 55 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 144 downloads.


Related Files
File Title Category
bounce.asm [Ash 3.0+] Bounce v1.1 TI-82 Assembly Source (Ash)
bounce.zip [Ash 3.0+] Bounce v1.1 TI-82 Assembly Animations (Ash)
connectf.zip Connect Four 1.4 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
dis.asm TI-86 Z80 Disassembler TI-86 Assembly Routines
dos86lnk.zip GET86 / SEND86 v1.0 DOS Link Software
dots.zip Dots 1.2 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
eblepack.zip Original ZShell games by Dan Eble TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
fasterfp.asm Faster FindPixel Routine TI-86 Assembly Routines
fp.asm Fast FindPixel Routine TI-86 Assembly Routines
ftpd89-1.0b.tgz TI-89/92 FTP Proxy 1.0b Unix Utilities
gamepak2.zip More of Dan Ebles ZShell games TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
matricks.zip Matricks 1.3 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
memory.zip Memory 1.6 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
mineswp.zip Minesweeper 2.7 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
mul8x8.asm Fast 8-bit Multiply Routine TI-86 Assembly Routines
sierp86.asm Sierpinski's Triangle v1.1 TI-86 Assembly Source
sierpasm.zip Sierpinski's Triangle v1.1 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
string85.c String85 for ZShell TI-85 Assembly Source (ZShell)
ti-custm.zip Modifies CUSTM pointers in TI-85 (85B) backup files DOS Utilities
ti-ports.txt A Guide to the TI-85 Ports v1.1 Calculator Technical Information
ti-ram.txt Programmers Guide to the TI-85 RAM v1.1 Calculator Technical Information
ti-rom.txt A Guide to TI-85 ROM Calls v1.1 Calculator Technical Information
tron86.asm Tron86 v1.5 TI-86 Assembly Source
tron86.zip Tron86 v1.5 TI-86 Assembly Games
tron.zip Tron 1.4 TI-85 Assembly Games (ZShell)
zshell10.zip ZShell version 1.0 TI-85 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
zshell20.zip ZShell version 2.0 TI-85 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
zshell30.zip ZShell version 3.0 TI-85 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
zshell31.zip ZShell version 3.1 TI-85 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
zshell.zip ZShell v4.0 TI-85 Assembly Shells

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