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Kevin Kofler


Kevin Kofler (kevin.kofler@chello.at

Ranked number 208 in authors with the most files with 24 files.
Ranked number 41 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 465757 downloads.
Ranked number 105 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 149 downloads.


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File Title Category
autoaoff.zip Auto Alpha-Lock Off (for TI-89 AMS 2) v1.12 TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
autoclbr.zip AutoClBr - Auto Close Brackets v2.21 TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
chemislv.zip CHEMISLV - Chemistry Equation Solver v4.11 TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Chemistry)
cmdline.zip Information about the TI-89/92+ home screen entry line Calculator Technical Information
h220xtsr.zip TI-89/92+/V200 Hardware 2.00 AMS 2.0x TSR support v1.11 TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
ktigcc_i386_rpm.tar.bz2 KTIGCC 1.08 Fedora 7 i386 RPM Unix Utilities
ktigcc_src_rpm.tar.bz2 KTIGCC 1.08 Fedora 7 Source RPM Unix Utilities
ktigcc.tar.bz2 KTIGCC 1.08 Source Tarball Unix Utilities
ktigcc_x86_64_rpm.tar.bz2 KTIGCC 1.08 Fedora 7 x86_64 RPM Unix Utilities
runprog.zip RUNPROG II program from function launcher v2.00 TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
tiemu_skins_new.zip New skins for TIEmu emulator. Emulator Addons/Configuration Files
tiemu.tar.gz TiEmu v3.03 Unix Utilities
tiemu.tar.gz TiEmu 2.00 Macintosh Utilities
tiemu.zip TiEmu v3.03 (w/o gdb) Windows Utilities
tigcc_bin_install.tar.bz2 Setup wizard for TIGCC/*nix v0.95 r3 Linux/x86 binaries Unix Utilities
tigcc_bin.tar.bz2 TIGCC for Linux/Unix v0.95 r3 (Linux/x86 binaries) Unix Utilities
tigcc_osx.zip TIGCC 0.95b16 Macintosh Utilities
tigcc_rpm.tar.bz2 TIGCC for Linux/Unix v0.95 r3 (Linux/x86 binary RPM) Unix Utilities
tigcc_spec.tar.bz2 TIGCC for Linux/Unix v0.95 r3 (specfile for RPM) Unix Utilities
tigcc_src.tar.bz2 TIGCC for Linux/Unix v0.95 r3 (source code) Unix Utilities
tilem_i386_rpm.zip TilEm 0.973 FC5 i386 RPM Unix Utilities
tilem_src_rpm.zip TilEm 0.973 FC5 Source RPM Unix Utilities
uninevhk.zip UnInEvHk Event Hook Uninstaller v3.00 TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
xtrakeys.zip XtraKeys v2.31 TI-89 Assembly Math Programs

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